Love is our new reality

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Brenda’s Blog via Brenda Hoffman, September 7

Dear Ones,

Until now, you have been busy clearing, cleaning and dreaming. A bit like Cinderella wishing she could attend the Prince’s ball as she cleaned cinders. Even though some of you created pieces of your 3D dream world, you have evolved beyond that.
To what and where have you evolved?
You continue your 3D life of job, family, community with a few changes here and there – yet, you catch glimpses of your new being and life. That is not to say you are immediately drawn to that life, but that you are adjusting to thoughts of that new life.
Some of you worry your earth dreams will never come to fruition. That even though you will zoom throughout the Universes, you will still have to worry about finances or living in a home that does not feel like a home. Such is not true. The new you, new life you are catching in glimmers here and there includes your earth being.
You are of earth. Even though you are transitioning to a multi-dimensional being, you are of earth until you decide to transition to life beyond earth.
Some of you question if you have the energy or desire to continue hoping for a multi-dimensional being. You are so exhausted by the earth energies now that you cannot envision or are not interested in dimensional/frequency travel.
The energies reigning upon earth the next few weeks are to help provide you with the inner strength and energy to create heaven on earth for yourself, as well as multi-dimensional/frequency travel.
Some of you are negating your earth being for Universal dimensional/frequency travel. Such is possible in most environments – other than earth. Your role – difficult as it might seem – is to create heaven on earth, at the same time you travel dimensionally and create new frequencies. Your role is to create anew – most particularly of earth. For until this transition, inter- and intra-dimensional travels, time and frequency creations were limited to few earth beings throughout the ages.
Your mission – which you so readily accepted before entering earth in this lifetime – is to assist earth as it becomes a full member of the Universes. So you are. But many of you are attempting to do so without earth tethers. You feel earth’s restrictions are limiting you. That you are ready to fly, but earth needs like financial security, shelter, relationships and food are restricting your movements and goals.
You have forgotten your mission. For what you hope to achieve dimensionally and frequency wise in this lifetime is so easy in other locations as not to be noted. Earth has always curtailed your moments in those directions. You might channel, visit other locations through mind thought or many other activities like healing. But you often do so by negating earth’s former restrictions – instead of incorporating new earth as was your intent before entering earth in this lifetime.
Earth is your home planet now. Even though you may be of different planets or locations, that is your past. Which is little different from telling others about the community you lived in when you were a youngster. Interesting stories and activities, but you are not of that location. You are creating a new life where you live now.
So it is that your historical past, in whatever location, has little to do with your now other than helping you more easily access some skills. Little different from remembering you excelled in rope jumping in elementary school and that eye/body coordination helps you in your current gym class, but not something you spend hours talking about or trying to replicate.
It is time for you to remember you are of earth. Hence the need to create your heaven on earth. Not prolonging your earth rewards as religions have taught you to do for ages, but to create your heaven on earth now.
Many of you are tapping into past lives or experiences as Sirians or Pleiadians and/or other locations. Hoping those energies or entities will create a heaven for you. Even though those entities are related to you in so many ways, they are not you in totality.
You have brown hair as do millions of earth beings, but you are not like any other brown-haired person even though some of those with brown hair are likely related to you through birth or live near you. So it is you are accepting ideas and perceptions via other entities – whether of earth now or not. Such is fine and good. But the application of those ideas and perceptions is to be of earth.
Does that mean you will not time travel, create new frequencies or dimension hop? No – merely that those skills will be adapted on and for earth. New uses for those skills will be created by those of you now of earth.
Even though this transition is multi-layered, the base is and always has been earth. It would do little good to create dimension hopping on or in a planet already comfortable with that concept. Earth is a new arena for you to create and practice. And in the distant future, you and your heirs will help other planets do the same.
But unless you are of that planet, you will only be able to encourage and entice as is happening with your ongoing transition information from us and so many others. We not of earth cannot do this for you – for you are the ones who initiated wading through the mud and quicksand of earth’s 3D density.
Now that much of that debris has been cleared and cleansed by you and earth, it is time for you to fly into your new skills. Paramount of which is creating your heaven on earth – whatever that means to you today. Knowing that such might easily change tomorrow, but that does not matter for you are of earth today.
If that heaven means a new location, relationship, item or a walk in the park, that is what you must do. For as you do, you are indeed creating your heaven on earth.
If you notice, transition messages have always been about or return to finding your joy – but not defining that joy. For you are unique entities with unique needs and interests for a reason. Only with the full rainbow of your unique joy can new you fully experience and help create New Earth. And so it is. Amen. If you would like to receive Brenda’s blogs when posted, please click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her blog and subscribe page and then click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation.
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