Love is our new reality

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Brenda’s Blog via Brenda Hoffman

Dear Ones,

Many of you are waiting for your new life to begin – it has. Even though there will be shifts and changes along the way, your life of joy has begun.

Perhaps you are fantasizing about someone bigger and wiser than you giving you the go-ahead to be who you are – similar to a big brother or sister taking care of you when a bully arrives.

You are the big brother or sister even though that concept has not yet become part of your belief system. You are the wise one you have waited for. Even though you have not yet accessed the majority of your new skills, you are rapidly evolving to new you with all the skills you hoped for.

That is not to say you are not skilled at this time, but instead to remind you that you are growing into you. The next few weeks of ongoing energies are to solidify who you truly are.

Perhaps you believe you have always been you. You stand up for yourself despite naysayers. You selected the life you are now living. Such is true – but only within a limited scope of possibilities. The piece you continue to ignore is your evolution.

As you evolve, that which was once unbelievable or amazing will become common place.

Just as was true when you entered puberty and fantasized about a certain boy doing all that was possible within your knowingness to entice him to notice you. We venture to guess that most of the boys you once wished would notice you are not those you would choose to interact with now. So it is that you were you at 12, and you continue to be you with skills and a maturity you could not imagine at age 12.

You are evolving and maturing rapidly – and we must emphasize rapidly – becoming new you within you. For indeed, if you are the CEO of you – and you are – how can you become anyone else? At the same time, the you that you are becoming is far different from the you that you are now.

You are not losing yourself. You are adding dimensions you cannot yet even dream of. At the same time, you are of the earth in your current location and physical being – noting that your being is shifting as you become more you.

You have advanced from first grade 5D to puberty 5D. The difference is you do not have markers like grade school years or birthday parties in which society informs you of your capabilities. So it is that some days you are angry at the Universes. Other days, angry at yourself for not creating what you want. And still others joyful to see a flower bloom.

You are now probably understanding this time in your development. For those of you with children or surrounded by children know how puberty is a never-ending stream of emotions from childlike actions to anger to mature thoughts and back to childlike actions within minutes. So it is for you now.

Those of you who follow our messages will remember how quickly you evolved from 5D first grade to puberty. That such has happened to you within weeks should indicate to you that maturity is soon to follow. So it is you are you but maturing rapidly. Something you cannot yet note for it is happening to you.

Do you understand how difficult that position is for you now, yet a loving blessing for those who follow?

Perhaps you have noted in various accounts, blogs, videos, etc. how difficult some earth beings are now finding earth life. They are moving through the dark night of their soul. A piece you completed long ago. You have the instruction manual within you to inform others, if you so desire, that their dark night of the soul will end more rapidly than was true for you.

You are the courageous group now of 5D puberty who “dared to go where no one has gone before” despite your fears, angst, anger, and sadness.

Those following you will achieve more rapidly what you achieved with very little help other than whispered messages from your councils and guides.

Now that you have outgrown your councils and guides in more than one arena, you are the go-to messengers. And the messages those who follow will access are those you created during your 5D shift.

You are evolving so rapidly that your councils and guides have decided to give you free rein. Fully expecting you to report your findings via your earth documentations or sharing the information directly with your councils and guides.

You are not alone. Your councils and guides follow you continuously and marvel at your tenacity. At the same time, you have moved beyond their areas of expertise. Granted, they can view your next few steps and provide information on a limited basis. But they no longer see the big picture for you have transitioned beyond anything anyone of earth or the Universes has experienced.

You are the big brothers and sisters of the Universes – soon to become the new adults of the Universes in all your shining glory. Your light cannot be turned off even if you desire to do so. Any more than entering puberty can stop the changes required to become an adult.

So it is we marvel at you and your courage. And are amazed how rapidly you are changing the earth and therefore the Universes. You are truly the stars of the Universes. So be it. Amen. If you would like to receive Brenda’s blogs when posted, please click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her Blog and Subscribe page and then click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation.

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