Love is our new reality

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Sananda via John Smallman, May 30th

Jesus Audio Blog for Monday May 30th

We are all ONE! It really is that simple. You do not have to do anything, because you are One with God, our divine Source, and therefore your individual wills are in complete alignment with His. All you need do is to allow, and when you do the divine field of Love, which surrounds you in every moment, will embrace you, suffusing you completely as It flows through you out into the world nudging humanity toward its inevitable awakening.

You chose to be here right now, in this eternal now moment, to powerfully assist in humanity’s awakening process, and you are doing sterling work, work that no one else can do. When, along with the vast majority of humanity, you awaken, you will be amazed at what you have achieved as you have worked seemingly blindly in the illusion, to bring this stage of the divine plan to fruition.

You are each beings of intense Light – Love – Light that is temporarily very much subdued because your human forms could not withstand Its divine intensity. Because It is only dimly experienced you have difficulty in feeling It, in knowing It for what It is, and yet, deep within you do know that Love is your true, unchanging, and eternal nature. And that is why all the channels keep on advising you of your need to go within at least once daily to connect with and commune with your divine Source, the Source from which you have never been separated, your eternal Life Source, God, All That Is.

You and God are most definitely One!

As humans it is extremely difficult for you to get a sense of this, but that changes nothing. Oneness is the only state of existence because, unlike the illusory state in which humanity apparently resides – with myriad different cultures, nationalities, political systems, geographic locations, religions, belief systems, and diverse opinions as to what is right and what is wrong – It truly is the only state of existence. There is nothing else! When you awaken, as you most certainly will, you will understand fully what this means. And of course, there is only now, the eternal and everlasting moment in which all occurs, and in which you will awaken!

As you wait for this momentous event to take place it is frustrating for you, because you have been divinely promised that you will awaken, and nothing appears to be happening, the illusion still seems to be completely engulfing you. Of course, being eternally One with God, you are already fully awake. The illusion is, by its very nature, illusory. It is only a very temporary dream state.

As humans, you have all regularly experienced the dream state while sleeping, and sometimes those dreams have seemed, in the moment while they were occurring, totally real. Then you wake up and they are gone or fade quickly from your memories. However, some of you have experienced such severe traumas during your lives that they cause your dreams to be so terrifyingly real that you do everything to avoid going to sleep.

Because your human state is such a deep dream state it seems to be incontrovertibly real, and everyone with whom you interact appears to be sharing your dream and agreeing with you that it is real, that it is the only reality. However, you all experience the illusion or dream differently, and this becomes obvious when you attempt to persuade others of your rightness and their wrongness, and they attempt to persuade you that they are right and you are wrong.

Because you feel this so intensely you work very hard to convince yourselves of your rightness and of the other’s wrongness. Then you wage war to put the wrongs to right! This truly is insane, and you might reasonably think that this must become apparent. Nevertheless, most of you are extremely unwilling to release your attachment to your sense of being right and seeing others wrong, and so you hold onto the dream and do your utmost to make it real.

Judgment is the main issue here. For you to be right you have to judge others as wrong. That is why all the divine channels who are assisting you in the awakening process keep on telling you to cease judging, to just let it go. You can, you just choose not to, because when you are proven right you experience an enormous egoic high. It’s a little like buying a lottery ticket – there are extremely few winners! But, because being wrong is so painful, and seems to bring you so much intense suffering, you keep on judging, desperately hoping that you will win this time – and then you lose again! However, when you cease judging the pain and suffering dissolve!

The way Home, the way to awakening is through choosing to be loving in whatever situation arises. Initially that is difficult because the need to be right, the need for acceptance by others is intense. And the reason for this is because you have given away your personal power to others, thereby allowing their judgment of you to completely override your own sense of self-acceptance. And if you do not accept yourselves then you cannot love yourselves, and as Love is your nature, something without which you cannot bear to exist, you seek it outside yourselves in the form of acceptance from others.

So, I will now remind you yet again: “You are all the divine children of God, created perfect, and therefore eternally perfect!” Your lack of faith in yourselves is an aspect of the illusory sense of separation. If you were separated from your Source, which you know is impossible, you would be powerless, unloved and unlovable. But you are eternally One with God and therefore you are beings of infinite power and infinite Love, the power and the Love that God imbued you with at the moment of your creation.

Please just keep reminding yourselves of this divine Truth, and say to yourselves as you meditate, contemplate, or just relax into your holy inner space, at the altar within where Love resides: “I am divinely loved in every moment of my existence because I am a perfect child of God, and therefore faultless in every way.” When you say this to yourselves with strong intent and allow your hearts to be fully receptive you will feel the Love that resides eternally within you, because it is God’s Will that you do so.

Your loving brother, Jesus.