Montaque Keen via Veronica, July 29th, 2018

Those who hold humanity hostage and totally under their control are now visibly fighting for their continued existence. You are seeing this played out on the internet. It is even being played out on your TV screens, and of course, in your Cabal-owned newspapers. Look at how THEY ALL CONDEMN MR TRUMP. Don’t they realise that this alone exposes them for what they are? They are now out in the open, exposing their fear of what Mr Trump might do to remove their power and control. You cannot trust anything that comes from them, no matter how it is packaged to con you into believing it.

You have come this far in your bid for survival. Do not revert into being a slave. You are nearly there. Keep up your fight for your survival. As the awakened increase in numbers, the Cabal will lose all power over you. Mr Trump has shown the world that you do not need to be part of the Cabal to succeed. How many more will come forward to lead you out of servitude? It just takes courage and a belief in yourself. This is what is needed. It took just ONE MAN to lead the way.

Imran Khan did just that, in Pakistan. My wife met him at his 40th birthday party in London. He is a good man. We, on this side of life, wish him every success. He is a man of courage who wants to make a difference. Would that there were more like him and Donald Trump. This is what is needed, to lead humanity into the light, away from the conflict of the past.

Dishonest politicians are not getting it all their own way anymore. This is new to them and they do not know how to handle it. Watch them try to hoodwink the people, like they did in the past. This just does not work anymore. You now see them floundering all over the place, trying to convince you that they are telling the truth. They are just puppets of the Cabal who are no longer useful. So they fear for their existence. They sold their souls to the Cabal. Now they find themselves cast aside, worthless to the Cabal. Their own kind do not want them either, as they cannot be trusted.

The Cabal’s time is up. It is going to great lengths to try to hold on to as much as it can. Money alone cannot save them. Soon it will be worthless, no longer legal tender worldwide. You will have to deal with many changes in the near future. Welcome them, embrace the changes, and you will learn to live in harmony with no more war to endure. War was the weapon of the Cabal and it was used by them to cull the population and keep you under control.

The truth will set you free. Free at last to appreciate the world in which you live in all its beauty and wonder. Those who invaded your world and took it over, will be at your mercy. Know this with certainty. THEY CAN NEVER BE TRUSTED. They are cunning and they will use everything at their disposal to try to persuade you that they have changed. But they cannot change. They are what they are. You have no desire to allow them to continue in control of the Earth. Their cunning and lies have got you to where you are today. Never forget that.

What the Cabal is putting Veronica through is beyond belief. Her survival is important to all of you. Her mission must be completed. Her life is now a struggle to survive long enough to complete her mission. This mission was set up 2000 years ago when the takeover began. I had an role to play in this mission. I now play my part from this side of life. Veronica suffers the anger of the Cabal who do such heinous things to her to make her life extremely difficult. Their determination to prevent this mission and destroy the people involved is remarkable. We need your prayers so that the mission can be carried out. Please help us to change your world so that everything negative is removed forever. Your combined energy can do this.

Those within the Cabal work as one to control everything. You can see this for yourself: it works. Energy should never be wasted. The energy that is released during major sporting events is collected by the Cabal and used against you. All big gatherings produce incredible energy that could be used for the good, if you so wish. Please give this some serious thought. Everything is in place for humanity to take back control. You would be surprised to see how easy it would be, once you make up your minds to work together.

[Veronica] A lot had to be left out, as on second thoughts, it must wait until things have moved forward.
My dear, you are coping remarkably well in the circumstances. The attacks are debilitating and frightening. This is what they want. Expect changes soon that make a difference.

I always told you that together we are invincible.

Always, your adoring, Monty.

Message from Dave
He thanks you for your kindness to him. He does appreciate your help.

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