Love is our new reality

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Brenda’s Blog via Brenda Hoffman, January 5th, 2018

Dear Ones,

You are at a crossroads, just as you have been many times before throughout this transition and in your 3D lives. The difference now is you cannot make a mistake.

For you are quite used to living an earth life in which you select one road that could lead to a life of your dreams and another to ruin or a difficult life.

Your decisions are much less noteworthy now for you have the power to shift those decisions within seconds.

That is not to say the decisions you make now might not appear frightening or even wrong initially, but instead that your energies are devoted to claiming your right as a fully functioning Universal being of earth.

So it is that your 3D fears of being wrong, of punishing yourself are no longer part of your repertoire. ‘Go with the flow’ as you have stated for decades, for you can now change your flow in seconds.

Many believe that the flow is created by the Universes or someone outside of you. That going with the flow indicates you must acquiesce to someone else’s creation. That you are a pawn in the larger earth or Universal plan.

Such is no longer true. Going with the flow means you both create the direction and speed of that flow. You are responsible for you, not your parents, spouse, employer, community, or children.

That thought might be frightening for you have no idea what or where your flow is. “What is right for you alone?” is your current phase. For before you create your dream, you must clarify to yourself who you are and what you want. And the next few days will be instrumental in doing so.

Many of you clamor that you want what you want NOW. The truth is you do not yet quite know what you want as an individual. You are merely trying to sense what gives you joy – as long as it provides others joy also.

It is time to step away from societal, family, job, community, country, and any other shoulds or desires that are not yours alone. Who are you? That is what you will clarify in the next few days. And the energies now pouring in from the Universes are helping you do so.

Many of you state that if you win money, you will do this for your children, friends, community, church, etc. Even though that might be your dream, it is time to clarify if it is a dream created by your 3D life or you.

But do not become frantic trying to determine who you are, let it happen, go with your flow – and all will be well. Continue to dream or try to create items to help others and you will likely be stopped by roadblocks.

This dream is yours and yours alone. It is not to appease or care for others or to display your being like a peacock. Instead, it is to provide you with the dream that best meshes with your current being.

For any dream can be shifted in seconds once you claim your totality – which many are starting to do. But you are doing so in ways that add to your 3D caretaking dreams instead of individual dreams.

If you allow yourself to float in any stream you now find yourself in, there will be a time in the next few days when you visibly declare your freedom to be without the constraints of those not yet of 5D or your 3D shoulds and have tos.

Just days ago, we informed you that it was time to create your dream. A dream you have held within you for years, perhaps eons. To create big so others see the results of your transition.

So it is and shall be. But before your dream is truly satisfied, you need to internalize the freedom of knowing you cannot make a mistake. That you will not lose friends, relatives, or others by creating a dream right for you. That it is no longer a community create, but a personal creation.

Perhaps your partner does not like to travel as much as you. Your dream is exploring new lands. A typical 3D appeasement dream would be for you and your partner to travel a few miles from home to see something you are familiar with but produces little growth. You would be mildly happy to travel, and he or she would be mildly happy to be close to home.

That is 3D life – shaving off a bit of dream here and happiness there – until you have dumbed-down to fit within the relationship, community, job, etc.

The next few days are about breaking those chains and exploring what you truly want inside you. That is your flow – knowing, expecting those dreams to materialize no matter how illogical. For you are not creating within a 3D framework, but instead, a Universal creation model in which anything and everything is possible.

Stop blocking your natural flow with what you feel others expect of you or you expect of yourself. Go with the flow indicates expectation. Go with someone emphasizes chains and lack of freedom.

Many cannot yet understand of what we speak. You will once personal freedom energies truly become part of you. You are not anyone but you – so your creations are you not for or with anyone else.

Do not wait for their approval, acquiescence, anger, or any emotion that informs you that you are tied to their dreams instead of your own. “Who are you and what do you want?” is your assignment of the next few days.

Some of you are frightened because you are concerned you will lose your significant other, job, place in the community, etc. if you are too much of you. Such might be true. But as we stated at the beginning of this channel, you have the skills to quickly change your stream any time you wish. Perhaps you will lose your job. You will create another. Perhaps your community will not accept you. You will find another. And so it is for now and forevermore. You are you and no one else can be or will want to be once they too cross into 5D.

Do not create for anyone but you.

You are finally eradicating naysayers and fully claiming your creation skills. Allow that to be as you remove roadblock after roadblock of those stopping you from being you in all your glory.

They are not your masters nor your gurus – you are. They cannot create your stream nor should they want to be in your stream. For it is time for them to either create their own stream or return to some of the 5D basics. They can observe, but not follow you for they are not you and you are not them.

Creation is something new, not a copy. For if replication were required to move into 5D, you would all look, act, and be the same. An earth of robots – something you have tried for eons only to discover that uniqueness squishes out here and there despite your best efforts to maintain sameness in thought and action.

It is time to encourage uniqueness starting with you. So be it. Amen. If you would like to receive Brenda’s Blogs when posted, please click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her Blog & Subscribe page and then click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation.

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