Love is our new reality

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Brenda’s Blog via Brenda Hoffman, March 5th, 2021

Dear Ones,

Your difficult transition phases are complete. So you no longer need to worry about what might happen tomorrow, in a month, or next year. Of course, accepting that concept is a process. Something you will not accept without a few “What ifs” or “How?” rumbling through your thought processes.

Because you are eradicating eons of fear in a few years or months, you will likely process this shift in stages. First, you will believe you have hit a wall of some sort, as would have been true in 3D, only to discover that the wall is fairly flexible. And so it will go for several fear ‘walls’ until you internalize – a large part of self-love – that you and no one else is responsible for your fear exit.

You will leave your hibernation cave, slowly testing each step until you know, without a doubt, you are directing your life with self-love, and that love reigns.

Many of you are thinking, “I can’t. I won’t.” “I want to be in my home without the stresses of the outer world. I’ve adapted to the freedom of being me the past year, and I don’t want to test that freedom in the outer world.”

Such is so because the outer world has been an expression of fear, of doing what you should according to others’ rules. For the past year, you have created your own rules and activities, even though those activities seemed unappealing until the thought of re-entering the outer world was proposed – as is happening now.

It is as if you were sent on vacation kicking and screaming. And then realized what a joy that vacation was only to be required to return to the work-a-day world.

Such is not to negate the stresses many of you experienced this past year, but instead to allow you to realize that this isolation has likely provided you with more personal freedom than you have had since you were an infant. Maybe you accepted more or different responsibilities than was true before this quarantine phase. But you were likely not required to float those actions past emotional and physical social gatekeepers as you have most of your 3D lives.

Even though you might have had more or different responsibilities in 2020, the timing of those actions or responsibilities was yours. You likely did not need to follow the schedules of your work-a-day world, school system, church, or any outside social authority – unless you wanted to. But once you left the emotional safety of your home, social rules and actions were dictated or implied, ensuring that your home became your sanctuary.

Now that you have had a taste of that freedom, it is time to re-enter your outer-world. Your hesitancy is your 3D fear that the outer-world is stronger and more punitive than you are. That once you exit your home, social rules will upend your sense of safety and security. That you will need to say or complete the right activities according to the social rules of the day.

Instead, you will discover that the rules you now abhor are no longer applicable because most earth beings have discovered they wish to continue their self-love path instead of returning to 3D rules.

Those of 3D will no longer understand you, nor will you understand those of 3D. So there will be no reason for you to cater to their 3D needs or fears. It is as if a blanket has dropped between 3D and those deciding to transition beyond 3D.  And as the number of those moving beyond 3D expands, the disharmonious 3D cries and demands will become less and less important.

You forerunners decided before entering the earth in this life that you were transitioning beyond 3D – as likely did those waves immediately following you. Beyond the first four or so waves, decisions will be made by those beyond the first few waves while they are of the earth. As you and those in waves immediately following begin flowing in peace and love, those not yet decided will find beyond 3D enticing.

Three-D is about fear and pain. Beyond 3D is peace, contentment, and joy. Given those two extremes, few will opt to remain fully of 3D. Those doing so will help others move beyond 3D – for 3D fear, angst, and rage will only increase as those of 3D realize they no longer hold ‘the keys to the kingdom.’ Once the beyond 3D movement starts expanding rapidly, as is starting to happen now, fewer and fewer beings will care about what was.

You can exit your current place of comfort because what was – fear of social pressure – is no more. Even though those of 3D will promote social pressure, their attempts will have little effect on you or any being committed to self-love. For you cannot serve two masters – society and yourself.

That is not to say you will be a renegade, but instead, you will be yourself creating, functioning, adapting, and building according to your inner needs instead of society’s shoulds. Inner needs that will mesh perfectly with the inner needs of others. Much as your common phrase of ‘putting a round peg n a square hole’ was a true statement of your 3D world.

There are no longer any places appropriate for such a miss-match except for the 3D world you are no longer part of. You have become a square peg in a square hole or a round peg in a round hole. For both round pegs in round holes and square pegs in square holes are required to rebuild earth into a Universal model.

Those fully of 3D are not rebuilding. But instead, are tasked with destroying or reminding others of what they no longer want. So be it. Amen. To receive Brenda’s Blog, please click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her “Blog & Subscribe” page and then click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation. Or subscribe via

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