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Montague Keen via Veronica Keen, March 19th, 2017

There are many in your world who do not want to see the truth. They close their eyes and hope that all that is being revealed regarding pedophilia will just disappear. But it will not. It must be faced and dealt with. You can no longer run away from these issues. For humanity to continue on Earth, you, all of you, must refuse to allow paedophilia. Turning a blind eye to it gives permission for it to continue with your blessing.

Many opportunities to expose this vile practice of the torturing and killing of innocent children were blocked in the past. Mr Trump is the only person to openly take on this mammoth task and you all see what has been unleashed to silence and obstruct him.

Look at them. What are all these people frightened of? EXPOSURE. They exist on Earth because they drink the blood and eat the flesh of innocent children, for without this, they cannot survive.

Do not dismiss those who bravely expose such utter evil. Take note of those who oppose them, as they have a lot to lose should humanity wake up and prevent their evil practices. You are honour bound to protect your children. I can assure you that what is happening every day is far worse than you could ever imagine.

Please watch for following video: Donald Trump vs The Whores of War

The corruption is completely out of hand. The corrupt control your food, water, air, your medication, and all that is forced upon you by your governments, with the sole purpose of wiping you off the face of the Earth. They want it for themselves alone.

Everything is designed to dumb you down; smart phones, TVs, meters, need I go on? Do not fall for the hype that is designed to draw you into your own destruction. They make you pay dearly for all these items that destroy your lives.

Stop behaving like sheep. Refuse to be led to your own destruction. Their evil plans are out there; they do not need to hide them, as you are all so mind controlled that you would not believe the truth. Time is running out, but like sheep, you blindly run towards your own destruction. Is this what you want? Do you really want to give up your life on Earth? The Earth was entrusted to you and you have allowed these preditors to take it from you. Now they want rid of you.

Believe in yourselves. You could restore the Earth and replant it. You could remove all the dangerous chemicals which are needed to produce GM crops. Allow the Earth to sustain life, as it did in ancient times, when hunger and famine were unknown to man. Know that today, famine is man-made. The Cabal needs your suffering to ensure that it retains control.

As I have reminded you many times, “nothing is as it seems”. You are being lied to, convinced that black is white. Everything is totally controlled. This has to stop. The moment you say NO to their plans, they are finished. You have the POWER, so use it !

There are good people who are speaking out. They are exposing what is being done all around you. Listen, do your own research, and you will find the truth. Time is of the essence, my friends, so please do your research.

David Icke – America is Gone ! Wake Up Please !

My dear wife is far from well. Much is being done to prevent our work. I will withdraw for now and allow her to rest.

My dear, rest is essential to restore your strength. Please rest. Things are moving forward.

Always, your adoring, Monty.
Website: The Montague Keen Foundation