Love is our new reality

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Father/Moder God via Kathryn May, May 30th

Father God:

My Beloved Earth Children, I come to you today with great feelings of admiration and gratitude, from Mother God and I, and also from your many close friends and family members on Galactic Federation ships and from your devoted Company of Heaven who tenderly so closely watch over you. We all admire your stamina, your determination and your steadfast faith in the face of the unique difficulties of this time.

We are aware that the time passing – as you await the dramatic and clear evidence that your world is truly changing – seems an eternity for you, although in planetary terms it is hardly a moment. This does not lessen the colossal attainments you are achieving moment to moment during this unprecedented transition. What you have accomplished in just the past few years is truly miraculous by any standard, and you have done it without much direct information or communication – you have done it by faith and with love. You are marvelous.

You Too are Part of Our Integrated Network

You see, in the higher dimensions, we function as an integrated network, as you might call it. We are all in constant communication with one another. We are truly One, and we are aware of it at all times. It is different for you in the lower dimensions, where you must go through your days without such easy reassurance with others across the globe or even around the corner. Many Lightworkers who are involved in the crucial financial, legal and political programs which will change all your lives have little knowledge of one another. You have received only a smidgeon of what is truly possible through the information you get from channeled messages and from the growing number of information gatherers who have bravely “gone public” on the internet.

There is still a nearly absolute black-out in the mass media on anything involving the monumental progress that has been made in bringing Earth into the Light. As we have explained, this has been advantageous for us because it allows our beloved Boots on the Ground to operate in virtual anonymity, providing greater safety for them and their precarious tasks until the time for the official Announcements comes. It has been a delicate balance, proceeding with the most complex and far-reaching programs without using what you would think of as “normal” information channels. It means that most of you have performed your roles largely unaware of the bigger picture, seeing only the progress you can observe in your immediate environment along with what you can keenly perceive just beyond.

Your Great Faith Leads You to Live Courageously

We understand how challenging it has been for you to keep moving forward. Often you had only the inner voice of your own intuition to listen to. You long for a wider group of comrades and pals to share your hopes and dreams with. For most of you, your families and friends are nay-sayers and doubters who mock your deep convictions that the RV/GCR is real, that NESARA is truly underway, that Earth hovers on the precipice of the New and everlasting Golden Age. You are the ones who have carried the ball for them, and when the news breaks – and break it will – you are the ones who will be “suddenly” brilliant oracles in their eyes.

Difficult as it has been, you have seized the opportunities to gather ’round messages like this one, forming a close network with like-minded people, many of whom you have never met or spoken with in person this lifetime. You gain strength and inspiration from each other, and together you create stronger bonds with us, with your Higher Selves and with your Guides and angels. You have built a community out of the sheer will and unflagging desire to bring peace and abundance to your beloved Earth. In your own way, you are fulfilling your life contracts and far beyond. This is the wonder that brings tears to our eyes and fills our hearts with joy – your growing capacity for Love, and your dedication to using that growing capacity for the Greater Good.

I can assure you, Beloved Lightworkers, that no action has gone unaccounted for; no thought or feeling occurs in a vacuum. The energy of your being is your contribution and your gift to others. Your inspiration lifts all. As Mother and I raise the vibration across your world and beyond, the pace has quickened, and every action of Love and Light has greater impact than before. Similarly, actions that bring pain or suffering have an equally quick reverberation, creating darkness and pain around the one who initiates it. It is no longer possible to hide from one’s actions when those actions are destructive or negative. As energies quicken, results are swift and decisive. This is helping you to increase your pace toward our desired Divine goal – Peace, Prosperity, Joy, Harmony and Love for every being on Earth.

You can feel it, can you not? You are learning to look to us, rely on us to send our HoneyLove to nourish and sustain you. It has allowed you to reach deeply within, to find your true gifts, and to make the contribution only you can make. As the time has passed, you have used it to do an enormous amount of deep inner work, transmuting and clearing away old energies. You have become more skillful and sure with every day, developing your unique gifts as never before.

If your gift is inner fire, it is blazing; if your gift is joy, you bring that joy to every encounter regardless of the circumstances. If you are a Lightbearer, you search out every dark shadow to dispel it; if your gift is Transmutation, you may be feeling ill and exhausted, but you are learning to expand to increase your capacity and speed your healing.

You Are in the Final Stretch

Know that this is not an endless final stretch. It is a time of fullness, of fruition, of growing into new and previously untried levels of spiritual expansion. If you are reading this, you are a member of the spiritual team of Lightworkers. You may also be taking part in financial or social or political work, but your main focus has been to build the portals and bridges that will lead to Ascension. This means, of course, that you are consciously aware of your connection to us and your participation in something greater than yourself which is ordained by Heaven. I can promise you that the Light of all that is about to burst open will give meaning to all your efforts, and to all you have been doing and feeling.

I can confirm, as we have told you through many other beloved channels, that the coming two months will be an enormously important window in many arenas – financial, yes, but also many, many other areas of life will also be massively impacted by the events that now hover on the horizon. The excitement in the air is real. Allow your joyful anticipation to soar. In doing so, you create the slipstream that carries events to completion, and formerly uninvolved observers to come to attention in wonder.

There has been enormous progress in the financial, banking and security systems. The old cabal systems that allowed theft and chicanery benefitting the wealthiest among you as a matter of course have been completely dismantled and replaced by new, transparent banking practices and secure computer systems. There will be no skimming, money laundering, fake fees and blatant theft. The days of developing sophisticated derivatives and complex accounting practices to hide criminal scams is over, and the originators and practitioners of such dishonesty are now being investigated, and arrests will soon reach the top levels of the previously impervious cabal.

All is unfolding as we hoped, and in some ways even better for the gentle pace. We have been able to shore up your efforts, assure your safety and that of your coming funds, and during the interim, more second and third line Lightworkers have awakened to lift the tide with their own expanding unique gifts.

Each of you is working at your capacity and beyond. No two beings are alike in their assignments or their abilities. This is the wondrous part of your challenging endeavor. Every single soul is crucial to its completion, and each has been given the opportunity to shine. No one is less important or less vital to the success of this historic Ascension Project than any other. Each one of your life plans and assignments was perfectly tuned with your Heavenly teams to take into account your greatest gifts and most inspired dreams, with the fulfillment of your own Ascension foremost in our minds.

Hold fast, Beloved Ones, and look forward into the Golden Light of the New Age of Gaia. It is your age, your beautiful planet, your time to become the Truest and purest form of You – the Self you came here to be.

I am Father God, your biggest fan, here with your adoring Mother.

Channelled by : Kathryn E. May