Love is our new reality

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Brenda’s Blog via Brenda Hoffman, March 3d, 2018

Dear Ones,

You probably have ongoing fears that you failed your global tasks and yourself. For you are not seeing or sensing any changes in your life despite our ongoing pledge that you are a new being in a new world.

So you are again questioning the wisdom of our information and more importantly, your 5D life.

Where and when did you go wrong? You feel as if you have been duped.

Even though we discussed this subject before, we did so at a different time in your new you development. For when we first discussed it, you were like infants willing to follow parental dictates of what not to touch or to do. Now that you are fully developed, you are questioning our wisdom – which is right and true given who you are.

You question both our wisdom and yours because you have not yet fully tapped your abilities.

This new you development is a bit like starting a company with glorious images of what it might be only to lose money your first year in business. Do you give up believing that all was a dream that cannot be fulfilled? Or do you forge ahead as did those who created 3D companies such as Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon?

So it is for you now. Indications are that your years of effort have come to nothing. You are not yet creating your dreams, the world is in chaos, and you feel lost within yourself.

Even though we could tell you that you are experiencing growing pains, such does not alleviate your discomfort. So we will merely inform you that all is well and you are a new being in a new body.

Your temper tantrums are likely lessening and your physical being improving including more restful sleep for you are rapidly evolving into your place, your path even if you do not yet believe you are.

Do you remember how your children wanted to be a big boy or girl and you needed to reassure them that they would be eventually? So it is for you now. You are no longer of 3D – that phase of your being is over. You are growing into your new being.

The difference between your childhood growth and now is that you are complete internally, you just have not yet figured out how to operate your new being in ways that compliment your dreams. A bit as if you evolved from your baby rattle to reading the bookWar and Peace within days and you do not yet understand you are capable of readingWar and Peace.

So it is for now that you are evolving into new you one skill at a time. But within days, those skills will come together in ways you cannot yet envision so you will KNOW you can and will create your dream easily and effortlessly.

Your evolution to new you is skipping many stages that 3D you feels you should complete – as was true in your 3D childhood of learning letters before reading short sentences and then books with paragraphs. Months and years of effort that are not required for new you.

Perhaps you forgot that you are welcoming segments from your totality into new you. You not only welcoming past 3D segments into your being but also those segments appropriate for your transition from other dimensions and future beings. This is a total accumulation of you so any segment past, present, or future that aids in your new you role is now part of your being.

Just as is true for those who require a prosthesis, you are adjusting to new body parts and thoughts forcing you to focus instead of walking or using your other limbs as you did before the prosthesis.

You will function easily within days. This is merely your adjustment period to new you with new thoughts, and new skills. Allow that to be.

And then, relax. For forcing yourself to be something you want to be but are not yet coordinated enough to be, is creating unnecessary angst. Such as crying that you cannot read War and Peace immediately after you learn how to read your Dick and Jane books.

In 3D, you had so many people telling you that you would learn what you wanted to learn at the right time that much of your personal angst was removed or greatly diminished. Such is now.

You have added and cleared segments throughout this transition. First, you added segments from your current 3D life such as your inner child. Then you shifted to segments from your past 3D earth lives clearing those pieces harmful to your new 5D role. You were finally physically strong enough to add future segments from various dimensions, frequencies, and locations. So it is you were adjusting to those future yous the past few days and will likely continue to do so for a few more days.

Your new future segments do not yet feel comfortable. For some, it even feels as if you have been invaded by aliens – which in a way, you have. For your future segments are much different from your 3D beings of the present and past. Your future segments feel somewhat like dropping a mature adult into a teenage body – which can be frightening indeed as you have recently experienced.

So it is you flash between total confidence in your future – as expressed by your future segments – to the angst of your 3D memories which have little to do with new you.

Allow yourself to evolve gracefully and easily for the assimilation will happen whether you want it to or not.

You are beyond the 5D Rubicon and so no longer have to wonder if you are capable of doing so. You are merely adjusting. Which sounds simple, as simple as learning to love yourself. And now you laugh, for you understand that simple can be quite as confusing as was learning to tie a bow with your shoelaces. A very difficult feat when you were young and now second nature to you.

So allow yourself to be frightened, panicked, and whatever else you wish to experience knowing that such is short-lived as you accept your skills and segments from the past, present, and future. So be it. Amen. If you would like to receive Brenda’s Blogs when posted, please click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her Blog & Subscribe page and then click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation.

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