Mother God via Erena Velazquez, part 1, September 4th, 2020

Greetings My Children,
I am Mother God,
I came here today to help you to see the truth. As I know you have been confused by everything that has been happening around you. Especially, with all this Coronavirus situation, with each day you keep receiving conflicting information from your media.
I am here to guide you through this process and show you what is the real truth. The truth is everything what you hear on your news or see it’s not true. The truth is that you are going to be fine and nothing is going to happen to you. This virus was implemented into your world by the Dark Ones to confuse you and make you fearful, so they can take control over you and your lives.
I would like to show you, how powerful love is. Love is the highest emotion that can be experienced by anyone. The emotion which can melt and dissolve many negative things and negative energies around you. I noticed that you have been distracted and confused on what is the right thing to do at this moment. There is no right or wrong answer, you should always follow the inner guidance within you. Your heart is going to tell you what you can do and what is the right decision to make in any situation or how to deal with any obstacle that appears in your way.
I love you children and it makes me sad to see you going through all this hardships and experiencing suffocation coming from your government and news media, which have never been on your side always conducting and following the Dark agenda. I aware that some of you are working hard and diligently to help others to see the light and we, me and the rest of us are grateful for your efforts and dedication to help Mother Earth and humanity to move to higher energies.
As of right now, something is always going on daily here, one negative event after another one and it seems like it’s never going to stop. Especially with your weather, your having a lot of issues with it. The weather on this planet has been man controlled for a long time, and it’s sad for me see that someone just uses this technology to destroy everything, instead of helping humanity to live a better and a more comfortable life.
As you know by now and you heard from many sources that your process of Ascension has it’s ups and downs, it depends on the day. How dedicated you are and how often you meditate to bring yourself up to higher energies and connect to your soul. Each time you are thinking about or you are reaching for your tablet or phone your distracting yourself with the duality of this world. Your not living a real life, you just living a shadow of it.
The life that you are suppose to be experiencing should be free, prosperous and happy. It never happened, so far here, because you were controlled and taken over by the Negative Entities, which have been residing here for many thousands of years. I feel as a Mother God that it’s time for them to go home, to their owns homes and stop disturbing this planet, the people and life on it, by putting them daily through negative experiences, by scaring them off with storms, wars and by constantly having them being taken advantage by someone. There is always some kind of an obstacle that appears in your life.
Please, try to become a dedicated student who is going to bring enlightenment, love and light to this planet. I have children here, you are all my children, but I have a few who are trying to help Earth by healing this planet, by sending love and light, but they need your help, they can’t do everything by themselves. They need your input, strength and your love and light, which you carry inside of you to be released to the world and help to unify everyone around the globe by becoming One Big Family. The family who is going to transform this reality into a new and a better world, The Golden Age of Gaia.
I want you just to be yourselves and start feeling your emotions. The emotions of love, the willingness to help others, expressing gratitude for what you have and always be available to give a hand for someone who is need. I am Mother God and I love all of you. It doesn’t matter how you are or who you are, I just love you because you are my creations and my children, when you decided to come to Mother Earth you knew that your mission was going to help humanity and rescue this planet. I would love to see that you would start to understand what that means, you are on the mission here, and how you can help everyone who needs the help.
Your mind is so complex and it always questioning everything you do and confuses you almost every second. Put your mind a side and let your heart shine through and show you the way to your freedom. It knows exactly what to do and how to do it. Just open your heart and let in light and love from others. Don’t be afraid to be who you are. You are beings who came from different planets, galaxies and universes here to help Mother Gaia, and you forgot who you are because of numerous incarnations here forced and manipulated by the Negative Ones, who were thinking that you will never be able to get awake and see the truth, what really means the truth.
Some of you are still asleep and I understand, you are not ready yet to see the light even though you carry the light inside you. The day will come, when you are going to open your eyes and you will say, wow, I didn’t realized that this world is changing and transforming, so much for something new and unexpected.
Please, remember that you are all blessed and supported by Us, the Galactics, Me, Prime Creator, Ascended Masters and by Other different Civilizations, who are ready to come to help you as soon as, they see you are capable to interact with them and receive the help from them. Stay in light and love, I love all of you. Thank you Mother God
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