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David Wilcock (spiritually inspired reporter)

David Wilcook Report – It Begins, July 7th, 2019

David Wilcock NEW ARTICLE 7-7-19… “IT BEGINS: Epstein Indicted [arrested, actually], Black-Ops Mega-Base Destroyed!”


Well, here we go. David picked up with all of this recent Epstein stuffright away. It’s a full article. I’m posting the first few paragraphs with links, but after the link to David’s book, it’s all text. I’ll highlight a couple things quickly, but I wanted to get this out right away. I may add highlights after the initial posting.

For safekeeping, I’ve downloaded the page for safekeeping. Download as Text only; HTML only; Complete Web page (zip folder)

“IT’S TRUE: Jeffrey Epstein has actually been arrested. Indictments have been unsealed. This is the case that will bring down the House of Cards. Everything we just prognosticated in DECLAS is coming true. Big Tech knew this was coming, and has grossly restricted freedom of speech online as a result.

“The California Independence Day earthquakes may have been strikes intended to take out the Deep State’s last, best chemtrail-attack facilities, as we will see. The Deep State may have intended to usese the facilities in a final attempt to destroy America right before the indictments unseal.

“Look. It’s very simple. These quakes destroyed a gigantic military base. No one can stay there except for “Mission Essential Personnel” to assess the damage. It is entirely possible that the Deep State was preparing some devastating, final attack against America from this China Lake base. Think about it… this is one of the main military centers in America for air-based weapons, and that’s just the unclassified part. The more-classified part is that this facility may have been a key center for chemtrail operations.

“The first quake was suspicious enough. It was a whopping 6.4, the biggest in Southern California since Northridge in 1994 — 25 years — and it literally happened on Independence Day. This is the day in which America celebrates her freedom. It is the ideal day for the Alliance to do something that will later be noteworthy.

“WHAT IF IT WAS THE ALLIANCE?… One possible speculation is that this quake was an Alliance strike against a massive above-ground and likely underground base in the China Lake area. We have heard about many other quakes that were visible indications of attacks against underground military facilities engaged in nefarious activities.

“A VERY SPECIAL DAY TO END THE WAR… It would certainly be appropriate and timely if the final strike that won the insider war against the Deep State was carried out on Independence Day… It is also possible that the second, larger 7.1 quake the next day, on Friday the 5th, may have been needed to finish the job.

“We have no briefings one way or another on this yet, but the correlation and timing of these events is very compelling… It is entirely possible that the Deep State was preparing some devastating, final attack against America from this China Lake base.

“Our briefings do indicate that the Alliance now has control of the majority of all the earthquake- and storm-making technology, and has since last year’s infamous 11/11 incident.

“REVIEWING THE 11/11 [2018] QUAKE… Now that we’ve seen some suitably disturbing data about the China Lake facility, let’s explore the idea that the Alliance may have been able to conduct a strike against it, using earthquakes. The big “reveal” that the Alliance could control earthquakes occurred with a very suspicious event on November 11th, 2018… “Strange Worldwide Earthquake Pulses Repeated Every 17 Seconds

“WHAT IS THE SEVENTEENTH LETTER OF THE ALPHABET? We were told that the Alliance used newly-acquired Deep State satellites to pulse this long series of 17-second quakes through the earth. This precision of rhythm and wave shape seemed impossible, but it happened. If it went on for 20 minutes, that’s [20×60=] 1200 seconds. Divide that by 17 and you get about SEVENTY different pulses, seventeen seconds apart. The seventeenth letter of the alphabet…. is Q.

“THE DEEP STATE HAS LOST ALMOST EVERYTHING… This 17-second pulsing “Q-Quake” seemed to be the Alliance’s first major action after taking over the weather-control satellites, as they had indicated in preceding Q posts.

“THUS BEGINS THE FALL OF THE HOUSE OF CARDS… With all the people who went to Epstein’s island, you’d better believe this arrest is a “kill shot” for the Deep State — and they know it. Thus begins the fall of the House of Cards. Is this all a coincidence?

“If you don’t ‘get’ how important this arrest is, just look at the following Tweet:

“Alex Salvi @alexsalvinews… The judge who unsealed the #Epstein documents said the public’s right to access case information outweighed the privacy of individuals, including: •Prominent American politicians •Powerful business executives •Foreign presidents •Prominent Prime Minister •Other world leaders”

“ZERO HEDGE GETS EVEN MORE DIRECT: IT’S CLINTON, STUPID… In their classic and fearless manner, Zero Hedge went for it. If Epstein is arrested — and he just was — the Clintons and the Deep State go down with him

[Last bit from David] “As one last tidbit, we were getting insider briefings to expect “something big” this past week, but then nothing happened. Saturday, however, we were not disappointed. The arrest of Epstein may have been delayed by him delaying his own departure from his vacation. This, in turn, may have synchronistically led to the possible China Lake earthquake strike being conducted on Independence Day.

History is in the making. These are very exciting times.… I must admit I have never been more excited about anything in my entire life.

History is in the making. Disclosure is coming. GET READY.


IT BEGINS: Epstein Indicted, Black-Ops Mega-Base Destroyed!

IT’S TRUE: Jeffrey Epstein has actually been arrested. Indictments have been unsealed. This is the case that will bring down the House of Cards.

Everything we just prognosticated in DECLAS is coming true. Big Tech knew this was coming, and has grossly restricted freedom of speech online as a result.

What independent YouTube creator WOULDN’T want to talk about the biggest story of the year, which may soon become the story of the millennium?

Get ready for a TORRENT of new information coming out that none of us could possibly have foreseen. This is it. DECLAS is happening!

The California Independence Day earthquakes may have been strikes intended to take out the Deep State’s last, best chemtrail-attack facilities, as we will see.

The Deep State may have intended to usese the facilities in a final attempt to destroy America right before the indictments unseal.

Mass censorship won’t stop this Truth Avalanche from falling. We are just now seeing the first pebbles… and we probably won’t need to wait very long.


Once I got our epic, 53,000-word DECLAS Ebook done, I immediately plunged into finishing Awakening in the Dream, for its imminent release this December 3rd.

And I have to say, I am having a fantastic time with this creative process. A true spiritual renaissance. The best I’ve felt in many years!

Awakening has gone much better than I could have even hoped, and will probably be seen as my most important and noteworthy book of all.

We are going FAR deeper into the spiritual arena than any of the previous volumes, blending science, philosophy, synchronicity, prophecy, the Law of One, Ascension, Secret Space Program, Disclosure, the Solar Flash, etc… but alas, I digress.

Please note that only hardcover orders count towards getting us on the New York Times Best-Seller List. You can pre-order now and lock in a lower price of around 20 bucks!

We need to clear about a thousand more to make it likely that we will hit the list, unless we get suppressed… so this is a great way to help us out. And it will be well worth it!

On 9/11, my father refused to go home until he had finished the article he was writing, regardless of what disasters may have been happening to New York State and the United States right outside his door.

In a mode like this, where I have cleared 100 percent of my time to write and am on a very strict deadline and solo retreat, any breaking news would have to be God-damned amazing for me to cover it.

This is that breaking news, my friend.

Texts, emails and you name it came slamming in. This is real. This is happening. This is NOW.


Epstein’s arrest story first went up yesterday, July 6th, 2019.

This was only ONE day after the second, very disturbing Los Angeles earthquake that I endured while deeply engaged in this mystical writing process.

Both the first and the second quakes were not at all random for me. Some part of me was very aware of what was going to happen.

That doesn’t change the fact that both of them really freaked me out, and particularly the second one, which felt a lot more violent.

The July 4th quake happened just one paragraph after I wrote about the earth being dynamited and the ground shaking in Rosendale, New York. This was where I lived when the contacts described in the book began in 1996.

These dynamite explosions were used to mine the cement that launched the Industrial Revolution. Rosendale was the “Womb of America.”

This was such a powerful synchronicity that I wrote it right into the book after it happened, in what is currently Chapter Six, Page 127.


The second quake occurred on my mother’s birthday, the next day, July 5th.

I had severe eyestrain and had decided to lie in bed and meditate deeply after dinner. This was very abnormal behavior for me.

A dog had been going super crazy outside for at least ten minutes, shrieking like a pack of coyotes. Jesus! Then it finally stopped. In relief, I decided to lie down and rest.

Just five minutes after I got comfortable and began a deep meditation, IT began.

I actually heard the shockwave before feeling it, which was extremely intense.

The sound was like a huge roar, similar to a massive bowling ball in a lane, heading due south. It appeared to be going about 1000 miles an hour. It was so fast.

At the moment this very fast sound hit the house, WHOMP — a painting in my bathroom slammed against the wall. OK, that was definitely real. Uh-oh.

About four seconds later, everything started shaking like mad. I quickly realized this was not a meditative experience, but was very, very real. It kept getting worse. And before long I got the hell out of there.


Let’s be clear that for someone living in Los Angeles, having a smaller quake and then a larger quake 24 hours later is very, very troubling.

As I was lying there on my bed, and it kept getting worse and worse, I didn’t know at first if I was about to die. That is a very humbling experience.

That same morning, I had a dream about being on the top of a building that completely fell over. I was able to just step off of the roof onto the pavement safely. And I was indeed safe in this real-world quake.

I found out later on that a prominent friend of mine had texted me one minute before the quake began, for the first time since January.

In a subsequent text from late that same night, he revealed that he had just finished watching an episode of my show about how our consciousness influences earthquakes.

He had texted me to talk about my show, at 8:18 PM. Just one minute later, that’s when the second quake happened.

Hopefully I can get his permission in the future to discuss this story in more detail. We will see. It was mind-blowing!


The first quake was suspicious enough.

It was a whopping 6.4, the biggest in Southern California since Northridge in 1994 — 25 years — and it literally happened on Independence Day.

This is the day in which America celebrates her freedom. It is the ideal day for the Alliance to do something that will later be noteworthy.

Once you have the classified information in hand, you no longer see all earthquakes as simply “natural events.”

The technology most definitely exists to produce earthquakes. It involves microwaving a fault line and melting the crust until it slips.

Some, but certainly not all of the earthquakes in today’s world will be deliberately generated.

So, when we see the biggest shaking in Los Angeles for 25 years, and it lands right on July 4th, that certainly becomes… interesting.


One possible speculation is that this quake was an Alliance strike against a massive above-ground and likely underground base in the China Lake area.

We have heard about many other quakes that were visible indications of attacks against underground military facilities engaged in nefarious activities.

If you are new to this aspect of our work, start out with Disclosure Imminent? Two Underground NWO Bases Destroyed from September 17, 2011, currently with over a million views.

Then click the following links to read Part Two, and then Divine Intervention from May 9, 2012, for critical additional context and data.


It would certainly be appropriate and timely if the final strike that won the insider war against the Deep State was carried out on Independence Day.

This, of course, is the day where we celebrate America’s freedom from tyranny here in the US.

The Alliance may intend to tell us all of this in a post-Disclosure society, making the news all the more interesting once we get there.

It is also possible that the second, larger 7.1 quake the next day, on Friday the 5th, may have been needed to finish the job.

The initial July 4th strike may not have adequately solved the problem by wiping out the China Lake bases, if that’s indeed what was intended.

There have apparently been many strikes like these that have destroyed various underground bases in this “shadow World War III.”

The epicenter of the second quake was only 12 miles away from the first one. China Lake’s own site says the combination of these two quakes wiped out their facilities.


Even on the surface, we know that great destruction was done to this GIGANTIC Naval Air Weapons installation at China Lake.

How gigantic? Bigger than the state of Rhode Island. Fully 85 percent of the Navy’s entire testing area for weapons systems on land!

We will have a quote that proves this in the next paragraph section below.

As many insiders have revealed, underground bases almost always have a physical location on the surface that some personnel access them through.

With a base this gigantic, there would be absolutely no way for civilians to know where all those soldiers are actually working.


Although the Navy has a significant majority of Alliance components, nothing in today’s world is 100 percent.

We are about to see that whistleblowers have already indicated that at least parts of this base were up to no good.

Before we get there, it is very important for you to see just how massive the damage was to this utterly gigantic military base from these two earthquakes.

Check it out:

7/6: Earthquakes Knock Out Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake

The Navy’s massive base in China Lake, California, has ordered an evacuation for non-essential personnel after recent earthquakes have rendered the installation “not mission capable,” a message posted on the base’s Facebook page says.

“Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake is responding to a 5.0 magnitude earthquake at 8:16 p.m., and a 7.1 magnitude earthquake at 8:19 p.m. Pacific time and multiple, consistent aftershocks on July 5 following a 6.4 magnitude earthquake and numerous aftershocks on July 4,” the message says.

“NAWS China Lake is not mission capable until further notice; however, security protocols remain in effect. Safety of personnel is currently the highest priority.”

Accordingly, the commander of Navy Region Southwest has authorized non-essential active-duty service members, drilling reservists, civilian employees, and military dependents to evacuate to Naval Base Ventura County, California, the message says.

Base personnel who are evacuating can receive more information by calling a Family Information Call Center at 1-844-523-2025.

“NAWS China Lake access remains Mission Essential Personnel only,” the Facebook message says. “Do NOT attempt to access the Installation unless you are Mission Essential Personnel.”

Located in the Mojave Desert about 150 miles north of Los Angeles, the sprawling installation covers more than 1.1 million acres, which is larger than the state of Rhode Island, according to the base’s website.

The installation contains 85 percent of the land that the Navy uses for the research, development, acquisition, testing, and evaluation of weapons systems.


We have no briefings one way or another on this yet, but the correlation and timing of these events is very compelling, if not obvious.

Look. It’s very simple. These quakes destroyed a gigantic military base. No one can stay there except for “Mission Essential Personnel” to assess the damage.

It is entirely possible that the Deep State was preparing some devastating, final attack against America from this China Lake base.

Think about it… this is one of the main military centers in America for air-based weapons, and that’s just the unclassified part.

The more-classified part is that this facility may have been a key center for chemtrail operations.



Our briefings had already indicated that one of the only covert “war toys” the Deep State still had left to fight with was a certain number of chemtrail planes.

Based on the insider testimony you are about to read, those planes may very well have been stored at China Lake.

Now the runways are devastated and the planes cannot take off. The planes themselves may have been wiped out by falling debris.

I could definitely see the Deep State doing a lethal aerosol attack from this base… as soon as DECLAS began, and top SatanicDiddlers(TM) started getting arrested.

In the case of an attack like this, whatever gets sprayed on us from these planes might be very different from “normal” chemtrails.

God only knows what they could think up. Consider Michael Crichton’s classic 1969 thriller, The Andromeda Strain.

Diseases, airborne pathogens, chemicals that induce mass hysteria, hallucinogens, nanites, you name it.


Additional, valuable data comes to us from Anthony Etienne Jaime, in a very interesting whistleblower article from December 1st, 2014.

The article is quite lengthy and you should read the whole thing.

Here is a brief synopsis of Jaime’s credentials as a whistleblower:

12/1/14: China Lake Weather Modification: The Secret City

Weather Mod & China Lake Connection: Part 1 – The Secret City

“I am a former employee of the China Lake Naval Weapons Center (NWC) as it was known when I worked there.

“During my time there, which spanned nearly 9 years beginning in 1973 and ending in 1982, I was employed in several different capacities.

“I started off as an apprentice electrician in the Public Works Department in 1973 and after completing the program and making journeyman, I wound up transferring to the Range Department and the Supersonic Naval Ordinance Research Track or SNORT, as it is commonly known.

“After leaving the base for a brief time in 1979, I returned to the Public Works Department as a power lineman in the high-voltage shop before leaving civil service again for good in 1982.

“All of these jobs afforded me plenty of opportunities to travel all over the base in the performance of my duties.

“In addition, I spent nearly 30 years working out of I.B.E.W. Local 428 in Bakersfield, Ca., including many DoD projects at China Lake, Edwards AFBFTC, Vandenberg, and spent several months working in the extremely secret and much speculated upon Northrup Tejon Ranch RCS facility located in the Tehachapi Mountains west of Rosamond, Ca.”

Fig. 1 – The Track Crew (1978) at SNORT w the Sierras in the background – L to R: Anthony Etienne Jaime, Dan Krausman, Cleve Warren, Eddie Mierta, Raphael Alvarado, Billy Brown. ~The Truth Denied


Before we go on, remember that the China Lake base is close to Edwards and Nellis, both notorious for their underground cities — such as the infamous Area 51.

In this map it is listed as NAWS China Lake:


Now let’s read just a bit from this fascinating site, and you will soon see how deep the rabbit hole goes:

12/1/14: China Lake Weather Modification: The Secret City

Weather Mod & China Lake Connection: Part 1 – The Secret City

My journey began in the early morning hours of July 30th, 2012, with a UFO sighting that took place over the China Lake Naval Air Weapons Station in California that lasted for several hours.

[This] led to continued UFO sightings and other strange sights in the sky for the next three days, including witnessing what I now believe to have been a full-on holographic demonstration of Project Bluebeam.

After overcoming my initial sense of shock and disbelief, I became completely engrossed in a search to find rational explanations for the strange sights I was seeing in the sky.

At that particular point in time I had never heard of a chemtrail or many of the other terms I was to become so familiar with, but that was rapidly to change.

Already, we are seeing UFOs and chemtrails here. This is looking very interesting indeed.


Now let’s read from another section of this fascinating insider testimonial:

12/1/14: China Lake Weather Modification: The Secret City

Weather Mod & China Lake Connection: Part 1 – The Secret City

As I struggled to wrap my mind around the incredible sights I was seeing in the skies, I compiled a short list of possible causes, but I kept coming back to the Navy and the China Lake base as the most likely explanation.

The top three possibilities of that list were: 1) government research with military applications; 2) ET really is here; 3) a combination of 1 & 2, which is still my favorite theory.

Over time, my personal observations and experiences have allowed me, along with a great many other people who were accompanying me, to witness an incredible assortment of extraordinary sights in many different locations.

The one constant throughout my journey to date has been my proximity to the Naval Air Weapons Station at China Lake, California, which in turn is in close proximity to a large number of other related military facilities that I believe also play a role in what we are witnessing in our skies.

While many of us may hear some the names of some bases mentioned frequently, far too few really know or understand what goes on behind those closed gates.

I believe that it is through understanding what role these bases play that we will come to a much fuller understanding of the nature of the Chemtrail phenomenon and what is occurring in the skies.

The majority of activists documenting Chemtrails are looking up in an effort to understand what we are seeing, but let me assure you that there is most definitely a terrestrial connection to ground-based facilities.

Our briefings do indicate that the Alliance now has control of the majority of all the earthquake- and storm-making technology, and has since last year’s infamous 11/11 incident.

We will cover this story in just a minute, as it provides extremely valuable context.

For now, we will continue with the “China Lake Dossier.”


In this next excerpt, Jaime gets into more detail about the weather modification connection to China Lake, and how it is all being done on publicly-restricted land:

12/1/14: China Lake Weather Modification: The Secret City

Weather Mod & China Lake Connection: Part 1 – The Secret City

As previously mentioned, China Lake is an enormous facility, most of which is comprised of sparse, unpopulated tracts of desolate desert.

In the eyes of the visionaries who chose this location, [it is] perfectly suited for testing a wide variety of naval ordinance and weapons.

[This includes] missiles, propellants, and bombs, with the list growing to include radar cross-section testing, electronic counter-measures, laser/optics research and testing, aircraft survivability, ejection seats testing, and also weather modification….

Another facet to consider is that while many people have their attention focused on bases like AREA 51, there are activities occurring at China Lake, hidden in plain sight, which go unnoticed because of that fact.

Additionally, there is the BLM, which has closed off large tracts of public lands from vehicle traffic, ostensibly to preserve wilderness areas from encroachment by the public.

However, from my experience, it is my opinion that the BLM serves as a plausibly benign first line of security by keeping prying public eyes to a minimum, since foot traffic only is allowed in some of the rugged areas of public land adjacent to the base — where I believe testing or other activities are occurring.


In this next quote, Jaime reveals that within the known world of weather modification disclosure, there is a clear connection to China Lake:

12/1/14: China Lake Weather Modification: The Secret City

Weather Mod & China Lake Connection: Part 1 – The Secret City

I would like to bring the focus back to chemtrails and weather modification programs.

It is hard to believe now that I failed to make the connections, but so many things that seemed to just be loose threads with no connectivity were right there in front of me for a long time.

The first big indicator for me was the regular increase in lightning storms during the summer months of July and August, beginning around 1998.

They always occurred over the base in the northeastern mountain ranges surrounding the valley here, and much of it was point-to-point lighting and not ground strikes.

In addition, while there was a lot of lightning, there was very little thunder or rainfall.

During the early years of my life, earthquakes were far more common here than lighting storms, and these lightning storms were something new.

The odd storm or two might have gone unnoticed, but when they began to occur with such frequency over a long period of time, I began to notice the change.

The weather seemed to be just a little out of the ordinary, but nothing I could really put my finger on, and the words “climate change” had not yet gained much traction in the public’s or my own perception.

Also, during my early years I can remember the Navy’s Hurricane Hunter Squadron flying in and out of China Lake on a fairly frequent basis, which would seem to be a little out of their normal area of operation.

And from my years of employment aboard China Lake, I can remember the Earth and Planetary Sciences Department, which was headed up by Dr. Pierre St. Amand, an individual whose name is frequently mentioned in regard to the development of military weather modification efforts.

[St. Amand is] most notably [linked to] Project Popeye and Operation Stormfury.

Dr. Pierre St. Amand

[This] explains the Hurricane Hunters coming to China Lake, since that project involved attempting to lessen the strength of hurricanes.

Project Popeye, the first wartime military weather modification operation, took place during the Vietnam War.

[This] was Dr. St. Amand’s brainchild, and really began the pursuit of weather modification as a weapon by the military.

And ironically enough, in both 1982 and 1984, there was some extremely bad flooding that occurred at China Lake that did some major damage to the facilities there.

Since I was working there in 1982, and was the temporary foreman of the high voltage shop, my hands were full directing crews that were restoring power to facilities all over the base that had been damaged by the flooding.

In the years since then, I have been informed by more than a few friends that the Earth and Planetary Sciences Department was experimenting with cloud seeding and it got away from them, causing those floods.

Another individual that played an integral role in China Lake’s development of Project Popeye was Ben Livingston.

[His] interview with Alex Jones regarding weather modification can be viewed in this video, The Father of Weaponized Weather:

This was just Part One. In Part Two, which was released just two weeks later on December 15th, 2014, Jaime went even deeper.


Now we will continue with just a few brief excerpts from the very lengthy, detailed and fascinating Part Two installment, documenting China Lake’s extensive involvement with weather modification:

12/15/14: Connecting the Dots on Weather Mod and China Lake, Part II

Connecting the Dots on Weather Mod and China Lake PART II

Yet another historical link between China Lake and weather modification efforts is provided by the China Lake Museum’s reference to the CHINA LAKE WEAPONS DIGEST, and its description of “The Cold Cloud Modification System, successfully used in cold-fog mitigation;

“China Lake was for many years a world leader in weather modification for drought relief (GROMET), hurricane abatement (Cyclops, Stormfury), fog abatement (Foggy Cloud), and rainfall enhancement for military purposes (Project Popeye).” 22


Photo of Cold Cloud Modification System

Based upon the foregoing evidence and historical background, it should be patently clear that the China Lake Naval Air Weapons Station has a demonstrated connection to military weather modification efforts, and that these are programs the government has been working on for decades.

The above link to Cold Cloud on China Lake’s own museum site was, of course, deleted… but thanks to the magic of, here it is. Check it out, it is fascinating:

Although a Part 3 was teased at the end of Part 2, it does not appear to have ever been written… but what we already have here is more than enough.


Now that we’ve seen some suitably disturbing data about the China Lake facility, let’s explore the idea that the Alliance may have been able to conduct a strike against it, using earthquakes.

The big “reveal” that the Alliance could control earthquakes occurred with a very suspicious event on November 11th, 2018.

First of all, the date of 11/11 is a “numerical synchronicity.” Fans of Q and the Alliance are often looking for these types of repeating numbers in Q posts.

Read for yourself. No one can cover up how strange this worldwide earthquake was:

11/28: Strange Worldwide Earthquake Pulses Repeated Every 17 Seconds

On the morning of November 11, just before 9:30 UT, a mysterious rumble rolled around the world.

The seismic waves began roughly 15 miles off the shores of Mayotte, a French island sandwiched between Africa and the northern tip of Madagascar.

The waves buzzed across Africa, ringing sensors in Zambia, Kenya, and Ethiopia. They traversed vast oceans, humming across Chile, New Zealand, Canada, and even Hawaii nearly 11,000 miles away.

These waves didn’t just zip by; they rang for more than 20 minutes. And yet, it seems, no human felt them.

Only one person noticed the odd signal on the U.S. Geological Survey’s real-time seismogram displays. An earthquake enthusiast who uses the handle @matarikipax saw the curious zigzags and posted images of them to Twitter.

That small action kicked off another ripple of sorts, as researchers around the world attempted to suss out the source of the waves. Was it a meteor strike? A submarine volcano eruption? An ancient sea monster rising from the deep?

“I don’t think I’ve seen anything like it,” says Göran Ekström, a seismologist at Columbia University who specializes in unusual earthquakes.

“It doesn’t mean that, in the end, the cause of them is that exotic,” he notes. Yet many features of the waves are remarkably weird—from their surprisingly monotone, low-frequency “ring” to their global spread. And researchers are still chasing down the geologic conundrum.

Why are the low-frequency waves so weird?
In a normal earthquake, the built-up tensions in Earth’s crust release with a jolt in mere seconds. This sends out a series of waves known as a “wave train” that radiates from the point of the rupture, explains Stephen Hicks, a seismologist at the University of Southampton….

However, there was no big earthquake kicking off the recent slow waves. Adding to the weirdness, Mayotte’s mystery waves are what scientists call monochromatic.

Most earthquakes send out waves with a slew of different frequencies, but Mayotte’s signal was a clean zigzag dominated by one type of wave that took a steady 17 seconds to repeat.

“It’s like you have colored glasses and [are] just seeing red or something,” says Anthony Lomax, an independent seismology consultant.


A day after this very mysterious National Geographic article came out, other follow-ups appeared, like this notable one from Bustle:

11/29: Unusual Seismic Waves Shook Earth On 11/11, Scientists Still Don’t Know Why

For 20 minutes on Nov. 11, 2018, strange seismic waves reverberated around the Earth for nearly 11,000 miles — and we have no idea what they were.

No one felt them; nothing was destroyed by them; if it wasn’t for the data collected by various tools and sensors around the world, we might never even have known they had happened.

Scientists are hard at work unraveling the mystery as we speak — and they’re starting to have some idea of what might be going on, so it’s perhaps not quite fair to say that “we have no idea what they were” anymore — but the work is ongoing.

I love a good weird science mystery, so let’s take a look, shall we?

Many factors combine to make these seismic waves exceptional.

First, there’s the distance they traveled: The Earth’s circumference measures not quite 25,000 miles; with the waves covering 11,000 miles, they literally stretched almost halfway around the world.

Then, there’s their regularity: Whereas a typical earthquake would have produced waves of many different frequencies, these waves were “monochromatic,” consisting of one shape — what National Geographic described as “a clean zigzag” — repeated at regular intervals of 17 seconds.

As volcanologist Helen Robinson, a PhD candidate at the University of Glasgow, put it to the Independent, “They’re too nice.”


We were told that the Alliance used newly-acquired Deep State satellites to pulse this long series of 17-second quakes through the earth.

This precision of rhythm and wave shape seemed impossible, but it happened.

If it went on for 20 minutes, that’s [20×60=] 1200 seconds. Divide that by 17 and you get about SEVENTY different pulses, seventeen seconds apart.

The seventeenth letter of the alphabet…. is Q.

This was one of the most interesting and controversial “Q Proofs” of all.

In case they did 71 different pulses instead of 70, which is fully plausible, that would be another “17” in reverse.

[Please make sure you have read DECLAS in order to fully understand this context.]


We can also look at the name of the island where the quakes began for further possible clues, since this appears to have been done deliberately:

The Word “Mayotte” Means “Island of Death”

The name is believed to come from Mawuti, contraction of the Arabic جزيرة الموت Jazīrat al-Mawt – meaning “island of death” (maybe due to the dangerous reefs circling the island) and corrupted to Mayotta in Portuguese, later turned into French.

The Alliance may have chosen to start this worldwide earthquake from the “Island of Death” to send a message to the Deep State….

Time’s up.

It is also possible that there was a huge underground base there, like Diego Garcia, which is also in the Indian Ocean. We have had many insider briefings about that base.


This 17-second pulsing “Q-Quake” seemed to be the Alliance’s first major action after taking over the weather-control satellites, as they had indicated in preceding Q posts.

[This September 8th article, Stunning New Briefings: Spy Satellites Down, Deep State Arrests Imminent? was our biggest ever, with currently over 4.4 million views.]


Anyone who thinks ‘We’ don’t have the technology to create natural disasters through pulsed microwave beams is not paying attention.

Just because a technology is highly classified doesn’t mean it is fake. This is very, very real. The heat of powerful microwave beams can push clouds around or melt crust inside a fault line.

We have heard in briefings that the Deep State is far less likely to be able to do any strikes like this now. They have lost almost all of their ‘toys’ already.

Now we have a working theory. The Alliance may have struck China Lake right before it was set to unleash chaos when the indictments unseal — and the BIG arrests begin.

If so, it seems very likely that the Deep State never anticipated an attack this massive in the midst of this “Shadow World War III,” but look — China Lake is gone. Toast. The entire base.

Is there any other evidence to support this theory? Are there any weird hints that something big is about to happen? Absolutely.


At this point, we are still on July 5th. This was the day that the second and larger quake hit us as I laid there meditating in bed.

Very importantly, the China Lake Quake hit just one day BEFORE the all-important Jeffrey Epstein arrest occurred.

I was actually on my Iphone, reading about the second quake I just got through in the Daddy Chair, after heading downstairs.

Then I ‘accidentally’ clicked on the following article, which I hadn’t even seen (emphasis added):

7/5: Trump Gives Mysterious Warning of Events Happening in Two Weeks

President Trump deepened the mystery of why Vice President Mike Pence abruptly canceled a trip to New Hampshire

Trump said there was ‘a very interesting problem’ in the state and that all would be revealed in the next week or two

‘I can’t tell you about it,’ Trump said. ‘But it had nothing to do with the White House. There was a problem up there’

Earlier this week, questions arose when Pence canceled his trip at last minute

He was on Air Force Two preparing to leave when it was canceled

President Trump on Friday deepened the mystery of why Vice President Mike Pence abruptly canceled a trip to New Hampshire earlier this week, saying it had to do with a problem in the state and all would be revealed in ‘about two weeks.’

It was ‘a very interesting problem that they had in New Hampshire,’ he told reporters at the White House.

‘You will know in about two weeks,’ he added.

But the president, known for his frequent tweets on all manner of subjects, refused to give a hint as to what it could be.

‘I can’t tell you about it,’ Trump said. ‘But it had nothing to do with the White House. There was a problem up there. And I won’t go into what the problem was, but you will see in about a week or two.’

Pence abruptly cancelled an appearance at an opioid event in New Hampshire on Tuesday afternoon because of an ’emergency.’

Chief of staff Marc Short told reporters at the White House that it would be ‘weeks from now’ before the reason would be disclosed, according to Bloomberg.

The bizarre situation began at lunchtime, when a Pence representative came on stage at the New Hampshire event to say the VP had been recalled.

‘Air Force Two was heading this way. There’s been an emergency callback. The vice president has been asked to return to Washington,’ Randy Gentry said.

Pence’s office clarified later that AF2 never left the ground.

The vice president, however, was on the plane preparing to leave when the trip was canceled….

Principal Deputy Press Secretary Hogan Gidley tried to tamp down anxiety, telling a group of journalists huddled in the corridor outside his office that there was ‘no cause for concern.’

‘Something came up that requires the VP to remain in D.C. There is no cause for concern,’ he declared….

It remained a mystery what the ’emergency’ was that caused Pence to cancel, and who had called him and asked him to come back.

A senior official told White House reporters that neither the president nor the vice president was experiencing a medical emergency.

‘No medical emergency with either person,’ the person said.

National security concerns were also ruled out as reporters scrambled to figure out why Pence had cancelled his event.


So in all honesty, let’s ask about the odds. We have the two biggest LA quakes in 25 years, beginning on Independence Day.

The Alliance already made it very clear on 11/11 that they had gained control of the earthquake technology and could use it for military strikes.

Then this very mysterious article where POTUS telegraphs a “very interesting… emergency” with a one or two-week deadline comes out… at 5:37 PM Eastern time.

This was just six hours before the second quake.

Then the VERY NEXT DAY, FBI agents smashed in the doors at Jeffrey Epstein’s house… and arrested him.

7/6: FBI Agents Pound Down Jeffrey Epstein’s Door and Arrest Him

Around 5:30 p.m. Saturday, about a dozen federal agents broke down the door to Epstein’s Manhattan townhouse to execute search warrants, witnesses and sources said.

“We heard the loud banging and we walked over and saw all these FBI agents just pounding down the door,” a witness told the Herald.

Epstein, 66, is expected to be arraigned in federal court in New York on Monday on charges that he molested dozens of underage girls in New York and in Florida, the sources said.

His arrest, first reported by the Daily Beast, comes nearly two weeks after the Justice Department announced that it would not throw out his 2008 non-prosecution agreement, even though a federal judge ruled it was illegal.


With all the people who went to Epstein’s island, you’d better believe this arrest is a “kill shot” for the Deep State — and they know it.

Thus begins the fall of the House of Cards. Is this all a coincidence?

If you don’t ‘get’ how important this arrest is, just look at the following Tweet:

Alex Salvi
The judge who unsealed the #Epstein documents said the public’s right to access case information outweighed the privacy of individuals, including:
•Prominent American politicians
•Powerful business executives
•Foreign presidents
•Prominent Prime Minister
•Other world leaders

6:47 PM – Jul 6, 2019
Twitter Ads info and privacy
2,569 people are talking about this

OH. MY. GOD. is right!


Here’s another strange synchronicity. A couple of months ago I went to a local fancy restaurant here in LA for a nice dinner with my wife.

Jeffrey Epstein was there. Over by the wall, next to the fireplace.

He was wearing a tan felt baseball cap. I looked him right in the eye. He looked me right in the eye.

He very likely knew who I was, and the shenanigans of his that I have reported on. I was not afraid… but it did definitely creep me out.

He had his back against the wall and people on either side of him. I thought about how brave he was showing his face in public, quite honestly.

I wondered how in the world this man was still free and able to walk around… but that’s all changed now.

And best of all, a SEALED INDICTMENT was just unsealed and led to his arrest. That’s it, folks… the Proof has arrived.

It is On like Donkey Kong.


We will first quote from the Daily Beast, followed later by Zero Hedge for more context. Take a look:

7/6: Jeffrey Epstein Arrested for Sex Trafficking of Minors

Billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein was arrested for allegedly sex trafficking dozens of minors in New York and Florida between 2002 and 2005, and will appear in court in New York on Monday, according to three law enforcement sources.

Saturday’s arrest by the FBI-NYPD Crimes Against Children Task Force comes about 12 years after the 66-year-old financier essentially got a slap on the wrist for allegedly molesting dozens of underage girls in Florida.

For more than a decade, Epstein’s alleged abuse of minors has been the subject of lawsuits brought by victims, investigations by local and federal authorities, and exposés in the press.

But despite the attention cast on his alleged sex crimes, the hedge-funder has managed to avoid any meaningful jail time, let alone federal charges.

The new indictment—which, according to two sources, will be unsealed Monday in Manhattan federal court—will reportedly allege that Epstein sexually exploited dozens of underage girls in a now-familiar scheme: paying them cash for “massages” and then molesting or sexually abusing them in his Upper East Side mansion or his palatial residence in Palm Beach….


In their classic and fearless manner, Zero Hedge went for it. If Epstein is arrested — and he just was — the Clintons and the Deep State go down with him:

7/6: Zero Hedge on Epstein Arrest: It All Ties Back to the Clintons and the Deep State

Recall, back in 2017, we wrote about former secret service agent Dan Bongino threatening to reveal new details about Bill Clinton’s 26 documented trips aboard notorious pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s private jet, nicknamed the “Lolita Express.”

Bongino dropped a ominous-sounding threat at the time: “…people know things not yet released publicly about your messiah Hillary. Don’t poke the bear loser, you may not like the results. #Epstein #EmailGate,” tweeted Bongino….

Epstein allegedly installed beds in his custom jet, and also purportedly filmed powerful men during romps with underage girls to obtain materials for blackmail.

According to Fox News, Epstein allegedly had a team of traffickers who procured girls as young as 12 to service his friends on Epstein’s “Orgy Island,” an estate on Little St. James in the US Virgin Islands. Epstein now lives permanently in the US Virgin Islands.

Clinton chose to continue his association with Epstein even after the lurid trial, according to the Alliance to Rescue Victims of Trafficking, “everyone within his inner circles knew was a pedophile.”

Speculation that Clinton was involved with Epstein was noted in “Bill Clinton Was Here”: The Elite One-Percent’s ‘Orgy Island’ Exposed.”

An article by the now defunct Gawker titled “Flight Logs Put Clinton, Dershowitz on Pedophile Billionaire’s Sex Jet” added to speculation about Clinton’s troubling relationship with the convicted sex offender.

Back in 2017, we revealed the full flight logs from Epstein’s “Lolita Express”.

Also check out this compilation of data from Brad Kauilapele, which includes links to all of Q’s posts on Epstein and his little island.


Just two hours ago as of the time of this writing, another article from the Miami Herald emerged with even more information about this fast-breaking case.

Check it out:

7/7: Epstein’s Arrest Could Bring Down Many Other Powerful Individuals

Jeffrey Epstein spent a second night in a New York jail cell Sunday, with a federal indictment expected to be unsealed Monday, charging him with sex offenses involving underage girls he and others allegedly trafficked in New York and Florida, sources have told the Miami Herald.

His Saturday arrest capped months of investigating, led by federal agents and prosecutors with the Southern District of New York’s Public Corruption Unit, assisted by investigators with the sex trafficking division.

Although details of the case remain undisclosed, there are indications that others involved in his crimes could be charged or named as cooperating witnesses.

Among those potentially on the list: Ghislaine Maxwell, a 57-year-old British socialite and publishing heir who has been accused of working as Epstein’s madam; and Jean-Luc Brunel, who, according to court records, was partners with Epstein in an international modeling company.

Epstein, 66, was arrested at Teterboro Airport in New Jersey shortly before 4 p.m. Saturday, as he arrived on his private jet from Paris, where he had been vacationing since June 14th, aviation records show.

About an hour after they picked him up, federal agents arrived at his imposing Manhattan townhouse, breaking down the door to execute search warrants….

The fact that search warrants were issued shows that federal investigators have new evidence against Epstein beyond the sex cases he was given federal immunity for in Florida in 2008, legal experts told the Miami Herald.

“They can’t take information from a case in 2002 or 2005 to get a search warrant today; there had to have been something for probable cause that contains evidence of a crime found now, so I’m interested in what that evidence is,’’ said Francey Hakes, a former federal prosecutor who once oversaw the Justice Department’s child exploitation crimes division.

Lawyers for Epstein’s victims, in court filings, have often likened Epstein’s sex operation to an organized crime family, with Epstein and Maxwell at the top, and below them, others who worked as schedulers, recruiters, pilots and bookkeepers….

For her part, Maxwell, whose social circle included such friends as Bill and Hillary Clinton and members of the British Royal family,

has been described as using recruiters positioned throughout the world to lure women by promising them modeling assignments, educational opportunities and fashion careers.

The pitch was really a ruse to groom them into sex trafficking, it is alleged in court records….

Epstein’s arrest could open a window to expose other influential people who knew about or participated in his crimes.

The question is what evidence or information does Epstein have against them and how might he use it?…

Monday’s first appearance is expected to be brief, with the actual indictment revealing little of substance.

More crucial will be a bond hearing later in the week to decide whether Epstein can go free while awaiting trial.


If you read and enjoyed DECLAS, you will certainly recall the Facebook Insider Dossier.

That ‘leak’ inspired a similarly high-placed insider to spill the beans on Google founder Eric Schmidt. This is a long one and I will only give you a taste of its contents.

I do think this insider may be a little too heavily putting all the blame on China, rather than on the C!A and the Deep State itself.

Either way, it is SO ON:

7/2: Google Founder Eric Schmidt Exposed by Ex-Lover
Former Lover Exposes Eric Schmidt

JANE DOE: What I am about to tell you has seldom ever been said out-loud. Brin and Page were stooges. They were chosen because they would lie, not because they invented something.

They were given a top-secret DARPA program called Memex, which we had used as the best search engine we could develop. It was all military and the “dark web” at first.

We used it to sucker in the enemy, unbeknownst to them, and then subliminally brain-wash them attempting to create behavioral outcomes through digital dopamine reward systems and adrenalin excretions.

It worked like a charm, so the C!A’s In-Q-Tel agency suggested we give the system out to everyone in the world and see if we can’t control the world globally through digital addiction and manipulation.

Again, it worked like a charm, so we created the fake National Science Project that Brin and Page participated in.

They simply did the best job of the dozen people involved, but they didn’t invent anything. They simply used Memex and made it commercial.

Facebook and Zuckerberg did the same thing with Lifelog, which was another DARPA/In-Q-Tel project that needed a boy-genius as the front-man. Mark was simply used.

I find it amazing how easily people are lied to effectually. Eric is one big fat lie. Mark, Jim, Elon, Peter, and the whole gang got their inventions from DARPA and In-Q-Tel’s theft of patents. I know. I was there in the meetings.

PATRIOT: So, are you evil too?

JANE DOE: Yes, in a way I fell into the same evil trap, but for different reasons. I actually was naïve, and thought I was doing it for my country. I only found out after years in DARPA what was really going on.

It actually comes down to a handful of people who control the world. I happen to know most of them.

No one does anything without tech support.

I was at the heart of high-tech innovation at DARPA, Motorola, Boston Dynamics, Facebook Building 8, and many other “skunkworks” projects for Lockheed, Boeing, BAE and others….

PATRIOT: So, are you saying Eric’s plans to dominate America are already in place?

JANE DOE: Yes, I’ve already mentioned his election rigging activities, but his Digital News Service controls all main stream media outlets.

Eric owns the program that runs Avid and Isis Management, the system that filters every word on 127 media outlets.

That’s why the news is the same wherever you look. Eric’s program scrubs the news. Eric created a dozen look-alike programs for Europe, where his programs have effectively stopped free speech….

Any parting comments?

JANE DOE: I can’t tell you how this makes me feel. I am not one for sentiment but I feel a huge weight lifting off my chest.

I am pleased with my decision to have no further working with the companions of darkness. A new day needs to come when lies are like mill-stones around the neck of the liar.


Last but certainly not least, Neon Revolt has done some truly ground-breaking independent work exposing the Secret Space Program, and deserves a mention here.

I had forgotten about the quotes supporting the idea of a secret lunar base in William Cooper’s classic, Behold a Pale Horse, but then it all came back when I read this piece.

Neon Revolt links the classic quotes from Cooper to recent revelations from William Tompkins, who I had regular telephone conversations with as an insider:

6/28: Majestic 12, the Secret Space Program and the Wilson Memo

Majestic 12, the Secret Space Program, and The Wilson Memo. Deeper Disclosures with #NEONREVOLT. #QAnon #GreatAwakening

[From Cooper’s book:] “A multi-million dollar secret fund was organized and kept by the Military Office of the White House. This fund was used to build over 75 deep underground facilities.

Presidents who asked were told the fund was used to build deep underground shelters for the President in case of war. Only a few were built for the President.

Millions of dollars were funneled through this office to MJ-12, and then out to the contractors and was used to build top-secret alien bases as well as top-secret DUMB (Deep Underground Military Bases)….

“A Moon base, Luna, was photographed by the Lunar Orbiter and filmed by the Apollo astronauts. Domes, spires, tall round structures which look like silos, huge T-shaped mining vehicles that left stitchlike tracks in the lunar surface, and extremely large as well as small alien craft appear in the official NASA photographs.

It is a joint United States and Soviet base: The space program is a farce and an unbelievable waste of money….

The Apollo astronauts were severely shaken by this experience, and their lives and subsequent statements reflect the depth of the revelation and the effect of the muzzle order which followed.

They were ordered to remain silent or suffer the extreme penalty, death, which was termed an “expediency…”


As one last tidbit, we were getting insider briefings to expect “something big” this past week, but then nothing happened.

Saturday, however, we were not disappointed. The arrest of Epstein may have been delayed by him delaying his own departure from his vacation.

This, in turn, may have synchronistically led to the possible China Lake earthquake strike being conducted on Independence Day.

History is in the making. These are very exciting times.

If things keep up at this pace, you will have to bear with me, as I simply must get this book done… and I am loving the process!

At least this way, we are up to date as for right now.

I must admit I have never been more excited about anything in my entire life.

History is in the making. Disclosure is coming. GET READY.


Both Elizabeth and I are on book-writing retreats… and we both knocked out articles, almost simultaneously, while we were “supposed to be” working on our books!

Almost immediately after I posted this, she emailed me to let me know she had just posted HER article!

This is detailed and rich with visuals, and provides valuable spiritual context to what we have discussed here.

Elizabeth has been working on this since May, and a lot of work and information has gone into it. Check it out:

7/7: The Dark Patriarchy’s War With the Goddess

Critical Moment in Deep State Takedown – David Wilcock Update, April 27th, 2018


Critical Moment in Deep State Takedown is Happening Now

Critical Moment in Deep State Takedown is Happening Now


The behind-the-scenes war to take down the Deep State has finally reached critical mass, based on multiple insiders. “It” is happening now.

Even though things may still appear fairly quiet to the casual observer, multiple independent sources are now saying major, visible moves against the Deep State are imminent.

This is not necessarily going to appear as the “Mass Arrests” scenario we had prognosticated before. However, we may well see high-profile arrests and new data dumps soon enough.

No one can deny there are over 24,500 sealed criminal indictments on the books right now in the US — an all-time high.

My friend David Seaman had his entire identity deleted off of YouTube and social media, only to return with stunning confidence — and new, direct intel about the arrests that are pending.

Alex Jones has a Lockheed Skunk Works insider named Zach who is claiming we are on the verge of disclosure events that could transform us into a multi-planetary society.

Unimaginable evil is being systematically exposed and rooted out. We have been talking about this for years and it is finally happening.

Our own immediate insiders have experienced significant, ongoing threat. The obvious and extreme nature of these attacks again suggests desperation is occurring.

We are not backing down. We have public appearances scheduled for New Living Expo April 27-29,Contact in the Desert June 1-4, our Colorado Ascension Portal all-weekend event July 27-29, and others.



Once you understand the “shadow war” now reaching its crescendo, seemingly confusing and upsetting political events can take on dramatic new levels of meaning.

The payoff we will get if the Alliance succeeds in its campaign against the Deep State is almost beyond imagination.

[If you are new to this, we will define the Alliance a bit later on. A majority of the US military / intel community now supports Disclosure.]

As you may know, I have direct access to insiders who share very unique and compelling insights into the revolution now transpiring in our world.

As a result, we know that the Deep State has been hiding an astonishing wealth of ancient extraterrestrial ruins, crashed technologies, recovered bodies and reverse-engineered interstellar craft.

They also have ongoing, direct relationships with multiple intelligent extraterrestrial civilizations.

The scope and power of what lies hidden in these various underground vaults could literally transform us into the Star Trek age overnight.



The idea that this much could be kept hidden from us is staggering. There is still widespread debate over whether any UFOs actually even exist.

I recently met two different people in the Baby Boomer age range at a birthday party, both of whom had impressive UFO sightings.

The ridicule factor was so high at the time they saw these obvious, intelligently-piloted craft that they were both actually saddened by it.

Each of these men decided to keep the sighting to himself because he “did not want to be one of those UFO kooks.”

Younger people are now the beneficiaries of four generations of gradual disclosure, and no longer see this as a subject of laughter and ridicule.

For the uninitiated, it would seem hard to believe how any government or organization would want to withhold such impressive, world-changing breakthroughs.

The main force preventing us from gaining access to this technology is an elite, hyper-wealthy Luciferian cult, sadly enough.

Many of their members engage in what most would call evil practices, such as pedophilia, sacrifice, human trafficking and the desire to greatly reduce earth’s population.



The steps I have just taken to transform my life were huge, but should provide a lasting solution — so we never need to suffer this much “down-time” again.

I did not want to publicly telegraph that we were making a major move from Los Angeles to Colorado during this last seven weeks, for security reasons that will become obvious in a minute.

The process began last September, and we were able to successfully buy a home. This was by far the most difficult worldly ordeal I have ever been through.

It was at least a full-time job from October 2017 until just the last two weeks or so. It often looked as if it was not going to work.

The freedom is just starting to “kick in” now that we have solved all the immediate personal crises from moving to a snowy, alpine climate.

Traveling an average of twice a month for work, over the last ten years, had caused me to feel severe burnout.

An incredible amount of productive time has been freed up by moving to the same city I work in. A taping now takes up two days of my time instead of two weeks.



Pete Peterson and Emery Smith both endured new, nearly-lethal events in the time before, during and after our move, making this transition even more stressful.

Both of these insiders have stepped forward in the last year with many new insights about the Secret Space Program — and the Deep State appears to have punished them for it.

Although many Alliance insider groups want to see disclosure, there are still powerful elements fighting to the death to keep it all a secret.

The tragic events that recently happened to Emery and Pete do not appear to be random accidents.

These attacks are so blatantly obvious that the Deep State clearly appears to be in a true state of desperation to have even attempted them.

Thankfully, these attacks did not kill either of them.

The back-story is quite remarkable. In many ways the truth is far more fascinating than any sci-fi movie or television series I have ever seen.

It is difficult to imagine that any elite group on earth could be keeping this many secrets from us. It is also hard to understand why they would hide it.

Nonetheless, the pieces all fit together beautifully. Genuine insiders from this world have invariably experienced many of the same things firsthand.



Multiple insiders from very highly classified projects have independently shared testimonies that interlink in ways that defy all probabilities of fraud.

These insiders appeared thanks to the trust, credibility and connections I built as a UFO researcher working online since 1996.

This subject has now earned far more widespread acceptance than it had in those dawning days of the internet.

When I first compared insider notes with Corey Goode in November 2014, we found many dozens of direct correlations — far beyond any possibility of coincidence.

Corey’s information fit in perfectly with what Emery Smith had been telling me for the preceding six years — along with the data from many of the others.

We sadly lost William Tompkins last year — another insider who had been involved in this world since WWII, and whose data fit perfectly with everyone else’s.

Tompkins was directly tasked with interviewing American spies embedded in Germany’s secret space program, and relaying that intel to top officials.

He therefore provided critical historical context to the origin and development of what we are calling the secret space program.



In fact, Tompkins’ design ideas for submarine-type spacecraft, seen in this 1954 diagram, became the prototypes for Solar Warden, the classified program Corey Goode served in.

Ships like these were among the first that were built on the inside track, in the hopes of policing the extraterrestrial traffic coming and going through our solar system.

What extraterrestrial traffic, you might ask?

As it turns out, our solar system is a very popular place, as it apparently sits right next to a rare portal that allows travel to other galaxies.

The German Nazis ended up cutting a deal with the most evil extraterrestrials around — a reptilian-human race called the Draco or the Saurians on the inside.

Tompkins did his best to relay this information to top US government and military officials, who completely refused to believe it for some time.

All of this was kept strictly hidden from us, just like the Manhattan Project that led to the development of the atomic bomb.

The cubes that you see allowed these ships to be built in modular pieces here on earth before they were transported and assembled in space.



Tompkins intended to release everything he knew over the course of three books. He only managed to finish the first one and part of the second.

I was fortunate enough to have had multiple conversations with Bill, and to develop a friendship with him before his tragic loss last August.

Bill helped me visualize a happy, healthy and loving relationship, which directly paved the way for my connection and marriage with Elizabeth.

His loss was part of what compelled me to start the process of moving to Colorado a few weeks later — so our lives would ultimately be healthier and happier.

Bill’s public debut was at age 94, and he only lasted less than two years on the scene. This was more than enough time to change the entire scope of UFO scholarship.



Friends and associates have often asked me, “Why don’t you just write short articles?”

The truth is so out-of-the-box that short articles will only make sense to people who have been steadily following the narrative.

That in turn means that anyone else who is new to this will be completely lost, and be apt to think the whole thing is an internet fever dream.

My most recent book, The Ascension Mysteries, represents my first effort to create a large, unified summary and analysis of what these various insiders told me.



You can begin reading at Chapter Fourteen, “Disclosure,” on page 241, and get the equivalent of a full-length book’s worth of information on the secret space program in a condensed form.

There are 251 references in this section of the book alone, which is double the amount required for a doctoral dissertation in most subjects.

Nonetheless, it is not at all dry or boring, but reads like a fast-paced sci-fi drama.

This second half of the book is consistent with the style and research quality of the previous two, The Source Field Investigations and The Synchronicity Key.

In many ways, the scope and power of the information in the second half of Ascension far outstrips the previous two in terms of the “wow factor.”

The 251 references tie in a wide variety of different research topics that help provide a factual basis for the remarkable claims you will find.

This includes multiple NASA images of what clearly appear to be intelligent, geometric architectural ruins on the moon, Mars and elsewhere.

This all seems highly implausible to the conventional mind, but it provides intriguing evidence to support the idea that our solar system has been widely inhabited and colonized.



I managed to pull multiple, direct quotes from Tompkins right before the deadline, adding even more scope and depth to the disclosure.

This included stunning new detail about extraterrestrial architecture we found both on the surface and within Earth’s moon.

One of the surprises Bill shared with me was that NASA covertly photographed massive buildings that were completely levitating above the lunar surface.

Imagine a rectangular building that is two miles long, just hovering there above the surface — apparently with no threat of collapse whatsoever.

There were many different styles and types of architecture on the moon, depending upon where you looked. This suggested a variety of cultures had settled there.

This data fit beautifully with Corey Goode’s claim that many different ET races have settled on our moon and are directly involved with our classified programs.

It almost makes you crazy to hear things like this, as if it is all true, then the scope of how much we are being lied to is beyond imagination.

Even skeptics would want to enter into a world where this technology was accessible — they are just too cynical to believe it is possible in their lifetimes.



Emery Smith has been a friend and trusted insider since 2009 — and one of my longest-term and most interesting witnesses.

I never imagined he would come forward. Up until his life was very aggressively threatened in the summer of 2017, he had no intention of doing so.

Emery was attacked in the same wave that corresponded with Tompkins’ loss. It is very sad that we were never able to get them together for an interview.

Since Emery hadn’t yet come forward at the time I wrote The Ascension Mysteries, the book only contains a small sampling of the knowledge he had provided me with.

I didn’t want to go into too much detail in case it would identify who he was and lead to undesirable “visits” from the Deep State.

I was admittedly stunned when Emery first told me he had autopsied some three thousand different extraterrestrial species while working in an underground military base in New Mexico.

The details were staggeringly complex — and correlated precisely with what others had told me, in many cases, while adding significantly more information.



Emery’s data ties in very nicely with other insiders I discussed in the book — including Daniel, Henry Deacon, Bruce, Jacob, Bob Dean, Clifford Stone, Corey Goode, William Tompkins and Pete Peterson.

These are some of the people I had private conversations with, often for many hours — and would find dozens and dozens of very specific data points in common.

Emery also had worked as the vice-president of CSETI, Dr. Steven Greer’s disclosure organization, for many years. I first met him in a joint meeting with Greer in 2009, at Inn of the Seventh Ray in Topanga, California.

As you will know if you are a regular reader of this site, I attended Greer’s original Disclosure Project event at DC in 2001, and met most of the 39 insiders who came forward that day.

Emery appears in the movie Sirius, though he does not share any insider information. Emery is also the surgeon who autopsied the mysterious Atacama humanoid in the movie.





Emery reveals that the US military has been sitting on a story of far greater scope and intrigue than we could have even imagined.

In order for a military base to have gained possession of this many different species of ET corpses, they would have to be in regular, widespread contact with a variety of civilizations.

Almost all of the specimens he autopsied in the underground facility at Kirtland Air Force Base in New Mexico were humanlike in some way.

They usually had the classic “five-star” pattern, as they called it, meaning a head, two arms and two legs.

Once you get past that basic guideline, what you then see is a wide variety of different types of intelligent, human-like life.

In most cases, you can imagine a being similar to something here on earth — in any of the different kingdoms — being elevated to a human-like level.

This means you will have all different sorts of aquatic humanoids, mammalian humanoids, avians, insectoids and reptilians.

Some species have undeniable examples of vegetable cells in their physiology, and may even photosynthesize light.

You also occasionally get strange types of “light beings” that appear to have died in a proto-plasmic state, somewhere between matter and energy.



In the earlier stages of his insider career, Emery was given hardly any information or access, other than that he was obviously working on very strange cadavers.

The technology on the base was vastly ahead of what we had in the open world in the 1990s — and much of it is still like science fiction today.

This included interactive holographic displays, consciousness-assisted technology, “printed” meals made to order, and smart-glass pads similar to those discussed by Corey Goode.

As he progressed in the programs, he began having direct interactions with a variety of different ET races who would help him with the autopsies.

He occasionally had to stay overnight at the base, in rooms that were configured to accommodate multiple different types of ET species.

Not one ET group he interacted with appeared to be negative in any way. In fact, there was a very consistent sense of extreme positivity from these people.

They explained that they were here because they wanted to help us understand our galactic neighborhood, even if it was all being kept secret at this time.

These races invariably wanted to see disclosure take place, and to tear down the walls of secrecy that keep us apart.



As you may know, we have now taped a few dozen episodes of Emery’s testimony for Cosmic Disclosure, a show on Gaia, which is like the “Metaphysical Netflix.”

These episodes have been airing since January, and we just finished our third taping last week — despite the death threats.

Emery was given MD-level training in the military, and it shows in the speed and technical precision he uses as he describes his experiences.

Our second taping in January featured at least eight episodes where Corey Goode and Emery Smith were comparing notes on their remarkable experiences.

It was a true blessing to capture their initial conversations and data-sharing on camera.

The crossovers are numerous and fascinating. The odd, specific details are often what stand out as the most surprising — defying any reasonable possibility of chance.

If you want to check it out, please click on to make sure we get compensated for your subscription. The first month is only 99 cents with no cancellation fees.

We keep cranking out new episodes every week, except for the very occasional production break — and your membership conveys full access to everything in the library.



Emery shared far more detail in these tapings, after having his life so aggressively threatened, than he ever had revealed to me before.

As is the case in the best interviews, I was learning all sorts of mind-blowing new things in real time as I continued asking questions.

One of the weirder discoveries was that many of the UFOs we have found are an interesting fusion between technology and biology.

These ships are often “grown” out in space, using a combination of sound frequencies and advanced technology.

A particular being may often use its own genetic material to help produce the craft it then travels in.

The craft then interfaces directly with its occupant, creating a thought-assisted transportation device.

Scrapings from the craft would show DNA test results that matched the signatures in the cadaver itself.

Many of these craft have their own type of personality — very eager to please, and ready to do whatever you are authorized to ask for.

Emery also reported that many of these craft would refuse to take us outside our atmosphere or solar system — understanding that we were not yet ready for this as a society.

The Secret Space Program definitely found workarounds for this, according to Tompkins, Peterson, Deacon, Jacob, Dean, Goode and others.

As Pete just told me recently, “No one will believe this, but there are Americans all over the galaxy.” Goode has reported that other nations are involved as well.



Many people are electrified by what Emery is saying. It is certainly helpful to see how these pieces fit, as I have been able to do since we started talking about a decade ago.

The evidence keeps piling up as more and more insiders like Goode, Tompkins, Peterson and Emery step up to share what they know.

One researcher in the UFO field who has really “run with the ball” on this whole subject is Dr. Michael Salla of Exopolitics Institute.

Salla had multiple interviews with Tompkins before his death and did amazing work in validating his accounts with documents and other proof.

Somehow he managed to write yet another book recently, which is getting great reviews — Antarctica’s Hidden History: Corporate Foundations of Secret Space Programs.



Dr. Salla has done the hard work of including 584 references in the book to support this discussion with academic rigor.

This shows that legitimate researchers are taking this very seriously, and there is plenty of supporting data if you go looking for it.

Michael is very excited about Emery having come forward, as it greatly supports the overall body of Secret Space Program insider data we are gathering.

I look forward to reading my copy, and things have been far too busy for me to have the time to do so — as of yet.

Dr. Bob Wood, a close colleague of William Tompkins we interviewed on Cosmic Disclosure, included the following in his April 20th review:


I found the last Chapter 16 summary a masterpiece of synthesis of unwritten history of the last 100 years, and the incredible existence of multiple secret space programs.

Skeptics will have difficulty attacking the details, because the book not only has 584 specific references to each claim but has a masterful index permitting one to verify consistency.



There is an ongoing roster of impersonators who want to pretend to be real insiders as well. If I don’t discuss them, it’s because they didn’t pass our vetting process.

If you think I haven’t heard of someone, believe me, I have. Repeatedly.

99.9 percent of “new insiders” will turn out to be fraudulent. It’s a sad fact at this point. We can easily “vet out” the real ones and they are extremely rare.

With that being said, one of my policies is “we do not hang our own.”

I will gladly go after billionaires, politicians, CEOs, pedophiles and satanists, as well as producers and directors of Deep State propaganda masquerading as entertainment.

However, I will almost never turn against fellow researchers or even wannabe insiders by name.

That doesn’t change the fact that we are routinely and sardonically attacked online by many different individuals, including fellow researchers.

I get that it may seem fun and tempting to want to make up fake stories, but the real insiders are not enjoying the process of coming forward at all.

Emery has had very real and ongoing threats levied against him ever since he spent time living with Elizabeth and me in 2017.



Skeptical people often view subjects like this as if they are watching a movie or a video game, where there are no real stakes and everything is a virtual reality.

Alliance insiders have expressed shock and disappointment at the degree to which so much of the UFO community has turned their backs on all of us, sticking to their own traditional narratives.

Dr. Michael Salla is a notable exception, and he has made valuable research contributions to this developing subject. Almost all other traditional UFO scholars have ignored it.

This is one of the reasons why disclosure will proceed through public information releases, not through any private individuals in the UFO community.

We now have an impressive body of data that gives us far more detail than we could ever hope to obtain from analyzing pyramids, Roswell, classic sightings or insiders from 20 years ago.

We may be on the verge of getting a treasure-trove of new information in the next “data dump” as well.

Emery is still barely surviving at this point. There is no logical reason for him to keep having car crashes, emergency room trips and even fatalities of his loved ones if he was just trying to “tell a story.”

I try not to have feelings of anger or judgment when I see people accusing him of making all of this up. If you get to know him personally, it will soon become very obvious that he is the real thing.



On December 29th, we revealed how a black SUV pulled up and abducted Emery’s dog Raven. Immediately thereafter he became very sick with flu-like symptoms and ended up in the emergency room.

I speculated that Emery may have been hit with an ice dart weapon that introduced a fast-acting virus into his system.

This is one of many ugly technologies available to insider operatives in classified programs.

Pete Peterson actually invented the ice dart system and described it to me in detail. Part of his desire to come forward was to “clear mud off of his wheel of karma.”

Miraculously, Raven was found alive by a local animal lover, and Emery got her back unharmed.

Now imagine that this attack was ordered by a malicious group attempting to protect Emery’s secrets, and brutalize him into silence.

They were obviously furious that the dog survived. They were compelled to strike him and his loved ones again.

The next attack had far more violent and fateful consequences for Emery and his beloved canine companions.



On Saturday, January 13th, just over two weeks after the previous attack that we publicized, Emery’s other dog Beowulf was struck and killed by a truck.

This happened while he was changing a flat tire on the side of the road. The rampaging truck came very, very close to hitting him.

A very brief statement was made about this on Emery’s Facebook page on January 21st, without going into any significant details.



If Beowulf’s body hadn’t absorbed the impact and knocked him out of the way, Emery would have been severely injured or killed.

For this same reason we have chosen to see Beowulf’s death as a heroic act — protecting his friend by standing in the way of danger.

Even though Emery was safely changing his tire eight feet off the side of the road, this vehicle had steered far over the line on an insane collision course, at full speed.

The driver never even slowed down — making this a blatant hit and run. Beowulf was hit in the face and body, and had multiple missing teeth.

The speed and power of the impact literally hurled Beowulf across an entire four-lane interstate highway in Southern California.

The dog was choking on his own blood, and Emery had to intubate him to keep his breathing going.

I have seen some disturbing pictures from that night and Emery is definitely not making any of this up. I will not add any more horror than necessary here.

I also spoke with him on the phone in the initial phases of the trauma, and no one can fabricate that level of emotional intensity.

Every minute in a call like that seems like hours. You go numb as you struggle to listen and grasp the full implications at the same time.

The whole thing was shocking and sad, but absolutely real. Emery still has Raven, but Beowulf is gone forever.



Very shortly after the impact, Emery was approached by what appeared to be local sheriffs and animal control officers.

As you will soon see, these men acted like violent psychopaths, not at all like upstanding public servants.

It took a while for us to determine that these may not have been real law enforcement officers, but possibly criminals wearing fake uniforms, which is a felony.

It is entirely possible for intelligence operatives to impersonate police officers if they are performing a specific mission.

Anyone can buy all sorts of official-looking uniforms and gear online if they are dumb enough to commit this type of a crime.

We only came to this conclusion after Emery had extensive discussions with local California Highway Patrol officers.

They confirmed that sheriffs have no jurisdiction to work on the interstates. This entire incident is under investigation.

The alleged sheriff was therefore breaking the law by stopping and engaging with Emery after this terrible accident.

It is also possible that they were all real officers, but extremely corrupt and willing to accept bribes and do “dirty work.”



Emery was very harshly confronted by these men. Normally you would not expect severe verbal abuse after your dog was struck and severely injured in a hit-and-run.

They insisted his suffering dog was “already dead” and forced him to sign papers releasing all legal ownership rights to them.

One of these is entitled an “Animal Relinquishment Form.” Emery still has the pink copy, which he showed me and photographed.

The other form is white and says “County of Los Angeles Department of Animal Care and Control Order to Comply.”

He was so distraught and shocked by the verbal abuse and pressure they put on him, in the midst of this severe trauma, that he signed the documents without reading them.

They wanted to take his dog away. He fought valiantly against it, not realizing that he had already signed away his rights in the document.

We have not been able to find one shred of official documentation about this visit, other than the two forms Emery kept with him.

This further established the likelihood that it may have been an elaborate setup.



An agent-type man in a suit emerged from an SUV, beat him as the alleged officers watched, and said, “You WILL keep your f-ing mouth shut.”

I know. It sounds crazy. Either way, this is what actually happened. And Beowulf is now dead.

This is not at all what we would expect to transpire in a typical accident scene, right after a man’s dog was nearly killed in a hit-and-run.

It seemed obvious that the warning to “keep his mouth shut” was directly targeting Emery’s appearances on Cosmic Disclosure and elsewhere.

This type of tragedy makes perfect sense if you can simply accept that the Deep State is real, and does not want Emery to talk about his past.

Emery was kicked repeatedly between his legs. Whoever did this was very careful not to leave bruises we could appropriately photograph.

This was another major clue that this was an intentional operation and not just a tragic misunderstanding, or an encounter with nasty cops.

The “officers” then confiscated his dog against his will. Beowulf was still alive but in obvious distress, with agonized breathing.



When Emery checked back in the morning with the local shelter, where he determined that Beowulf had been dropped off, the dog had been euthanized.

When we tried to obtain the body for evidence the next day, we discovered it had been incinerated — again without our permission.

I would have written about this sooner, but we were all genuinely shocked. It has taken time to process all of this in the midst of a very stressful move.

Alliance insiders told us it was far too dangerous to stay in California. There were too many operatives on call in the area for these sorts of “dirty tricks.”

This includes people from the MS-13 Mexican gangs, which have been secretly colluding with the Deep State for years now.



After Emery was beaten and threatened, the “officers” then immediately called in an apparent Uber.

It was there very quickly. Too quickly.

They told Emery he had to leave immediately and abandon his rental car on the side of the road.

They would not give him time to finish changing his tire, which was all he needed to do to get back on the road. Nor would they help him change it.

They said it was “not legal” for him to stay there with his vehicle broken down so close to the interstate, as he could be hit by a car. Again.

They demanded that he leave the car there. Right now. After the beating he had just taken, it was obvious that they would not take no for an answer.

Emery did not know if they were really even police officers. He couldn’t be sure whether they would have murdered him, just like his dog, if he did not comply.

Therefore, in his haze of trauma and pain, he did what they asked, got into the car and abandoned his property, along with everything inside of it.



California Highway Patrol disputed the legality of this detail as well. Emery should have been allowed to finish changing his tire with police protection.

Strangest of all is that the California Highway Patrol office was only 300 yards away — within visible distance.

The alleged Uber drove him back to the hotel. Alone. The alleged officers took off with his dying dog. Emery was inconsolable.

Most likely, the rental car was then immediately stolen. It was gone when he went back the next morning.

The vehicle still had a majority of all of Emery’s worldly possessions in it — which were all stolen as well. They didn’t even give him time to recover them, or say goodbye to Beowulf.

He had already lost almost everything when his house in New Mexico was burglarized a few months earlier.

The rental company soon demanded that he pay full price for the vehicle, 35,000 dollars, immediately — even though he had taken out full coverage.

They accused him of stealing the car himself, and said the coverage did not apply because he had abandoned the vehicle. They didn’t care that an alleged sheriff had ordered him to do it.

Investigators were threatening Emery with immediate arrest for the theft of the vehicle.

Eventually the vehicle was found abandoned, and he was off the hook. However, all of his belongings were missing. We went through about a week of sheer hell before anyone found it.



CHP itself believes this was some kind of an elaborate criminal setup, possibly involving the MS-13 Mexican criminal cartel.

Officers told us there are gangs that will actually go to lengths this extreme simply to steal a car in Southern California. They run these scams consistently, as if it was a day job.

This incident seems to be a little more than just a typical car theft. We got the stolen car back. My theory about what may have happened is as follows:

1. An initial team drives past Emery and shoots his tire out with a small-caliber weapon with a silencer, such as a .22.

2. Soon after he pulls off to change the tire, a second operative in a truck veers off the road and attempts to strike and kill him and/or his dog.

3. A third crew arrives within minutes — or possibly the same guys from the first step.

One of them had animal-control officer clothes in case the dog was hit. Or they may have intentionally planned to hit the dog all along.

4. He is severely verbally abused while in a deeply traumatized state. They trick him into signing over all legal rights to his dog.

5. A straight-ahead intelligence agent, not even dressing as anyone else, then beats him and threatens him to keep his mouth shut. The warning was obvious.

6. The apparent Uber they called was not actually an Uber, but owned by another one of their associates, so there were no actual witnesses.

7. They then stole the car right after he left and called in the loss to the rental company, knowing this would further disrupt Emery’s plans.



Here is the punchline: We were literally within days of shooting more Cosmic Disclosure episodes for our second taping when this event took place.

In fact, Emery was already late for leaving, and that was why he had all of his stuff in the car.

The theft of the rental car forced us to delay the next Gaia shoot by almost two weeks as Emery cleaned up the mess.

The rental car company put a freeze on any and all other car rentals while the theft was under investigation, effectively grounding him.

We did decide to soldier forward anyway.  Emery cleaned it up, got another rental car after the first one was found, and made the drive from California to Colorado.

We then taped a whole series of fascinating episodes where Corey and Emery compared notes on their experiences in “the programs.”

As is always the case in this arena, sadly enough, there will be skeptics claiming we made all of this up.

We have documentation and multiple witnesses to support everything I am attesting. And Beowulf is dead.

I am not publishing the documents at this time in case the animal control officers involved were genuine, and could attempt to sue us for any number of things.

These types of Deep State plans can be very intricate and multi-layered, and you have to be very careful about how you handle them.



Emery and I first disclosed this tragic event at the end of our joint talk at the Conscious Life Expo in mid-February.

It was very brave for Emery to step up on that stage with me, right in Los Angeles, just four weeks after the tragic murder of his dog.

We may release a video excerpt of the part where he describes the incident fairly soon. We had not planned to discuss it on stage beforehand.

I wasn’t sure if he would even come on stage, and had prepared the talk to be able to run without him in case he changed his mind.

Emery went through a terrific, wide-ranging overview of his many experiences working in underground bases on alleged ET autopsies.

He did a great job, and you can still see that event along with all my other talks with the premium Conscious Life Expo Trilogy Pass. Please consider ordering the Trilogy Pass for $144.



In my Sunday joint lecture with Corey Goode, I went into significant new detail regarding the connections between the Law of One series and Christianity.

This included compelling data I have never presented before, arguing that the Great Pyramid had actually been built as a monument to the coming Christ.

A well-researched timeline written into the measurements of the Great Pyramid’s passages flags the birth and ascension of Christ as very pivotal moments in our entire history.

It is a known fact that Carla Rueckert, the channel for the Law of One series, was a devout Christian.

What may not be so obvious is that there is a much greater cosmic background to the story of Christ than most people have ever realized.

This includes measurable cycles of time in historical events that were directly referenced in the Bible, as I explain in The Synchronicity Key.

Furthermore, if you actually read and study the Law of One, the core principles of love, forgiveness and service to others are all very familiar.

A majority of the proceeds from the Conscious Life event go towards helping us with expenses as we recover from our big move, and we do appreciate your support.

Now that I don’t have to travel for work, I am taking on more conferences this year as I finally have enough time to do them.



Let’s not forget that Emery was in a suspicious head-on collision that totaled his last worldly possession — his Range Rover — just a few months before his dog Raven was abducted and he ended up in the ER.



Before the head-on collision, he already had everything he owned stolen out of his house in New Mexico.

An armor-piercing bullet was left on the countertop as an obvious death threat.



Holes were cut in the wall to remove all hidden traces of incredibly valuable computer files and artifacts from his time in the programs.

Whoever did this knew right where he had stashed them — in an area normal burglars would never think to look.



Just a week and a half ago, on April 11th, 2018, while still struggling to find a place to live, Emery was hit yet again by a car.

The circumstances had an extremely bizarre feel to them, as usual.



This time the vehicle was going 45 miles per hour and struck him from behind at full speed, after he had been standing still at a red light for 20 seconds.

The most bizarre aspect of this story was that the same exact make and type of vehicle — a Kia sedan — hit Emery in both occasions.

The first vehicle was a black Kia Optima, and the second one was a light gray Kia Spectra. Those were the only differences.



Even more outrageous is that both kids said they had just purchased the Kia and driven it off of the lot right before the accident.

In the second case, this was obviously a used-car purchase.

This could therefore be an example of the Deep State “showing off”, by creating ponderous synchronicities that would only further frustrate skeptics and frighten believers.

Thankfully, this latest accident caused no serious injury, only some back and neck pain, and Emery had full coverage on the rental car.

The damage to Emery’s vehicle was surprisingly minimal, whereas the front end of the Kia got smashed up, as you can see here:




The kid who did this seemed dazed and unaware. He didn’t even hit the brakes. There were no skid-marks prior to the point of impact in both crashes.

In last year’s collision with Emery’s Range Rover, the driver had actually accelerated before the impact, rather than braking.

Neither of these young drivers had any idea why they had failed to avoid colliding with Emery.

They both seemed to have been dazed, and completely unaware that they were heading into a collision before it happened.

Does this sound normal to you?



Just a few days ago at the time of this writing, new information leaked into the media about classified mind-control technology.

If everything contained within these leaked documents is true, it is certainly possible for these attacks on Emery to have been orchestrated.

Taking Emery out would be considered a high-level hit. The planners would want to use a method where there is “plausible deniability” and it cannot be traced back to them.

The drivers in these cases may not have had any idea about what was going on, or that any technology was being used against them.

The main thing I would disagree with in this headline is the idea that the leaking of this data was “accidental.”

More than likely, this was another clever Alliance operation to reveal what is actually being done by the Deep State.


4/20: USG Leaks File Disclosing “Remote Mind Control” and “Forced Memory Blanking”


Some of the text terms we find on the included graphic below include the following:

“Forced Memory Blanking and Induced Erroneous Actions”

“Forced Waking Visions, Some Synced With Body Motion”

“Forced Precision Manipulation of Hands, Sometimes Synced to the Forced Waking Visions”

“Forced “Drop In Your Tracks” Sleep Inducement”

“Irresistible “Go Here, Go There” Commands”




I have transcribed the following section of the graphic for inclusion here as well:

“First un-classified successful transmission of the human voice into the skull of a living person was performed by Dr. Joseph C. Sharp of the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research in 1974.

By transforming a hypnotist’s voice using the Lowery silent sound or Smirnov scramble methods, used in the Gulf War, it is possible to hypnotize a target without the target being aware, from hiding, leaving zero trace evidence.”


This is a written description of the early development stages of what Corey Goode has disclosed as the “Voice of God” technology.

Corey himself reported using it on people when he was in the programs. You speak into a microphone and the technology beams your words into their heads.

Pete Peterson and other insiders independently confirmed that such technology does indeed exist.

Apparently, some people who believe they are channeling extraterrestrials are actually hearing messages conveyed through this method.

The precise timing of William Tompkins’ lethal fall, hours before the “Blood Moon” total solar eclipse last year, could well be another example of this technology in use.

In Bill’s case, it may have been that his advanced age made him susceptible to these sorts of influences.

Additional coverage of this surprising document leak can be found at httpss://



I do understand that a technology like this can be terrifying, and make the Deep State appear all-powerful and nearly indestructible.

Interestingly enough, not everyone is susceptible to these influences. A consistent number of people, about 15 percent, are immune to it.

Pete’s research concluded that if your brainwaves were reliably operating above a certain speed, or frequency, it won’t work on you.

This again underlines the extreme importance of remaining calm, free of negative emotions, meditative and peaceful.

This causes your brainwaves to smooth out on the EKG, which actually generates a higher frequency — in terms of what Pete’s devices would measure.

Perma-skeptics should bear in mind that the frequencies Pete measured are not electromagnetic, and require specialized equipment to be able to detect.

Negative emotions such as anger, sadness, depression, jealousy, anxiety and fear cause your ‘frequency’ to lower into susceptible levels.

With all that being said, the number of operatives who have access to these devices and the clearance to use them is very, very small.

Sadly, many people believe they are being affected by this type of technology when they are really just suffering from paranoid schizophrenia.

That does not mean that all cases like this are simply the result of organic mental illness.



I have repeatedly stated that the Deep State / Cabal / Illuminati cannot just knock off whomever they want.

This is a spiritual battle, and the Deep State must follow what they call “The Rules” in order to be successful — at any level.

“The Rules” stipulate that the Deep State cannot do anything they are not authorized to do — either on an individual or collective level.

The attacks against Emery have not killed him, nor caused any lasting damage to his health or ability to function.

Going silent at this point would be the worst thing he could do. If you are attacked this blatantly, you have to fight back. Period.

I have coached him extensively on the need to have impeccable karma while doing this mission, so as to avoid these sorts of disasters.

You never want to get cocky or arrogant about your level of safety and security. It is always possible to slip up. The risks are very real.

With that being said, you can greatly reduce the likelihood of “authorizing” these types of upsetting events by having a dedicated spiritual practice.



Jacob, one of my top insiders, revealed that the Deep State / Cabal people have to wait for the right moment before they can successfully attack someone.

This is very different than the conventional idea that they could just “order a hit” and carry it out without any problems.

In many cases a great deal of work is necessary to sufficiently corrupt someone before such an operation could be initiated.

If you don’t create the right climate on your own, they will provide temptations to cause you to think and behave in a negative fashion.

This then “authorizes” them to attack you in ways that meet the karma you have since earned. Even if you were deceived, it is still your karma.

The most common means of “grooming” someone for an attack involves the use of a handler.

This is a person who appears to have shown up in your life by happenstance, but who is actually a covert employee, paid to monitor you and create disruption.



I have worked very diligently to protect myself against any and all incursions of this nature. My trusted circle of friends and insiders is very small.

I have occasionally heard of contacts bragging to someone that they are “my handler,” and when that word comes back, I cut them off.

You always have to be careful of people who want to pose as friendly insiders while actually working as double agents.

Simple and obvious temptations that could authorize these types of attacks include substance abuse, sexual indiscretions, blatant lying and/ or theft from others.

The experiences I have had over the years have convinced me, beyond any shadow of doubt, that this spiritual battle is very real.

I take extreme precautions to ensure that I maintain control of my life and do not get overly busy or agitated, as that is now very dangerous.



Since Emery was not obviously hurt in the most recent crash, and his vehicle looked OK, the kid just laughed about it and acted like it was no big deal.

I have inspected photos of the kid’s drivers’ license and registration, the original photo of his vehicle with the license plate number included, and the damage to Emery’s vehicle.

This is another sad and crazy event. The kid may very well have been given “induced erroneous motion” of his hands, and an “irresistible desire” to keep driving and not look where he was going.

In addition to the signature of a Kia sedan that had just rolled off the lot, the timing of the accident also was very suspect.



This crash happened less than three weeks after Emery’s name was published as one of twelve authors in a formal scientific paper.

The main author was Gary Nolan, the head Ph.D. geneticist at Stanford University. The paper discussed the Atacama humanoid we featured in Sirius.

Emery’s inclusion in his paper hammered down the Dark Alliance agents and skeptics who were trying to say he was an impostor.

Now he is listed in a formal academic study. Take a look… he is the ninth name in this list, second from the left on the second row down:




Notice that the title of the paper admits there were “novel mutations” in DNA of the “skeleton,” but then links them to dysplasia, a birth defect.

The study concludes the specimen must be “human” simply because a majority — but not all — of its DNA is similar to ours.

Emery sent me a raft of article links to the coverage of the publication of this academic paper before he was hit. Here they are:

New York Times
National Geographic
The Telegraph 
The Guardian
Los Angeles Times
Washington Post


You will notice that the paper attempts to claim this six-inch humanoid, with over ten percent anomalous DNA, is just the result of a “birth defect.”

We completely disagree. The anomalies of this being, just including the shape of the head, go vastly beyond the possibility of normal genetic defects.

There are also other examples of the same beings, as we reported in “Nearly Identical ET Corpses Found in Russia and South America” on Feb. 1st, 2013, when Sirius was first coming out.

This conclusion appears to have been made under duress, thanks to the same types of threats Emery has encountered.

When you watch Sirius, Dr. Gary Nolan goes from being obviously compelled by the idea that this is an extraterrestrial specimen to being oddly dismissive of the evidence at the end.

Why would all this coverage be happening now? Why would Mockingbird mainstream media outlets all line up to publicize this paper?

Perhaps the Deep State is concerned about an imminent disclosure, and wanted to discredit our evidence for a genuine ET specimen.

I therefore see the publication and promotion of this paper as another sign that the Deep State is fearing major disclosure in the near future.



This was not the first time that Emery had a suspicious car accident right after achieving a major milestone in his work.

Emery’s head-on collision happened just one day after he had gotten a modified Bedini-style free energy device to an operational and validated state.

Yes… this may seem surprising or off the wall, but Emery spent years of time and significant amounts of his own money working on this problem.

Both of us were involved in getting the device operational while he was staying with me. The device lived in my house under a blanket for several weeks.

Emery had purchased all of the necessary equipment from the Bedini brothers while he was running his own science lab a few years back.

Here is a picture of John Bedini with a slightly larger version of the device Emery self-financed and built in his lab days.



This next image is closer to what Emery’s version actually looks like:





The basis of the Bedini technology is a “homopolar generator,” where a rotating magnetic disc of a certain configuration causes excess electrons to shower out of the edge, much like a lawn sprinkler.

This principle was first discovered by Michael Faraday on December 26th, 1831.

It has been largely, if not completely ignored by mainstream science ever since, as it violates conventionally-held ideas of the “laws” of physics.

I covered this breakthrough in Section 5.7.1 of the fifth chapter of The Science of Oneness, a free ebook I wrote on this site in 2000.

Our own studies validated that the Bedini device was charging the batteries with more energy than it took to run it — just as the original findings had suggested.

The Bedini is one of the classic examples of a genuinely operational “overunity” device. We knew it was very risky to bring it to a functioning state.

John Bedini himself died tragically on November 5th, 2016.

Emery was very fortunate to have removed the device from his home in New Mexico before the break-in occurred. That is quite a story in and of itself.

We are hoping that technology like this will soon become available to everyone. That may be one of the many gifts that disclosure brings.



These suspicious crashes may also have involved “vehicle hacking,” where any car from 2006 to the present can be covertly driven by remote control using OnStar-type technology.

Vehicle hacking may have occurred in conjunction with remote mental influence.

It is therefore possible to distract the driver while also ensuring that his car performs as needed.

This may be why the first kid’s car actually accelerated and steered towards Emery, in defiance of all common sense and survival instinct.

We take all of this very seriously and do not believe these are coincidences.

The Deep State could consider this “the perfect crime” since the driver is effectively innocent, and no one can prove any foul play.

Since Gaia pays everyone the same amount, Emery’s work on Cosmic Disclosure has not been sufficient to keep him financially stable.

He is under absolutely relentless attack, with the goal of driving him into personal and financial ruin.

He has still been enduring severe hardship these last few months. If it feels right to you, please consider sending some help his way.





Sadly, we’re still not done talking about direct attacks against insiders who are revealing various aspects of the Secret Space Program.

Last year, Pete had a shocking threat and attempt on his life that made him angry enough to reveal far more of what he knew on Cosmic Disclosure.

We did not disclose the event at the time as Pete was intimidated enough to have asked us to keep it strictly secret.

The information he shared in those episodes dovetailed beautifully with what we were hearing from William Tompkins, Corey Goode and others.

In early March, right as my wife and I were leaving California for good, Pete fell on ice and split his entire femur in half, top to bottom.

Let’s not forget that William Tompkins died from a very similar fall at a suspicious time.

A technology like “Voice of God” could be used to cause an elderly man to lose his balance. This is what I feel happened in both cases.

Tompkins fell, hit his head, got a brain bleed and died. Pete fell in such a way where his femur sustained the full impact, and split down the middle.

If Pete had hit his head, it would have been all over within days at the most, if not nearly instantaneously.

We are all very fortunate that Pete’s head did not suffer any of the impact.



Pete was written off for dead by the doctors and appeared to be fading fast. I spoke to him recently on the phone, not knowing if it would be the last time.

He was so disoriented that we needed to have the head nurse wheel him out and have him use their central phone in order to talk to me.

After a while he went into a murmuring, 20-minute analysis of the different buttons on the phone and what extensions they went to.

Pete has been a true friend to me since we met in 2009. We talk every week. This has been another highly upsetting emotional situation.

Friends who visited him said that he was often descending into incoherent mumbling. The medical staff said he had suffered a stroke as well.

I am happy to say that Pete is now posting an amazing recovery. He has a cast on the entire leg and everything is healing.

The slurred speech and disorientation appeared to be a side effect from the medication, and thankfully not a permanent loss of brain function from the stroke.

The costs of Pete’s hospitalization are all covered by Medicaid / Medicare and veteran’s benefits, which is a blessing.

However, Pete cannot remember the entire month of his initial time in the hospital, and thought he was only there for a couple of days.



The house I was renting in Los Angeles had a loft apartment over the garage. Part of how I was able to afford living there was by having someone rent it separately from me.

I am friends with the guy who lives there, Jeff the “Rawtographer,” and he would look after my dog when we traveled.

Jeff’s main job for the last year was in doing weekly YouTube videos for Verne Troyer, who played Mini-Me in the Austin Powers films.

We talked about Verne all the time, as this was a great gig for him that was paying the bills and therefore helping keep our mission going.

Their “Tesla Unboxing” video went out two days after Christmas and went viral, racking up a whopping seven million views.

At the 5:50 mark, there is an outtake where Verne asks Jeff for help while he is holding the camera, and it takes a second for him to switch hats.



Less than a month after we moved out, on April 2nd, Verne was rushed to the hospital with a very high level of alcohol poisoning in an apparent suicide attempt.

Verne succumbed to the complications from this overdose while still in the hospital, just a few days ago, on April 21st.

Most celebrities want to be left alone, so I never asked to meet Verne, though now I wish I had. He didn’t know anything about me.

I would have told him about all the fascinating and exciting things that are about to happen as we head towards the defeat of the Deep State.

We may have anti-gravity and free energy mini-Teslas that can take us on a cruise around the solar system sooner than we think — traveling a lot faster than six miles per hour.

Verne’s loss may not have any connection to these other events. I hope it doesn’t. Either way it was another sad event surrounding my move to Colorado.

Look up Rawtographer online if you would like professional photo shoots or quality affordable video work like he did for Verne.

Some of the best photographs of me that you have seen on this site were taken by him.



Even in spite of these threats, we will not hide out in our homes in fear. We are still stepping forward and doing our sacred work in the world.

Before we head into Part Two, where we discuss our steady progress toward disclosure, I want to share some opportunities where you can see me give live public events.

If you don’t want to read this part, simply scroll down to the bottom and click ahead to Part Two.

I am making a rare appearance this weekend at New Living Expo in San Mateo, California, near San Francisco.

There is no way of knowing how much longer I will be able to do ANY events, given the way things are going.

Click here to find out more and sign up for this enlightening and revivifying gathering of like-minded souls!

The New Living Expo is a really terrific event with great food, vendors and public speakers, in a warm and enjoyable location just seven miles from the San Francisco airport.

Corey Goode will be there giving his own presentations, as well as an all-star lineup of classic talents such as Marianne Williamson, Caroline Myss, James Van Praagh, Loretta Swit from M.A.S.H., Deborah King and John Gray.



I am going to be putting the “Grand Puzzle” together in my talk — covering Emery, Tompkins, Goode and how their intel all fits together with the Law of One, the solar flash prophecies and Ascension.

Take a look:


Ascension and the Secret Space Program  |  Saturday April 28  |  2:30-4:30pm  |  Room 6

Increasing numbers of insiders are confirming that we have already colonized our solar system with super-advanced technology.

Many extraterrestrial groups are collaborating with us, and an alliance is now working to declassify this information.

These insiders are also aware of a coming, massive “solar flash” event that will change our DNA and consciousness in dramatic ways, fulfilling the prophecies of Ascension in 35 different ancient teachings.

Our entire solar system is demonstrating signs of abrupt, massive climate change as a buildup to these stunning events.

Join David Wilcock in a tour-de-force examination of the most exciting classified information available.

Armed with the truth, we can step forward as warriors of light and prepare for a new tomorrow beyond our wildest imagination.



Additionally, I will be giving a three-hour post-conference event on Monday, from 6 to 9 PM, that delves deeper into how we can harmonize with these ongoing changes, and prepare for what comes next.

This is also the only event at the conference where I will be able to meet all the attendees:

Understanding and Preparing for Ascension  |  Monday April 30  |  6-9pm  |  Room 5

We may be on the threshold of the single greatest moment in human history. Everything we thought we knew could transform, and the greater galactic community might soon be open to us, along with its fascinating technology.

David will lead you through a stunning presentation of scientific evidence that such an event is really going to happen, drawing from a variety of little-known pieces of evidence, both ancient and modern.

Once this grand vision is fully assembled, the question becomes — what are you going to do about it? What are the deep spiritual principles that are secretly guiding our lives?

How can we best navigate the challenges of living in the modern world while still holding a constructive mindset and making the decisions that optimize our Ascension process?

David will share valuable keys that can immediately improve your quality of life and super-charge your path of Ascension. Don’t miss it!

Again, you can click here to visit the site, get more information and order tickets if you are interested.



I have been so overwhelmed with the move that I haven’t yet finalized my talk descriptions for Contact in the Desert — but I will very soon.

In the meantime we have some “placeholder text” there from previous talks. I give multiple speeches and panels at this event and always do my very best.

The venue had to be changed for a variety of reasons, including ongoing losses of water and power at the previous location, causing numerous problems.

We were also running into issues with the local town authorities declaring it was too big, capping the attendance and causing other hassles.

Another very significant problem was that the Joshua Tree campus was not wheelchair-accessible. The new one definitely is!




The new hotel for Contact in the Desert is NOT a casino, as I had initially feared. It is a beautiful high-end Hawaii-style resort.

Elizabeth and I stopped by there on our way to Colorado and we were very impressed.



This should upgrade the whole experience for everyone into a far more comfortable, relaxing and convenient gathering.

No longer will we have to swelter in punishing summer heat, suffer outages of water and power, or worry about getting enough food!

If you still want to camp and hang out in Joshua Tree, it’s a doable 41-minute drive to get over to Indian Wells, where the new venue is.




If you want to camp out a few miles away in San Jacinto National Park, you are tapping into a classic vortex point that Peter Gabriel enshrined in his solo music.

The song is called San Jacinto, and it is not written about some other location elsewhere. Gabriel was referring to this very spot!

The San Jacinto National Forest is a true jewel in the desert — with running streams, lakes, pine trees and snowy 10,000-foot elevations.

San Jacinto is definitely one of the coolest and most well-known songs about shamanism out there.

In the song, Peter describes the rigors of a Native American vision quest in these sacred mountains.

The song was recently voted his ninth best by Rolling Stone readers:



San Jacinto — Peter Gabriel, “Security,” 1982

Thick cloud, steam rising, hissing stone on sweat lodge fire
Around me, buffalo roam, sage in bundle, run on skin
Outside, cold air, stand, wait for rising sun
Red paint, eagle feathers, coyote calling, it has begun
Something moving in, I taste it in my mouth and in my heart
It feels like dying, slow, letting go of life
Medicine man lead me up though town, Indian ground, so far down
Cut up land, each house, a pool, kids wearing water wings, drink in cool
Follow dry river bed, watch Scout and Guides make pow-wow signs
Past Geronimo’s disco, Sit ‘n’ Bull steakhouse, white men dream
A rattle in the old man’s sack, look at mountain top, keep climbing up
Way above us the desert snow, white wind blow
I hold the line, the line of strength that pulls me through the fear
San Jacinto, I hold the line
San Jacinto, the poison bite and darkness take my sight, I hold the line
And the tears roll down my swollen cheek, think I’m losing it, getting weaker
I hold the line, I hold the line
San Jacinto, yellow eagle flies down from the sun, from the sun
We will walk, on the land
We will breathe, of the air
We will drink, from the stream
We will live, hold the line
Hold the line
Hold the line



We have heard various “internet rumors” that people are upset about not being able to camp out at this new conference location.

It is true that the immediate area around the resort itself would not be an appropriate spot to pitch a tent.

However, San Jacinto National Park is literally only minutes away from the venue. Don’t just think “desert” anymore, even though the event still has the same name.

And… yeah. Just look:



Check out this description of the San Jacinto mountains from the Hip Camp website:


There’s a rightness and a rush of gratitude, a surge of humble awe that accompanies a cloud-strewn summit.

Standing above that much gravity is wonder-inducing, and getting there via the fuel of your own foot-powered fire is confidence boosting, to say the least.

The San Jacinto peak, just one highlight of the Mount San Jacinto State Park and wilderness area, is a backpacker’s dream.

At more than 10,000 feet in elevation, the trails that take you skyward snake through sub-alpine forests, mountain meadow openness, snow dusted crag and gnarled granite.



But the 14,000 acres of this state park are to be enjoyed by those who don’t summit as much as those who do.

You can find Mount San Jacinto, off of Hwy 243 past the charming town of Idyllwild and accessible from Palm Springs via the aerial tram.



Stare, breathless, at sweeping scapes of ridged mountains and pine from the tram window, or from viewpoints along your backpacking escapade.

The San Jacinto area offers two drive-in campsites, four hike-in primitive campsites and adventures for every brand of wilderness craving.



There may well be competition that weekend for the drive-in and primitive campsites in the area, despite how many places there are to go.

We can expect some pretty wild parties and Contact experiences in those lush, forested mountains that weekend — and beyond!

Granted, if you settle around the actual San Jacinto mountain peak, it’s a 90-minute drive to the conference — but the east side of the San Jacinto National Park and mountain range is very close by.

Once you get in there, you may be captivated by all the awesome hikes. This is just one of many signs in the area:



If all that is a bit too rough, you can also find affordable hotel options in the little town of La Quinta just minutes from the venue.

For all four days that the event goes on, you could take some time to cruise through majestic mountain peaks with scenic pull-offs that may well distract you.




In the next section of this article, we will set aside our discussion of the threats and attacks our Secret Space Program insiders have endured.

The struggle for disclosure is most definitely a political one.

Although there are breakaway groups, much of the administration of the Secret Space Program is orchestrated by the Deep State here on earth.

There could be hundreds, if not thousands of soldiers and contractors doing similar jobs as what Emery had performed — all in secret.

The Deep State is also very much involved in the control of mass media, and the utilization of films, TV shows, music videos, awards ceremonies and video games for cult propaganda.

Their entire public platform is now collapsing before our very eyes. This is no accident. It is all part of a highly orchestrated campaign by the Alliance.

The awakening is being meted out in ever-increasing doses, so as not to shock the public with too much all at once.

Hiding behind the mysterious and upsetting public events we see is a fight for the greatest revolutionary change the world has ever known.

Click on the link below to continue reading.





I have met dozens of insiders, ever since 1996, who have revealed that enormous secrets are being hidden from us by “the government.”

The term “government” used to be sufficient when these people controlled both political parties in America and therefore never lost an election.

This same “government” killed John F. Kennedy in broad daylight, blaming it on a ridiculous lone-shooter conspiracy theory, after he opposed them.

This “government” had a stranglehold over the media, top corporations, the military, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, oil and “too big to fail” banks.

All of that has changed with the development of what we are calling the Alliance.

In reality, the Alliance is a confederation of multiple, differing factions working against this evil force.

This evil force is now more appropriately called the Deep State.

Other commonly-heard names include the Cabal, the New World Order or the Illuminati.



It would be terrific if we had a nice, easy, well-packaged official revelation of the Deep State on a mass level.

Or so it would seem. There are actually some significant problems with anyone attempting to do this.

Even though the evidence for the Deep State’s existence is overwhelming, its members will still fight to the death to keep it a secret.

Some very real examples of this struggle among my own circle of insiders were just shared in Part One.

The mainstream media is still very much under Deep State control.

If you haven’t fully grasped this yet, much of what is going on right now can seem mysterious.

The Alliance people know firsthand that the Deep State is as real and serious as a heart attack. They don’t have to wonder if “any of this” is true.

The Deep State is a hard fact for them. It is a murderous group they are fighting to the death. Yet for most people, this is still a fantasy.

It’s easier to keep it that way to avoid the emotional pain of facing the truth.



Occasionally we get emails or comments that say something like this:

“David, I wish you would get rid of this Illuminati stuff. It’s so dark. Even if it’s true, nobody wants to hear it. Why don’t you go back to talking about spiritual things?”

As far as I am concerned, any person who is pursuing spiritual enlightenment or insight should be keenly aware that this problem exists.

A genuine spiritual path is not one where we dwell in fantasy. We are not seeking to enshroud ourselves in mystical beliefs that everything is just fine the way it is.

We look at reality head-on, and confront the real problems in our world.

If a dark force has taken control of our planet, the most spiritually advanced people should be well aware of that — and working to stop it.

What amazes me is how easy it is to “do the homework” and assemble evidence that proves the Deep State really exists.

It’s actually quite a big payoff once you break through, and realize that the world you thought you knew is an illusion.

The spiritual aspect of this discussion is that it takes great strength and fortitude to actually let yourself believe the evidence.



It is all too easy for us to overlook the mountains upon mountains of provable evidence that the Deep State is real.

Why? Simple.

It is much, much easier and more comfortable to “stay asleep,” just like the Deep State wants you to, and remain in denial.

That way you can go on pretending that everything is OK, and there is nothing you could do to solve these problems anyway.

The Deep State’s business model requires you to remain ignorant — at least until the final stage of their plan where they attempt to take over.

The Alliance’s valiant efforts have made that ancient dream of a “New World Order” absolutely impossible for the Deep State to achieve.



The amount of Luciferian propaganda being paraded in front of us has been at an all-time high these last few years.



Some movies don’t even hide it at all, like Zoolander No. 2, where genuine top fashion icons appear in cameo roles and participate in a satanic child sacrifice at the end.

If you don’t believe me, just watch it for yourself. Or read this synposis from Movie Spoilers, which includes the following:

Mugatu has DJ locked up in a room to fatten him up, as he has been doing for years since he ran the orphanage from prison and made sure that the boy got fat to prepare him for this day….

Derek and Valentina arrive at the location of the sacrifice to find fashion superstars like [Valentino,] Tommy Hilfiger, Anna Wintour, Kate Moss, Marc Jacobs, and Alexander Wang all gathered for the ceremony [in hooded robes].

Mugatu prepares to sacrifice DJ until the heroes arrive to stop him.




About the only major fashion icon who didn’t show up for this was Donatella Versace.

She in turn was greatly lampooned by a fantasy character played by Kristen Wiig, named Alexanya — perhaps as a form of punishment.




Even more bizarre is that this film is estimated to have had the greatest number of celebrity cameos of any movie in history.

One link details 39 different cameos, including Justin Bieber (who gets killed,) Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry, Matt Lauer, Katie Couric, Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell and Ariana Grande.

No amount of money or celebrity intrigue could ever convince me to star in a movie where a child is threatened with satanic ritual sacrifice.

It amazes me that this veritable “Who’s Who” list of all the top icons in the fashion industry would wear those robes and participate in that scene.

No one I have spoken to who has watched this film thought that the child sacrifice scene was even the least bit funny.

It may also be significant that I have had a very hard time finding any pictures online from that part of the movie.

This film came out just before the #MeToo era started… and it is one of the most bizarre and disturbing “proofs of concept” you will ever find.



If there were only five, ten, fifteen or twenty examples like this, maybe we could write it all off as — yes — a “conspiracy theory.”

However, once you understand the game and recognize the propaganda, you will find hundreds, if not thousands of examples.

Almost every film in the horror genre is now chock-full of highly disturbing stuff this group wants to indoctrinate you with.

“The Cabin in the Woods” is particularly shocking, as an underground base controls various monsters to sacrifice teenagers for their ancient gods.

The kids are lured into the cabin and are tricked into choosing which monsters take them down. The kids end up choosing “Zombie Redneck Torture Family.”

Their deaths are treated as humorous, just like the name of the group of monsters that kills them.

The second image below shows one of the employees of the base in front of a white board with some of the monsters they control.




Many films in the Young Adult (YA) genre oddly depict a brutal, totalitarian police state dominating a post-apocalyptic society.

Classic modern examples of this would include the Matrix trilogy, the Maze Runner trilogy, the Divergenttrilogy, “The Giver,” and so on.

The people in the Deep State are hoping to harness the power of our collective consciousness to manifest and “authorize” an apocalypse.

Maze Runner features a world where the sun has given off a flash that destroyed most people, and then created a virus that turns everyone into zombies.

The “solar flash” is something our insiders have been talking about for years — but this is a far more negative view of it, including the idea of the corresponding DNA changes.

Instead of people transforming into telepathic, “Ascended” beings, they suffer the seemingly inevitable risk of becoming horrific zombies.

A corporation called Wicked (World Catastrophe Killzone Department or WCKD) puts the kids who are immune into a huge concrete maze with robotic monsters that kill them off.

The hero and his girlfriend end up being the people who decided this was a good idea, and put all the others into the maze in the first place.

In the second film, we see a vast room filled where WCKD has hung up kids who are immune to the virus, keeping them in stasis as their brains are slowly drained of fluids.



The girlfriend betrays the whole group of survivors and sells them out, so WCKD can pick them up and carry on trying to extract their fluids.

The third film, “The Death Cure,” reveals that the kids were being tortured, in the maze and elsewhere, to produce a treatment for the zombie virus.

WCKD knew that only a few of them would survive the maze, but that these would be the strongest — and would provide the best elixir.

This film has consistently been in the top five most popular streaming movies since it came out about two weeks ago.



The more horrific the torture they go through, including seeing their friends actually dying, the more of the treatment their bodies produce.

However, the hero ends up being the only kid whose body fluids actually produce a cure, not just a temporary delay for the symptoms.

The movie ends with the hero realizing he should have submitted himself to everlasting, violent torture in order to stop the virus.

The bizarre mantra from the first film onward, “Wicked is Good,” then seems to be correct.

The murderous blonde witch who runs WCKD in the first two films is reframed as a sympathetic heroine, torturing and killing these children for the greater good.

All the actions of this Big Brother-esque military dictatorship are written off as sad but necessary actions to save the world.

This is exactly how the members of the inner circle of the Deep State see their mission.

The last remaining city of human survivors is wiped out, and the hero seems like a failure for not being able to surrender his body to WCKD.

[I am not blaming any of the actors here, nor do I think they have anything to do with the Deep State. They are just doing their jobs.]



The Planet of the Apes series reboot also features a post-apocalyptic society where everyone dies off from a virus that makes apes intelligent.

Like the Maze Runner and Divergent trilogies, there are multiple scenes of dilapidated areas from the days of the apocalypse, such as quarantine zones.

At the end of the most recent Planet of the Apes film, once again the last remaining city of human survivors gets wiped out in a violent war at the end.

Miss Peregrine’s School for Peculiar Children features monsters who hunt down and eat children, and a weird occult school opposing them.

A Series of Unfortunate Events has so many All-Seeing Eye and obvious Illuminati references that you will be laughing out loud repeatedly.

The Twilight and Underworld series both feature covens of vampires and werewolves with astonishingly blatant Illuminati tie-ins.

In both cases, the vampires and werewolves symbolically represent different bloodlines within the ancient organization.

The X-Men films are so completely loaded with Deep State propaganda and symbols that an entire college class could be built around analyzing them.

The Harry Potter series gets increasingly dark and disturbing as it goes on, and again is a veritable college course in Luciferian beliefs and symbols.

There are many, many other examples of films that didn’t do as well and still keep repeating the same messages and themes, over and over again.



Countless action thrillers fill our minds with desensitizing scenes of gun violence and brutal death. The villains often articulate the beliefs of this group.

The latest Batman films, beginning with the Christian Bale reboot, have all been legendary examples of this propaganda in action.

Heath Ledger died shortly after his role as the Joker, where he delivers an absolutely precise rendition of how the Deep State thinks and operates.

As I have said before, Batman vs. Superman is one of the most aggressive Luciferian films ever made.

In addition to a non-stop barrage of Cabal symbolism, both superheroes are blatantly framed and discussed as “fallen angels.”

Superman used to be a hero and friend to humanity, whereas in the new films he is dark, dangerous and destructive.

Crime caper films invariably make it appear to be really cool to steal enormous amounts of money and get away with it.

Spy thrillers glamorize the dirty work of intelligence agencies, including brutal torture, killings and shocking betrayals, and serve as recruitment tools for the CIA and other organizations.

Films featuring extraterrestrials almost invariably portray them as hideously evil, intent on destroying all life on Earth in an invasion.

Even “romantic comedies” are often now going for serious gross-out scenes that are unnecessary and disgusting, as well as having their characters put each other through strong betrayal and infidelity.



There is hardly ever a time you can go to the box office where you won’t find at least one film with blatant Cabal propaganda in it.

The Maze Runner finale is the most blatant example in current, new streaming video releases today.

The zombies in the second Maze Runner film are extremely grotesque and disturbing… not at all recommended unless you like horror films.

I could dedicate my entire career just to analyzing and exposing these films and still never have enough time to cover all the examples.

One very consistent website, by an anonymous writer, has been covering this for many years now: Vigilant Citizen. Check it out if you haven’t already.

He tends to focus on music videos, which is another area with so much content that entire college degrees could be built around studying it, post-Disclosure.

I do feel it is better to read about these things in writing than to get sucked into endless hours of potentially questionable YouTube videos.

Also, as we just saw in the “Great Purge” of February 2018, YouTube videos on this subject are extremely vulnerable to random deletion.

I wrote a free full-length ebook called Financial Tyranny that puts the “big picture” together for those with eyes to see.

If this discussion is already too overwhelming for you, I would recommend reading it in small doses and take breaks in between.



In case you still haven’t been able to “cross the line” and go through the sickening process of putting the pieces together, let me lay it out for you.

Let’s begin with a mental exercise.

One of the subjects I studied in college was philosophy.

In order for philosophers to have a discussion, they must agree on a platform of postulates first.

These postulates are a set of ideas that are assumed to be factual — for the purposes of a debate.

The discussion then centers around debating talking points within that greater, mutually-accepted construct.

It got a little weird with Existentialism, where the basic idea of whether we even exist or not was being questioned. Descartes’ “I think, therefore I am” wasn’t good enough.

This rigorous questioning of the most basic aspects of reality helped lead to the idea that a philosophical discussion must be rooted in fundamentals.

Online arguments in social media and comments sections invariably collapse because everyone constantly argues over the fundamentals.

If we can’t at least begin with a mutual, hypothetical acceptance of the fundamentals, then no real discussion of the data can ever take place.



Hypothetically, for the purposes of this philosophical discussion, let’s postulate that the Deep State really does exist.

Not “if,” not “maybe,” but absolutely, 100-percent yes.

That means we have an organized, international group where people are “really into it,” and want to promote their beliefs, just like any other cult.

I will build in some of the things I have heard about this group from insiders and discovered from research so they are included in our fundamentals.

If we can begin with those fundamentals as an intellectual exercise, we can then examine whether an Alliance is actually working to oppose the Deep State.

This may also help us to re-interpret current events with a completely new set of eyes.

First we must define exactly what the Deep State is, and how far-reaching its power had been.



Imagine that the biggest banks in the world appear to be in competition with each other, when in fact they are only akin to branch offices within a single mega-corporation.

Imagine that this corporation has centralized wealth to such a degree that it covertly bought up controlling shares of all the things we need to preserve our basic life:

  • Energy
  • Food
  • Transportation
  • Communications
  • Medicine
  • Internet
  • Media
  • Government
  • Education
  • Science
  • Military
  • Finance


Imagine that this consolidation of control was not only done to make money, but to serve a greater agenda that the group agrees upon.

Let’s also postulate that the main agenda of this group is a spiritual one: namely that they have fiercely-held religious beliefs.



Imagine that this corporation is actually a mystery-school cult, with very powerful and unbroken roots dating back to the Roman Empire.

Imagine that this corporation believes Lucifer was thrown out of “heaven” because he was actually the good guy.

Rome then took over Christianity in order to maintain control, and introduced elements to further maintain their power.

Imagine that they genuinely believe Lucifer conveys wisdom, knowledge and freedom, and isn’t in the least bit negative or evil.

Imagine that they believe the conventional God is actually an evil “egregore” or “demiurge” that created karma and reincarnation as traps.

Imagine that these moral codes are seen as restricting us from exercising our free will — such as in having whatever sex we want, with whomever we want, at any age.

People who are not Illuminated become non-persons, and a Luciferian can kill them with no repercussions, as they will just return and get another chance to awaken.

Imagine that practicing any and all acts of free will, including the most depraved, is associated with becoming enlightened or “Illuminated.”

Imagine that people are born into this group and are trained from birth to be fiercely loyal, and absolutely secretive.

Imagine that these people are routinely tortured and forced to do utterly horrific things — and are therefore very unhappy.



Imagine that this corporation has three main city-states for its administration, with major obelisks erected in each one:

  • Vatican City as the spiritual center
  • City of London as the financial center, and
  • Washington, DC as the military center


Imagine that the members of this group have been horribly tortured for many generations, and are incredibly fearful of death if they ever say a word about it to the public.

Imagine that at least the senior members of this cult believe they are “God’s Chosen,” and want everyone to either think like they do or simply disappear.

Imagine this group hates anyone who believes in a traditional, monotheistic God, and therefore will ruthlessly persecute and kill Jews, Christians and Muslims.

Imagine a group that despises everyone else as if they were sub-humans, and believes we are “bad for the environment” and must be eradicated.

Imagine that the idea of mass genocide is reframed as a loving embrace of the earth, hoping to cure it from an “infection” — namely us.

[This is exactly how Agent Smith spoke about us in the first Matrix film, as one of many examples.]



Imagine that this group has systematically deployed “weapons systems” into the various businesses it controls.

Imagine that the purpose of the weapons system is to quietly, silently try to “get the numbers down” of population on earth.

Imagine that these weapons systems include the following — even though mainstream science will fiercely debate most of these as “conspiracy theories”:


  • Fluoride in water and conventional toothpaste, which clogs the pineal gland and lowers IQ and spirituality
  • Power lines and cell towers that create cancer if you live nearby them
  • Mobile / cordless phones and headsets that bring dangerous electromagnetic fields close to the brain
  • Gasoline-powered vehicles creating carbon monoxide and other toxic atmospheric emissions
  • Aerosols sprayed by certain aircraft that add to overall pollution and toxicity
  • Pesticides like Roundup in conventional produce that attack and weaken the body
  • Aluminum in conventional underarm deodorant that causes breast cancer
  • Mercury in dental fillings that creates systemic toxicity and heavy metal poisoning
  • Chemical cocktails in cigarettes to keep workers alive until retirement age, then requiring prolonged medical care
  • Plug-in air fresheners that release toxic chemicals and trick you into ignoring mold and other household toxins


  • Growth hormone and antibiotics in the conventional dairy and meat supply
  • Genetically-modified organisms in grain, particularly corn, soy and wheat
  • Monosodium glutamate hiding as ‘Natural Flavor,’ ‘Spices,’ ‘Hydrolyzed Extract,’ ‘Autolyzed Yeast,’ ‘Whey Protein,’ etc.
  • Preservatives such as citric acid [Pete Peterson said this is one of the most dangerous, generally unacknowledged examples]
  • Artificial proteins in wheat called “gliadin” that attack the thyroid gland, ruining energy and adding weight
  • Additives in vaccines that elevate aluminum and heavy metals to toxic levels, creating autism in children (see “Vaxxed” movie)
  • Refined sugars in conventional foods that cause excessive cravings, weight gain and diabetes (see “Fed Up” movie)
  • Fried foods, where overheated oils turn rancid and sugar and spices are used to mask the corresponding bad taste
  • Weaponized chemical cocktails in fast foods that lead to addiction, weight gain, lethargy and death
  • Alcohol as the intoxicant of choice, which attacks every cell in the body in order to produce a buzz
  • Pharmaceutical drugs such as painkillers that are actually more toxic and addictive than heroin


[This is why I am on a paleo diet, avoid all processed foods and dairy, and only eat ethical meats such as bison, which is forbidden from additives and tampering by law.

I was vegan for seven years and became severely anemic, despite trying all the best nutritional advice — so paleo is the compromise.

Vegans get very, very angry about this. Nonetheless, many of them discover that they get a huge energy boost by adding certain foods back in, such as eggs.

Everything on the above list came from Deep State insiders who were directly aware of the design and deployment of these strategies.

Most of the weapons systems can be avoided by simply practicing a healthy diet.]



Imagine that this group also creates massive wars to achieve their goals and consolidate power — secretly controlling both sides for a central purpose.

Imagine that all the major wars of the 20th century were secretly financed, armed and controlled by the same group on both sides to meet this sinister agenda.

Imagine that the German Nazis, and other Fascist countries such as Mussolini’s Italy, were some of the most visible examples of how this group really thinks and feels.

Imagine that this group used World Wars I and II as a cover to systematically confiscate all major gold holdings in the world, so nothing could compete with their ‘fiat’ currency backed by nothing.

Imagine that the development of ‘fiat’ currency means this group can literally print money out of thin air, to whatever degree it wants.



Imagine that this group had extensive contact with extraterrestrial civilizations — starting with the worst ones reaching out to the Nazis, as Tompkins and others revealed. (See Part One.)

Imagine that this group has developed incredibly advanced technology, through various means, and has kept it strictly classified.

Imagine that this group holds us in such low esteem that they never want us to have any of this technology, as they don’t think we deserve it.

Imagine that this group fears the release of this technology would increase population and destroy the money supply, which allows wealth and power to be concentrated.

Imagine that this group already has interstellar spacecraft and countless manned bases in our solar system and beyond.

Imagine that this group has direct, ongoing trade and diplomatic relationships with hundreds of different extraterrestrial civilizations.

Imagine that this group considers themselves “Gods,” because they control all access to space and high technology, and have successfully hidden all of it from us.



By this point we’ve lost almost everybody. Oh well. This is now way, way “out of the box” thinking…. to say the least.

Nonetheless, it is only if we can accept the previous postulates as a fundamental basis for discussion that we can really talk about what is going on.

Let’s therefore refer to the full set of postulates above as The Fundamental. We will start with that and work off of it for our discussion.

Imagine that The Fundamental is all true. Even though it is highly classified and compartmentalized, many within it are aware of what is going on.

If you meet real insiders, you will always hear various aspects of The Fundamental coming up in your conversation.

The vast majority of insiders involved with The Fundamental on earth are still unaware of the technology and space components, however.

Those types are much, much harder to find. I feel very fortunate to have located so many of them, as we described in Part One.



Many insiders don’t know about the space components, and the rest of The Fundamental is extremely, extremely awful stuff.

The Pizzagate revolution caused many people to awaken to the truth, starting with the ugliest possible aspects first.

I wrote a very elaborate summary of that information in ENDGAME, on December 6th, 2016. A majority of the data from all the original YouTube videos is there, plus more.

Many people have the stomach to accept some or most of The Fundamental, but then believe every member of this group was “in on it.”

This, to me, has been the most disappointing aspect of traditional conspiracy analysis online.

If The Fundamental is true, it is absolutely inevitable that multiple, strong alliances would form on the inside to try to bring it down.

The real question is whether or not any of these alliances would ever be sufficient enough to actually defeat the Deep State.



On the simplest level, what has happened is that the military has completely turned on the Deep State — or at least a significant percentage of it.

Thanks to insider info I have gotten through various sources, I am well aware that this is an extremely deadly battle that is still raging.

The Alliance has made incredible strides forward toward reaching their goals. Much of this work has remained absolutely secret.

The entire operation was so classified that hardly anyone even knew about it online. I was either brave or foolish enough to be one of the first to talk about it.

If all of this is new to you, it is not possible or advisable for me to re-do all the work I have already done.

Almost every article I have written on since mid-2009 has covered this battle in great detail.

You can visit David’s Blog on my site to get an overview of the various headlines that have covered this story in different ways.



Now the Alliance has found a means to communicate with the public through the Q Anon briefings on 4Chan, and that makes me very happy.

With that being said, I also don’t want to get too complacent and just “let nature take its course,” as there is still much that is not understood.

Certain elements of the Alliance have been quite upset with me for the distractions and down-time I have had this year.

I do apologize for that. I understand how serious this is and I want to continue to do my part, and do it better than before.

If what we are hearing is true, things are about to get really intense. It may not seem that way, but we are very, very close.

Part of why I want to get this article done now is that there will soon be a lot more that we need to talk about.

The Alliance still isn’t sure how this will go down. No plan survives the battlefield. There are always unexpected twists.

For this same reason, each of us has a role in helping others decipher what is going on in real time as this all plays out.



This statement from Q Anon on November 21st, 2017 clearly seems to be written by someone who at least believes at least a majority of The Fundamental to be true:


All that you know to be right is wrong. The ‘cult’ runs the world. Fantasy land. The world is fighting back (& destroying the cult).

20% public. 80% private. The world would otherwise collapse….

Their need for symbolism will be their downfall.

MSM role? Push conspiracy theory. Social media role? Push conspiracy theory and institute new rules allowing for ban. Censorship.


Q is clearly saying that 80 percent of the war that is now being fought must be done in private, clandestinely.

Otherwise, the Alliance believes the shock and trauma would be so great that the world would indeed collapse.

The “conspiracy theory” that is being pushed by mainstream media (MSM) and social media is the idea that there is no Deep State.

We are definitely seeing more and more examples of aggressive censorship taking place.



The day my wedding announcement to Elizabeth went up, March 4th, was also the very last day we spent at our former residence in Los Angeles before we hit the road.

By this point, the Alliance briefings through sources affiliated with Corey Goode and others had greatly diminished.

We were told that this was because the Alliance campaign against the Deep State had moved from a “planning” phase to an “operational” phase.

In the public, worldly sense, there did not appear to be very many events that had the gravitas of a major intel data dump, or the stunning takedown of key Deep State figures.

We did hear that a major Dark Alliance operation was waged against Emery Smith to try to discredit him, and illegally publish whatever documents were found online.

This smear campaign did not discover any actionable data against Emery. He has been honest about his prior experiences.

The death of Emery’s dog Beowulf and bizarre car crashes we discussed in Part One seemed to be the response to this failed smear campaign.



I also was forced to deal with the unfortunate disappearance of “Mega Anon,” a source we had covered extensively in previous articles from the end of last year.

Let’s not forget that Mega Anon appeared on 4Chan in May 2017, saying many provocative things that mirrored our intel very nicely.

She was openly prognosticating an epic takedown of the Deep State, complete with mass arrests and public disclosures of information.

I was the only person she ever reached out to for verbal conversation. It only lasted about a month and a half. My wife spoke to her as well.

Mega had called me at the LAX airport before I boarded my flight to Colorado in early January, saying there was “very exciting news.”

It sounded as if her Alliance contacts wanted to reach out in some greater depth, possibly in person. I never heard from her again.

The stunning death of Emery’s dog occurred only days after this phone call I had with Mega Anon.

In that same call she also said that behind the scenes, the battle was furious, and the Deep State was losing fast.

However, just like the wounded lion, this also meant they were more dangerous than ever before.



The Q Anon material began appearing on 4Chan at the end of October 2017, just two weeks after we threw Mega Anon into the limelight.

We have now had multiple briefings indicating that the QAnon posts are authentic releases of intel from what we are calling the Alliance.

The Alliance is an international group of different factions who all agree that the Deep State / Cabal / New World Order / Illuminati must be stopped.

The Alliance includes what now appears to be a majority of the military and intelligence agencies within the US, as well as many other countries.

They are far more aware of what is going on in the Secret Space Program than we may realize.

The shocking, blatant attacks against Emery, Pete, Tompkins, Goode and others suggests there is true desperation within the Deep State.

It may well be that the Alliance plans on revealing epic secrets, including a guided tour of underground facilities, fairly soon after the arrests occur.



Bizarre and upsetting conflicts are still occurring in the world, such as the recent airstrikes in Syria — a joint operation between the US, UK and France.

The administrations in the UK and particularly France definitely still appear to be under the control of the Deep State.

Compelling proof has already surfaced in which the initial attack in Syria was not caused by chemical weapons, but was rather fabricated.

People who had survived a normal fire were traumatized when individuals burst into the room, said it was a chemical attack, and water was poured on them.

This was what produced the footage that everyone then saw.

It does appear that this was another Deep State attempt to force the Trump administration into creating the World War III they are so desperately hoping for.

There could well be multiple methods the Deep State used to force the US administration to participate in these strikes, or suffer serious consequences.

This appears to be why Trump brushed a bit of dandruff off of French president Macron’s jacket in their first meeting after the strike.



I get that some people can see nothing but total evil and negativity in the current US administration.

You may be firing up your fingers for a massive keyboard volley of hate as we speak.

A close friend witnessed someone go into a violent meltdown when the Syria airstrikes were brought up.

It is very easy to hate the current administration. The establishment media is constantly feeding you reason after reason to be angry.

I have always tried to look behind the headlines and see the actions of the Deep State that may not be as obvious to everyone.

The truth is rarely ever as simple as whatever storyline we are being fed by the media. This may seem offensive, particularly to older generations, but is nonetheless true.

You don’t have to like the current administration to understand that a very serious war is taking place between them and whoever controls the mainstream media.



We have now reached the point where the FBI invaded the offices of the president’s attorney and seized confidential documents, just days before the airstrikes.

The female judge who ordered the raid also happened to have been Clinton’s pick for Attorney General, and the minister at George Soros’ wedding.

Very interestingly, on the night the airstrikes took place, the top US military officials posed for a picture with the president.

In this picture, if you exclude the two men wearing civilian ties on either side of the president, you have nine military officials on the left and eleven on the right.




This may have been intentionally staged to let us know that they are aware of what really happened on 9/11, and are pursuing justice.

You may be laughing out loud right now, and that’s fine. If various insiders are correct, we will find out the truth soon enough.



Thankfully, nothing has escalated into further conflict despite all the media fear porn that was prognosticating imminent doom.

For what it’s worth, Benjamin Fulford’s intel was that a secret agreement was made with Syria and Russia to bomb three sites that were decommissioned.

No one died from these bombings, and only three injuries occurred. Here is what former Forbes journalist Benjamin Fulford had to say:


The U.S. military nonetheless went ahead with the April 13th attack on Syria because of a deal reached with the Russian military and the Syrian government, the [Pentagon] sources explain.

In this deal, the U.S. military was given three authorized targets inside Syria—a derelict building scheduled for demolition, and two empty airbases—in order to deprive the Zionists of an excuse to expose Trump’s dirty laundry, while at the same time avoiding a world war.

In addition, the “Syrian missile strikes pave the way for U.S. troop withdrawal, and Trump tweeting ‘mission accomplished’ was aimed at George Bush Jr. and the perps behind 9/11,” say the Pentagon sources.



Given how intense and publicly obvious this war between the current administration and the media has been, I would not be surprised if the strikes were somehow forced.

Some horrible “offer you can’t refuse” could have easily happened — thus leading to the bizarre “9/11” military photo we saw above.

The Deep State is incredibly clever at creating such setups, in which no other choice seems possible.

An event like this also serves to only further alienate the people who are already very opposed to whatever is going on.

I am very grateful that this did not escalate into any wider international conflict in these troubled times.

Either way, it is important not to get thrown off by this one event and to keep the “big picture” of the intel we have in mind.

One of the most stunning and provocative pieces of physical evidence will be discussed in the very next section below.

My life is only just starting to calm down enough after the move that I can do research again. The Q stuff is often very cryptic, but there is a quite a bit in there.

I am very pleased that the Alliance has found a secure means of informing the public about what they are working on.

Since the Alliance is comprised of multiple factions, there may never be an “officially sanctioned” release of intel, but this is about as close as we can get.



Everyone who follows this story has undoubtedly wished for stunning, public, visible results faster than what we are seeing so far.

Two key data points should be kept in mind in any discussion of this fascinating subject.

First off, the number of sealed indictments now on the books as of March 31st, 2018 is at a staggering 24,544:



This process began in late October of last year, and has been continually increasing.

This was already a very exciting story that we covered on Christmas Day 2017, at which time the number was “only” 4,289.

Here is an excerpt from that same article we wrote that explains why this is so significant:



A sealed indictment may be filed in a case where an organized crime syndicate is under active investigation.

This allows the authorities to nab certain individuals in the cartel, without making a public statement of who is being targeted.

It is now a provable fact that the number of sealed indictments on the current Federal record is vastly higher than usual, by orders of magnitude.



A 2009 report from the US Federal Judicial Center indicated that there were only 1,077 sealed criminal cases in 2006, or only 1.6 percent:

[p.21] We found 1,077 sealed criminal cases among 66,458 criminal cases filed in 2006 (1.6%).



Here is the Twitter post from @damartin32 that released the most recent numbers:


View image on TwitterView image on Twitter

StormWatcher ™�� �� ���� ✝ #ReleaseTheTexts@damartin32

March Update to Sealed Indictments:

6,034 new from 3/1/18 to 3/31/18

24,544 new sealed indictments entered from 10/30/17 thru 3/31/18

Link to back-up files: httpss:// 

How many are normal? 1,077 per 2009 report: httpss://  #SealedIndictments

Something Very Big, Part III: Saudi Mass Arrests Sign of Impending Cabal Defeat?

Something Very Big, Part III: Saudi Mass Arrests Sign of Impending Cabal Defeat?

by David Wilcock
November 12, 2017, 11:22 pm

49 top Saudi officials were arrested and hundreds more have had their bank accounts seized, beginning on November 4th.

Once we understand that these individuals were coordinating ISIS, 9/11 and other “false flag” attacks for the Cabal, the significance of these arrests becomes quite awesome.

The above image is of some of these officials trying to sleep on tiny cots and single blankets under the bright lights of the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Saudi Arabia.

This is only one of dozens of explosive news stories all suggesting… you guessed it… Something Very Big is Coming, as we forecasted in Parts One and Two.

We have been granted the privilege of sharing new briefing details that are mission-critical and have not yet appeared anywhere else in quite this form.

This is going to be a shorter article than the previous rounds as there are many distractions occurring in the immediate term — but this needs to get out.

UPDATED Same Night, Next Morning: Do not miss! Scroll to red subheadings near the end.


We have extensively documented evidence that the world is secretly run by a cultish, racist, genocidal and sexually perverted group we call the Cabal.

We have also presented ongoing evidence of an increasingly powerful international alliance that is working to defeat this menacing, occult power elite.

One major surprise for newbies, or “normies” in 4Chan lingo, is the fact that much of the US military and intelligence community is now working against the Cabal.

The Alliance is clearly winning the battle. The events that are now exposing the Cabal are not happening in a vacuum. They are all very intentional.

We are indeed seeing the final stages of a “shadow World War III” coming to a completion.

The Saudi mass arrests of November 4th are as potentially significant as the defeat of the Germans in WWII — or at least some other key part of the Axis.

Even those who are the most disconnected from any knowledge of the Allliance and its workings are seeing undeniable, revolutionary changes.

Continue Reading

The War has Gone Hot by David Wilcox, May 28th



Although things seem “almost too quiet” in the open world at the moment, the war in the Secret Space Program world has never been hotter or more intense.

We are no longer getting full intel due to operational security — but we have strong clues as to what this is leading to.

The art at the top of this article is a professional rendition of the aerial part of the battle that is happening now, based on high-level intel.

This is not at all a normal situation. Due to “masking” technology this war is mostly invisible to us, but there are traces of the battle that we can measure.

The teardrop-shaped craft are of the Draco, and the triangular “chevron” craft are a new and unexpected surprise attack from what appears to be the Alliance.

We will provide the full context in this article to help you understand what is going on now, and where it may be leading.

In order to set up the story, it is necessary to frame the expansive new view that is required through some little-known but conventional examples.

[Note: The article will undergo updates that will be added in red after it is first posted, over the next 24 hours. We will notate them here as it unfolds.]





Take a look at the device you are reading these words on right now. It’s a part of your everyday routine to use it. You don’t even think that much about it.

The gadget generally works the way it is supposed to. Although you don’t know everything, you learned how to use it and can function with it.

You can read articles, play videos with impressive production effects, talk to people who you can see on the screen, and order goods and services delivered.

With just a few clicks, you can guarantee that in as little as 24 hours, someone will arrive at your doorstep with a box containing whatever you want.

You don’t have to do any work to make those items. Nor do you have to go anywhere to find them. They just manifest as if by magic.




Now take a look at your surroundings. If you are indoors, notice things like glass windows, carpeted floors, electric appliances and the clothing you wear.

You probably have a wallet containing plastic cards that can get you the things you want just by swiping them through a machine with buttons.

Look at the materials your surroundings are made of, the functions they perform and the comforts they afford you. All very normal.

Yet if you projected someone from even a few hundred years ago into your situation, they would be dazzled by the mysterious things they saw.

If they were then returned to their own vicinity, they would soon tell tales of meeting mystical “gods” in a heavenly realm with inexplicable magic and wizardry.



You can also jump on a plane and travel vast distances that would have taken months, either by horse or by boat, before the railroad was invented in 1804.

You can now travel fast enough that the time your body expected to be day becomes night — and vice versa.




Any interior location is ultimately just some form of a room. There you are in a room, sitting down, maybe looking out the window, and it’s all very typical.

If you are in a car, train or plane, you are still inside a familiar craft.

The seats, the windows, the decor and what you see outside the craft is all completely non-challenging to your belief systems. Everybody knows this stuff.



You see people of all different races in the course of your daily routine — both in person and in other forms. Asians, Blacks, Latinos, Caucasians and others.

You are not in the least bit surprised or unsettled by the differences in how they look. It’s all very normal to you.

It’s only when something or someone new comes along that, for a brief time, your entire reality can turn upside down.

Soon, however, even a radical new change — like discovering a new and different race of people — becomes a normal, everyday part of life.



Thayer Watkins, a faculty member at San Jose State University, is one of many scholars to have covered the intriguing phenomenon of “cargo cults” that formed in some of the South Pacific islands.

Most of these islands were in an area called Melanesia, to the northeast of Australia. This area was right near Japan in the theater of battle during World War II.

Several different Melanesian islands that had lived in almost complete isolation were suddenly contacted by mysterious-looking people with white skin during the war.

Military troops flew in with advanced technology, concerned that these islands could be infiltrated by the enemy and used as bases to mount new attacks.

Australia and New Zealand were Allied countries and there were fears that Japan would try to invade them by air or by sea from the northeast.

These islands were also used as staging areas to fight active and bloody battles, such as in Guadalcanal, which is within the Solomon Islands in the map below.

Hence, Melanesia suddenly became an area of key tactical significance in WWII, providing a very dynamic example of “enculturation” in 20th century history.



The natives were exposed to a level of sophistication, civilization and technology unlike anything they could possibly have expected before then.

This is of far greater significance to our current situation than almost anyone realizes.

The people of Melanesia were unaware of the greater world around them.

As far as they were concerned, Melanesia was the world, and everyone there was to know lived there.

The idea that their population was very small, and there were far greater places to live than where they were, never even occurred to them.

Nor could they imagine technology beyond the primitive level they had attained on their own.



Here is the excerpt from our San Jose State University professor that helps us get this discussion started.

This is an issue of key importance to the insider world that I have heard about for years. After following up on this research lead, I now understand why.

We have added images to strengthen the point. Take a look:

Prof. Thayer Watkins on “Cargo Cults”

After World War II, anthropologists discovered that an unusual religion had developed among the islanders of the South Pacific.

It was oriented around the concept of cargo, which the islanders perceived as the source of the wealth and power of the Europeans and Americans.

This religion, known as the Cargo Cult, held that if the proper ceremonies were performed, shipments of riches would be sent from some heavenly place.

It was all very logical to the islanders.




The islanders saw that they worked hard but were poor, whereas the Europeans and Americans did not work but instead wrote things down on paper.

In due time, a shipment of wonderful things would arrive.

The Cargo Cult members built replicas of airports and airplanes out of twigs and branches.

They made the sounds associated with airplanes to try to activate the shipment of cargo.




Although the existence of the Cargo Cult only became known after World War II, the cult had developed long before, when the Europeans first arrived in the area in ships.

There were legends among the islanders of their distant ancestor-god having journeyed to the west, and promising to someday return….



Islanders would build a hut in the forest, and the cultees would bring money and leave it in the hut in expectation that it would grow.

Sometimes replicas of briefcases would be used to hold the money.

Unfortunately the money would often be stolen from these jungle banks, leaving the islanders even poorer than they were before….







In New Guinea, the Australian authorities enlisted the aid of the son of a famous warrior to discourage the Cargo Cult.

He was effective, and as a reward the Australians gave him a trip to Sydney.

While in Sydney, this man visited an anthropological museum. There he saw the sacred cult objects of his people on display.

When the man returned to New Guinea, he spread the word that the source of the Australians’ power was that they had stolen the sacred art of his people — and built a temple to house it.

A new cult developed around this idea.



The WWII soldiers who visited and assisted these islands also shared their own Christian teachings, including the idea of end times and Ascension.

The war ended. The enemy of U.S.A. never tried to invade the islands or use them as a staging area.

The tactical significance of the islands disappeared. The promises of the “gods” were not kept. No one went back to give them more Cargo.

The “Cargo cults” formed after these cultures were left alone. The results were wildly unanticipated.

Even the most mundane aspects of our “modern” civilization were elevated into elaborate, arcane religious ceremonies, held in extremely high importance.






Although this knowledge is publicly available, it carries far greater significance within the insider military-industrial complex community than in the world at large.

You and I could be living on “islands” right here on Earth that we call continents — thinking these are the only places where anyone can live.

Despite how advanced we think we are, we may have no idea of the true scope of people and technology that is operating around us.

These people may have visited us and given us “Cargo” in what we would think of as the distant past. We soon formed elaborate belief systems around it.

The original “Cargo” may have long since disappeared, but various relics and artwork remain — paying homage to what our ancestors once saw.

Other “Cargo” may have crashed in far more recently — and inspired many of the breakthroughs we now take for granted in our society.



We now think we have all the answers. We fervently believe we understand reality, and that our conclusions are sensible, even obvious.

We fight and defend our belief systems, even to the death, since they are “normal.” It is what “God” has revealed to us — such as the god of Science.

We feel whatever level of technology we have right now is the best there is, or will be.

We can barely imagine having anything better at this point.

Each new change is gradual enough that we are only somewhat excited before it, too, becomes “normal.”



Like the cargo cults, we have only had brief glimpses of “unidentified flying objects” and “aliens” in the everyday world.

Not everyone believes the multitudinous eyewitness accounts. Those who do are only further emboldened by their opposition.

Like the cargo cults, the knowledge we gain from our visitors can quickly get contorted into belief systems that are rarely, if ever questioned:


May 1959 Scientific American Article on “Cargo Cult” Religions

The people of the central highlands of New Guinea are only the latest to be gripped in the recurrent religious frenzy of the “cargo cults.”

However variously embellished with details from native myth and Christian belief, these cults all advance the same central theme: the world is about to end in a terrible cataclysm.

Thereafter God, the ancestors or some local culture hero will appear and inaugurate a blissful paradise on earth.

Death, old age, illness and evil will be unknown. The riches of the white man will accrue to the Melanesians.


Although the news of such a movement in one area has doubtless often inspired similar movements in other areas, the evidence indicates that these cults have arisen independently in many places as parallel responses to the same enormous social stress and strain.

Among the movements best known to students of Melanesia are the “Taro Cult” of New Guinea, the “Vailala Madness” of Papua, the “Naked Cult” of Espiritu Santo, the “John Frum Movement” of the New Hebrides and the “Tuka Cult” of the Fiji Islands.

At times the cults have been so well organized and fanatically persistent that they have brought the work of government to a standstill.

The outbreaks have often taken the authorities completely by surprise and have confronted them with mass opposition of an alarming kind….


Troops on both sides in World War II found their arrival in Melanesia heralded as a sign of the Apocalypse.

The G.I.s who landed in the New Hebrides, moving up for the bloody fighting on Guadalcanal, found the natives furiously at work.

[The natives were] preparing airfields, roads and docks for the magic ships and planes that they believed were coming from “Rusefel” (Roosevelt), the friendly king of America.



If you don’t think the “cargo cults” have any similarity to what is going now, these images may cause you to think again:











Please don’t take this the wrong way. This information is not intended to belittle you or your beliefs.

It is simply being offered to provide you with a highly relevant example of truth. Every era that thought they “knew it all” has been horribly wrong.

In our own case, Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas are the “islands” where this much larger cargo cult has formed.

Hardly any of us have ever visited the Antarctic or bases inside the earth.

We do know these places exist, but access is very tightly regulated.

Our own “cargo cult” has certain religious beliefs about these places that are never questioned. Therefore, we believe hardly anyone lives in these areas.

Everything we think we know is ‘normal’ to us, and therefore considered to be an everyday fact of life.



We now have extensive, undeniable evidence that our solar system and our own Earth is already colonized on a vast scale by people we are not normally familiar with.

This includes remarkably cross-correlating insider testimony as well as photographic evidence of anomalous structures on the Moon, Mars and other moons.

These structures include pyramids, obelisks, a gigantic human face, enormous glass-like domes and collapsed rooftops of squared-off underground rooms.

Much of this evidence has been summarized and presented in The Ascension Mysteries, which I just finished writing and is due out August 30th.

Never before have I put together a “grand summary” of all the best insider data like this. I am very enthusiastic about the effect it will have on you as you read it.

Thanks to your support, this book hit #1 in four different Amazon categories, and made it up to #64 out of all books in their entire catalog.

Pre-ordering the book locks in a lower price and ensures you will receive “cargo” on or around August 30th!





There are also people from our own ‘islands’ who are already deeply involved in this greater civilization.

They have hidden that connection from the rest of us.

New insider testimony has revealed that the Cabal — the global elite bankers — were pursuing a Secret Space Program (SSP) ever since the late 1700s, at least.



The Cabal’s first move was to set up secret bases in South America in the early 1800s.

There, they attempted to achieve space travel through secret balloon / dirgible technology.

The work began on a larger scale by 1825, and significant success was achieved by 1850.

In the open, declassified world, the first steam-powered airship appeared in 1852. It traveled for 17 miles at 6 miles per hour. 




As always, the classified tech was much better than anything the world was seeing.

Count Ferdinand Von Zeppelin patented a rigid airship design in 1895 that led to dirgibles becoming destructive weapons in World War I.

Von Zeppelin’s patent was another example of a classified technology leaking out into the open so it could eventually be used for tactical purposes.



Ultimately dirgibles were discontinued after events like the Hindenberg in 1937, and the realization that strong wind currents could slam them to earth and kill everyone.

Classified German dirgibles from World War I were so huge that they served as flying aircraft carriers, capable of transporting multiple warplanes at once.




In the classified world, things were moving along much better in the 1800s.

This peaked in a wave of “airship” sightings where German-speaking people piloted their craft along the Transcontinental Railroad in America.

The railroad was built and owned by Harriman, a Cabal member. The craft landed and German-speaking individuals spoke to locals and even gave them rides.

Since this was a classified program intended to colonize our solar system, these events have never been officially acknowledged even to this day.

Real antigravity and the ability to leave Earth orbit did not arrive until the Germans cut deals with certain ET groups in the early 20th century.

This data has been provided by insiders including “Bruce,” Hoagland’s top insider featured in the new book, as well as aerospace engineer William Tompkins.



Wars have been fought for millennia to keep our ‘islands’ from knowing about the vastly larger populations that surround us, and the technology they have.

Like the Melanesians just prior to World War II, we think the island continents we now live on are the full extent of the civilized life out there in the universe.

Now, instead of seas that are too difficult to travel across long distances, we have the vastness of space.

Just as the Melanesians did not have boats that could circumnavigate the globe, we do not openly have any tech that allows us to travel into space.

Therefore, wars could be going in our solar system, and around our earth with the use of cloaking technology, that we are completely unaware of.

These wars appear in our terms to be very ancient.

The written reports of them have since turned into religions, filled with beliefs and ceremonial re-enactments.

The Melanesians had no idea how huge our world really was. All they saw were a few soldiers and their tech. Entire belief systems were created around this.

As we head into Part Two, we will discuss the massive amount of human life in our galaxy, and the differences in time perception that can and do occur.



Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock, March 9th

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock – Sunken City of Cuba

This episode continued the discussion of ancient civilizations that experienced the great cataclysms of the past. It focused on the destruction of one ancient city that seems to be closely related to Lemuria. David Wilcock starts off with a recap from previous episodes of how the different civilizations received pyramid technology from the Ra group, but instead of using it for positive ends, they created an elitist society and kept the benefits of this higher technology to themselves. The cataclysms that followed were a sort of karmic balancing of all of the negativity these civilizations brought to the Earth.

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Wisdom Teachings: The Atlantean Mysteries – with David Wilcock 
Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock – The Atlantean Catastrophe 
To review, and to set the tone for this discussion, here is the passage of interest from Plato’s Timaeus.
“As for those genealogies of yours which you just now recounted to us, Solon, they are no better than the tales of children.
In the first place you remember a single deluge only, but there were many previous ones; in the next place, you do not know that there formerly dwelt in your land the fairest and noblest race of men which ever lived, and that you and your whole city are descended from a small seed or remnant of them which survived. And this was unknown to you, because, for many generations, the survivors of that destruction died, leaving no written word.”
From past weeks, we have seen that there are numerous ancient and lost civilizations which met their end due to these cataclysms. Three of these were Egypt, Gebekli Tepe, and Lemuria.
To hear about these subjects, watch the show Disclosure on GaiaTV with John Anthony West, Graham Hancock and David Wilcock. See the links below.
Disclosure: Secret Origin of Humanity with Graham Hancock
Disclosure: The Sacred Science of Ancient Egypt 
Many will find it interesting to know that discoveries of ancient cities such as these can be found in mainstream media, but instead of receiving the attention they deserve, they are often dismissed as trivial. Some believe this is due to the potential threat to mainstream history that they pose. Others believe that their revelation may bring an end to the technological monopoly which seems to be in place at present. There are a number of possible reasons behind such secrecy, but the one thing we can be sure of is that there is much to be uncovered regarding them.
One of these lost cities may have been found off the coast of Cuba. The story of this discovery was even covered by BBC on December 7, 2001. Here is what they had to say.
“A team of explorers working off the western coast of Cuba say they have discovered what they think are the ruins of a submerged city built thousands of years ago.
Researchers from a Canadian company used sophisticated sonar equipment to find and film stone structures more than 2,000 feet (650 metres) below the sea’s surface.
They say they still do not understand the exact nature of their discovery, and plan to start a thorough analysis of the site – off the tip of the Guanahacabibes Peninsula – in January.
Advanced Digital Communications is one of four firms working in a joint venture with President Fidel Castro’s government to explore Cuban waters, which hold hundreds of treasure-laden ships from the Spanish colonial era.”
As we can see, this is not pseudo-science. It is not conspiracy theory. This is potential evidence that has been deliberately ignored by a scientific establishment which seems to believe that blind preclusion is a sound method of determining fact. You may find that when attempting to research this subject for yourself, blind skepticism is more popular the actual scientific methodology.
It is common that this skeptics and nae-sayers receive most of the attention each time new, unprecedented discoveries are made. Often, when these discoveries contradict the established understanding of a particular scientific field, they are ignored or excused away as irrelevant. Consequently, each time we try to uncover anything beside what is considered “mainstream”, we find this pseudo-religious skepticism in greater quantities than the actual data.  To give a real-life example… In my search for “Advanced Digital Communications”, the first hit I came to was an average skeptic site. It had the usual tone of criticizing scientific “deviants” who have the nerve to think for themselves, and gave them their due spanking for their none-conformity. This is not credible skepticism. This is more likened to sheep-dog thought control, in my opinion.
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The Truth about most Skeptics
Despite the nae-saying of the untrained and unprofessional, the evidence we find is “robust” (to use Wilcock’s description). Upon first reading this material, Wilcock describes how he was not yet completely familiar with the topic, but that it still interested him.
Interview: Paul Weinzweig, Partner, Advanced Digital Communications,
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
As the story goes, Paulina Zelitsky was the head of a research team called “Advanced Digital Communications” back when this discovery was first made. (Though I couldn’t find an exact date, logic suggests that the BBC article was written soon after this discovery.) Paulina’s teams was hired by Fidel Castro to search for treasure that would have been lost during the old, maritime trades. As Wilcock described, during these trades (circa 1600’s to 1800’s) when the Mezzo-American conquest was taking place, there were large amounts of gold being plundered by the Spanish, Portuguese, the French, and other maritime powers. This gold was being shipped out from Mezzo-America, often being smelted into coins for the purpose of tracking. This coinage was then taken back to Europe, but often these ships would be robbed by pirates (which as Wilcock mentioned, were actually the Knights Templar, who were also connected with Scottish Rite Freemasonry).
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Disclosure: Four Stages of Conquest with William Dean Garner – GaiaTV
32nd degree ritual from the Authentic Scottish Rite Ritual 
Mithras Lodge of Perfection
So Paulina’s team was searching for any treasure that may have been lost. The deal allowed her to keep 50% of any valuables that the team found. This research team used a technology called “side-scan sonar”. This technique uses an under-water, sonar device suspended from a line which takes horizontal scans of the ocean floor. These scans are then pieced together to create decipherable imagery and 3D computer reconstructions. This side-scan technology is commonly used by fishermen to find where the prime locations are to cast their nets.
When Paulina’s team took scans of an area they believed to be a likely sunken ship, they found something much different. There were schools of fish, yes, but there was also something else which was clearly visible in the instrumentation.
We see “rectilinear geometry”. There are right-angle turns everywhere, just like in modern-day architecture.  These are exactly what a person would see if they were to scan an average city block with this technology.

(The image at the bottom shows a large empty spot down the middle of the image.  That is actually the boat hull.)

The images labeled “B2”, “B3”, “B4”, and “B9” may be of greatest interest.
We can see the foundations of buildings, wall-like structures, and numerous objects that cannot be explained by natural rock formation. Keep in mind, this is half of a mile below sea level (2,200 feet). Given the depth of this location, this site had to be at least 12,000 years old, before the last ice-age. That is the only way the site can be explained. This is a point of contention among researchers and mainstream scientists. It is typical that when data defies the conventional standard, the data is thrown out.
So upon making this remarkable discovery, Paulina signed a deal with National Geographic which was supposed to allow them exclusive rights to the airing of this information during the summer of 2003, but National Geographic never aired the story. They ended up burying the information, and since Paulina signed a non-disclosure agreement, she was not allowed to share the images her team recorded. However, Paulina was able to interview with Linda Moulton Howe and various others on this discovery.
Here is an image taken off of Paulina’s computer.  She wasn’t allowed to show the images themselves, but by a loophole, she was able to show images of the images.

Again, we see right-angle turns.

(The yellow dots are fish.)

If there were no issue with National Geographic burying this scientific data, it might not be much to consider. However, if it threatened the establishment to the point where people felt that it must be hidden from the public, this means there may likely be something to it.

There are no known, geological formations in this location that would cause these side-scan sonar readings. Sand cannot do this, and neither can seaweed. (This is a tighter image of B8.)

So after finding this data, the team decided to take a closer look at these structures. These waters are too treacherous for any scuba-diver to traverse. The pressure is too great, and the currents are too strong. The only way to view the ocean floor at this depth is with a submersible equipped with a video camera and spot light.
Here is what they recorded.

This is an image from the video data retrieved from this site.  We can see pyramids, linear architecture and what are most likely the foundations of buildings.

Here is a computer reconstruction of a structure that resembles a temple of some kind.  We can also see what look to be sphinxes in the background.
These are buildings and structures that could not have been above the surface of the water unless they existed before the last ice age.
Here is a better view of these sphinx-like structures.  The difference between these and the more-familiar Egyptian sphinx is the head, as well as the third paw-like protrusion at the base, near the front.

This is an image of a series of temple-like structures.  The complex was massive in size and consisted of multiple structures which bore many similarities to other lost civilizations we find globally.

Though this evidence is extensive, according to David Wilcock, it is only the beginning of the evidence Paulina has in her possession.

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Google Earth


On top of these images, David describes how he was contacted by a woman who, at the time, worked at the Guantanamo Bay. The story went that this woman was at a regular cookout with barbecue included. She was simply standing there enjoying her time when a drunken Navy seal walked up and started talking to her. One memorable statement (the first of many) that came out of his mouth was, “You know, we found Atlantis down there”.
During the Cuba Missile Crisis, there were multiple missions involving submarine reconnaissance taking place around the island of Cuba.  During these missions, the teams stumbled across a site that had sphinxes, pyramids, and multiple stone structures.

Upon finding this site, preparations were made, and an investigation ensued.  Teams were sent in, and as they were, they found notable technology within the buildings. According to Wilcock, in order to mount this expedition, these people most likely built a large dome around the structures, pumped out the water, and pressurized it before going inside to explore. As they did, they were amazed at what they found. They actually found working machines that were still operational after 12,000 years. Some of the lights were actually still on.  This woman’s testimony would add a significant piece to the puzzle.
According to the Law of One text, this civilization must have been built around 50,000 years ago, during the beginning of the age before the current 25,000-year cycle (the end of the 1stcycle). These were the souls who were refuges from the Martian transfer.
Wisdom Teachings – The Mars Transfer with David Wilcock 
To review, here is the Law of One on what was happening on Earth at this time.
21.25 Questioner: Just to quickly refresh my mind— how many years ago did Lemuria suffer its catastrophe?

Ra: I am Ra. This was approximately fifty thousand [50,000] of your years ago. The origins being approximately five three, fifty-three thousand [53,000] of your years ago. The damage being completed in that last small cycle of the first master cycle.

21.26 Questioner: Did you mean to say master or major cycle?

Ra: I am Ra. The appropriate sound vibration complex is major cycle.

21.27 Questioner: Thank you. Then did the ending of this first major cycle have something to do with the destruction of Lemuria, or did this destruction just happen to occur at the end of that cycle?

Ra: I am Ra. There is a confluence of energies at the ending of a major cycle. This encouraged what was already an inevitable adjustment in the movement of the surfaces of your planetary sphere.

21.28 Questioner: Thank you very much. I apologize for being so stupid in making my questions but this has cleared up the point nicely for me. Thank you.
Then in the second 25,000-year major cycle was there any great civilization that developed?
Ra: I am Ra. In the sense of greatness of technology there were no great societies during this cycle. There was some advancement among those of Deneb who had chosen to incarnate as a body in what you would call China.

There were appropriately positive steps in activating the green-ray energy complex in many portions of your planetary sphere including the Americas, the continent which you call Africa, the island which you call Australia, and that which you know as India, as well as various scattered peoples.

None of these became what you would name great as the greatness of Lemuria or Atlantis is known to you due to the formation of strong social complexes and in the case of Atlantis, very great technological understandings.

However, in the South American area of your planetary sphere as you know it, there grew to be a great vibratory distortion towards love. These entities were harvestable at the end of the second major cycle without ever having formed strong social or technological complexes.

This will be the final question in completion of this session. Is there a query we may answer quickly before we close, as this instrument is somewhat depleted?

According to the text, this is most likely Lemuria. It is alleged to have been built within the same time frame as Lemuria, and there were only so many major civilizations who had pyramid technology at the time (though these pyramids were more common then than they are in modern times).  This passage basically sums up the information covered in passed episodes regarding the Mars transfer.
Some may not realize this, but there is actually an additional chapter in the Law of One text that wasn’t initially published.  A project which was dubbed the “Re-listening Project” was undertaken in an attempt to reconstruct this lost text. It turned out that Carla Rueckert removed a chapter from the text because she thought that it was too shocking for people to hear. This is the subject of what the Law of One refers to as the “confluence of energy”. Next week’s episode is set to continue on this topic.
For the complete text of the Law of One, go to .
Click here to watch the episode, Wisdom Teachings: Sunken City of Cuba .

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Go to, and you will be able to sign up for one month of access for $0.99.

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I started DTM because I feel that informing the people is the most positive and impactful thing I am able to do at this point. I work at my articles as though each one were my job, as I don’t quite have the health to keep an actual job right now. Somehow, I get more energized when I know I’m having a positive impact in the lives of others. 
Right now, I rely upon donations and ads to keep my site going. Ideally, we would live in a world free of the need for money of any kind. We will have that world very soon, I believe, but in the mean time, I depend upon this task to sustain me as I do my best to be dependable to you, my readers. I hope “Discerning the Mystery” is a truly positive and progressive experience for you. 
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Disclosure Showdown by David Wilcock, November 25th


The downing of a Russian airliner, the “heart attack” of the founder of Russia Today in DC, the stunning UFO-like missile test over LA, the Paris shootings and the Turkish attack on a Russian warplane may all be signs that the war for Disclosure is reaching its climax.

At least six different insider sources are telling us the Alliance has reached a huge decision: They have finally agreed to move forward with Disclosure.

Disclosure involves a tremendous release of classified information that will utterly change everything we thought we knew about the world today.

This may include some sort of official announcement, in the not-too-distant future, that non-terrestrial intelligent civilizations are visiting Earth.

A short-term initiative is already being implemented now — while the longer-term initiatives of how much to tell us, and when, are still being negotiated.

All five of these highly unusual and violent events occurred AFTER the majority of our insiders leaked this new intel to us… independently of each other.



Only the Old World Order “Cabal” group is now opposed to Disclosure. And, as usual, they are using terrorism to try to stop it — against Russia and France.

These attacks may be intended to bully Alliance countries and create fear, so they will hopefully rethink their decision to release the big secret.

Regardless of the secret and deadly war now being fought, the weeks and months ahead could finally produce some very exciting changes.

So many things are happening all at once that we feel it is important to summarize what we know in one single investigation.

[PLEASE NOTE: You may post excerpts of this article on your website or social media, but please link your readers back to this original as updates may occur.]

[UPDATE: Three hours after publication, we got hit with a tremendous surge that crashed this site for about seven hours. The server told us it looked like a DDoS hack attack.]





Like everyone else, we were shocked and saddened by the downing of the Russian airliner and the Paris shootings.

And what in the world is Turkey, a US ally, doing shooting down a Russian warplane that is bombing ISIS, everyone’s terrorist arch-enemy?

Up until this all started, things had been quiet for a couple months — in the sense that negative mass incidents were not dominating our collective attention.

When we wrote “Terrifying Global Events” in late August, the “endgame” seemed to be approaching very rapidly.

We had two more large sections of data ready to go, but held them back once it was clear that the critical time had not yet arrived.

It was also admittedly necessary to take some time out, breathe and rebuild our resolve to continue fighting this battle.

Given what we are now seeing in the news and hearing from insiders, the time of change we were anticipating is happening now.


11/25: Russia Bombards Syrian Rebels Near Downed Russian Jet

The incident was one of the most serious publicly acknowledged clashes for half a century between Russia and a NATO member country.



If you are new to this and find yourself saying “What insiders,” or something less polite, our contact with multiple whistleblowers is easily provable — with video.

I (David) attended the Disclosure Project in 2001, featuring 39 insiders. I appear in the SIRIUS feature film that refers to these proceedings as well.

An article providing details about SIRIUS was prominently featured on the “Most Viewed” sidebar of The Huffington Post for well over a week.

I worked closely with Project Camelot, a group that has released videos of many whistleblowers, for their first four years — and met many of their insiders.

You can see me in Part 2 of the Pete Peterson Camelot video. Pete has been a very reliable and trusted source ever since we did this taping six years ago.

I also got called up on stage with NASA astronaut Dr. Brian O’ Leary and space program insider Henry Deacon halfway through this video taken in Zurich.

Now there is an entire show on the Gaia network where I am interviewing the space program insider Corey Goode, entitled Cosmic Disclosure.



Cosmic Disclosure has broken all previous viewership records for Gaia (formerly GaiamTV) and now has an audience comparable in size to that of CNN.

We have leaked insider data for many years in David’s Blog, creating controversial articles averaging over 100,000 unique views each.

Wherever possible, we have done the hard work of finding provable data to match up with insider testimony, so you don’t have to “take our word for it.”

Although the progress has been painfully slow, the disclosure war we have been documenting here has become ever-increasingly obvious.

There are countless news stories emerging every week that reveal the secret war that is raging behind the scenes — on a global level.

The truth truly is stranger and more fascinating than fiction — and you become part of the solution by learning about it.

This investigation will be a “long read,” but it will definitely not be boring. It presents a compelling narrative of data we have never before summarized.

So drop whatever you are doing, strap in and prepare for a wild ride.



Images and videos of smoldering debris, dead bodies, gunshots, screaming victims and wounded people haunt our dreams after events like these.

It is all too easy to throw up our hands and feel like all we can do is either grieve their losses or just numb ourselves out and ignore the pain.

These events must get bigger and nastier over time in order to generate mass effects, such as fear and terror — which is what the perpetrators want.

That’s why this type of crime is called “terrorism.”

If the perpetrators can trigger a full-scale war out of it — or at least a “piecemeal World War III,” as one of the links below says — then they get what they want.




Top media headlines have a short attention span and only focus on one major event at a time. A new war or mass fatality serves as an excellent distraction.

These disasters are shocking reminders that we have not yet reached our goals of a peaceful, harmonious future.

By exposing the truth of what is going on, we can work towards a solution that will free the earth from terrorism once and for all.

We cannot stand by, do nothing and wait for the next catastrophe as innocent people continue to die at the hands of these criminals.

It’s easy enough to “go back to sleep” after events like this — only to be triggered into fear once again when the next big news story comes along.

By exposing the truth of what is going on, we can work towards a solution that will free the earth from terrorism once and for all.

Whether we realize it or not, by learning and sharing the truth, we are helping an alliance that is diligently working to defeat the perpetrators of these attacks.

We will share detailed new information about this huge international alliance in this report, matching up insider data with provable facts.

The game is so deadly, and the villain so ruthless, that almost every Alliance move needs to be wrapped in a cloak of secrecy.



Once you become awakened to the truth of what is going on in our world, you will never see mass terror events like these in the same way.

Although there are genuine Muslim extremists working in a group like ISIS, the bigger question is who is financing them, and for what purpose.

There is a great abundance of evidence to suggest that groups like ISIS are “proxy armies” used by the Powers that Were to achieve their political goals.



Who are the Powers that Were?

You can call them whatever you like. They are the secret government syndicates that have been dominating the Western world behind the scenes.

It is shocking to discover that they covertly owned and controlled both sides of every major war in the 20th century, as we revealed in Financial Tyranny.

This is not an “Internet Conspiracy Theory.” The data is voluminous and irrefutable. Hitler was merely the most villainous face of the hydra.

Witness testimony is admitted as proof in a court of law, and countless witnesses have already stepped forward and presented damning evidence.

These crime syndicates have taught us to attack, ridicule and smear the whistleblowers and journalists exposing the truth.

This becomes an emotional coping mechanism — particularly for the older generations who grew up in a world of sanitized corporate media.

It helps us avoid the shocking betrayal of finding “the man in the bedroom” with the one we have supported and loved — and in this case voted for.



Every insider we have spoken with has direct, first-person knowledge of the fact that these secret government syndicates exist.

We have documented numerous examples of intel that was later proven to be correct — and to appear as major headlines.

These syndicates have marshaled incredible resources to ridicule and bury the truth — all in the hopes of swaying your opinion.



Many of the biggest headlines we see have a much greater story going on behind them than we realize.

According to multiple insiders, the real story may soon be revealed to the public in a stunning, major way.

We have been kept in the dark about the widespread presence of intelligent civilizations in and around earth, going back hundreds of millions of years.

It will quickly create the greatest mass awakening in all of our recorded history.

The syndicates are holding back technology that includes free energy, anti-gravity, portal travel and materializers — and tools that could heal the earth.

We have also been kept in the dark about the widespread presence of intelligent civilizations in and around earth, going back hundreds of millions of years.

We are encouraged enough by what we are now hearing to “put it all out there” in this investigation.

Honestly, I am more excited by the latest news than I have been at any other point in this journey. I can’t wait to see how this all plays out.

Once the dam breaks — and it obviously must, sooner or later — it will finally vindicate so many years of tireless effort in the face of lethal threats and intimidation.



For the uninitiated, the idea that ISIS is a Western operation, financed by “too big to fail” banks, is so treasonous and crazy as to be impossible to consider.

Nonetheless, let’s now review and expand upon the first group of links we shared in August 24th’s “Terrifying Global Events.”

After the Russian airliner explosion and the Paris mass shootings, the question of “who and what is ISIS” has much greater urgency.

Our first link from the NY Times revealed that the governments of Iraq and Iran, at the highest levels, consider it a fact that ISIS is a proxy army of the West.

Part of what makes this announcement so significant is the simple fact that an institution like the NY Times would have mentioned it at all.

They are seeding a new thought into the mass public, using the “plausible deniability” of it only being a “conspiracy theory” within the governments of Iraq and Iran.

What kind of intel does Iraq and Iran possess that leads them to believe ISIS is a creature of the West?


9/21/14: NY Times: Are ISIS and CIA United?
BAGHDAD — The United States has conducted an escalating campaign of deadly airstrikes against the extremists of the Islamic State for more than a month.
But that appears to have done little to tamp down the conspiracy theories still circulating from the streets of Baghdad to the highest levels of Iraqi government that the C.I.A. is secretly behind the same extremists that it is now attacking.
“We know about who made Daesh,” said Bahaa al-Araji, a deputy prime minister, using an Arabic shorthand for the Islamic State on Saturday at a demonstration called by the Shiite cleric Moktada al-Sadr to warn against the possible deployment of American ground troops.
Mr. Sadr publicly blamed the C.I.A. for creating the Islamic State in a speech last week.
Interviews suggested that most of the few thousand people at the demonstration, including dozens of members of Parliament, subscribed to the same theory.
(Mr. Sadr is considered close to Iran, and the theory is popular there as well.)…
Omar al-Jabouri, 31, a Sunni Muslim from a predominantly Shiite neighborhood of Baghdad who attended the rally, [said]…
“It is obvious to everyone that the Islamic State is a creation of the United States and Israel.”



In this two-minute video clip, taken from the second link in “Terrifying Global Events,” we meet the vastly under-reported HSBC whistleblower Everett Stern.

As an insider now coming forward, Stern confidently shares one of a variety of examples proving that mega-banks like HSBC and JP Morgan are financing ISIS.

9/24: Terrorism Financed by HSBC and JP Morgan  [Disappeared after August 24th article publication]


One of the most provocative pieces on Stern’s site is a letter he submitted to the Federal Reserve, revealing the scope of crimes he witnessed as an employee of HSBC.

This letter is extremely rich in detail. Due to the size of our investigation, we will only include enough of it to get you started, including one specific example:


Everett Stern Intelligence Report: Letter to Federal Reserve on HSBC Bank

As the HSBC Whistleblower, I observed blatant and systematic violations of U.S. Anti-Money Laundering laws and a 2010 Cease and Desist Order – violations that I believe continue to this day.

While HSBC attempted to make it appear that it was in compliance with U.S. Anti-Money laundering laws and the 2010 Cease and Desist Order, it was, in fact, engaged in a widespread scheme to evade those restrictions and approve massive amounts of illegal financial transactions to boost bank profits….

The illegal conduct resulted in HSBC’s blatant participation in, and enabling of, drug trafficking, terrorist activities and the channeling of money to sanctioned regimes abroad.

Stern reported his findings to his superiors at HSBC and was at various times ignored, taunted, ridiculed and ultimately forced out.

Stern also reported this information to the CIA and the FBI.

Although HSBC entered into five Settlement Agreements with five different U.S. government agencies on December 11, 2012, pursuant to which HSBC agreed to pay $1.92 billion in fines and penalties, those Settlement Agreements do not release the specific illegal conduct Stern complains of and reports herein, and pertain generally to conduct that occurred prior to Stern’s employment with HSBC….


In June of 2011, as the specialist on the Middle East, Stern discovered that a number of the former HSBC debt collectors who were appointed AML Compliance Officers were approving transactions going to foundations in the Gaza Strip.

Stern reported this to his superiors, and warned that Hamas, which the U.S. State Department has deemed a terrorist organization, is the elected government of Gaza and that this money could be used to fund terrorism.

He did so by sending an email titled “Compliance Error” to Jeff Kraft and Luis Viteri (attached as Exhibit 4).

Subsequently, Jeff Kraft pulled Stern into a conference room and threatened to fire him.

Kraft stated, “Do you know what would happen if the government found out about the Compliance Error email? They would shut us down.

“Do you f—ing understand we are under a cease and desist order and you are putting in writing that we have a compliance error!?

“Gary Peterson would fire you in two seconds if he found out about this.”

When Stern tried to explain the situation to Kraft, Kraft stated, “Hamas is not a terrorist organization – they were elected to power.”



In case anyone says Stern is “blowing smoke” and “making things up,” here is a Bloomberg article on the 1.92 billion-dollar fine HSBC was slapped with.

And get this — HSBC admitted to financing organizations in Iran, Libya, Sudan, Burma, Cuba and Mexico as part of their settlement.

This completely violated the Trading With The Enemy Act, and provided money to terrorist groups that are supposed to be blocked by economic sanctions.

The 1.9 billion-dollar fine is but a tiny fraction of the 670B in un-monitored wire transfers and 9.4B in money laundering out of Mexico that was found in this investigation:


7/3/13: HSBC Judge Approves 1.9B Drug-Money Laundering Accord

HSBC Holdings Plc’s $1.9 billion agreement with the U.S. to resolve charges it enabled Latin American drug cartels to launder billions of dollars was approved by a federal judge.

U.S. District Judge John Gleeson in Brooklyn, New York, signed off yesterday on a deferred-prosecution agreement, a critical component of the London-based bank’s settlement.

Gleeson said in his order that he was exercising “supervisory power” over the deal even though the bank and government contended he didn’t have authority to approve or deny it….

HSBC was accused of failing to monitor more than $670 billion in wire transfers and more than $9.4 billion in purchases of U.S. currency from HSBC Mexico, allowing for money laundering, prosecutors said.

The bank also violated U.S. economic sanctions against Iran, Libya, Sudan, Burma and Cuba, according to a criminal information filed in the case.


Civil Penalties

The bank, Europe’s largest, agreed to pay a $1.25 billion forfeiture and $665 million in civil penalties under the settlement, prosecutors announced in December.

At a hearing the same month, Gleeson told prosecutors there had been “publicized criticism” of the agreement, which lets the bank and management avoid further criminal proceedings over the charges.

Gleeson said he will continue supervising implementation of the deal, under which the bank agreed not to contest criminal charges of failing to maintain an effective anti-money-laundering program, failing to conduct due diligence, and violating the Trading With the Enemy Act and the International Emergency Economic Powers Act.



Obviously, “publicized criticism” is a pretty loose term. There is so much information online these days that a story like this can easily be buried — and it was.

Here is what the whistleblower Everett Stern had to say about this 1.9B judgment HSBC paid out in an interview with Newsmax:


7/30/14: HSBC Whistleblower: Banks are Financing Terrorism

HSBC Bank whistleblower Everett Stern, CEO of Tactical Rabbit, says that banks like HSBC not only know, but have admitted to doing business with companies that finance terrorists.

“HSBC is part of the deferred prosecution agreement and JP Morgan and Citibank, they have all admitted to these things,” Stern told Ed Berliner on “MidPoint” on Newsmax TV Wednesday.

“For some reason the mainstream media is not covering the issue, and the American public doesn’t understand that these banks are literally financing the next 9/11,” he explained.


Stern uncovered a money-laundering operation at HSBC in 2011, when he discovered that the bank was giving the terrorist group Hezbollah access to millions of dollars.

“What I found was criminal manipulation of the wire filter.

“There was hundreds upon millions of dollars moving from Caribe Supermarkets, which is in Gambia, which is owned by the Tajideen brothers, which are financiers of Hezbollah,” he explained.

“And that money was being laundered through the U.S. and then back to Lebanon,” he said.

“It was financing Hezbollah, and this is what was going on at HSBC,” the CEO of Tactical Rabbit said.

The Justice Department fined HSBC $2 billion, “which is five weeks of their profit, and that was it,” he added.

Even though money laundering is generally seen as a white-collar crime, “these people have the blood of American soldiers on their hands.”



HSBC supposedly said “we’ll never, ever do it again” after paying the five-week fine — but this was not the case.

One year later, HSBC was again fined for blatantly financing terrorism. This was directly due to Everett Stern’s brave efforts to share the truth.

The story even made it to the Huffington Post, proving this is not an “Internet Conspiracy Theory.”

Judge John Gleeson obviously was unable to successfully monitor HSBC after his 1.9B judgment against them was filed and they paid the settlement.

Everett Stern is an example of someone who did the right thing. He discovered HSBC was transferring hundreds of millions of dollars of funds to a variety of terrorist organizations, and he reported it.

Notice how HSBC attempts to take credit for this, saying this data was “voluntarily reported” — when in fact it was only thanks to Stern, a Snowden-type whistleblower, that it was released:



12/18/13: HSBC Gets Small Fine for Terrorist Transactions

A major U.S. bank has agreed to a settlement for transferring funds on the behalf of financiers for the militant group Hezbollah, the Treasury Department announced on Tuesday.

Concluding that HSBC’s actions “were not the result of willful or reckless conduct,” Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control accepted a $32,400 settlement from the bank.

Treasury noted, as did HSBC in a statement to HuffPost, that the violations were voluntarily reported.

Everett Stern, a former HSBC compliance officer who complained to his supervisors about the Hezbollah-linked transactions, told HuffPost he was “ecstatic and depressed at the same time.”

“Those are my transactions, I reported them,” he said, satisfied that the government was taking action.

But, he added, “Where I am upset was those were a handful of transactions, and I saw hundreds of millions of dollars” being transferred.


Stern said he hopes the government’s enforcement actions against HSBC have not come to an end with the latest settlement.

“They admit to financing terrorism and they get fined $32,000. Where if I were to do that, I would go to jail for life,” he said.

HSBC’s fine is less than the $40,165.07 covered in the settlement agreement that the bank transferred between December 2010 and April 2011 on behalf of a development company that Treasury says serves as a front for some of Hezbollah’s biggest financiers in Africa.

And the government watchdog’s claim that HSBC committed no “substantially similar apparent violations” in the past five years is likely to raise some eyebrows.

In December 2012, the bank agreed to pay a $1.9 billion settlement for moving money that a 2012 Senate report found had likely helped drug cartels and a Saudi Arabian bank the CIA has linked to al Qaeda.



What you just read is only what one whistleblower was able to uncover — within one of a variety of “too big to fail” banks and financial institutions.

There have been a huge number of violent deaths in the banking and finance industry over the last 3 years, overlapping with the post-Snowden era.

Given how suspicious most of these “suicides” are, this could be a mass terror operation against any potential whistleblowers by the banks themselves.

A list of 75 different suspicious banker deaths in the recent past was published at the Secrets of the Fed site.

At least 36 occurred just in 2014 alone. Internet searches reveal these lists have been widely circulated on a variety of conspiracy analysis sites.

Every single link in the Secrets of the Fed list pointed to a blog by “Michael Tyler”, which features conspiracy information as well as racist content, unfortunately.

An example of content disparaging to Asians would be November 2nd, 2015’s “Funny Chinglish Signs.”



If Michael Tyler is indeed a real guy, it is definitely not a good idea to mix racist content together with such a serious investigation on the same site.

This is one of the tactics the Cabal uses to discredit information. Either way, this site has the largest single list of provable banker suicides we have found online.

Here is Tyler’s latest list of 66 banker suicides, from 2013 to June 2015. Unlike the Secrets of the Fed list, these links point to actual sites other than Tyler’s.



In order to understand the secrets behind the list you are about to read, some additional information is necessary.

It is considered “common knowledge” among the insiders I have spoken to that the Cabal assassinates whistleblowers by setting them up to look like a suicide.

These jobs typically involve a five-man team of paid mercenaries, called “wet workers.” The total cost for a job like this is typically 5 million dollars.

It may be that the ringleader, who does the dirtiest work, gets 2M and the other four, who provide lookout and support, get 750K.

Traditionally the money is paid in cash, so as not to create any traceable transactions that could be discovered later on in an investigation.

UPDATE: Insiders have since told us these teams are now only accepting payment in gold. Cash is no good. The 5M figure is correct.

A “good wet worker” has psychopathic personality characteristics that allow them to feel no fear or stress as they carry out these jobs.

They are invariably shown information convincing them that their target is a horrible person, and they are doing everyone a favor by taking them out.

Many of these workers end up being killed at some point to ensure silence. The Bourne Identity films are extremely accurate in this regard — and others.



In some cases, like a car running off the road, the target never sees their assassins. In other cases the killers simply walk right up to their target.

What they do at this point is much more sophisticated than “the old gun-in-the-pizza trick.”

Five-man teams of elite mercenaries are used to set up fake suicides.

Once these three guys show up (the other two are outlooks,) it very quickly becomes clear to the target that he or she has no choice.

The target will often be spoken to in a very calm, relaxed manner, even with a seemingly sincere apology as they are given a chance to accept their fate.

The target may be told that if they do not write their own suicide note, everyone they know and love will be brutally tortured and killed.

In many cases they are given a non-traceable sedative that knocks them out first, so they are not conscious of whatever is then done to them.

This also keeps the noise level down if the job is set up in an outdoor area or in a crowded residential facility like an apartment building.

The workers are also trained to be creative and use different methods, so their jobs do not take on a “signature” as we would see with serial killers.

Furthermore, all cars since 2006 can be hacked and driven by remote control, thanks to a secret law, making it even easier to take someone out.



In order to honor the dead, we have gone through and identified high-quality links to stories about each of their losses, and put them in chronological order.

Other lists of suspicious banker deaths included names that were not on Tyler’s site, and those names have also been included here.

Although there were 17 suspicious deaths on Tyler’s list for 2013, the biggest surge of events started in December 2013, after Snowden had changed the world.

We will start in December 2013 and continue to the end of 2014, though there have been many more suspicious deaths both before and after this one year.

Some of these are undoubtedly real suicides or accidents and not staged murders, but the sheer volume of unusual incidents in one year is cause for concern:



12/7/13: Joseph Ambrosio, 34, JP Morgan Financial Analyst, died suddenly from ACUTE RESPIRATORY SYNDROME – LINK 1, LINK 2

12/14/13: Benjamin Idim, 25, Nigerian, Diamond Bank executive, died in CAR CRASH with N2 million cash, only N800K recovered – LINK

12/15/13: Jason Alan Salais, 34, Information Technology specialist at JPMorgan, FOUND DEAD outside a Walgreens pharmacy – LINK

12/23/13: Susan Hewitt, 49, former Deutsche Bank executive, found FACE DOWN IN STREAM near her house during flood – LINK

12/23/13: Robert Wilson, 87, hedge fund founder, philanthropist, net worth 800M in 2000, JUMPED from 16th floor, ruled suicide – LINK



1/11/14: David Bird, 55, long-time reporter for the Wall Street Journal working at the Dow Jones news room, FOUND IN RIVER 14 mo later – LINK

1/19-28/14: Tim Dickenson, Director of Communications for Swiss Re, ties to JP Morgan, company COVERED UP time and cause of death – LINK

1/26/14: William ‘Bill’ Broeksmit, 58, former senior risk manager at Deutsche Bank, HUNG/ POSSIBLE SUICIDE – LINK

1/28/14: Gabriel Magee, 39, JP Morgan employee, dead after allegedly JUMPING from the rooftop of JP Morgan HQ in Europe – LINK

1/31/14: Mike Dueker, 50, Chief economist at Russell Investments and a former Federal Reserve bank economist, SUICIDE – LINK



2/3/14: Ryan Henry Crane, 37, Executive at JP Morgan, SUDDEN DEATH, cause unknown – LINK

2/4/14: John Ruiz, Morgan Stanley Municipal Debt Analyst, died suddenly, NO CAUSE GIVEN – LINK

2/7/14: Richard Talley, Former Chicago banker, founder and CEO of American Title Services, SHOT HIMSELF 7-8 times with NAIL GUN – LINK

2/18/14: Li Junjie, JP Morgan, Alleged SUICIDE after jumping from the JP Morgan HQ in Hong Kong – LINK 1, LINK 2

2/19/14: James Stuart Jr., Former National Bank of Commerce CEO, FOUND DEAD – LINK

2/28/14: Autumn Radtke, formerly w/JP Morgan, CEO of a Bitcoin exchange firm [competing with the Fed], “Suspected SUICIDE” – LINK 1, LINK 2


MARCH 2014

3/11/14: Mohamed Hamwi, 48, Syrian, System Analyst at Trepp, a financial data and analytics firm, SHOT – LINK

3/12/14: Edmund Reilly, 47, trader at Midtown’s Vertical Group, JUMPED in front of a speeding Long Island Rail Road commuter train – LINK

3/12/14: Kenneth Bellando, 28, former JP Morgan, involved in London Whale scandal, family of bankers, alleged SUICIDE jump – LINK

3/24/14: Joseph Giampapa, JP Morgan lawyer, CYCLIST HIT BY MINIVAN – LINK 1, LINK 2

3/24/14: London coroners open formal investigation into rash of banker suicide deaths – LINK


APRIL 2014

4/3/14: Amir Kess, 52, Israeli co-founder and managing director Markstone Capital Group equity fund, CYCLIST HIT BY CAR – LINK 1, LINK 2

4/4/14: Jan Peter Schmittmann, former CEO of Dutch Bank ABN Amro, SHOT dead along with wife and daughter in “family tragedy” – LINK

4/7/14: Juergen Frick, 48, Bank Frick & Co. AG, SHOT dead in underground parking garage of bank, shooter committed suicide – LINK

4/13/14: Tanji Dewberry, Assistant VP, Credit Suisse, died with son in HOUSE FIRE, arson “ruled out” – LINK

4/18/14: Benoit Philippens, Director/Manager BNP Paribas, GUNNED DOWN with wife and nephew in front of home – LINK

4/22/14: Lydia (no surname given) 52, France’s Bred-Banque-Populaire, “questioned her superiors” before SUICIDE jump – LINK

4/23/14: Li Jianhua, 49, Non-bank Financial Institutions Supervision Department of the regulator, HEART ATTACK – LINK

4/28/14: Andrew Jarzyk, 27, Assistant VP, Commercial Banking at PNC Financial Services Group, BODY FOUND IN RIVER, “mystery” – LINK 1, LINK 2


MAY 2014

5/6/14: Carlos Six, 61, Belgian Director General of Taxation, managed 9140 employees, “great reformer,” DROWNED – LINK

5/7/14: Thomas Schenkman, 42, Managing Director of Global Infrastructure, JP Morgan NY, SUDDEN DEATH, cause unknown/pending – LINK 1, LINK 2

5/9/14: Naseem Mubeen, Assistant VP of ZBTL Bank, Islamabad Pakistan, possible SUICIDE jump from 10th floor of bank building – LINK

5/23/14: Nigel Sharvin, 37, Senior Relationship Manager Ulster Bank, nephew of Scottish politician, ACCIDENTAL DROWNING – LINK

5/24/14: Daniel Leaf, 55, fmr Deutsche Bank, senior manager at the Bank of Scotland/Saracen Fund Managers, FELL OFF A 1000-FT CLIFF – LINK

5/24/14: Mahafarid Amir Khosravi, 45, Iranian billionaire HANGED for his part in 2.6B financial scandal – LINK

5/31/14: Lewis Katz, 76, four days after buying The Inquirer, Philadelphia Daily News and, dies of suspicious PLANE CRASH – LINK


JUNE 2014

6/3/14: Jan Winkelhuijzen, 75, Dutch Financial Commissioner, found STABBED along with wife in alleged “suicide pact” at home – LINK 1, LINK 2

6/13/14: Richard Rockefeller, 66, son of mega-billionaire David Rockefeller, died on Friday the 13th in suspicious PLANE CRASH – LINK 1, LINK 2

6/24/14: Richard Gravino, 49, Application Team Lead, JP Morgan, SUDDEN DEATH, cause unknown/pending – LINK


JULY 2014

7/7/14: Julian Knott, 45, JPMorgan Executive Director, Global Tier 3 Network Ops, allegedly SHOT WIFE multiple times, then SHOT himself dead – LINK

7/17/14: Therese Brouwer, 50, Managing Director of energy finance unit of ING, largest Dutch lender, died in MH17 PLANE CRASH – LINK

7/20/14: Nicholas Valtz, 39, Managing Director of Cross-Asset Sales at Goldman Sachs, New York, DROWNED while kitesurfing – LINK



8/31/14: Tod Robert Edward, 51, Group Vice President for M&T Bank, died of VEHICULAR MANSLAUGHTER by DUI driver – LINK 1, LINK 2



9/14/14: James McDonald, 56, President & CEO of Rockefeller & Co, chairman of NYSE audit committee, self-inflicted GUNSHOT WOUND – LINK



10/20/14: Calogero Gambino, 41, Managing Director and senior attorney at Deutsche Bank, part of Libor scandal, found HANGED in apartment – LINK

10/23/14: Thierry Leyne, 49, French/ Israeli co-founder of investment firm with former IMF director, embroiled in trade scandal, SUICIDE – LINK 1, LINK 2



11/5/14: Geert Tack, 52, Belgian, Private Banker for ING, manager for wealthy, left home without cell phone or laptop, body FOUND IN WATER – LINK

11/16/14: Shawn Miller, 42, Citigroup Managing Director, key in sustainable finance, SLASHED WRIST AND NECK, murder weapon is missing – LINK

11/20/14: Melissa Millan, 54, Senior Vice President Mass Mutual, held Wall Street “trade secrets,” STABBED IN CHEST, homicide – LINK 1, LINK 2

11/24/14: Thieu Leenen, 64, Dutch, Manager at ABN/AMRO, found with wife in SUBMERGED VEHICLE ruled as “suicide” – LINK 1, LINK 2, LINK 3



Sharing this data is admittedly problematic. Insiders have repeatedly said the Cabal likes it when people hear about these things, as it creates “useful” fear.

What do they mean by “useful fear?” It has nothing to do with learning to keep the door closed if you get an unexpected pizza delivery.

Big Brother is a confidence game. They have nowhere near enough staff to stop the awakening.

They want you to be afraid of them. That way you never choose to speak out, or do anything to stop them, because you worry that you might be next.

Let’s be clear on this: the “Big Brother” we were warned about in 1984 is ultimately a confidence game.

Although we now know that surveillance is a worldwide, inescapable fact, there are only a limited number of employees working in the system.

The level of discontent is very widespread in the post-Snowden era.

Each person is a complex individual, not a drone, and they have mixed feelings about what they are doing — to say the least.

There are hundreds of millions of people learning about the Cabal’s deepest secrets online. The danger in educating yourself at this point is almost nonexistent.

Countless numbers of people are writing and making videos about these secrets, and they continue along for years without any interference.

Certain whistleblowers are taken out in order to prevent the spread of the truth, but these are extremely rare cases.



Another point to remember is staged murders are expensive. Eliminating a mere 100 people professionally costs half a billion dollars. That adds up quickly.

The cases you just read about were probably considered severe enough to justify the expense, even with the Cabal’s financial resources continually dwindling.

Critics might say, “What do you mean? They can just print money out of thin air and spend whatever they want.”

Historically that was true, but it is no longer the case in the behind-the-scenes world of today, where an international uprising against the Cabal is now occurring.

The Federal Reserve dollar has indeed been the “global reserve currency,” but a huge movement is now underway to change that, as we will discuss.

The 2008 bailouts were a desperation move on an unprecedented scale. The Fed wouldn’t have done it if it wasn’t absolutely necessary for their survival.

The Alliance we will be meeting in the next section has worked very hard to cut off all sources of funding to the Cabal — and it has worked very well.

The Alliance thought they were going to succeed in 2008, and were responsible for the financial cutoff that forced the bailouts to occur in the first place.



Secret Space Program Revealed: Two New Radio Shows, Transcript!

Over three hours of stunning new information about the Secret Space Program and the greater questions of spontaneous human evolution that are being raised for those “in the know!”

Everything is reaching a climax, both on and off-planet. The recent announcement of the hacking of all records for all US federal employees, even the most classified, is only the latest major signpost of a coming, epic change.

UPDATE 6:30 PM PST: The MP3 link originally did not work but has since been fixed. Please right-click on it and then select “Save As” so you have a copy!



As one of many examples, California’s water crisis should be solvable within a matter of a few months once we get disclosure.

In fact, water could quickly become California’s most profitable export, sending it to parched regions all throughout Middle America and beyond.

Multiple technologies already exist that can easily de-salinate ocean water. California is right next to an ocean. There is water everywhere! What is the problem?

“Water, water everywhere, and not a drop to drink” may have been true in the pirate era, but we do have the means to alleviate those problems today.

One of the technologies we are directly aware of will desalinate ocean water, generate free energy and produce any element in the Periodic Table as a by-product.

This technology already has the quiet support of one of the most prestigious universities in the country. I have heard about it from more than one independent source.

On a personal level, knowing these technologies exist and that they have not been released yet is extremely frustrating.

For now, I continue to be almost ridiculously over-conservative with my water usage. Days without showering and the yellow toilet. Good thing I live alone.  🙂

It is interesting to simultaneously reflect on the fact that “the darkest hour is before the dawn,” and we are far closer to it than most people could ever imagine.



We are on the verge of an epic series of disclosures that will make all other information, books, videos and media in the UFO field seem hopelessly outdated.

Everyone will be suddenly flooded with a “learning curve” that will simultaneously be more amazing and more horrifying than they had ever imagined.

Never again will we look at the records from our current civilization the same way. In the “After Disclosure” or AD world, everything will be very different.

Yes… we are going to need to learn some pretty upsetting things to get through this transition.

However, the positives far outweigh the emotional shock that the negatives will temporarily put us all through, as a planet and a (hybridized) species.

There are at least 40 different humanoid extraterrestrial groups that have tinkered around with our DNA — for many thousands of years.

We have a much broader spectrum of emotions than most other human species out there.

It is both our single greatest weakness and our most powerful strength — once we learn how to harness its power for the positive.

Like being surrounded by a drowning ocean of “useless” sea water, once we learn the command we have over reality, our thirst for the Beyond will be slaked.



Bottom line: there are good guys and bad guys in the universe. Both are allowed to present their messages to us. The future we experience is the result of the choices we make.

Our natural destiny is to go through moments of quantum change — where the ground state of reality itself, and all the assumptions that go along with it, is fundamentally and suddenly altered.

We are not protected from negativity any more than our collective free will decides. When we act in selfish, manipulative, controlling and violent ways, that in turn allows elite controllers to do the same things to us on a larger scale.

“You are blaming ME for this problem? F- you, David! I haven’t done anything wrong! I am frickin’ awesome!”

Not you per se, my friend. Humanity as a collective has created these problems. Some of them have built up from thousands of years of karmic patterns.



As I explained in The Synchronicity Key, the Edgar Cayce Readings detailed many hundreds of cases where people were suffering debilitating karma from acts they had performed back in ancient Rome.

Examples were given including people laughing at a little girl as she got her insides ripped out by a lion in the coliseum.

Despite this being a socially-acceptable pastime for the era, any sufficiently negative emotion towards another who is in pain and agony will generate karma.

The weirdest and most significant realization to come out of The Synchronicity Key is the fact that history keeps looping around and around, very precisely, like the movie Groundhog Day.

The precision with which this happens is utterly astonishing. In some cases, the repetition can be timed almost down to the day in cycles lasting 2,160 years.

In the interview transcript you are about to read, I told Jimmy Church I do not consider myself to be a smart person.

That being said, figuring out how to properly investigate and write about these cycles of history, making them understandable, is probably my headiest achievement yet.



The benevolent ETs I so often talk about in Ancient Aliens on History Channel (I am a regular, featured in over 35 episodes) seeded the “cycle numbers” in multiple cultures around the world.

This area of study was so arcane that in order to rescue it for our time, it required incredible effort — pulling together tiny threads of data I encountered over 20 years of time.

It also is not conducive to a show like Ancient Aliens, due to its complexity, and thus no episodes have been made about this phenomenon at this time.

Now we have a solid body of evidence that history is programmed by a greater cosmic intelligence to guide us through an intelligently-defined “script” for spiritual enlightenment.

In order to be a true Christian, it is necessary to understand and accept the reality of reincarnation. According to the direct inheritors of the original teachings, this was the greatest secret of Christ.

The term “burn in hell” (Gehenna) really means to alleviate (burn off) karma. The word we now call “eternity” (Aion)simply means a cycle of time.

The “eternal hell” we were warned about is not some cosmic purgatory we experience after death. It is happening now — and the flames are hotter than ever.



The ETs, positive or negative, are simply not allowed to make a big showing. They cannot spontaneously decide to drop in and make an appearance on the Tonight Show.

The Prime Directive is not just a theme you hear about on Star Trek. It is an absolute law in the universe that all beings, positive and negative, must follow.

However, certain individuals can indeed receive contact directly. This is a fundamental part of how we learn the truth, both in the past and present.

Corey Goode came forward and began sharing massive amounts of intel with me on the Secret Space Program (SSP) last October, 2014.

I wrote everything down as he was telling me. He independently verified hundreds of things I had heard from other insiders.

It was only after he decided to officially drop his pseudonym, GoodETxSG, and come forward that he began receiving direct ET contact in the present.

It has been truly surreal to hear the new updates from him as he has been pulled into well over a dozen different off-planet meetings since that time.



A fundamental part of the “Prime Directive” is truth without proof.

The higher-level beings cannot simply reveal themselves to us. There must be a calling, where a sufficient number of people request their help, before intervention can occur.

We are truly blessed to have ongoing “Divine Intervention” taking place. This is the only thing that has stopped the Cabal from destroying most of our lives.



The Cabal has been very innovative in coming up with a multitude of different ways to try to kill the majority of people on earth.

One of the more upsetting and shocking ones I learned about, from three different credible insiders, is actually called “The Zombie Program.”

Using advanced cloning techniques, 150 million humans were manufactured in the US, all held in underground bases west of the Rockies, and another 100 million in Europe.

They would look more or less like ordinary people — not what you see in the movies. The men might typically be wearing a plaid shirt and blue jeans.

However, they are given a strange infectious virus that can make them bleed out of every orifice, including their fingernails.

They are programmed to have an insatiable craving to attack and eat other humans who do not have the infection.

When normal people come in contact with the pathogens in their blood, they will die a horrible death within 24 hours.

Simply being scratched by the fingernails from one of these beings would be enough to cause death.



The Cabal also manufactured an aerosol that could be sprayed over an area where these “zombies” were released. It would cause their death but leave ordinary folks alone.

Otherwise, the only way to effectively kill the zombies would be to separate the brain stem from the neck, such as through beheading.

The Cabal’s plan was to release this plague, bring about the deaths of millions to achieve their depopulation goals, and then shut off the plague with the aerosol.

At that point, they had intended for us to have descended into mass starvation, rioting, anarchy and chaos, leading to martial law and internment camps (which people would flock to in fear of “zombies.”)

The technology was in place to generate this “zombie apocalypse” all the way back in the 1960s.

The “Night of the Living Dead” was the first major movie to try to use social engineering to get this apocalypse to be “authorized” by the benevolent ETs.

If enough of us saw these movies and really believed that zombies would attack us on a mass level, then thanks to the Prime Directive, the benevolent ETs would be forced to let it happen.



The benevolent ETs have blocked the “zombie program” so effectively that it has never been allowed to occur.

Simply put, not enough people genuinely believe that zombies are real for this to ever be allowed to happen.

The Cabal is very well aware of this. They continue to crank out a tremendous amount of zombie apocalypse films and TV shows, hoping to get another chance.

Other lifeforms that do not look anywhere near as similar to us have also been engineered with the zombie virus.

The preferred design that would currently be used, if “authorized,” are little beings that look like “Greys” and are only about two feet tall.

The hope was that they could be “sneaky,” run around quickly, evade capture and scratch people on the legs to cause death.

In this sense, the Cabal felt that if enough people believed in negative “Grey” ETs, the hope was that authorization could then be granted.

Again, this will never be allowed to occur. Every attempt to create mass depopulation, both conventional and unconventional, has been thwarted.



What you just read is an example of intel I have been aware of for some time, have held on to, and said I did not ever want to release it because it was upsetting and “fear porn.”

However, we are now being asked by the Alliance to release this information in advance of a much greater “data dump” that will come our way with Disclosure.

It is too late for the Cabal to stop Disclosure. It is definitely going to happen.

I have been waylaid by a very busy schedule, as we will discuss, but I am definitely continuing the fight to write articles and produce videos about all of this.

I discussed the zombie program in my last talk at the recent Contact in the Desert conference, having no idea how a live audience, including one 8-year-old child, would respond.

Given that the kid was in the audience, certain details were definitely not shared that I might have done otherwise.

Quite to my surprise, everyone seemed perfectly OK with it. They were very grateful to finally hear the truth, and not have me censor things I thought were too intense for us to hear.



As part of this initiative to “disclose as much as you can, as fast as you can,” I did two different radio shows to promote the then-upcoming conference.

Since the conference, I had an Ancient Aliens taping that required a great deal of study, as always.

Since the taping, I have been recovering.

So to review, I had the New Living Expo event, hardly any down-time, then a major Gaiam taping of eight episodes, followed days later by the Contact event, followed days later by Ancient Aliens, and then a big recovery period.

At the same time, “negative greeting”, as defined by the Law of One series, has been taking shot after shot after shot at me. It is difficult to keep going amidst all of this.

One small but significant part of the negative greeting is that we are getting very blatant death threats from the Cabal — like never before.

This has been coupled with a very intense increase in the amount of hatred written about me by paid Cabal bloggers on the Internet.

Again, I no longer care about the online hate. Most of the trouble has been in dealing with personal issues and the cleansing and healing of painful life experiences and memories.



Yes, it all sounds crazy. However, with the full scope of ET technology available to the Cabal, making programmable clones is not at all difficult.

In fact, a similar cloning program began making most of the “Greys” that were actually doing abductions, beginning in the 1960s.

Some abductions are genuinely ET-related. People are being brought into slavery off-planet in large numbers.

That is another unpleasant truth we will soon be confronted with. The movie “Guardians of the Galaxy” was intended to help soften the blow.

Supposedly there is more than enough technology and capability in place to recover all surviving captives in the post-Disclosure world.



Thankfully these highly negative programs are quickly being shut down.

The negative elite have already lost. Now they are just in the final “limbo” period before it becomes public.

Rather than worrying too much about trying to prove all of this data, we have been instructed to simply release as much of the truth as we can.

This will help buffer the emotional shock and gravity of people hearing so much of this upsetting material all at once.

I have held on to the knowledge of the zombie program for at least two years now — but no more. That is just one of a variety of weird things there are to know.



So with all that said, I am quite pleased with both of the radio shows I did.

The first one was transcribed and submitted by an anonymous individual, beginning a half hour after I started speaking — and was discussing my music work.

As soon as we “went deep” and got into the cosmic stuff, the transcript started.

The second show was that same Thursday with Richard Garner, entitled What in the World!, which airs on SiriusXM with a station out of Canada entitled “Canada Talks.”

This appearance was very highly bizarre for me.

Fifteen minutes before airtime, I planned out a whole routine around a particular song — “Wild World” by Cat Stevens.

I figured that if I mentioned the song, they would later play it in the show. It was utterly stupefying, and extremely shocking, when that same song started playing as I was live on the air.

By the time Richard got me speaking, I had composed myself — but only partly. Every hair on my arms and the back of my neck was standing up.



Here is the brand-new show on Canada Talks / Sirius XM where you can hear my surprise in the aftermath of this highly strange synchronicity:

Richard Garner has been a good friend of mine and an associate for years now. I appreciate the quality and consistency of his work.

Many people are out there saying they are radio show hosts, but I am very choosy about who I work with. Richard always does a great job.

We actually didn’t get that much into the Secret Space Program in this show, but I still think you will find it well worth your time.

Synchronicity and mass, spontaneous human evolution were both major topics we covered.

We taped it on Tuesday, May 26th, at 12 noon California time — and it aired on the evening of Thursday, May 28th.



This next show was taped live on Monday, May 25th, 2015 — Memorial Day.

As I said, the transcriber did not include the first half-hour of our discussion, since it focused on “transient” things like my jazz drumming studies and current fingerstyle guitar work.

An audio version came out that had certain large sections removed. I knew these were some of the most intense sections. It did not appear to be an accident.

It took a full two weeks for Jimmy Church’s people to release a non-edited copy of the original.

I went in and restored the missing sections myself, since the transcriber was working off of the original, edited audio.

The fact that these exact sections “mysteriously” were not included in the original audio is highly interesting once you read what I said.


6/10: Full Audio of DW on Jimmy Church, Ep. 259, 5/25





Everything you read below here is a transcript from our show, except where otherwise noted.


Episode 259 FADE to BLACK w/ David Wilcock
May 25, 2015


Original Audio Link (With Missing Sections):
Full Audio Link (All Missing Sections Restored):
This transcript begins at the 71:56 mark of the show.
Jimmy Church: Did the Annunaki and Dracos trick the Atlanteans into a soul-trap reincarnation cycle here on earth to strand DNA and amnesia?
David Wilcock: That is what the Cabal’s disinformation agents are trying to tell us happened.
That’s actually not true. Reincarnation is not a trap and the earth is not a prison.
The Draco did have an agenda. That is true.
And, again, this type of a question requires a lot of filling in of cracks for people who don’t already know what we’re talking about.
JC: Right. Right.
DW: So I’ll do that because, obviously, these questions are very deep and we’ve got to start somewhere.
JC: You know, let’s start there. You know what, there’s so much . . .
You and I were talking earlier today about our time constraints and how we were possibly going to try to squeeze everything in tonight.
Yeah, so, you know, let’s just go deep now. Let’s just go deep now.
DW: Okay. No problem.
So let’s just first finish setting out the palette that I was establishing before, which is [this.]
You have a universe which started as a oneness. It divided itself into what we think of now as galaxies.
The intention behind this was that oneness was originally a singular consciousness.
It got bored and lonely. These are the closest emotions that we could think of [in our terms.]
It had all of this creative potential, but it had no friends. It had nothing to look at. Nothing changed. It was just always the same.
So it decided to create what we think of as the visible universe.
What we think of as galaxies are actually intelligent super beings. Stars are intelligent super beings. Planets are intelligent super beings.
And as you step down from galaxy to star to planet, you’ve got a hierarchy of beings. These are intelligent beings. They are extremely powerful. They are extremely creative.
And then the next stage down from that is sentient beings that live on the planets. So those sentient beings are beings like us.
That setup of sentient beings on planets then plays out in a structure that has seven levels – seven grades that we evolve through.
And the first grade is mineral life like earth, air, fire and water.
It’s not really even microbes. That doesn’t come until the second level, or what in the Law of One is called the second density.
That goes all the way up through all the animals, the whales, the dogs and cats and everything except humans.
[Third density] is where you now have an individualized sense of self.
Then you have fourth density. At that stage you could have positive or negative beings.
Fifth density can have positive or negative beings. Then you have sixth and seventh.
At the sixth level you have to go positive or else you will dissolve back into the background energy in the universe. You literally cannot survive.
So none of these bad guys get to exist past 6D.
7D is a very, very advanced level where all they really do is sort of create a virtual Internet.
They kind of go back through all the experiences they’ve had in all the previous levels.
They create this living database that 6D beings can analyze to help people.
That’s the last gift they have to give before they get to reunify with this oneness that they came from.
So with all that being said as back story, the beings that are actually running the show here and making sure that the earth doesn’t blow up, literally, would be sixth density.
And as I said, in the Bible those are called seraphim or cherubim.
The Draco would be what you’d call probably a fourth density or possibly, but unlikely, possibly fifth-density negative. They may actually be 5D negative. I don’t really know.
What we do know about these guys is that they were humans that evolved out of reptilian life.
That’s another big, big stage in our learning curve here.
Human life is ubiquitous in our galaxy.
About 40% of the universe is populated with human or hominid-type life, meaning it walks on two legs and it’s got two arms, or maybe sometimes more – usually just two.
It’s got a head, two eyes and a nose, mouth, ears.
The planets that these beings incarnate on are very similar to ours in the vast majority of cases.
This means they have microbes. They have algae. They have plants. They have mammals. They have birds. They have reptiles.
What we’re seeing here is a very, very commonly used biome.
It works really well. Everything is divinely designed to work in harmonious synergy.
JC: Breathing oxygen. (DW: Yes.) Carbon dioxide. (Yeah.) Plant life. (Yep.)
DW: There are some variations, of course. You might have a planet that is predominantly ocean.
In those cases, sentient hominid life will evolve out of whales or fish or something like that. There are lots of those out there.
You might have a planet where the bird actually becomes the prevalent form of life that then becomes human or hominid.
And in certain cases, you have reptilians – reptiles – where reptile life becomes human-looking.
And so these reptilians – for whatever reason – ended up being racists.
[They were only interested in] other reptilians that had evolved independently from reptilian life on other planets – and they were out there looking at a lot of different planets.
They wanted to partner up with other reptilians.
So what they’ve done is they’ve gone around in the last 700,000 years or so and found all the other reptilians. They’ve merged their genetic material with them and conquered them.
So they have their own little negative group that you could call the Draco, because they apparently originated in the Draco constellation.
They are also dragon-like. The word ‘draco’ also means ‘dragon’.
When I’m telling you this, I’m combining this from several different highly credible insider sources.
I’m seeing commonalities between what different people tell me independently, and were in a position to know this is what is going on.
JC: Okay.
DW: And this is more information than most people have ever been able to get about these guys before. A lot of this stuff is new.
What we find out is that they were going around conquering worlds.
This pissed off a lot of people and they really got their butts kicked.
They got their butts kicked badly enough that most of their attempts have failed. They have been basically beaten back into one little corner of our galaxy.
That corner happens to be some of the stars that are near to us, such as the stars in the constellation Orion, the stars in the constellation Draco, and a few other places like that.
They also have settled in our solar system in fairly recent terms.
Apparently they got to our solar system somewhere in the neighborhood of 375,000 years ago.
JC: Why 375,000?
DW: That’s just the figure that our new insider, Corey Goode, gave.
JC: I got ya.
DW: Based on what he was given.
JC: Okay.
DW: Wow. I just turned my volume up and your voice exploded in my ears. Hello, Jimmy! (JC: Ha, ha, ha.)
I got you back down to a manageable human level again.
JC: Yeah. I’m whispering too, by the way.
DW: And when I reel my brains back into my eardrums . . . (JC: Ha, ha, ha.) Okay? (Laughs)
So here’s the deal. Here’s the deal.
What are they doing? What are they doing out there? What do they want? Right?
You’ve got to look at these beings . . . And I’m not saying this to be derogatory. It’s going to sound this way, but….
When your dog leaves doggie doo in the forest, it’s not just going to sit there indefinitely.
Nature has made certain species, such as little bugs, that will come up – and they love that stuff.
That’s like a breakfast banquet for them.
JC: Uh-huh.
DW: Okay. The universe has designed itself so that there are intelligent life forms that absolutely are dependent upon our jealousy, our anger, our sadness and our fear.
The more amoral, chaotic, violent, ruthless and selfish they can make us, the more energy they get.
That energy is called loosh. That’s energy they need absolutely.
It’s more important to them than what we would think of as money or food or water or any of the basic essentials for life.
When you become a being that feeds on loosh, if your loosh supply is interrupted for even one day, you will die.
They are that dependent on it.
If we were to have even one day on earth – one single day – where a preponderance of people on earth had something to feel good about, most of these beings would die.
In less than 24 hours they would be dead – gone forever. It’s THAT serious. They are THAT dependent on our fear.
So what you need to understand then is that these beings deliberately custom-designed a planet they could use for FEAR FARMING.
They require fear just like we require money in the bank if we want to go to the grocery store to get something to eat.
JC: Right.
DW: So they actually did intermingle their genetic material with our own. And this goes back to what Zecharia Sitchin was talking about.
Sitchin tried to blame everything on the Annunaki. So you’ve got to look at his material as a suggestion, but not in any way iron-clad truth.
There’re a lot of distortions in Sitchin’s stuff. But the basic ideas are correct.
There was a reptilian king called Anu. He did have two sons – Enlil and Enki.
Apparently, Enlil was the bad guy and Enki was the good guy.
[Enlil would be the] bad guy for us, meaning that Enlil supposedly was the one who genetically engineered humans [and did not want us to be more than a slave race of clones.]
Enki was the one who then gave us the ability to reproduce because [the Anunnaki] made us to be sterile.
We were supposed to just be [slave] workers.
It’s very likely that the planet Nibiru was actually Mars.
And it’s very likely that what they were doing was to get us to mine gold.
[That way] they could chemtrail Mars’ atmosphere with gold.
When you spray that gold in the atmosphere, it helps to keep the atmosphere from escaping.
At the time that they were doing this, the earth was really kind of unpleasant. It was swampy.
It didn’t have the kinds of oceans that we know now. It was hotter. It wasn’t as nice as it is now.
So they didn’t really want to live here as much as they took the indigenous ape man they found and upgraded it.
Hence, [we see] the missing link in our fossil record where our brain suddenly doubled in size.
JC: Right.
DW: We have a lot of problems that are because of them tinkering with our DNA.
That includes the fact that we have bad backs, the fact that we get sunburns, and the fact that the sun is bad for our eyes.
There are lots and lots of strange things that we have that are because our genetics have been tampered with.
It turns out that there’s over 40 different ET groups that have spliced their DNA with our own.
So it’s a very big, strange situation.
JC: Well, the Nibiru-Mars connection makes sense, because, you know, the Martian atmosphere is blown away by solar wind constantly.
And there isn’t any atmosphere there or very little atmosphere there. That would make a lot of sense. It would definitely connect those dots.
DW: Well, you’ve also got to expand your mind a little bit and realize that these people have extremely highly advanced technology.
That would include little nanites that can be spread out.
Gold can be spread out to almost one atom of thickness.
You get these little nanites that shake hands. When you get enough of them, you can build this virtual skin around the planet’s atmosphere.
JC: Sure.
DW: It’s not just like there are little particles of gold that are floating around, dumb, in the air.
This is a very advanced technology we’re talking about.
JC: And you had mentioned earlier the Ancient Aliens [television show] and angels and the non-connecting dots there.
Would you also consider this negativity Archons?
DW: Actually, if you get into alchemical writings, the word ‘Archon’ refers to “humans on earth who act as agents for these negative extraterrestrials.”
JC: Right.
DW: That’s a commonly misperceived term, because most people think Archons refer to the extraterrestrials themselves – and it doesn’t.
It refers to their ‘people’ on earth – their ground crew.
JC: Their agents.
DW: Yeah. And that is a very important element.
In order to successfully fear-farm the earth, they did need to elicit the cooperation of people here on earth.
That’s where you get into this very exciting new subject that we only learned about recently: the so-called Parents of the Illuminati.
JC: I was going there right now. I don’t mean to cut you off, but that’s exactly where I wanted to take this.
In that, the fear, the negativity that they are feeding off of – that very energy.
If it is in their DNA, then that is were the lack of morals come from, from the Illuminati and Cabal where we constantly ask ourselves, David, “How can they do this crap?”
I mean, where is the moral structure? Where is the moral fiber? How can they do . . . Well, is it because they need it to feed off of?
DW: Let me tell you something very bizarre that I heard from one of the new insiders.
He, for a while, worked for the World Wrestling Entertainment – WWE.
Every single time they do a major event when there’s a big stadium of people, they have all these big screen TVs at the event.
And most, if not all of those big screen TVs, quote-unquote, “Mysteriously go missing after the show.”
JC: What?
DW: Doesn’t it sound crazy? Okay?
JC: Okay.
DW: I’m just going to tell you the truth.
The crystalline structure of these television screens picks up enough of the loosh that the Draco want those TV screens after an event, because it helps keep them going.
JC: It’s like vitamin C.
DW: Yes! Now see, that’s stuff I would never have thought of.
It’s so weird that people are going to laugh at me, but yet this is the stuff that you start to hear from people.
This energy that we make actually gets imprinted into the crystals within the monitor – within the LCD, the liquid-crystal display.
JC: So they use a new one for every event.
DW: Every event. That’s in the budget. They’ve got to buy new monitors. Yep.
JC: That’s interesting. Well, that’s some serious Big Brother stuff.
You know, when you look at the screens over the crowds and the fear is just pumping and the energy is there and then it’s a sponge.
DW: I’ll give you another secret. They set these monitors up in the shape of, guess what? A pentagram.
[A pentagram is a 5-pointed star, usually inside a circle, that is a symbol of mysticism.]
JC: Oh, I was going to say an eye.
DW: They put them in a pentagonal shape, because that’s the magic circle.
I don’t like to talk about this stuff, but it seems like it’s fallen on my shoulders to leak a lot of unpleasant things to people.
What I try to do is to not get stuck in the fear porn.
Let’s not stay in this place: “Oh, my gosh. The Illuminati are real and they’re just going to wipe us out.”
Look, they’ve been trying to ever since they got their hands on the bomb.
Back in the Trinity test, [The Trinity Test was the first test of a nuclear bomb on July 16, 1945, as a part of the Manhattan Project] you have Robert Oppenheimer saying,
“This is not the first time we have done this.”
He had read the Hindu Vedas where they very clearly describe the use of a thermonuclear weapon – all the same stuff.
JC: Yeah. What would happen if we created a monitor that didn’t absorb and then they went to . . . (DW: Laughs)
You know what I mean? That would certainly shut them down.
DW: Well, that’s one of many things that they’ve done.
Another thing, again this is a little disturbing, but what the hell.
Remember when there was that genocide in Rwanda? [This was a mass slaughter of around 1 million Tutsis and Hutu moderates by the Hutu majority in 1994.]
You’ve got the Hutus and the Tutsis and they’re going around chopping each other up with axes? And it was happening on a massive scale?
They will literally cloak their ship, fly into our atmosphere, and park the ship over the battlefield as these people are dying – and just soak it up.
That’s what they’ve been doing for thousands and thousands of years.
They need to keep creating wars so they can keep soaking it up.
JC: Is that what’s going on in Syria and Iraq with ISIS? Are they soaking that up?
DW: Absolutely. They’re doing whatever they can. And they are having a harder and harder time getting loosh.
Here’s another thing. Okay?
Robin Williams apparently did not commit suicide on his own. He was pushed into it.
They tried to get loosh from Paul Walker’s death – the guy that was in Fast and Furious – and it didn’t generate enough.
They needed to create a bigger celebrity death to try to get enough.
And that worked well for them. They got a lot of loosh off of Robin Williams.
The next big thing that they did involving a celebrity on that scale was leaking the Cosby rape allegations.
They’ve gotten a lot of loosh off of that. That was something they had saved up for when they needed it.
But there are not very many of these left that they can pull. That’s the thing.
They’re running out of time. They’re running out of energy. And they are in serious, serious trouble now.
All the great religious prophecies – the Bible is only one example.
There are 34 others that all say the same thing – that we go into this glorious golden age.
Those prophecies were given to us by the benevolent extraterrestrials.
And for those extraterrestrials, these reptilians we’re talking about are literally no bigger than little sand lizards in a sandbox.
They can watch what’s going on in the sandbox, but they can’t intervene in our sandbox more than we invite them.
[This is] because the universe is governed by the principle of free will.
And believe it or not, Gene Roddenberry [the creator of the Star Trek movie series] was involved in some of these same channeling groups that were in Joshua Tree.
[Joshua Tree monument is a U.S. National Park in the desert about 80 miles east of Los Angeles. It was where the original “Giant Rock” UFO conferences took place in the 1950s.]
That’s where the whole story concept and the architecture of Star Trek came from.
So Star Trek was Disclosure from the good guys.
The whole prime directive that Capt. Kirk and Spock and they all had to work off of – that is absolutely what is going on.
JC: The concept of Star Trek was way too ahead of its time.
DW: Absolutely.
JC: It seems to have come out of nowhere — that and, of course, 2001: A Space Odyssey.
When we went from just juvenile science fiction and storytelling, we just leapfrogged right into, in the middle of the 60s, into 2001 and Star Trek.
DW: Well, they had been trying before that.
Twilight Zone – a lot of Disclosure got pushed out through that show.
The Outer Limits is another show that a lot of Disclosure got pushed out through.
JC: Right.
There was a little show for a while called The Time Tunnel that had lots of stuff in it.
They’ve done a lot of movies: The Day the Earth Stood Still, various other UFO movies.
There’s been a very consistent effort to tell us what’s really going on.
[They hope] that once we find out that there are thousands of different extraterrestrials that we’ve interacted with, it’s not going to come as a big surprise.
JC: You know what I just finished this week? And I was kind of bummed out about it.
I finished Space 1999 [British-Italian TV series that had two seasons from 1975-77.] Both seasons.
DW: Yeah!
JC: Yeah, man, I got to the last episode of season 2 and it was pretty melancholy.
You know, I was kind of bummed. What a great series that was too.
DW: That was one that had a lot of stuff in it.
Buck Rogers was loaded with Disclosure. Battlestar Galactica [TV series originally in the mid-1970s and launched again between 2004~2009.]
The original one was loaded with Disclosure.
They never got to finish the thought in the original one. They rebooted it and actually did finish the thought.
If you watch all the recent Battlestar Galactica, they end up landing here when their fleet is literally down to the very last limping ship.
All they could do is crash land here. And they had no ability to get off the planet once they arrived.
JC: Do you know where I think a lot of information was? And don’t laugh, man. Just stay with me on this.
DW: Okay, I’ll try not to.
JC: The movie They Live.
DW: Oh, absolutely! I’m not going to laugh at that at all.
JC: Ha, ha, ha. I mean, I watched that now.
I remember that the first time I saw it I thought, “You know, this is a pretty cool movie. A nice little B movie under the radar. Pretty cool.”
I watch it now and it’s a frickin’ horror flick. It scares the crap out of me.
DW: It’s a documentary.
JC: Yes, exactly.
DW: (Laughs)
JC: Ha, ha, ha. Exactly!
DW: And at the end, when you see that portal open up underground, it literally is a gate into the stars.
It is a stargate! They have a stargate in the movie. It’s right there. It’s amazing. That scene is amazing.
JC: For everybody listening, if you have not seen They Live, that’s your homework tonight after the show. Just go and peep that out.
DW: Totally. It’s an amazing film.
JC: Yeah, Ray Ban.
DW: I’m not sure how that got made, honestly.
JC: Yeah. Right, right, right.
DW: That pissed off a lot of people.
JC: Unless it was done for a reason. That’s all I’ve got to say. But there are elements of it that just scare the crap out of me.
Let’s talk about your current research before, once again, David, we run out of time.
DW: Ha, ha.
JC: You know what’s funny? If you remember back when you were on with us, it was Christmas Eve.
We got to the end of the show and, man, if they didn’t shut us down. That was messed up. That was so messed up.
DW: Some sort of force majeure [superior force] technological interference with your ability to do the show.
JC: Right at the peak. Right at the . . . “Okay, Jimmy, I’m going to drop a bomb.”
DW: At the end of my sentence.
JC: Yeah, right.
DW: I wanted to kind of round out this thought, because we were heading somewhere and we never quite got there.
JC: Okay, let’s do it.
DW: One of the big things we need to talk about is the Secret Space Program.
That is where it goes back again to these Draco. And it goes back to where I was discussing the Parents.
Now the Parents is something hardly anybody has learned about.
This is brand new information, but I believe that it is coming from a highly credible source.
I’ve now actually been able to vet out some of it with other sources.
The Draco have the ability to give you some kind of nanotechnology injection. What happens is that your flesh becomes essentially robotic.
You’re still technically human, but only in the way that you look. Your body works in an entirely different way now.
You can take out a pocket knife and slice a big hole in your palm, and the nanites will just close it right back up for you.
So they have used this in various things like the television show Heroes, and the character Wolverine in X-Men. It’s rapid healing.
JC: Right.
DW: There are 21 people on earth that have this. And they are called The Parents.
This goes all the way back to the oldest one of these people. Apparently he’s 13,000 years old.
[This] dates back to the time of Atlantis before the big catastrophic event that sank the continent. This person was already given this technology.
These 21 Parents are immortal. In practical terms, they can live for thousands of years.
They were assigned to find the people who are making the most money and have the most power, and seduce them into their group.
That’s where you get your 13 Illuminati bloodlines.
Those were the people who, simply through a basic Darwinian survival of the fittest mentality, came to the top of the food chain.
[They] made the money, got the power, and took over the control of governments and religions.
[They] were seduced by these Parents who had all the advanced Draco technology.
And part of the deal the Parents had [from the Draco] is working star gates [they could use] this whole time.
So they could go out into space. There are plenty of other places they could go. They are not stuck here on earth.
That technology was not shared with the Illuminati bloodline families.
Now the Illuminati bloodline families have found out the Parents had this the whole time, and they’re really upset about it.
And what’s interesting is that the alliance amongst these Illuminati folks is fracturing – and now the Draco have betrayed everybody.
The Parents have actually turned against all the 13 bloodlines below them. They now have their own faction.
Several of these 21 people apparently are really tired of immortality, and they don’t want to be alive any more.
There is a way that they can die, which is to have the brain stem separated from the neck.
That also has been depicted in fictional works including the movie Highlander, where you chop off this guy’s head and then you absorb his power.
JC: Right.
DW: So the Draco agenda led to the Illuminati being constructed.
Now, people then say, “Well, wait a minute. If they want to screw us over, why are they telling us what they’re doing? Why do they make all these movies about it?”
That’s a very important point.
The magic requires them to tell us what they are doing. [That way,] the enslaved are actually being enslaved through their own free will.
[This is] one of the things that you hear Illuminati people say – and this is more the card-carrying kind, not the kind that has defected.
They say, “If people are too afraid to see the obvious when we’re shoving it in their faces, then they deserve to be slaves.”
JC: It’s not free will if it’s deception.
DW: That’s true. I think what’s happened is that they skewed far from the idea of it truly being free will enslavement.
They’ve used trickery more and more. And they’ve lied more and more.
And as a result, these governing beings – these seraphim and cherubim, or 6th density beings in Law of One terms – the ‘management’, if you will, the good guys – are now able to bring them down, and defeat them.
So to get back to the Space Program, what’s happened is The Parents knew the Draco existed.
The higher level bloodline Illuminati people knew the Draco existed.
They basically realized that even though they had this cult that saw them as gods, they’re not in charge.
They’re just licking the boot heels of these 12-foot tall, essentially demon-looking beings.
[The Draco] literally have vertically-slit pupils, reptile skin and are massively strong.
They have a 5-foot-wide shoulder span and weigh three thousand pounds.
You can’t shoot them with conventional bullets. They’ll just ping off of them. They’re very, very tough. They’re very strong.
They’re telepathic. They’re telekinetic. They can remote-influence people and make you walk around like a robot under their command.
They are very frightening villains.
[If you think about it,] all the stuff that the Illuminati [is supposedly] doing doesn’t make any sense.
You guys are human beings. You live here on earth. Why do you want to kill the planet?
See, they don’t. Their bosses do. The people that they are under the control of do.
It’s the Draco who have been gaming out our planet as a fear factory. We are generating fear for them.
If a whole bunch of us die, that would be like a big prosperity bonus for them.
JC: Is that why the Rothschilds bank both sides of every war?
DW: Absolutely. It’s all about creating loosh.
One of their sayings is, “Give Lucius his Loosh!
This is a Luciferian belief system. And Lucifer, in this term you could think of Lucifer as one of the Draco.
JC: Which brings us to the Alliance.
DW: Yes. If you’ve got to talk about something that is disturbing, you’ve got to balance it with something positive.
And there is a lot of positive stuff going on.
So here’s the deal. [Let’s talk about] the military-industrial-complex.
Roswell was not the first UFO crash. They had stuff that they found that went all the way back to the 1890s.
Apparently out there in the Southwest they dug up this craft that was very aerodynamic. It was all gold in color.
We had one insider that came forward and told us that. So they’ve had the stuff for a long time.
There were ancient crashes they were able to go dig up. There’s all kinds of cool stuff they found. [It has] all [been] kept hidden from us.
By the late 1930s, the Germans were the first to develop flying saucer technology.
The Vril Society was doing this. It’s called the Hanebu or the Bell craft. Kronos is another secret name for the project.
They flew out into space and then that’s where they [made an incredible discovery.]
“Wow! There are a lot of people that have colonized the solar system before us. They left some really cool stuff behind.
“We can seal it up, pressurize it and live in there.”
That’s what they did on the moon and on Mars [as well as in Antarctica.]
So when you get into the history of the space program, you have the Nazis colonizing the moon and Mars.
They lost World War 2, but they came back and basically took over the military-industrial-complex through trickery – and through having better technology.
They blackmailed the U.S., because the U.S. did not want to kick loose the secrets of Roswell.
The Nazis started overflying the U.S. capitol in 1952 with their Bell craft, and essentially forced the U.S. to join them in a partnership.
This is where you get the militarization of our space and our solar system.
In the 1950s and early 1960s there was something called the brain drain.
Approximately 60 million people were recruited from countries all over the world.
So you still have to this day plenty of Latinos, plenty of blacks, plenty of people who look like they’re from India or Pakistan, plenty of Asians, and plenty of Caucasians that have lived generations out in space.
They’ve never walked on the earth.
If you’ve got 60 million people in the 1950s and they are specifically told to have as many children as possible, you’re now dealing with a large population.
Plus, they have advanced cloning capabilities.
They also continue to recruit people from our planet and bring them up there as much as they can.
So this is ongoing.
JC: Did they recruit brains or did they also recruit brawn?
DW: Mostly just the cream of the crop of the intelligentsia.
There are various movies that tell this story, such as When Worlds Collide.
If you want to go back and do research, go watch that film. That’s Disclosure.
Only the cream of the crop were picked. It’s like Noah’s Ark all over again.
That’s part of what these people are told. Something big and disastrous is going to happen on earth.
If you come out with us in space, you’ll be fine.
You’re going to get to live in a Jetsons, Star Trek-type reality. It’s going to be amazing.
Then when these people actually go out there, many of them are treated like slaves. They have a very deplorably poor existence.
They’re totally monitored and they just work their whole life.
They’re told who they’re going to marry and they’re told how many kids they can have and all this kind of stuff.
It’s really disgusting.
JC: If they hit you up, would you go?
DW: I already am in contact with a group that has been part of the space program and has broken away.
It’s called the Solar Warden faction. There are five factions of the space program.
Solar Warden was the first one. They’re like the planetary police force.
Then you have the Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate, or ICC, that has guys like Boeing and McDonnell-Douglas.
They’re out there building all kinds of advanced technology and selling it to various extraterrestrials that come in here to check out what they’ve got.
Apparently, their technology is some of the best in our part of the galaxy.
This is odd because we are considered very primitive in terms of our spiritual levels of advancement, but we’re really good at building stuff.
So you’ve got Solar Warden and ICC.
Then you’ve got the Global Galactic League of Nations, which is sort of a UN in space. Then you have a Military faction.
And actually there are several sub-groups in the Global Galactic League of Nations, as we have now found out.
The Military faction essentially acts as a police force and logistical support for these other factions.
And then last, but not least, you have the Dark Fleet.
That is the faction that is run by the Draco, where you can see the Reptilians.
You’re going to see mantis-looking people. You’re going to see ant-looking people.
You [also] see certain humans who work with them that wear black uniforms that look like Nazi uniforms.
They are very, very militant and very arrogant.
The Solar Warden faction was the original faction.
Their technology is no newer than what we were building in the early 80s.
This is still really frickin’ amazing, but it is way less [advanced] than the other factions.
They broke away. They got tired of being treated like the mushroom – kept in the dark and fed a lot of BS.
Solar Warden has now sided with new beings that have showed up in our solar system.
[These new beings have] technology way in advance of anything they thought was out there.
We’re talking about spheres that in some cases are as large as the planet Jupiter.
One of them came into our solar system in the 1980s, and it was the size of Neptune.
My insider Pete Peterson was there working with Ronald Reagan while this was happening.
[It] freaked everybody out, because they saw this huge orb coming in.
It circled Pluto, circled Neptune, circled Uranus and then came in to Saturn.
It was cloaked, but they could very easily detect it with [the technology] they had at the time.
They eventually confronted this sphere.
The beings inside just said, “We’re peaceful explorers taking a cruise around the galaxy.
Then they [the Secret Space Program personnel] said, ‘GTFO’, basically. [Get the f- out of here.]
And so the beings left.
Then, right around 1999, 1998 or thereabouts, you start to have over a hundred, actually hundreds of spheres like this coming into our solar system.
They entered in either through the sun or from the outside.
They were all about the size of earth’s moon.
[DW: Kent Steadman of was the main researcher who tracked this phenomenon for years.
On Kent’s site, it appears to have started with his “Sun Cruiser” post, describing an anomalous object that first appeared around the sun on May 3, 1998.
Kent interviewed various astronomers and got differing opinions about what this huge, fast-moving object was.
Many other similar sightings followed for years to come.
I was very captivated by this at the time and consistently checked Kent’s site for the latest updates.
The original investigation is still online, and can be found at
There were many, many subsequent articles revealing dozens of additional anomalies photographed by the SOHO solar observer website.
One of the earlier and more interesting phenomena was what appeared to be two spheres hitting the sun and portaling out on June 1st and 2nd, 1998, causing a huge CME in the process:
NASA dismissed this as nothing more than a comet hit – but the objects were as large as planets in their apparent size.
Kent’s work on this phenomenon from the 1998-2002 timeframe is a vast study that would take months to properly review and summarize.
It would take would take quite some time to assemble a chronological gallery of all the solar anomalies seen between 1998 and 2002.
As it says in this next article, the apparent straight lines seen along these spheres is the result of “pixel bloom.”
The extreme brightness of the spheres overloaded the CCD sensor on SOHO, causing the lines:
DW: They wouldn’t respond to hailing signals. Nobody knew what this was.
The Illuminati folks in the Pentagon thought, “Oh my gosh. This is the return of the Sumerian gods. They’ve come to help us usher in our New World Order.
“They know we’re going to do this 9/11 thing. And we’re really excited they want to help us.”
But the sphere beings would never talk to them.
So these spheres have just been hanging around. They’ve just spent time, but nobody could talk to them. Nobody could figure out what was going on.
Then, cut to the Mayan Calendar end date around the year 2012.
In August 2011, approximately 26 underground facilities, that we know of, were actually portaled out by some super intelligence.
The beings inside were apparently brought to a safe place first.
Then, after all the people were removed and all the goods were removed, the buildings and the whole place was actually imploded.
[This was done] through some sort of air pressure differential where the air was portaled in.
The air pressure went up super high, cracked all the land and then it subsided and crushed in and fell in on itself.
This was done to at least 26 underground facilities. And that’s just what we know of.
It appears that some sort of treaty was struck at the end of this series of events in late December 2011. That’s when it stopped.
It appears that the Cabal was trying to fight this from happening by turning on HAARP at maximum intensity.
That’s where you get your fish deaths and bird deaths.
If you go back to right around the end of December 2011, birds were just falling out of the sky dead with traumatic injuries.
[DW: I misspoke about this. It had been some time since I had reviewed this data.
The bird deaths culminated at the end of December 2010, in the aftermath of a series of strange EMP attacks against visible, public targets:
None of these attacks killed anyone. They were covered in our “China’s October Surprise” article series, linked in the above article.
Interestingly, when I went back to this article to get the link, its hit counter was at 333,088 – another example of “numerical synchronicity,” where repeating digits appear as I am doing this work.
There did appear to be a treaty that stopped the EMP attacks in January 2011, but the treaty was violated by the Cabal.
This seems to have been what triggered the underground cities being portaled out from August to December of 2011.]
DW: Jimmy, you were probably covering this back when it happened.
JC: Yeah.
DW: And the fish were all washing up. Hundreds of thousands of dead fish were washing up.
JC: Birds falling out of the sky.
DW: Just falling out dead. And they were too crushed up by the time they hit the ground. Their bones had already been crushed.
That was because [the Cabal was] using HAARP to try to defend against the destruction of these underground facilities – and it wasn’t working.
So they apparently made a treaty sometime at the end of 2011, saying, “Please don’t destroy our underground facilities any more. We’ll do what you want.”
Then in 2012, you get what ends up becoming approximately 100 gigantic spheres coming into our solar system.
When I say ‘gigantic’, I mean that they had three sizes.
One of them is around the size of the moon, like the ones from 1999 to 2001 that came in.
Then you’ve got another size that’s around (the size) of Neptune.
Then you’ve got another one that’s around the size of Jupiter.
It turns out that there are a lot more than 100 of them.
We could only see 100 with our ability to detect cloaked spheres. There are a lot more than that.
And why are they here?
Everybody in the Space Program on the inside knows this [next data point].
Our solar system is transitioning into a zone of heightened energetic strength in the galaxy.
It’s like going into a cosmic storm.
If you take a pan and you put it on your stovetop and you don’t put any heat under it, and you drop a drop of water in the middle of the pan, what’s it going to do?
JC: Evaporate.
DW: It’s just going to sit there. Actually, eventually it will evaporate, but it’s just going to sit there.
If you get that pan nice and red hot and you drop that same drop of water in it, what’s going to happen?
It’s going to go zig-zig-zig-zig-zig, and zig all over the inside of that pan.
JC: Interesting.
DW: Imagine now that the same thing happens to matter, AND to consciousness, AND to the actual signature of biological life that is our DNA.
It’s a DNA-activating, consciousness-activating, matter-energy-space-time portal-activating energy force.
Ultimately what appears to be coming our way is some sort of decisive shift in the way that matter and energy and consciousness itself functions.
It is literally a quantum leap in what it means to be human.
Our universe is designed this way.
We have to fight through this incredible time of darkness and tribulation.
That’s how they call it in the Bible, but there’s many other prophecies that talk about this.
Take your pick. Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Native American, Celtic, Druidic, you name it. It’s all there.
We go through this time of extreme suffering where people have fallen from spiritual teachings more than ever before.
There’s greater amounts of violence, greater amounts of illicit behaviors, selfishness, jealousy, rage, a great amount of depression and sadness.
That all is part of what you could think of as like kinetic energy.
[DW: Here I meant to say “potential” energy, which stores up. Kinetic energy is what happens when the potential is released.]
It is as if you are pushing a spring down. Okay?
But you can only push the spring down so far. Then what happens when you let go of the pressure?
JC: Boom.
DW: You’ve got a spring-loaded action.
JC: Right.
DW: That’s what’s happening and the compression of the spring . . .
I mean, Jimmy.
I was out there trying to see any discussion whatsoever of the Illuminati online. I’m talking now back roughly 2003, 2004.
It didn’t exist. You didn’t ever see the word.
I went and I contacted some of the big names of the time.
This included Henry Makow and Greg Szymanski, who was doing a radio show. Henry Makow was a popular guest on these radio shows.
I farmed them information about the Illuminati through this whistleblower called Svali, who originally had come out in 2000. I’d been following her work.
So I had a lot to do with reintroducing that when it had kind of all died out.
Nobody was reading Robert Anton Wilson or any of that old stuff any more.
So what’s happened is now it’s common knowledge. You’ve got the Snowden disclosures. People are waking up.
What we don’t realize is that the awakening is an energetically driven function. The energy is cranking up.
[This affects] our apparent free will decisions of how we live our lives and what we choose to learn about.
Are we listening to Fade to Black, and are we reading these books, and are we going to these conferences?
We think that this is something like, “Oh, I just stumbled over it on the Internet.”
It’s actually part of an energetically-driven process.
Supremely high-level intelligence uses synchronicity to direct us to the sources of information that feed us this awakening.
We are all going through this at our own speed, through our own free will.
[This way,] we can veto it and take it in digestible chunks at the speed we want to learn.
We’re learning what’s really going on here. And it is ultimately a very, very highly positive thing.
When we go through this shift, if you have done your homework, [you will be fine.]
If you have followed the great spiritual teachings that these 35 ancient cultures were all trying to teach us about being a good person, being a loving person – service to others, forgiveness, compassion….
[Then,] you’re right back in to the realm of what happens to these 160,000 people in Tibet where they practiced these spiritual teachings.
They don’t die. They transform into a light being. This is the next stage of what human evolution is built to do.
We’re built to go in to this super-hero-type of character. It was all laid out for us in the story of Jesus and the resurrection.
That is only one of many examples. You have it in other cultures as well.
We just happen to have a celebrity worship thing where people get all hung up on Jesus having done it.
They don’t realize that many others have accomplished this as well.
That does piss some people off. I understand that. But look.
You’ve got these Tibetans who are following exactly what the teachings of Christ are.
Their focus is to have every single thought to be a loving thought.
And if they can attain that level of self-perfection, then they graduate into this higher level of humanity.
What appears to be happening is that the people who are ready for it [will Ascend] when this spring springs.
When this energetic springboard takes off, you’ll be able to levitate. You’ll be able to have telekinesis.
You’ll have telepathic contact with other people – all the Jesus miracles.
Pretty quickly if you start trying, you’ll discover that you’ll be able to do this.
This event is also built where there is a bifurcation.
That means there are a lot of people who have generated very seriously bad karma for themselves.
They’ve gone around raping people. They’re pedophiles. They’ve tortured people. They’ve killed people.
If you’re sufficiently on that side of the coin, then the way the universe is built is that timelines bifurcate.
The people who need that karma go through an Armageddon apocalypse.
JC: They go into a dimension of darkness.
DW: Well, the earth is basically destroyed. Yes.
They experience a pole shift. They experience super-volcanoes which bury everything in about 30 to 100 feet of rocks.
JC: Right.
DW: And you just die with rocks falling on your head, basically. [DW: Some would experience this. Others would die of a mega-tsunami or massive earthquake damage.]
JC: That’s a good spot to take a break. Let’s take a break. We’re at the top of the hour.
When I come back after the break, David, I’m going to share with you the first time I heard the word ‘Illuminati’. It’s fascinating. I want your comment.
This is Fade to Black. Tonight David Wilcock. Bespoke radio for the masses.  I’m your host Jimmy Church.
JC: Hey, David. I got a couple of emails during the break. One of them is from Renee.
She says, “There appear to be an increasing number of people all around the planet who are channeling ETs.
“Do you believe that this is a concerted effort on the part of various ET races to prepare us for their open interaction with humans in the very near future?”
DW: Yes. I’ll step in dog doo again and get myself in trouble with the Cabal. And we’ll see if they leave us on the air for me saying this.
One of the things that the Cabal apparently believes is that people who are the starseeds, who are getting this ET contact, are going to develop ascended powers before everybody else does.
And so they are making a very strong effort now to try to find the people who are getting this ET contact and to corrupt them through their own free will.
[This would be done through techniques] such as getting them to think in a more negative mindset, getting them to give messages of doom and fear, getting them to potentially be bought or bribed, that kind of stuff.
JC: Back in February, you were on Coast to Coast, and you said that, and I’m quoting here,
“If there is even one person who has ascended, he’s going to be able to drive away all of these bad guys. And they see it coming.”
It’s only about a year and a half away for them. They know it’s going to be . . . They know it’s going to hit and there’s nothing they can do about it.
And you were saying that there was going to be a small number of people who will have super-human abilities.
Well, a year and a half is August 2016.
DW: That is a date that is sort of the best guesstimate based on a variety of different factors, none of which totally resolve.
It could be anywhere between the end of summer 2016 through 2017 to 2018. So, again, it’s not like you can just pinpoint a window.
What you have to do is look at is the current of events that are taking place on earth and how fast are people awakening.
This is very important. This quantum leap is not some event that takes place at a pre-described time.
It is an event in which the human consciousness, reaching a critical minimum stage of awakening, releases the pressure on the spring.
That’s the key. When do we grow up enough that it’s time for the quantum leap?
So there’s a window in which this can happen.
I was told [about this] all the way back in 2009 by this high-level insider, very high-level insider, who I call Jacob.
He told me that the event I thought was going to happen at the end of the Mayan calendar in 2012 was actually going to happen in 2017.
I hid that data because, unfortunately, part of what happens is that if I say something publicly, many people who are allegedly channeling will very quickly co-opt my information.
They trust my sources and they want to be on the right track.
And so it then very quickly reaches a point where you can’t tell the difference, or it becomes harder to tell the difference between who’s real and who’s just parroting your information.
I sailed right through 2012 and never said anything about 2017. I figured, “Hey, maybe it’s going to happen in 2012 after all.”
There was a lot of good [scientific] evidence to point to that [which I extensively detailed in “The Source Field Investigations.”]
2012 came and went, but since that time, man, it is ramping up.
You don’t have to be that ignorant. You don’t have to be that intelligent either.
It is smack-in-your-face obvious that we are building up to something very, very huge here.
JC: What were some of the abilities that you were referring to?
DW: Well, if you go back to the Hindu scriptures, they talk about the eight talents of Krishna. [DW: Look up the “eight superhuman faculties” of Kalki.]
Krishna returns [as Kalki, the Destroyer of Evil.
[This link is far more detailed about the prophecies:]
You know there are different Messianic stories from religious traditions.
We’re talking about really incredible magic powers here.
We’re talking about stuff that you would see in some of the best sci-fi and fantasy movies.
So we’re talking about one person being able to instantaneously transform a landscape. We’re talking about stuff even at that level of significance.
Somebody who would have the power to be able to levitate multiple automobiles at once and throw them in a direction, for example.
Somebody who would be able to create any of the elements, like in The Last Airbender.
I know people said, “Oh, it was a terrible movie,” but it was interesting to see all of the abilities these folks had.
Some people can throw water. Some people can throw fire, air, earth, et cetera.
I don’t think that necessarily all of us get this kind of large-scale super-duper telekinesis right away.
But it is true that if you go back to Tibet, there’s all kinds of reports of these yogis flying around like flocks of birds in the air.
They would push their hand or foot into a stone. They could liquefy the stone and leave a very nice footprint or handprint behind.
There’s lots of examples of that on my show, Wisdom Teachings. You can go check that out –
I have a whole 8 episode mini-series just on the Tibetan Rainbow Body, where I show all these pictures of the handprints, the footprints.
I give all of the teachings of how they got to this Rainbow Body.
And, again, basically, you have to meditate all of the time. You have to have every thought be a loving thought.
That does not mean you have to be that good as a meditator. It’s like the Olympics of spirituality to go that far.
What it says in the Law of One, which is where I believe the truth can be found, is all you have to be is slightly more than 50% good – Service to Others.
[This means being a] positive, loving, forgiving type of person.
You can still be 49% selfish, manipulative, jealous, conniving and controlling and you’re still good to go for this ascension.
So it’s not something that only the elite are going to go through. It’s not like if you occasionally have marshmallows or a cigarette that you’re not going to ascend.
[Nor is it that if] you get drunk once in a while or you do drugs, you’re not going to ascend. It’s not like that.
What really counts is character: how you treat people and what kind of thoughts are going through your mind.
JC: This takes us back to Allison’s question at the beginning of the show. What happens to the little ones – the cats and the dogs and the horses?
DW: This is something very interesting that I learned through one of the new insiders.
If you have human beings and you portal a human being forward in time, we have something called a zero-time reference.
The energetic body is anchored to the moment of conception.
If you move that physical body forward in time, it will automatically progress or regress to the appropriate age that it would be at that time in history.
So if you’re going to move a human in time, you actually have to change this zero-time reference – to shift it.
This requires advanced extraterrestrial technology. You can’t just do it.
So for example, [let’s say] you go through a natural stargate.
There’s a variety of vortex points on earth where that will happen in the right planetary alignments at the right time of the year.
[In such a case,] you can end up portaled 300 years into the future.
What will happen is very quickly you’ll become a feeble old man or woman and you’ll die – unless you have the right ZTR (zero-time reference) [shifting] capability.
Now, the funny part is, and I only learned this recently, animals do not have a ZTR.
You can portal animals forward in time and they’ll live out their lives just fine.
So, for example, the Loch Ness Monster was a plesiosaurus.
There have been multiple cases of lake monsters and pterodactyls that have flown in or swum in to a portal, and portaled into our time.
What we are calling the Cabal or Illuminati, the military-industrial-complex, would [pick them up with] an advanced craft that we would think of as a UFO.
I [was told that at] some time in the early 1970s they picked up Nessie. They took Nessie out of Loch Ness.
They’ve picked up a bunch of these monsters that come through – dinosaurs that portal through. And they’ve stored them in various facilities.
So what’s happening now is that in reference to your question, we have a situation where benevolent extraterrestrials will portal the life on earth forward in time to when it is safe again.
So nothing dies an unfortunate death.
It’s not like some big global catastrophe. That’s a common misperception.
It only happens to the people who have invited that type of balancing karma.
If you stay on earth and you go through the shift, even if you’re not really a very nice person, you’re [fine.]
Only the most evil, negative people are ever going to see this negative timeline.
It’s possible that the positive people for a while won’t even realize that this thing has happened.
Only the most negative people are actually going to see this type of disaster.
They [the Cabal] have seen within their time viewing technologies that this is coming.
Look at a movie like Interstellar. There are all kinds of movies that [lay out this prophecy.]
The new Mad Max movie that’s out right now [Mad Max: Fury Road] [is another example.]
[There are] so many films describing this post-apocalyptic world because they see that it’s coming for them, but not for everybody else.
So if you are not one of those types of people, you will go through this event.
If you’re not actually going to ascend, then probably what will happen is that you live out your normal life.
You’ll die normally. And then when you next reincarnate, you’ll just reincarnate on a different planet.
JC: Is this why the Chinese government is trying to crush Tibet?
DW: Well, I don’t know if you could boil it down to something that simple.
I do think that there are elements of the Chinese government that are controlled by the Cabal.
And I think the regional tension with Tibet is multi-generational.
But, yeah, the Chinese government did go around [looking for people with advanced abilities.]
There’s a really great book called China’s Super Psychics by Paul Dong.
Interestingly enough, when you have people that grow up in extreme poverty, in many cases that hardship makes you more apt to develop these types of ascended abilities.
So there are these kids in China [with ascended-type abilities already]… and this was documented.
In fact, US oil executives went to China and witnessed [these types of phenomena.]
One of the most stunning ones is a little girl who can wave her hands in front of a whole room full of people holding flowers that haven’t bloomed yet.
She time-accelerates the blossoms, and the flower literally opens up right in front of your eyes as you are holding it in your hand.
JC: I remember that.
DW: Yeah. And there’s kids that can teleport pills out of bottles that are sealed. The seal is still good, but the pills end up outside the bottle.
JC: I do that now. But that’s a whole other show.
DW: Ha, ha, ha. That’s the late show.
JC: Hey, man. Have you picked out your wardrobe for this weekend?
I’ve got to get you a Fade to Black shirt. You’ve got to wear it.
DW: Ha, ha, ha. Shameless plug from this guy!
JC: Oh, no, no, no. I’m just saying . . . I’m just saying that you’ve got to wear a Fade to Black shirt at Contact in the Desert.
Have your girl call my girl. We’ll get that all set up.
Oh, I meant to tell you before the break. Check this out. You’re going to love this and I want your comments.
Back in the early 70s, I suppose . . . Let’s just say I’m 10 years old – 10, 11, right around in that area, 72, 73, I’m like 10 or 11 years old.
I’m listening to shows like this on my little AM radio on my nightstand.
I would dial in these crazy late-night guys. I would get no sleep, and I would go to school in the morning, you know, transformed.
So anyway, late night, you know it’s 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning in the middle of the week.
I’m listening to this late-night AM radio guy and he says this. This is what he says.
He goes, “Okay, man. You don’t know this, but the Illuminati are running the world.”
DW: Ha, ha, ha!
JC: You know, this is like 1972, 73. And I guarantee you my eyes popped open. You know my room is dark. The Illuminati?
So I roll over and I write it down. I write down ‘The Illuminati.’ I don’t know if I spelled it right, but I wrote it down.
He said, “They go back to the cave man days. They were the strongest tribes back then. Ever since back with the Neanderthals.
“They were the strongest tribe. They ran governments. They ran Egypt and they ran Greece and they ran Rome and the United Kingdom and China.
“You know throughout history the Illuminati has been the strongest tribe. And today they are running the world. It’s a secret government.”
And so I wake up in the morning, and I’ve had nightmares now. I wake up and I go to my parents.
“You ever heard of the Illuminati?” ‘Nope.’
I go to school. I go to my 6th grade teacher, whatever his name was. It’s escaping me now. I go to him. . . Mr. McWilliams.
“Have you ever heard of the Illuminati?” “No, never heard of them.”
DW: (Laughs)
JC: And it was crazy to me that I got this secret information from AM radio overnight that I never forgot to this day.
I never forgot his description, the way that he laid it out there. That was in the early 1970s.
I went around and quizzed everybody throughout life after that. I couldn’t get information out of anybody.
Nobody had heard of it, which to me confirmed what he was trying to say that night back in 1973.
(137:30 to 137:47 missing audio)
DW: They have gotten so audacious and daring now.
And particularly the amount to which they are jamming out propaganda through pop music now is unbelievable.
End Restored Audio
DW: My last article, Secret Space Program: Countdown to Exposure, is on my website
I encourage everybody to go read that.
Madonna has come out and openly admitted “If there is something called the Illuminati, I want to be in it.
“And I know who the Illuminati is. The Illuminati are the good guys. And they are all the smartest people throughout history.”
JC: Why would she, David, why would she come out when you have everything on the Internet and different fringe shows and websites and so forth that have been talking about this?
[It is] not only Madonna, but you know JayZ, Beyonce, what have you, you know, pick a star – Lady Gaga.
The finger’s [been] pointed at Madonna like that for so long. Then she turns around and comes out with a song called Illuminati.
Why would she do that?
DW: Yeah. And she sings, “The ‘all seeing eye’ is watching tonight. That’s what it is, the Truth and the Light.” Unbelievable!
JC: Yeah. Why would she do that? Was she told to do it? That’s the only thing I can think of.
DW: Yeah. These folks in pop music, they don’t rank very high in the Order. They’re not running the thing.
That is why I also pulled Kanye West’s quote where he got all excited about Madonna’s song, ‘Illuminati’.
“Yes, yes!” He was jumping up and down on the soundboard. He got so excited about it.
And he’s now come out and said, “People think we’re running the world. We’re just hired talent.
“They just tell us what to do. And if we don’t go along with it, we don’t have a job.”
So you’ve got to realize that the pop music big people are just playing along to a script.
You have the artist Kesha who came out and actually had this song called ‘Die Young’ – right before the Sandy Hook school shootings.
She’s basically saying, “Let’s just party and die young.” Then in the video she’s dancing in front of an illuminated pentagram.
It’s unbelievable!
And then she comes out and says that she was raped by this guy that she was working with.
She was forced to sing those lyrics and she didn’t want to.
JC: I think she’s a reptilian anyway.
DW: (Laughs)
JC: Oh, you laugh. Ha, ha, ha.
DW: Look. The shapeshifting reptilians thing is a meme that David Icke introduced – and he since has altered it.
He’s said he thinks these people have a spiritual reptilian influence, but are not physically shapeshifting.
I don’t believe that there is any such thing as shapeshifting biological material. It just doesn’t work that way. We all have the same basic laws.
I really encourage folks to try not to go on a witch hunt here. Madonna is basically doing what she has been told.
People like Madonna, JayZ, Beyonce, Nikki Minaj, name ’em, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry.
These people are tortured by the Illuminati so fiercely. Many of them would do anything to get out if they could.
They have been electrocuted. They have been raped.
They have had to watch violence and death be done in front of them in satanic rituals. It’s horrible.
We should not be hating these people. We should be trying to help these people get free.
Most of the people who are stuck in this horrible cult do not want to be in it.
They would do anything to get out. So let’s not go blaming them.
JC: Well, are they in the cult? And look. Since I arrived in Hollywood in 1983, I’ve heard rumors about this.
It’s like ‘urban legend’ in Hollywood. You hear about it everywhere you go in the music business and the movie business.
And for those people that are not in Hollywood, that are listening now from another part of the country and are rolling their eyes and going, ‘Oh, come on….’
No. You know what? Live here. Move here and certainly become part of the industry in some way.
It doesn’t matter on what level.
DW: Yep.
JC: You’re going to hear these rumors. And this is nothing that David or myself have made up.
This is a sub-culture that you kind of learn to accept because you hear it nearly daily.
Whether it’s somebody like Corey Haim, God rest his soul. He was great. But you hear about these stories all the time.
What  was the director that . . . Oh, what’s his name?
DW: Bryan Singer? [Who was accused of pedophilia by a boy who worked on one of his projects.]
JC: Yeah, Bryan Singer and his family. He’s one of the most . . . Now look, I want to back up and use the word ‘allegedly’.
DW: (Laughs)
JC: Ha, ha. Let’s just use the word ‘allegedly’.
But you hear about guys like him and other directors and producers and influential people throughout the industry.
This is stuff that happens on a daily basis out here in Hollywood and it’s crazy. I know it sounds nutty . . .
DW: It is horrible.
JC: Yeah. You hear about it every single day. There are . . . You know, you hear about….
(142:55 to 143:30 – missing audio)
JC: This thing with Bill Cosby. That’s just the public version of things.
DW: Oh, totally.
JC: What has been going on in this subculture, these rumors, I’ve heard about it since the day I set foot in Hollywood.
DW: Well, let’s be clear about one other thing.
There are some people who have really plotted for the deaths of millions and millions of people.
And those people will be defiant to the end.
In fact, they have an inner saying they use.
[They say] that they will be defiant until the “quick drop and the sudden stop.” And that’s hanging.
The quick drop is…
End Restored Audio
DW:  . . . when the ground falls out from under you with a noose on your neck.
And the sudden stop is when your neck breaks.
So they will be laughing. They will be saying “f- you” and “You’re a bunch of useless eaters” right up to the moment…
(143:44 to 144:10 – missing audio)
…where the noose is around their neck.
They will be cackling with diabolical laughter. (Laughs)
That’s how they think.
JC: We’re going to be, again, about 2 minutes up against our last break. And then I’m going to ask you, please indulge me and hang out for another 15 minutes.
DW: Sure, no problem.
JC: And maybe we’ll take a couple of phone calls.
I want to throw this out at you.
End Restored Audio
JC: . . . and his story and his involvement with you. It is all over the Internet.
There’s been a lot of leaks. There’s been a lot of disinfo on both sides of the fence.
So I want to talk about Corey when we come back. How did you meet Corey? And how far along are you with your research?
I know that you’re going to be doing some additional disclosure.
If it’s okay – I don’t know if I’m throwing you under the bus. You guys have shot some video. Are you going to present some of that stuff too?
DW: Not at Contact in the Desert. It probably won’t be ready by then, but it’s going to be ready soon afterwards.
JC: How did you meet Corey?
DW: He emailed me beginning in 2009 and shared some insider data with me.
He saw a malfunctioning flying black triangle that was actually like a blimp held on a tether.
It hadn’t quite inflated properly. It was a thing like a gigantic triangular blimp.
He shared this story with me in confidence, and I said, “Wow, that’s amazing.”
We talked off and on. I knew he was a supporter of my work and he’d write me from time to time.
JC: When did he see this?
DW: He wrote me about this in 2009. I think the event happened in the 1990s.
JC: Check this out. In the last couple of weeks, I was with somebody that told me this story.
And this is somebody I trust like a brother, like a family member. Okay, without going any further.
He said that he witnessed up in northern California in 2009 a craft that was being towed across the valley in northern-northern California, in the remote part of northern California, where there is nothing.
And he said that it was being pulled at, and it looked like a dragon on the end of a long cable.
It was moving like a snake. And the craft at the end was a ball with a long tubular structure with long tubes on the end.
He drew it for me, by the way.
It was being escorted by a couple of aircraft and helicopters across this large mountain range, where there are no airports.
There is no civilization. There are no towns. There is nothing. And there were a few witnesses that saw this. But it was being towed.
DW: That’s probably a test of one of the types of technologies that they have.
They were going to use [these technologies] to try to fake either an alien invasion or a biblical apocalypse.
[It would be something like the] rapture, [or] demons in the sky. That kind of thing.
JC: He said the ball in the front of the craft that was being towed . . . By the way, it was like . . . It was hundreds of yards long. This wasn’t some small craft.
DW: Yes. It’s huge.
JC: It’s huge. And he said the ball in the front had a windshield.
He said it was so close to them that if there had been somebody standing in windows, he would have been able to see them.
DW: Oh, wow.
JC: But there wasn’t anybody at the front of the craft.
He said he didn’t know if it was damaged or it was being tested, but it didn’t have wings. It was metallic. And it was interesting.
And the drawing that he drew, which I have with me now, it’ll blow your mind. It looks . . . It is Buck Rogers, man.
It’s not Battlestar Galactica, Star Wars, no. This is like backwards looking. It’s more Buck Rogers-ish.
Let’s take a quick break. When we come back, I want to talk more about Corey and take some phone calls. Let’s do it.
DW: Sounds good.
This is Fade to Black. Tonight David Wilcock. Always great stuff when David is on with us.
This is the Bespoke Radio for the Masses. I’m your host Jimmy Church.
Let’s go straight to the phones. Hi, you’re live on Fade to Black. Say ‘Hi’ to David Wilcock. Who’s calling?
Caller: This is Walt.
JC: Hey, Walt. How are you man? Are we going to see you in a couple of days?
Walt: Oh, no. I got a private invitation, but no. I just don’t have time.
But listen. I want to thank you Jim. David, I got your book. I read it. Wow! What a guest tonight and what an interview.
DW: Well, thank you.
Walt: David, you know so much. And you talk to so many people that are in the know.
A lot of them, I guess, keep themselves private to the general public. But for some reason they talk to you.
And you’ve been protected, I guess, because you’re a hot item with the people that don’t want you to talk.
I think I know who’s protecting you. You’re not going to believe this. My guess, okay?
DW: Okay.
Walt: I think it is relatives from your future. I think they’re coming back and they’re going to keep an eye on you and keep you safe.
DW: I would actually agree with you. I think that’s exactly correct. So wherever you got that from, a high-five, buddy. You’re right.
JC: Okay, thank you for the call, Walt.
Walt: Thank you.
JC: Thank you. Well, yeah. Wow! I . . .
DW: Let me just add one little thing here. These people don’t come to me as much as . . . are we still on?
JC: Oh, yeah, we’re live.
DW: I’m waiting for it at this point. I’m thinking, “If we get through this, it’s going to be amazing.”
I sought these people out. [They didn’t just come to me.]
I also just want to say something.
People say to me, “David, you know so much. You have all this information. You’re so intelligent.” Blah, blah, blah.
I don’t think of myself as a smart person. To me, everything I talk about is very basic and very obvious.
You know, I’ve been through the wringer. I’ve done the homework.
I would not say the things I say unless I absolutely believed with every fiber of my being that I’m telling you the truth.
As crazy as some of this stuff sounds, I have gone through and I have vetted it out. I’ve done the scientific research.
And I have worked very hard to find these insiders. They don’t just come to me. I have to go seek them out.
That’s a big difference from what he was saying. That’s the only thing I wanted to add.
JC: I’m going to . . . I don’t really want a comment from you on this, because it’s getting into dangerous territory and you’ll understand why after you hear what I have.
Cortana says, “Is Scientology all part of this cult of Hollywood’s loosh junkies?”
And I’m going to say this. Although Scientology scares the crap out of me, and there’s a lot to be said about it, I’d rather just research and not comment.
You know what? They’re too vicious and I don’t want them coming after me, coming after you.
They have long tentacles and deep pockets, too, as well.
DW: (Laughs) Well, I had a orthodontist in Louisville, Kentucky who was a Scientologist.
We got talking about the Illuminati. He definitely knew about it, but in his mind, they were the enemy.
And Tom Cruise obviously is known as a Scientologist. And yet, if you look at either of his two most recent movies, which would be the Live, Die, Repeat….
I forget what the rest of it was actually called. [Edge of Tomorrow.] That’s what they ended up using as the main thing on the title.
The other one was Oblivion. Holy smokes! I’ve done articles just on those movies.
It does appear that at the top levels of Scientology there is some penetration from the Illuminati – but that group, per se, is not an Illuminati group.
JC: Interesting. I . . . You know what, I . . . and let it lie right there. I have no issues with Scientology. Ha, ha, ha, ha.
DW: (Laughs)
JC: None. None. I find it very fascinating, though.
I’ll say this. L. Ron Hubbard with all that money, David, all that money, and he never got his teeth fixed.
I just don’t get that. I don’t get that. I mean why not get your teeth cleaned? I guess there’s no dentist in Scientology.
Well, you just said you had an orthodontist.
DW: (Laughs)
JC: All right. Moving on. This question just came in. Scientology, we kid. No, we don’t, but we do.
“When you started the interview, David stated that the aliens are no longer taking people on board their ships. Please ask why.
“Also, has he ever heard of real robots working with the aliens?”
Interesting question. And I think he’s referring to robots like Robbie the Robot.
DW: Yes, I get it. Okay, so, question number one I already did explain.
We’ll probably have this transcribed because I’ve leaked a lot of new stuff. So we’ll get this typed up.
I’ve also got to post a transcript of the one I did with George. I’ve been so busy with this video, I haven’t had time to actually post these things.
The reason why, as I said, people were not being contacted and actually brought on board the ships [after the early 1960s by the benevolent ETs] was because of two things.
Number one, they were being worshipped by fans and followers as if they were different and more special than everyone else.
And number two, they started doing things like womanizing, developing egos and doing illicit financial things – [such as] profiting too much off of their services. That kind of stuff.
So the ETs are very strict about all this stuff – the good guys at least.
They are very strict on that you have to live your life as an ethical person.
The way the Illuminati would be able to take down somebody like me is if I actually had a breach in ethics.
Now, people make up stuff about me online all the time.
I’m not saying that the average person has to try to live as perfect of a life as I do, in terms of the amount of diet perfection that I try to go for.
[Nor is it necessary to do] the jogging, the exercise, [or] the complete lack of any intoxicating substances or drugs whatsoever.
I’ve been sober ever since September 21, 1992, and I intend to stay that way. I’m not saying you have to be sober to ascend.
If you want to do what I’m doing and not get whacked, you absolutely have to be an Olympic athlete. You’ve got to be in it 100%.
JC: Yeah, not only that, David. You’ve got to . . . If anything did happen to you, you’d become a martyr.
Let’s knock on wood here. But then that just means everything that you said, now people have to sit up and listen to it.
DW: You can pull Obi-Wan’s quote right out of Star Wars: “If you kill me, I’ll become more powerful than you can imagine.” (Laughs)
Yeah, exactly. They don’t want that.
JC: No, it’s exactly right. There’s . . .
DW: See, because then . . . I’ve got about 130 episodes I’ve done with Gaiam TV now – on, as I said.
People can go watch that for US$9.95 a month. You get this little Roku stick and you can watch it on your TV.
There’s [the] Amazon Fire [stick]. There’s Google Play. Cable is obsolete now. And you can watch whatever you want.
They do not want to make me into a martyr, because I’ve been able to release so much of the material that I want to tell the world [on my shows.]
It’s [all] going to become far more significant if something happened to me.
I know they’ve tried other [ideas.] There are various plans of how they could try to take me down.
One of the plans I’ve heard is they’ve actually cooked up apparently some very fake audio of me, where it appears that I’m saying very disparaging things.
So if that ever happens, if people apparently have leaked information where I’m saying something on the phone and it sounds like I’m a Luciferian, or that I’m very disparaging, or I’m saying racist things, or whatever, it’s not true.
I really do appreciate all types of people. I have not womanized. I’ve had just five girlfriends in my life. I am not a homosexual.
Take your pick. I know they’re going to try a lot of stuff, apparently, as this all goes big.
[DW: I am not attacking homosexuals here. I have been told that accusing me of homosexuality is simply another way to try to stigmatize and slander my work.]
We are going to get Disclosure pretty soon. And that’s the next stage of this.
We’re facing [a situation] now [where] Greece is going to default on June 6th.
When they do, it very likely could take the euro down. And then when the euro goes down, the dollar’s going to go down.
[DW: The payment was not made. Only an IOU that they may pay it later on, even though they have no money.
Insiders have told us that this whole sequence of events is being delayed until early autumn.]
The US is already functionally bankrupt. They haven’t announced this to the public yet.
There are already laws on the books right now that say, “Your money in the bank already belongs to the federal government.”
They can use it as needed to bail themselves out.
They did the same thing in 1934 when they recalled everybody’s gold in the midst of the Great Depression.
JC: Yeah, I’m a firm believer in one thing – a safe in your house.
DW: Yeah!
JC: I’m serious.
DW: (Laughs)
JC: Your grandparents had it right when they were putting everything underneath their mattress.
DW: That’s right.
JC: I have no issue with that at all.
DW: Let me just finish that thought really quickly by saying that they apparently are going to try to do these bail-ins.
They are expecting that the public is going to get really angry.
This is probably going to be the trigger that will lead to this mass arrest scenario I’ve been talking about.
When that happens, it’s going to be one of the biggest shocks and surprises.
I know there are a lot of people that are pissed off, because I’ve been talking about this since probably 2011.
It hasn’t happened yet, but the more I’ve learned, I can tell you that absolutely it is real.
The Alliance is far more complex than I realized.
This includes the fact that there is one type of Alliance that’s here on earth and they have goals.
Then there’s another Alliance that’s actually working in the Space Program.
Many of the things that the Alliance on earth is trying to do are ultimately going to be relatively obsolete, or only short-term transitional stages.
Once the Space Program’s stuff comes into view, we’re going to have technologies that are so far beyond what we have right now.
That alone is going to be the biggest quantum leap in society that we have ever had in recorded history.
JC: What do you think about Jade Helm? Is that part of what’s going on?
DW: What I heard from Pete Peterson, who I trust, and his sources I trust, is that it is largely not true.
They have been using that to try to inspire preppers to get more prepared, because they are expecting the U.S. to announce that it’s bankrupt.
Congress is not going to approve any more debt ceiling raising. The rest of the world is not going to tolerate it any more.
There is all kinds of weird stuff going on.
Apparently, since January of this year, Saudi Arabia is not accepting dollars as payment for oil. They are only accepting gold.
That has not been publicly reported. That’s one thing that could get me in a lot of trouble for saying, but it is apparently true.
And we’re in trouble. The U.S. government is bankrupt.
As I said in my show that I did in San Mateo, California, the New Living Expo, the NSA good guys [made Bitcoin.]
There are good guys in every intelligence agency.
[The NSA good guys] did make Bitcoin to have a backup so that if the Federal Reserve tries to crash the dollar, we can reboot our currency off of Bitcoins.
And Bitcoins cannot be tampered with. They cannot be hacked.
Goldman recently bought a bunch of Bitcoins. They see the writing on the wall.
JC: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I found that really interesting.
Let’s back up. I have a couple of questions. Now we’re about out of time, so I’ve got to get these in.
With your knowledge of DNA manipulation, do you think that all of the critical leaps of knowledge throughout history [were programmed?]
I’m referring to mathematics, the chaffing of wheat, the wheel, fire.
Were all of these predestined and preprogrammed in our DNA? [Do you think] that knowledge was set to happen on a set date?
DW: I think we worship DNA too much. DNA is sort of like the antenna. Then the question is, who is actually making the broadcast?
JC: Right.
DW: Walt was giving me compliments about the last book I wrote, Synchronicity Key. I think that’s what he was talking about.
In the whole second half of that book, I talk about how history is cyclical. The same things keep happening.
So it does appear that we are on an intelligently-designed timeline.
Synchronicity and forces of dreams and visions [drive us along,] and spontaneous inventors come up with things seemingly on their own.
There are cases in history where all over the world, simultaneously or almost simultaneously, the same technologies are developed.
You mentioned the mill for wheat as one example.
It does appear that we are on a very precisely manicured timeline.
[It] is steered to make sure that we all go through this collective initiation.
We [needed to] have a suitable type of technology to mimic the telepathy that we’re going to have when we go through this quantum leap.
Of course, I’m talking about the Internet, where everybody is now connected to everybody with this little gizmo that they carry around in their pocket.
That is sort of like the training wheels to get us ready for this telepathic new reality we’re going to be in.
This new reality is also not going to have money. And we’re already seeing everything going in that direction.



All these institutions that used to make money are collapsing.

Everybody is downloading their music. Everybody is stealing movies.

It’s so hard now to monetize any creative work, because piracy is so widespread.

Nobody thinks it’s a bad thing any more. This is bad for the artists – guys you and me who are out there trying to play guitar.

JC: Right, right. You touch upon something that, I think, is critical.

It is music and it is movies, but, you know what, it’s books, it’s photography, it’s illustration, it’s . . .

DW: Journalism?

JC: That’s what I’m talking about. Yeah.

Newspapers, Time Magazine, pick something. Now that monetization part of our culture is completely gone, completely vaporized.

DW: When was the last time that I paid to read something? I don’t even know.

JC: I don’t know how they monetize. I don’t. I don’t.



It’s frightening what the Internet has done.

And it also goes to another level, David. I use a simple file share program to move stuff around.

And I look at that website when I open up that program, which was given to me free from another company.

I didn’t steal it. You know, this is what we use here. You can download it from our site.

But there’s no advertising on that program. There’s no payment for it.

But, there was a team of engineers somewhere that wrote the code that got it to work flawlessly, by the way.

It’s amazing. But where . . . You know, . . . How . . . That entire part because of the Internet . . . That entire part of monetization is gone.

How does that company survive? I don’t get it. But yet we want everything for free, for free, for free.

It’s a road to nowhere, if we stop and think about it.

DW: As many people are now using this term, it’s a race to the bottom.

JC: Right. Ha, ha, ha.

DW: (Laughs)



JC: Oh, man. Okay, now, this just came in and we have to leave on this note.

“David has to give us a piece of unheard-of information live on the air.” Just like you did last time.

Let’s have them shut us down, David. Ha, ha, ha. Ah, let’s see. Give us your best shot there, Tiger.



DW: Okay. Okay. I got a good one for you.

I talked about these 100 spheres that have come into our solar system.

This gets back to the Corey question. I’ll try to integrate some things here because we didn’t really talk about it.

JC: No. How do we do that? How did we . . . That was the main part of the show for me tonight.

DW: (Laughs) It didn’t happen.

JC: It didn’t happen. I love you brother. Ha, ha, ha.

DW: I got your back, buddy. Back to back, going down in a hail of gunfire here.

JC: Yes, we are.

DW and JC: (Both Laugh)

DW: We’ve had 100 [cloaked] spheres show up in the solar system since 2012.

They have given the Solar Warden people advanced technology that is allowing them to defeat the Cabal.

Some very strange things are going on.



There’s all of these ETs in what we call embassies somewhere in the earth.

Some of them are spread throughout our solar system – Mars, the moon and a variety of other moons and asteroids.



As I said, Solar Warden was the breakaway faction amongst these five space program factions.

The Blue Avians are apparently one of five types of beings that are in these spheres.

We’re talking now [about] humanoids that have bird-like heads. They are sort of a morph between a bird and a human face.

They are 8 feet tall. (2.7 meters.)

They have indigo-blue feathers mixed with some purple-type feathers, depending on which being you are talking to.

These beings have now given Solar Warden the most advanced technology on the block.



Solar Warden is now enforcing a no-fly zone around the earth. Nobody can fly in or out of the earth anymore unless they are permitted to.

Something has been put around our solar system [that they] call the Barrier.

This means that nobody can get in. Nobody can get out. And communications cannot get in and out.

One of the interesting things is that when the Barrier was put up, the vast majority of all the reptilians in their so-called Dark Fleet were outside the solar system.

And they cannot get back in.



Another interesting thing that happened is that the royals of the reptilians, the Dracos that are still here, were willing to betray [everyone.]

They asked if they could betray everyone in the Illuminati below their own cadre of royalty, meaning only the top, top level reptilians.

They were going to betray everybody else in their order if they were just allowed to get the heck out of here.

That’s apparently how real they see this coming Event as being. For them, it’s curtains time. For everybody else, it’s the Cosmic Springboard.



So what’s now happening is that there are all these meetings taking place with people on earth.

This gets back to the question of why aren’t they bringing us up into space any more.

They stopped doing that in the 1950s and early 1960s, but now it’s happening again.

People are being contacted. People are being brought up into space.

There are hundreds and hundreds of people, apparently, who are being brought up there in advance of this big mass arrest thing that is going to happen.

We’re going to see the Illuminati exposed. We’re going to see their plans exposed. It’s going to be the greatest wake up call [in recorded history.]



It’s probably going to end up being called the Illuminati Tribunals. It’s going to be all over TV. It’s going to be what everybody is talking about.

Probably once this happens, you’re not going to hear any Lady Gaga or Katy Perry or any of that type of music being played on the radio when you walk into a restaurant or grocery store.

People are going to know now what was going on. There’s going to be a huge backlash against this stuff.

You’re going to see heads of state, major celebrities, major world leaders, as well as shadowy international bankers being brought out on trial.

Many of the top level witnesses, who are the people who can bring down the Cabal, have already been brought off planet.

They are in such danger from the Cabal and from the angry public that they are being held off planet.

[That way,] when these mass arrests and the tribunals take place, they will be testifying from a secure location – meaning not on earth.



The Cabal is trying to find a place to hide, but there is nowhere they can go where they are not going to be picked up.

Apparently, a lot of them are planning on moving to Brazil.

They do have this sort of militarized nation within Brazil. It’s sort of like a separate nation-state.

It has a 12-mile perimeter, all militarized perimeter stuff with a little green zone inside where they all have these houses.

A lot of them have apparently moved all of their stuff there already. They are expecting this thing to happen any time.



I’ve been hearing this over and over again. It is like “the boy who cried Wolf.”

It upsets me because I’m out there defending the Alliance. I don’t get to talk to anybody directly.

It’s all on a need to know basis. And I’m not apparently at a level where I need to know who these people are yet.

Corey is meeting with them regularly, and so I’m getting a lot more specific details now.

I’m able to ask questions. I’m able to interact with them.



I ask them something and they give me the information.

And what they are telling me is, “For God’s sake, David, get off your ass. Hurry the F___ up.

“Do as much as you can to release this stuff as fast as you can, because it’s all coming to a head very, very soon.”

Somebody said that they want new information.

One of the most juicy things I was just told is that where we are going to be six months from now apparently is very different from where we are right now.

Everything is going to accelerate to warp drive over the course of the next six months. That’s what I’m hearing.

So I hope it’s true. I’d love to see that it comes true.



You know, I have all of these dreams telling me that I’m going to be extremely public, extremely exposed.

Already when I go out in public, people spot me a lot of the time.

I still can reasonably go through life without having everybody wanting to talk to me and take a selfie.

Apparently in the future it is not going to be like that. I’ll be like a Snowden. Everybody is going to know who I am.

I’ll probably have to have security and just, you know, not leave the house – basically just stay home all the time.

But I certainly do not live in a militarized compound. (Laughs)



JC: Well, I can live without Lady Gaga, but I kind of like Katy Perry.

DW: Yeah. These people earned the right to be famous by being talented.

And, again, they are being tortured. They’re victims.

JC: Right. Right.

DW: They’re being raped. They’re being abused. They are not happy people.

That’s why you’ve got guys like Kurt Cobain killing themselves. It’s horrible to have a career [in these industries.]

It’s funny, because you’d think, “I want to be famous. I want everybody to know my name.”

If you do it through film acting or you do it through being a music star, good God. It’s not the life you thought you were going to have.



JC: Right. Right. Its sounds like you were describing Thoth [with the Blue Avians] too. Were you?

DW: Yeah. Well, that is an earlier example of these same beings, yeah. Absolutely.

JC: Very interesting. Very interesting.

DW: They came back. They were back there during the time of ancient Egypt.

You see cave paintings of these humanoids with bird heads. And they came back.

They are here to make sure that this whole thing goes smoothly. They brought in these 100-plus spheres.



[The spheres are] basically energy balancers.

They make sure that our solar system isn’t going to have a catastrophe. It modulates the energy increase as it is happening and keeps everything smooth.

They are keeping this thing very carefully balanced.

The Cabal is not going to be allowed to do mass depopulation. They’re not going to be allowed to do mass atrocities.

They try and try and try. But they’re not going to be allowed to do it.

JC: Thank you so much, David.

DW: My pleasure.



JC: We’ve got two shows we’ve got to schedule. We’ve got a full music evening that we’ve got to get to.

One thing that we’ve got to put on the front burner over the next couple of months, we’ve got to do a Corey show.

And there’s a timing with other stuff that you’re working on that will be a necessity. We’ve got to get that done.

And we need to make that commitment to the audience, because we dance . . . I don’t know how we blew past that time, but we did.



DW: Well, there’s a lot of stuff that’s coming out.

We are going to have Corey do a mini-series on Gaiam TV. Everybody who’s a subscriber is going to be able to watch that.

[DW: The first episode of this is going to be released for free, in addition to any in-house videos I make from our original taping.]



I’ve also got six hours of footage in the can. I don’t know how much it’s actually going to turn into when I make it into videos.

I may actually do a series instead of just doing all in one, because there is so much stuff now that I’m going through it. It’s so frickin’ good.

It’s going to be mind-blowing for people.

I’m also putting together a document that was 130 pages [of notes] when it started.

I would just type as Corey was telling me all this stuff.

I’m trying to arrange it into a linear order so that all the data he told me is in a book. And that’s going to be free.

Then that way, nobody can say I’m hiding anything or that I’m sequestering information. It’s full disclosure. It’s all out there.

That’s what the Alliance is telling us [they want.] I don’t know why, exactly, because I’m not on that need to know level.

They’re saying, “Get out as much of this stuff as you can as fast as you can, because the SHTF.”

So there you go.



JC: Thank you so much. We’ll see you in about two or three days, man, Contact in the Desert in Joshua Tree.

DW: All right, buddy.

JC: David Wilcock, everybody. Thank you so much, David.

DW: My pleasure. And I’ll . . .

JC: Oh, man. I cut him off.  That wasn’t the Illuminati. That was me, David. Ha, ha. Thank you so much.

We are up against it. I have got to roll credits. Thank you, David. That was not the Cabal. That was my mouse.

I don’t want anybody to freak out. Thank you, David. David Wilcock.

This weekend we’ll be hanging out at Contact in the Desert – and so should you. (Credits.)




I did see some very, very nasty stuff that people have been writing about me on the internet.

Most people’s lives are fairly “normal,” stable and predictable — which is good. I long for the relative safety and comfort of those days!

Each time I do an event, a Gaiam TV taping or an Ancient Aliens taping, I put my all into it. One hundred percent.

At the Contact in the Desert (CID) event alone, I had fully five different events, four of which were lectures with complex and unique slideshows totaling 100 or more slides each.

I have people who go to every single public event I do, so I try to never repeat anything. And somehow I manage to pull it off.

After the CID event, I had no time to relax. I immediately had to study for another complex Ancient Aliens taping.

Since that time I have been trying to calm down.

The night before the Ancient Aliens taping, I unwisely agreed to do a cameo on Coast to Coast with George Noory.

As a sign of the trouble I was in, I had the cordless right next to my head in bed. I slept right through them calling me fully seven different times.



Now that we are starting off Season Two of my new show Disclosure by featuring Corey Goode, I can relax with confidence that at least some form of video will get out there.

Gaiam did not think I should release the other video at all. The reason for this was that I did a lot of talking, since Corey wasn’t saying much.

We have discussed this and he will be a lot more expressive in our next round of tapings. The first episode, at least, will be free for everyone to watch.

I do feel that the things I said were very valuable, and Corey agrees with me. I will try to take what we have and make it into something good nonetheless.

Bear in mind that the vast majority of all this work is being done all by myself. I have had to learn a staggering amount of new software to do this properly.

Furthermore, I have spent at least 45 hours just fixing ambient noise in the audio track due to having a new microphone and not monitoring our audio.

The mic was constantly scratching against my shirt. I have fixed almost everything, but it has been toweringly frustrating and difficult.



From here on out, now that the audio is almost cleaned up (finally), I have decided that I will “build as I learn” with the video.

That way, all the high-end techniques I’m working on will make their way into the finished product instead of just being stored in my brain and in demo tutorials I have worked on.

This feels like the right move. My next course is a five-and-a-half-hour tutorial on integrating Adobe Premiere Pro with After Effects in an editing / FX environment.

I have finally been able to get back into productivity in the last week and am excited about all the things I’m learning.

In the meantime, Gaiam is planning on having our first episode with Corey out ASAP. It could be some time in July but may take longer.



This has grown quite long, as usual, so it’s a good time to end it here.

No matter how much time I put into writing an article, any audio of me that gets leaked out there generates at least 10 times more traffic.

Any video I release generates at least 25 times more traffic than an article, on average.

So, the benefits in doing this on a high-end level (i.e. significantly better than the majority of YouTube videos on the subject) makes very good sense.

That goal is finally coming into view. It will be a change in how I do what I do, and I am very much looking forward to it.

We are hearing that everything is reaching a grand crescendo, and if I have the time and feel inclined, I may finish and publish what I was already working on to illustrate the clues.

It is a wild and wonderful ride right now. The truth comes with pain, but in the aftermath of that moment of suffering we will finally be free — for the first time in thousands of years.

That is worth fighting for. That is worth dying for. The time for change is now. Get ready for the Upgrade!