Love is our new reality

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Brenda’s Blog via Brenda Hoffman, January 6th, 2017

Dear Ones,

New energies are pummeling earth in depths you have not experienced in this lifetime. These energies are a result of your request for a rapid conclusion to the heavy feelings generated by yourself and so many the past few months.

So it is you are rapidly becoming that which you worked so diligently to become – a beacon of light and love.

You could not understand how you could be that beacon with the heaviness you were feeling – as if your world was coming apart in chaos and rage. Such was not true, but you held enough 3D memories within you to believe that such was true, and to act upon those feelings instead of your new joy feelings.

Therefore, you en masse requested a lightener, as it were, to your heavy hearts, so the information that seeped into your being was of humor and joy instead of heaviness and a fatal feeling that all your work was lost as has been seemingly true for eons.

You were becoming enmeshed in past life memories of failure, instead of the joy of all you achieved in this lifetime. So it is that you en masse requested additional energy bursts beyond what was slated for this time. Energies proving both effective and powerful for your physical being.

Do not worry if you feel the need for sleep or a lack of enthusiasm for most interactions. This will pass as your body adjusts to yet another new you.

This new you is more forceful, if you will, about claiming your inner-power resulting in stronger inner- and outer-love. You are no longer willing to wait passively as the world acts out it final bits of fear and chaos. And you are no longer willing to wait passively for someone to take charge or to soften the rage evident throughout your world. You have declared a love war, if you will, on fear, hate, and rage.

For many, such a statement seems counterintuitive – even wrong. You are not a love warrior, you are a love beacon. That is, you were. With the new love energies pummeling you and any others willing to accept them, there is a need to act in some fashion upon the heaviness that seems to be permeating your globe.

Of course, you do not yet understand that most of the heaviness you feel is the result of eons of trying to shine your light with few results. You are tired of waiting patiently until all feel and share the love. So it is you are experiencing surprises within yourself as you accept the mantel of love warrior.

This phase will not last for the remainder of your earth life but instead is a prompt for you and others to by-pass the hate being shared throughout the globe in so many arenas.

Most of you are pacifists – and rightly so given your role in this lifetime. But because you find the current emotions too much to cope with, you declared among yourselves that something must be done. And so it is you invited additional energies in to produce more of the action love being you are now becoming.

This concept frightens most of you. Not because you are not capable, but because you have purposely hidden your true power for eons. You are a Master in hiding believing you would shift earth humans in this transition without fully coming out of your earth hiding position.

Does not the thought of fully exposing your power make you feel fearful, perhaps even a bit ill? So it is that your true being will be exposed during this phase. Even though you may wish to hide, such will not be possible.

You will not take up arms or harm others, but you will utilize your full power in ways you cannot yet imagine. Perhaps your great joy is your garden. If so, your flowers and vegetables will become so dynamic that others will ask how such was possible. If your joy is dancing, your dancing will be so spirited that others will wish lessons of joy in that area. And if protesting is your comfort/joy area, your protests will become so dynamic that those not yet of the light will take note. And on and on. Following your joy through the powers, you have finally fully accepted while of earth.

You en masse will be labeled as heroic beyond words for not only creating and implementing this transition, but for fully exposing yourselves without knowing the results. For you were hoping to hide during this transition. You wanted to expose your loving, kind, gentle segments while hiding the inner and outer powerful you that you never wished to be fully exposed while of earth.

That is, such were your plans until the heaviness of the past few months fell upon you and others as a dark cloud of horror regarding all you had achieved to date. You were willing to allow others their dark night of their soul believing you would not be impacted by the heaviness, the pall that has overtaken the world.

Where is your joy?

So it is you en masse decided to acknowledge those last pieces of your power. And so you will, surprising yourself and yes, the Universes, with your creativity and sparkle. So be it. Amen. If you would like to receive Brenda’s Blogs when posted, please click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her Blog & Subscribe page and then click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation.

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