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Brenda’s Blog via Brenda Hoffman, December 14th

Dear Ones,

Let us start by welcoming you home – a time for which you have prepared for eons.

Does welcome home mean you will be zipping from planet to planet or through dimensions and frequencies?

No. Instead, that you value yourself enough to allow your totality of who you are to sparkle through the grayness that has been your 3D existence. That you allow yourself to expect more than acceptable in your world.

Most of you have yet to create your security blanket dream for creating that dream is part of accepting the newness of you.

Your dream most often included the impossible – or so it would seem in 3D life. Now you are expanding those dreams and expectations.

Last month, you would have accepted a new home, relationship, job or community that was nice. This month, you are beginning to imagine beyond nice to larger dreams.

For nice is what you are used to. Nice is what you expect. But nice also includes future earth dreams that expand on nice.

You have been satiated with nice and now expect more.

If this is your earth security creation – and it is – this creation needs to wrap you in loving joy for a very long time. This dream is not about nice for a year or two. It is about you knowing that you can travel hither and yon in any dimension or frequency and your earth security will continue despite all you experience.

Have you ever taken a vacation or experienced a certain something – whether love, elegant surroundings, food, clothing, travel – that increased your need for that something? As if you did not know something finer existed until you experienced it.

As you travel through various dimensions and frequencies, you will experience things you once thought impossible. Those things will become part of your being, your repertoire. And once they do, you will pine for those things or experiences within your earth experience UNLESS you create larger than life now so your earth being is taken care of prior to your travels to new places and experiences.

And so you are. You are noting pieces that better fit your grand scheme. Perhaps you watch a movie and note how lovingly that male actor treats his love interest – something you had not necessarily addressed before. Or you meet someone who makes you laugh and you realize how much your inner-being pines for laughter.

Before now, you created in bits and pieces. Even though your creations were nice, they were not necessarily complete.

So it is that you are experiencing, noting, adding, creating those pieces that will fully nourish new you and the earth segment of your totality.

You have devoted years, perhaps decades, to discovering and creating new you. All the while accepting and expecting that which your income, education, community and gender allowed. Now and only now are you expanding that expectation to more completely satisfy your new you earth segment.

You do not wish to allow additional time addressing earth issues even though you will remain of earth. You wish to move beyond that which has limited you for eons. And such will happen, but only after you satisfy your earth segment.

So it is your dreams are expanding almost minute by minute. Which of course frightens you for you SHOULD be satisfied with what others would be satisfied with. You should accept that for you cannot be too grand or too big for that might make others jealous or angry.

Yet, you pine for the perfect relationship, financial abundance, home, community, job, family etc. so that you can move beyond your earth needs.

Just as was true in your 3D life that once you completed the education you felt appropriate for you, you no longer pined for additional classes or teachers. Somehow you knew you were beyond further education – you wished to continue your life as you were. You felt complete. So it is for you now.

You are successfully creating that which helps you know without a doubt you can move beyond your earth life if you wish. At the same time, you know you can comfortably live on earth with the creation that is your security blanket dream.

Many of you are now worried that you are not capable of creating something as grand as we have indicated. Not only are you capable, you will do so by or near the end of 2015.

You are no longer earthlings begging for this angel or that goddess to help you in desperate times. You are that angel and that god or goddess. Know that within every fiber of your being and then create accordingly. The grander the better for this creation is indeed the security you need before you comfortably explore the ethers.

Create you earth security blanket knowing that such will allow you to freely explore new worlds and new times. Create an acceptable earth security blanket dream and you will continually return to earth to finish your creation.

Earth creation time is over for you. It is time to expand beyond your earth segment. So you are and so you will by creating that which allows you to fly into the ethers fully knowing that no one or nothing is more lovely than what you created. So be it. Amen. If you would like to receive Brenda’s blogs when posted, please click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her Blog and Subscribe page and then click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation.

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