Love is our new reality

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Council of Radiant Light via Ailia Mira, March 24th, 2017

Hello Beloved Ones,

We greet you in love. We are commencing this transmissions to invite you to reclaim your true foundation. We shall lay out a foundation and invite you to feel how you feel in response to these fundamental ideas we’re sharing. We’re inviting you to feel how you feel about embracing these ways of orienting to your life as a new basis for your experience here. Yet in reality is is more accurately a reclaiming of your true state of being.

We are quite passionate (as you would say) about this invitation. We are clear and enthusiastic about the benefits of you stepping forth into this new relationship to life. For until you embrace an accurate, eternal and vibrationally oriented understanding of your life here, and then learn to live in accord with those principles, life will endlessly frustrate you.

We want to help you have more ease. In fact ease is a doorway to allowing more of your expansiveness to flow into and infuse your humanity. Ease is fun. It feels good. Ease reflects the power that is yours. Ease is possible because of who you truly are.

We are asking you to pay more attention to ease and to choose ease as a way of being. In ease you are relating to yourself without pushing, without pressure, without feeling inadequate, without trying so hard and without getting ahead of yourself which screws you up. You are letting who you truly are, come about, or flow.

You all know what it feels like when you do this. You also know what it feels like when you don’t let your life be easy.

You’ve all had the experience when something feels right. You’ve all thought perhaps of calling someone and then noticing for some reason it didn’t feel right to do so, and right then you have a knowing; and with that knowing you have a choice. Do you honor your knowing or do you push ahead with what you were going to do and call them anyway. If you call them, things won’t be lined up and it won’t go as well as if it could if it had felt right when you thought of calling them.

Things, when you call them, won’t be lined up for you yet for you’ve gotten ahead of yourself pushing life and trying to make things happen with action instead of honoring your innate connection.

You innate connection to the vibrational reality and all of creation is telling you, moment to moment to moment, what’s lined up and what’s not. When you live acting on what’s lined up and you leave alone what’s not, then you feel ease. It’s so simple. It’s so easy. (Smile.)

When you live informed by this knowing, when you allow yourself the lined up pathway, you feel ease and you feel a feeling of who you really are which is a quality of flow. That’s really the best way to describe who you really are: you are this flowing, elaborating, creative, expressive, powerful pure energy. Even in your embodiment that’s still who you are, although your experience may give you an indication that you’re a body or you’re a person. Who you really are is consciousness. You are eternal sovereign consciousness. As a human being, who you truly are is the consciousness, the free flowing pure powerful energy that is present and gives aliveness to the experience of you in this body.

When you live in ease and you act on what’s lined up, you feel good. It’s so simple.

You can feel good much more often than you do.

When you feel good much more often than you have been, then what happens is life gets better too because life is adjusting to the frequency state that you’re in. When you’re in an easier state you’re in a better vibration, and the manifested personal reality that your experience as your life unfolding, begins to show up in ways that reflect the better feelings you’re having. What shows up is stuff (experiences, ideas, connections, manifestations) that’s more synced up and more in sync with what you like. What starts to show up more is situations and connections that are in accord with your higher frequency state.

Most of you want to live in higher consciousness and sense, rightly, that doing so will feel better. In fact, you often think of it as “living heaven,” and it is not surprising to us that you feel that way for it’s living as your true self.

The most important thing here is that when you live this way you’re re-orienting to who you truly are, you are reclaiming your true foundation. You’re living, in knowing and with the empowerment of who you truly are.

In a way you might think of this as uncovering who you truly are, or liberating yourself, by letting your life be simple and easy and natural. Please hear us here and notice the sequence of this last sentence. By choosing ease you liberate your power. You don’t liberate your power and then discover ease. Ease is the WAY.

In choosing more ease, you start to relax into life. Once you live from the truth of your being life gets really good, and you feel yourself in the way in which we know you – as an endless, eternally focusing and flowing field of consciousness.

We don’t even think of you as a being. We think of you as a field of consciousness that’s flowing, through your choice of focus, and expressing and elaborating and endlessly creating. This life, this body that you are experiencing, this identity, is an expression; a manifestation of the vastness you are, which you created by focus and attention!

The vastness you are is with you consistently in this experience and enjoying all of it. Most of you is still non-physical. The vastness you are is operating as consciousness and constantly you have a sense of if you’re in accord with the vastness you are or not. This is what you think of in life as authenticity. Being true.

Your relationship with the vastness you are is what gives you a gut sense about things in life, a sense of what feels right to you and what doesn’t. Your feelings – all of your feelings in life – are always about your present relationship with the vaster you.

Because the eternal perpetual, powerful, pure you is constantly with you and holding a perspective of infinite capacity in your experience and not looking at things as if they’re right or wrong, and knowing all is well, the vaster you enjoys all of it and you can enjoy all of it when you sync up with all you are. This is ease, or what we would call the true path, or the easy way.

Sometimes in life you’re in accord, you’re in unity, you’re in sync with all you are and when you are, you feel good. That feeling is a manifestation of an increased state of alignment. If the alignment is really full, then you feel elated. You feel blissful, you feel radiant.

When this kind of unity of spirit is your state, you feel the ascending current, the rising current of creation expanding within you and you are aware, if you’re in your knowing about who you really are, that you are here at this leading edge opening up new pathways of light. In an embodied manifest realm in accord with all of creation, you are focus and facilitating that flow – allowing the degree of flow by your state of alignment.

Now you may not really use those words or label it in that way but you could. The feeling of that way of living is passion, and aliveness, and eagerness and enthusiasm, and a profound sense of participation and engagement. Elation even and appreciation and satisfaction and in your words, you think of all this as LOVE. This is how you feel when you are in consistent, dancing, beautiful, unison with the vastness that you are, while you’re here. This is what we like to call the rising spiral, the effortless flow of light from pure potential or pure positive energy into structured form given focus and flow by you. By you.

You collapse waves into particles through your intentions and preferences, and all that energy then becomes vibrational reality. The vibrational reality you intend is embraced by the vastness you are and thus amplified through the attention of all that you are (and all that we are). Thus this creation gains momentum and gestates and alters the Oneness that is by expanding it. Creation starts to orchestrate all the things to bring about the new creation that you have generated through your focus and your sustained resonance with this opens up the flow for what you’ve created to be realized in your personal reality.

As this is all happening, life is, Creation is continually, immediately actually syncing up, again and again. This organizing coherence is what clarifies your knowing when you are feeling into what feels right and what doesn’t feel ready yet. It is extremely beneficial to understand this, because in that way of orienting, you can choose ease. You can choose to feel when things are ready for you and when they’re not.

You are part of this vast orchestration and when you’re in sync with the vastness of you, you feel what’s ready and what’s not. You feel what’s a yes and what isn’t a yes. That’s really all you need to know to be in clarity. Is this a yes unequivocally? If it’s not, then it’s a no.

When you act from that kind of simple direct knowing — and you all have access to this knowing already — then you live in harmony with all you are, and your life feels easy. You live in a flow of knowing and clarity and you feel this kind of incredible poetry to your life. You feel the support of creation at your back, if you let yourself. If you let yourself, if you let yourself be easy, life can all be easy and wonderful and light, and you can feel very expressive and free.

You, the essence of who you really are, the real you, loves being expressive. You can’t help but be expressive. You can’t help but focus energy, you can’t help but make choice after choice about what you will pay attention to – which is how you are expressive. That feeling of being expressive is expanding all of life. It’s magnificent and all of life dances to your tune. All of life is orchestrating each and every choice and what you pay attention to so that it can come about in your manifest experience. But you are how it comes into manifest experience; through resonance and allowing.

When you are living in a way that gives you pleasure, that feels good, that makes you happy, that lets you feel joy in your life, you are cooperating with All That Is. You are a harmonious element in this universal orchestration of all life.

The ever expanding life that is the Oneness we are is constantly in sync with the leading edge of everything that’s been chosen and intended and created by everyone. The Oneness that is, is constantly updated, constantly coordinating all the desires and vibrations of everyone, all of us.

The amplification of that which you give life to is realized. It’s fact, it becomes. It is in vibrational reality and experienced by the vastness of your being and for it to flow from the non-physical into your own personal experience is made possible your alignment. Your sense of what’s ready and what’s not, your harmonious synced up cooperative participation in the wholeness of creation, of which are a most important and powerful creative leader makes this possible.

You are a key in all this. You make cosmic co-creation possible. You are expanding All That Is through your presence here and through what you allow to flow into your life experience.

You tend to think of yourselves as needing to prove your worthiness and needing to fix whatever you’re doing wrong, whatever’s keeping what you want from you and it is so ironic because you are the leading edge empowering the expansion of Creation! Any way in which you’re nicer to you and allow yourself to have more ease opens that up, that flow. And that flow? That flow is who you really are, expanding, elaborating, expressing in more and more ways.

So really the most important thing we hope you might glimpse in this transmission is that it’s safe to choose ease and also that you’re not ever doing anything wrong. You never have been. Your life is good now and your life as you allow it to, will get even better. The more you realize who you really are and how it all works, the easier it gets, and as you are easier life gets better. So you’re just in a state of re-orienting, remembering, reclaiming, not being wrong, or corrected, or fixed, of healing, etcetera.

You’re just re-orienting and uncovering this ever expanding sense of self, and what we’re pointing out here is the most important key to experience your life with ease and joy and all the other feelings that you want is to reconsider who you are and why you’re here, and base that on what’s real. Reclaim your true foundation: you are eternal, sovereign and free!

We’ve been presenting new ideas for you to consider as your fundamental identity. All is well. You’re eternal, you’re sovereign, you’re one with All That Is. You’re an innate creator. Your life here is an expression, an expression of who you truly are and the purpose of this expression of who you truly are is to further express yourself and discover yourself in new ways.

Once you realize these fundamental structures that give basis to your experienced embodiment, then we suggest you embrace them because they’re really who you are. They will set you free from living a life of limitation and shifting instead to the intention of your embodiment in higher consciousness, which is expression.

We suggest and this is quite important if you wish to thrive, we suggest you not only embrace them but you take the time to absorb these ways of orienting until they become your referenced ways of understanding life.

We encourage you to practice thinking of life in these ways often, frequently. You want to establish them as your reference points because once these ways of orienting become an energized, amplified established foundation within you, they will replace the limiting ideas. The power of this knowing will shift your whole experience.

You all have beliefs about your life experience. You can’t have a human experience without beliefs. You’re going to have beliefs in your human experience so a belief is just a thought you think a lot and a fact is just a thought that a lot of people have thought a lot and then it becomes very solid feeling thing in your experience.

You all have a lot of beliefs and ideas that are at odds with the clarity we are reflecting to you about who you truly are. Some of you have heard, and feel you know that these ideas that life is good and you are free and you’re eternal and all that stuff is stuff you’ve heard before, and you like the idea of it.

We want you to go way beyond thinking it’s true, or liking the idea of it. We want you to think about this new way of looking at yourself, your life, your purpose until it becomes so dominant in your knowing that in infuses everything you are and re-orients your entire life.

This means you need to think these kinds of thoughts. You need to look at these thoughts, you need to write these thoughts down. You need to say them out loud. You need to really let them sink in and get established if you want to embrace this relationship to life because you’ve already got other belief systems that are powerfully amplified and solid in your mindset that need to be replaced with the truth of your being.

So spend time on this and ensure it as an established reference point in your consciousness.

When you do, the limiting ideas that have made you feel disempowered or self-doubt or fear will just not be active because you’re not paying attention to them. Same too with ideas you need to heal, fix, clear or save yourself in order to have the life that you sense is the good life. That is a misunderstanding about embodiment that is quite common in 4th dimensional consciousness and lots of people are stuck there. You can bypass that, by practicing using your consciousness to think new thoughts and think about yourself and your life in new ways. Simple and easy.

It is very simple to do this and it doesn’t take a lot of time but it does take attention if you want to live this way.

If you chose to embrace who you truly are and establish that knowing as your life then, put your attention on these ideas. Think these thoughts often, write them down, say them, read them, elaborate upon them. Repeat the thinking of these thoughts until they are arising naturally, until a strong established set of neural nets within your brain which is an indication of a belief structure is within you, and these ideas and the implications of them become then the structuring basis of your reality which is in sync with who you really are.

Once you do that, you and your life will be radically upgraded, different, direct, clear, expansive, free. In the easy knowing of your true self you will feel much more alive and liberated. You will find yourself receiving visions and insights about what’s possible now because you’ve clarified your ideas about you. The momentum that will flow from this will be big, really, really big and easy.

We invite you and we’ve explained why, today we to focus on these new foundations and establish them within your experience. Establish them and allow yourself to intentionally choose how you’re going to orient to life and live. Do you wish to continue living a life of limitation, struggle and earning your way to glory? Or does it sound like more fun to reclaim your true foundation and live as the free, powerful and eternal being you are, right now?

As you feel your way into this new identity, as you let yourself sit with it and enjoy and play with it and feel it, you will feel the new platform for your life that you are choosing.

Ideas create experience. Established ideas become a platform or a foundation for experience. We want to be really clear here. We are not creating a platform out of thin air. We are uncovering what is within you and we are encouraging you to think in ways which are in accord with the truth of who you are until those ways of knowing are established within you and replace the false premises you’ve been living from.

We want this to be very clear. Although we’re suggesting you create a belief structure and reference points in your consciousness as a human being, we are not creating the ideas we suggest you might practice thinking. We’re not creating them. We’re uncovering with you, the truth of what is and putting it into words that you can hold and incorporate as established knowledge within your own understanding.

So this is a game changer in the most profound and easy way. It can and will reliably shift everything once this new sense of self becomes from and real and established within your consciousness. This way of orienting to life will then sit as a foundation at the core of your humanity, empowering your expansive flow and from this new platform and location in embodiment, many things will no longer have meaning or power over you.

You will find that life feels really, really good and fun and clear and light and easy. You will find yourself feeling powerful and free because that’s who you truly are.

We are complete. We are the Council of Radiant Light.