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Cosmic Awareness via Will Berlinghof, April 10th

Cosmic Awareness via Will Berlinghof: Maintain the Sacred Neutral

cosmic-awarenessThat which is Cosmic Awareness is available. Please Joan, proceed.

Thank you, and welcome Awareness to the April 10, 2016 Rainbow-Phoenix Membership session. Will Berlinghof is the Voice of Cosmic Awareness, Joan Mills the Energizer and Questioner. Do you have an opening message or any event you would like to discuss please at this time?

That this Awareness would say that at this time, many energies are occurring and that it is a time of instability and unsettlement, and that this is a continuance of the energies this Awareness was speaking of last month, the month of March, and even before March.

That this is a very powerful time indeed, and can create great havoc in the world, but it can also create great havoc in one’s own country or nation, in one’s own region, and most definitely in one’s own life.

Therefore if it is the case for each who is having a difficult time of it, where it is unsettled and demanding, that this Awareness would ask all to remember the importance of sacred neutrality at this time, of finding a way of not being drawn into the negative energies that are pummeling the planet, that are being focused and directed by certain ones who have an agenda.

This in particular to world events and national events, and that it is easy to get caught up in the events and to get caught up in the terror of things, especially if there are events that might come down in the next while, that will produce great terror and great angst and great fear.

That no matter what comes down, that one must stay neutral, must step into that which is the sacred neutral, for this is that which could also be understood to be the ‘eye in the center of the hurricane’, and as these energies swirl around you, storm around you, on the many layers and levels that they can express themselves, that by staying in the eye of the hurricane, in the center of your being, by maintaining sacred neutrality without judging the right or wrong of ones who are embroiled in actions, that you may not see as justified, or correct.

That nonetheless, to stay in the eye of the hurricane in your sacred neutrality will provide for you the means by which to get through these difficult unsettled energies that are very much percolating at this time, that are erupting at this time.

Of course for those who are not having such experiences, where things are even for them, and life is not havoc and chaos, that this Awareness would say that you are managing it, you are in the eye of the hurricane, in the center of your being, and that you are maintaining your understanding of the sacred neutrality, and this is that which you can show others, simply by being in that balanced place, in that place where you are not in fear or angst.

That ones who achieve this, that ones who are in such a state are visible to others who are in such a state, so do not be surprised if there will come to you those who would ask you, how are you maintaining such calmness, such stability, such positiveness.

Take this then as an opportunity for those who are in that place of balance and harmony and positivity, where you see the deeper picture and not simply the contributing factors of that picture, the small details that are being manipulated.

Use your position to share with others how you view things, how you understand things and how you hold things. You do not need to step upon a soap box; you do not need to force others to see it your way. But, if asked by those who are seeing that you are in a place of stability and balance, simply speak from your heart, the truth of your being and how you see things and how you live your life.

That this too is that which at this time of great instability can occur, many are beginning to awaken, indeed, it is the storm itself that is shaking them awake, and this is an opportunity, both for one’s own personal growth and development, to reach that place of stability and balance, as well as being the opportunity for those who live in that point, that center point, to share with others: how they see things, how they feel things, how they believe and what they know.

Most of all, during these weeks and months, remember that no matter what happens, it is all a journey. It is all an adventure, and that you have chosen this adventure, you have come into the experience of a lifetime, and in that choice, you have the capacity to view it, either as a chaotic journey full of havoc and destruction, upheaval and despair, or from a higher point where because you chose it.

There must be a reason why you chose it and that you know from that higher point of your being you are here to go through this and help calm the waters and assist the many who are being pushed against the wall so brutally at this time, but who, by being pushed against the wall are now ready to ask questions, and to change their point of view.

These are exciting times, these are generous times, these are times of Great Spirit coming through to that which is the collective. You are part of the collective, but you are also an expression of Great Spirit, of Divine Source, of that highest conception of that which is your multi-dimensionality, and as a multi-dimensional spiritual being, having an experience of a lifetime, that this Awareness says to one and all, enjoy the journey, enjoy the trip, hold it to be the adventure you have always wished for and live your life as if it is so, for it is indeed so.

That this does complete the Opening Message.

Thank you, it was wonderful, very inspiring, very much appreciated. Thank you.

“Maintain the Sacred Neutral,” channeled by Will Berlinghof, April 10, 2016, at

Source Link: Rainbow Phoenix: Rising To Ascension