Love is our new reality

Erena Velazquez

Mother God via Erena Velazquez, part 1, September 4th, 2020

Greetings My Children,
I am Mother God,
I came here today to help you to see the truth. As I know you have been confused by everything that has been happening around you. Especially, with all this Coronavirus situation, with each day you keep receiving conflicting information from your media.
I am here to guide you through this process and show you what is the real truth. The truth is everything what you hear on your news or see it’s not true. The truth is that you are going to be fine and nothing is going to happen to you. This virus was implemented into your world by the Dark Ones to confuse you and make you fearful, so they can take control over you and your lives.
I would like to show you, how powerful love is. Love is the highest emotion that can be experienced by anyone. The emotion which can melt and dissolve many negative things and negative energies around you. I noticed that you have been distracted and confused on what is the right thing to do at this moment. There is no right or wrong answer, you should always follow the inner guidance within you. Your heart is going to tell you what you can do and what is the right decision to make in any situation or how to deal with any obstacle that appears in your way.
I love you children and it makes me sad to see you going through all this hardships and experiencing suffocation coming from your government and news media, which have never been on your side always conducting and following the Dark agenda. I aware that some of you are working hard and diligently to help others to see the light and we, me and the rest of us are grateful for your efforts and dedication to help Mother Earth and humanity to move to higher energies.
As of right now, something is always going on daily here, one negative event after another one and it seems like it’s never going to stop. Especially with your weather, your having a lot of issues with it. The weather on this planet has been man controlled for a long time, and it’s sad for me see that someone just uses this technology to destroy everything, instead of helping humanity to live a better and a more comfortable life.
As you know by now and you heard from many sources that your process of Ascension has it’s ups and downs, it depends on the day. How dedicated you are and how often you meditate to bring yourself up to higher energies and connect to your soul. Each time you are thinking about or you are reaching for your tablet or phone your distracting yourself with the duality of this world. Your not living a real life, you just living a shadow of it.
The life that you are suppose to be experiencing should be free, prosperous and happy. It never happened, so far here, because you were controlled and taken over by the Negative Entities, which have been residing here for many thousands of years. I feel as a Mother God that it’s time for them to go home, to their owns homes and stop disturbing this planet, the people and life on it, by putting them daily through negative experiences, by scaring them off with storms, wars and by constantly having them being taken advantage by someone. There is always some kind of an obstacle that appears in your life.
Please, try to become a dedicated student who is going to bring enlightenment, love and light to this planet. I have children here, you are all my children, but I have a few who are trying to help Earth by healing this planet, by sending love and light, but they need your help, they can’t do everything by themselves. They need your input, strength and your love and light, which you carry inside of you to be released to the world and help to unify everyone around the globe by becoming One Big Family. The family who is going to transform this reality into a new and a better world, The Golden Age of Gaia.
I want you just to be yourselves and start feeling your emotions. The emotions of love, the willingness to help others, expressing gratitude for what you have and always be available to give a hand for someone who is need. I am Mother God and I love all of you. It doesn’t matter how you are or who you are, I just love you because you are my creations and my children, when you decided to come to Mother Earth you knew that your mission was going to help humanity and rescue this planet. I would love to see that you would start to understand what that means, you are on the mission here, and how you can help everyone who needs the help.
Your mind is so complex and it always questioning everything you do and confuses you almost every second. Put your mind a side and let your heart shine through and show you the way to your freedom. It knows exactly what to do and how to do it. Just open your heart and let in light and love from others. Don’t be afraid to be who you are. You are beings who came from different planets, galaxies and universes here to help Mother Gaia, and you forgot who you are because of numerous incarnations here forced and manipulated by the Negative Ones, who were thinking that you will never be able to get awake and see the truth, what really means the truth.
Some of you are still asleep and I understand, you are not ready yet to see the light even though you carry the light inside you. The day will come, when you are going to open your eyes and you will say, wow, I didn’t realized that this world is changing and transforming, so much for something new and unexpected.
Please, remember that you are all blessed and supported by Us, the Galactics, Me, Prime Creator, Ascended Masters and by Other different Civilizations, who are ready to come to help you as soon as, they see you are capable to interact with them and receive the help from them. Stay in light and love, I love all of you. Thank you Mother God
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Queen An-Ra via Erena Velasquez, July 21, 2020

I am Queen An-Ra, I am coming from Andromeda Galaxy from one of many planets there. I am here today to enlighten and guide you on the things you are experiencing right now in your civilization. I come from an old Egyptian Civilization, we are the ones who build the Pyramids in your world long time ago. On our planet the pyramids have different type of shapes: square, oval, triangular, round and are extremely tall 10,000 times taller then your tallest building in Dubai. The Egyptians have been here on Earth a while ago for over 10,000 thousands years ago, and we were the ones who were helping humanity with their advancement. We were your teachers, unfortunately for us and for the human race, we needed to leave humans because they were moving in a negative direction at that time influenced by the Dark Forces.
After we left, we were focusing on our development and creating more incredibly advanced technology. We are a very powerful and intimidating nation. Everyone knows who we are and nobody dares to attack us. We are a peaceful civilization, we love peace, but please don’t try to invade us, you are going to regret that as soon as you do that. Our image is very intimidating as Anubis mentioned before, we are between 20-25 feet tall, we have a majestic and a big presence whatever we appear.
I am Queen An-Ra (Ra means Sun) and I have participated in the Grand Counsel for over 12,000 years now and I am part of Galactic Federation of Light. I receive daily reports on all of the obstacles that keep appearing in your Ascension Process. We are planning to come to Mother Earth, when it’s time to teach you and show you the way again, as we did in the past, on how to manage new technologies and on how to prosper, and lead you to your new life.
In the meantime, I just want to tell you that you should look at your lives right now and start to pay attention on what’s really happening around you. Your freedom has been taken away by the virus, it’s a very mild virus and your governments with mass media proclaim and scare you almost to death by saying how dangerous this Coronavirus is. Your body can handle that and you can heal yourself without having doctors putting you in the hospital. Please, understand it’s very easy here on your planet to be misguided and taken to a wrong direction, that has been done for thousand of years now and this is nothing new for us, we have been observing and watching Earth for a long time. The main reason the human civilization is still around after so many years, because of Galactic Federation of Light, including us, we have participated in saving Earth from so many catastrophic events since we have been involved in this process of helping your planet to ascend.
One of the things, I would like to bring to your attention is that a lot of light workers and light warriors volunteered and came to Mother Gaia to help her move to fifth dimension. Also, Anubis already mentioned to you that we have some descendants here on Earth. My daughter has been reincarnated as a human here, she is right now trying to finish her mission. The missions need to be completed by light workers who signed up for them a long time ago. We are eagerly waiting for you to be done with this process, so we can start to work with you by helping you to bring your freedom back to your world.
As I mentioned before, our technologies are beyond your imagination, most of them come from our consciousness, we are from 16th dimension, so for us limitations don’t exist. We can create in a split of second anything we want and it’s not complex for us, because we are connected to universal consciousness. Your are still in the process of Ascension and your 12 strands of DNA has not fully been activated yet. I am Queen An-Ra and I would like to recommend for you to stay in unity with each other as one consciousness working together to get to the 5th dimension. You spent here many life times not evolving enough as a civilization to become a Galactic Human, because of the Negative Forces, who have been controlling this planet for a very long time.
I want to give you an update about a big battle that happened recently, one of the biggest in the past year, between the Light and Darkness. The Dark Side in desperation collected all of their forces trying to win and get back their full control of this planet, it didn’t work out for them, we won. My Egyptian fleet participated with Anubis in command, the Pleiadian fleet was there with Ashtar in command and Prime Creator with his own fleet was overlooking the whole operation.
You are saying somedays why it’s taking so long, the process here on Terra Christa is much slower, because of the 3D density on this planet. We don’t have time, where we are, time doesn’t exist for us, we are always in the now moment. Here for you it’s always difficult to be in the moment, every Ascended Master has mentioned to you, please connect to your consciousness through meditation, it’s an essential part of your Ascension Process. You have a lot of things to learn, you are still in an infancy stage, you let your emotions control everything. Your emotions get the best of you, please live your life through your spirit and not from the point of your mind. It’s hard to break the patterns of behavior, the best way for you to do that is to connect to your soul. After you make the connection you will need to continue to reinforce it with daily meditation and eventually it will become part of your daily routine.
In the reality that I live in nothing is impossible, everything is possible, we live in love and respect of each other. We love our grandiose appearance, the way we look is the way we present ourselves to the world, planets, galaxies, and to the universes, because this is who we are. We are a powerful, unique and an old civilization, we live long lives, no diseases or poverty, and we don’t use money. We love to wear gold, black and white colors. The black color in our society represents high authority, the highest rank you can earn. We love our animals, they are our friends and companions. We communicate with them telepathically, and they are much taller and bigger than on your planet. You are probably curious about them, who they are, it will be a little shock for you. I personally have many animals in my palace. I want to mention two of them, the 10 feet tall cobra and 15 feet tall black cat with gold necklace on his neck. They are our family and play an important role in our society. They are treated like royalties.
I worked many thousand years ago with Prime Creator, he was the one who was teaching me on how to create planets, galaxies and universes, so I had a good teacher and I learned from him a lot. I would like to share that knowledge with you, so you would become like us or even better than us. For now, please remember, if you have a mission here on Earth it needs to be fulfilled, because it can  slow down your Ascension Process. We are all energetically connected, so if someone doesn’t do what he or she suppose to do that it’s going to effect others in negative way, because each of you are a piece in a big puzzle.
I am looking forward to when I will able to come and land on Mother Earth with my Egyptian style ship, my Pyramid ship. It will be a grandiose appearance of me and my crew, we will have a lot of things to talk about and show. I also can’t wait when I can hug my daughter again and take her home. It has been a long time for us since we saw each other in person.
I am Queen An-Ra and I was pleased to be here and I am going to come again or send one of my representatives to continue to give messages from our Egyptian Civilization. Thank you