Love is our new reality

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Brenda’s Blog via Brenda Hoffman, October 25th, 2019

Dear Ones,

Many are feeling out of sorts, confused, just not right. Such is so because you are adapting to new you.

When you were of 3D, you knew what to expect. Now that you are beyond 3D, you feel as if you are wandering in the dark. That which was is no more, and that which is is not yet comfortable.

You do not feel like moving forward, and you certainly do not wish to step back. Your comfort zone seems limited and small, yet comfortable enough for you to remain there until something better arrives.

So it is you wait patiently, you believe, for something, anything that seems exciting. Yet when you experience what you believe will be exciting, it does not feel so. It is merely another activity that holds little ongoing interest. Where is your excitement? Where is your joy?

You are growing into your joy. Something you do not yet believe for you are an adult. That is, a former 3D adult with complete knowledge of what to expect and what you want – or did.  Applying 3D joys to current interests produces very little other than “Is that all there is?”

Your interests are flat, lifeless. Easy is what you want and do not want now. For you are beginning to wonder if you should try difficult just to spark some interest in anything.

Some of you continue to find joy or sparks of interest in your activities, but far fewer than you realize. Most of you are putting on a show of interest because you have little else to do. Such as someone calling about an activity that sounds interesting, until it does not. You cannot explain your disinterest, even to yourself. So you try to drum up interest by exclaiming your pleasure only to look within at your inner yawn. An inner yawn that is frightening for your life feels topsy-turvy.

Some of you have given up, thinking this shift, you worked so diligently to achieve, does not seem worth the effort. For you are filled with unanticipated anger, fear, or disinterest in anything and everything.

You are in a void developmental stage.

Of course, you can find joy in nature or a new toy. But nothing seems to last more than a few moments, unlike what you believed joy was in 3D. For many of you remember the highs and forgot or tried to forget the lows. Such is exactly as we predicted for you are no longer of 3D fear.

What you do not understand is that for eons, your fears were your joy base. Your fears colored your lens in ways you cannot imagine. Those pieces that eradicated your fears, for even a few moments, became joy pieces that you relived over and over. Unless you so enmeshed yourself in fear, you cannot remember joy.

At any rate, you cleared most, if not all, of those fear pieces leaving significant gaps in your memory and, therefore, cells. If you have no fear, how do you know joy? So it is you are at a developmental crossroads. You have no fears to bounce your joys off. But then, you also have no idea how to experience joy in your new being.  You have cleared to the point of an almost empty vessel. And you do not know how to refill your vessel with joy.

Your 3D joy was based on the opposite of fear. And since you no longer have those fears, how do you determine your joy?

The question becomes, “If you are filled with joy, do you need a counterpoint?” Fear is not disappearing from the earth, it is merely taking a much smaller role. So it is your joy will be countered with minimal fear, just as your 3D fear being was countered with a bit of joy.

Perhaps such a concept seems overwhelming. For the last thing you wish to add to your new being is fear.

Fear remains part of the earth. Not because it has dominated earth beings for eons, but because small pieces of fear will help those following remember how incredible joy is.

The fears you experience as new you will be minimal. Merely obvious enough for you to accept and express joy. Even though at some point in the earth’s development, humans will know only joy, such is not yet that time. For joy is so foreign to those who have been of the earth for more than one 3D life as to negate joy possibilities, without the slight counterbalance of fear.

Perhaps you are afraid that the joy we have long predicted is merely fear wrapped in a pretty bow. Nothing could be further from the truth. Your new fears might be equated to learning not to touch a hot stove as happened to most of you in your childhood. Knowing such did not subtract your longing for the food prepared on that or any stove. Knowing merely informed you that this cooking tool could also be dangerous.

Very soon, your joy will overtake your being as you accept the minimal limits of that joy.

For now, many of you ponder, creating joy to negate your fears; instead of joy, merely to experience joy. So you wish to create financial wealth, a relationship, or a family. All pieces that likely frightened or saddened you in your 3D being. You have yet to create those pieces that will give you joy without the element of 3D fear.

Did we not just inform you that your joy has not been defined for you have not yet countered it with fear? Ah. You misunderstood, for your joy will occur first, followed by minor fears. The opposite of your 3D world.

The joys you are now envisioning are ongoing attempts to alleviate 3D fears.

You will soon acknowledge your 5D and beyond joys. But for now, you feel as if nothing seems right.

As you empty your vessel of fear, you have yet to begin filling it with nonrelated 5D joy.  Filling yourself with fear-related joy is SO yesterday. And tomorrow’s joys have not yet arrived.

You are in a joy void attempting to fill that void with outdated joys that produce blah feelings.

Allow yourself to evolve a bit more. Something that will occur in the next few weeks. You are empty of fear, but not yet of your 3D fear-related joy.

So it is you will begin experiencing your new 5D joy in the next few weeks. So be it. Amen. To receive Brenda’s Blog, please click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her Blog & Subscribe page and then click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation.

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