Love is our new reality

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Brenda’s Blog via Brenda Hoffman, July 22

Dear Ones,

Even though you have read much about gratitude – as well you should, there is another element to creating your new being that has been dismissed or ignored.

You are grateful for being. But just as is true following an illness and subsequent return to health, you do not constantly think about your illness or health. Instead, you move on with your life – acknowledging to yourself that you are better, but no longer focussing on the illness.

This is perhaps a convoluted concept for many who have repeatedly learned that being grateful is your gateway to a new life. Gratitude is a part of, but most definitely not your entire gateway to new you.

Perhaps you have gratitude for this flower, that piece of clothing or whatever you find delicious in your life – as well you should. But then, move on.

Some of you stop at gratitude instead of living beyond gratitude. If you receive a delightful gift from your friend, do you spend the remainder of your life thanking that friend for that gift? Or do you thank your friend profusely and then move on to various stages of interaction with that friend?

So it is with Universal gratitude. It is a stage or point in your development; it is not your development. For there are other pieces to address and expand beyond gratitude.

Again, this is a difficult concept for many have tied gratitude to your 3D God. The God, who requires you to supplicate before him, – and it is most often a HIM. Gratitude has been an important piece because it felt right within your concept of who or what God was.

If you shift your beliefs from God is your master, parent, savior – to IT (God) is part of you, and you are part of IT, your approach to gratitude will shift also.

For you are your god, you are your savior; you are the parent of your life.

Being in gratitude is a lovely interchange, but not your life and not your action expectation forevermore.

That is not to say you should not be in gratitude for any piece of your life that seems beautiful or miraculous, merely that gratitude will not move you forward in your new being other than it is a lovely feeling.

If your friend gives you a delightful gift, you (at least in 5D) do not expect to enhance that friendship by ongoing gratitude to that friend. You merely smile within your being and know that you have a special friend. The friendship does not start or stop with that gift; it continues in the manner that is most appropriate for you. So it is now.

Thank the Universes for anything that enhances your life, but do not expect that such a thank you will enhance your relationship with the Universes. For all are equal whether or not gratitude is expressed.

That last thought is likely contrary to your beliefs. For you are used to ongoing supplication to those who supposedly control your life. Your belief is that if you are good, your life will be enhanced. And if you are bad, someone will punish you eventually. A belief that indicates that the Universes, the Godhead is a parent instead of a part of or equal to you.

Even though your beliefs are shifting rapidly, this piece of holding the Universes or Godhead in leadership, parental role is one that seems stuck within your being. It is as if you are accepting that you are a god/goddess who reports to the Godhead, instead of you are a god/goddess with no one to report to other than yourself.

Gratitude is fully appropriate and loving – as long as it is within the context of new you rather than reporting and endearing yourself to someone or something larger than you.

The difference is that in 5D is that you are grateful for the skills that enable you to be more fully new you. In 3D, you were grateful for anything, any crumb; the parental/guardian God was willing to give you. In that 3D belief system, God was willing to give you something because you were good in whatever way you decided was good. Resulting in teams, religions, countries, and individuals knowing they were God’s chosen – often at the same time with opposing philosophies. A goodness decided by someone outside yourself. And a goodness that could be taken away by someone outside yourself.

How can you be a creator and yet beholden to someone outside yourself? Would that not mean you are a false god/goddess?

Do you believe your skin cells are more important than your hair cells? Perhaps you do until you start losing your hair and then your hair becomes your focus. So it is now. You are not more or less important than any being. You are a god/goddess of the highest degree. You have no other gods before you.

You have flown out of the nest. You are a unique god/goddess who has many exciting roads to explore. Roads that will be greatly diminished if you continue to believe you must run your activities by more important beings than you.

Allow yourself to know without question you are the leader of you and no one else. Which in itself is a wondrous concept given that for eons someone or something has been a report requirement from your parents to society to friends to God. No more. You report to you and you alone. The remainder will fall into place accordingly.

Perhaps you are afraid you will go astray with the ability, the knowledge that no one is to be reported to other than yourself. Such is yet another 3D belief that has no credence now that you are of 5D.

You are a totality within yourself with a very special vocation that only you can fulfill. That fulfillment is reduced if you continue to believe that someone needs to tell you how to act or function. You are your guru, god and being.

Some of you find such thoughts blasphemy. Allow that to be knowing that at some point you will understand that you are your god, that you report to you, and that you have diligently practiced and yes, suffered for this time, for the puzzle piece you alone can bring to this transition.

You do not have the time nor the energy to float your ideas, innovations, and creations by some male figure you have created within your belief systems for eons. You are God, and God is you. So be it. Amen. If you would like to receive Brenda’s blogs when posted, please click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her Blog and Subscribe page and then click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation.

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