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Creation of Human’s Twelve New Chakra via Summer Sun in China, May 5th, 2018

Archangel Mike + creator message April 30, 2018 summer sunshine

Knowledge Popularization: Enlightenment and ascension: Cognition of the birth of human chakra


(summer and summer message: This article is about the knowledge of human chakra. Editors are unconditionally open to knowledge and contribute to the great transformation. Editor’s note later on how to ascend and how to manifest consciousness is at the end of this article.


The human chakras correspond to the original creation law and the initial creation of the first seven light universe, so the human chakra begins to be seven, and the seven universe is the source. (see in detail “the creation and law of the source”)


  1. Basic introduction


1), seabed wheel: vitality, vitality

This corresponds to the birth of the source

2), navel wheel: Yin and Yang, male and female

This corresponds to the two element and three elements of the source

3). Solar plexus: strength

It corresponds to the infinite power of the source

4), heart wheel: hope and infinite love

This is the hope of the source and the whole of love.

5), laryngeal wheel: expression and creation

The infinite expression of this source

6), three eye wheels: insight and awareness

This corresponds to the origin of all knowledge of oneself

  • , top wheel: receive, absorb


This corresponds to the source’s experience of receiving all one’s own experience.


Once we have opened a chakra, the chakra will begin to restore harmony and function properly, and the human body will begin to return to normal.


There are seven energy centers in the body, because these seven energy centers are similar to the Galactic spiral, so they are named seven chakras, which can be passed through these chakras to transmit the energy of spiritual or other properties that correspond to light of different colors, which are also one of the sources of energy.

Two. A detailed explanation of the basic seven chakras of the human body


  1. The undersea wheel (healthy color is red): dominating the birth, survival, safety, vitality, vitality and enthusiasm.


When the wheel is closed, the chakra color appears dark gray red (the following 6 chakras are similar, the dark tones are added to the original hue): the most obvious is the disease on the organ (genitals and anus) near the chakra, which is similar to male ejaculation, female gynecologic inflammation, and serious words can cause fertility questions. The psychological characteristics:

The sense of insecurity, the fear of survival, the inability to build up the energy of the earth, the downloading of energy, the lack of vitality (energy), and the lack of enthusiasm for doing things. The relationship with the parent mother is discordant.


  1. Umbilicus (healthy color: Orange): leading the balance, emotional expression, emotional expression and interpersonal relationship of male and female.


Maladjustment of the umbilical cord: a disease in a range of organs near the chakra, the secretion of pressure glands in the organ of the chakra – the adrenal gland and various hormones in the body. The psychological disorders are: fighting, defense, distrust, confusion about sex and love, too much or lack of fear to lose intimacy, resentment, criticism, indescribable anger, frustration, excessive or deficient sexual ability of sexual desire, addictive behavior (smoking, alcohol addiction, drug addiction, etc.). The male oriented and the female face unbalance.


3, the solar plexus (the color of health is yellow): dominant courage, strength, willpower, confidence, and dreams.


When the solar plexus is in disorder, it shows the diseases on the organs of the chakra. The important organs of this chakra are the stomach, the spleen, the pancreas, the liver, the storage of the energy in the body, the storage of glucose, the problem of nutrient absorption and storage. Negative expression is self expansion (too much pursuit of power), desire for control, plundering, lack of confidence, sense of value, low self-esteem, worry, anxiety, weakness, abuse, helplessness, and the sense of weakness of things.


4, heart wheel (the color of health is: green): leading unconditional love, hope, wisdom, joy, compassion, dedication, intimacy, trust, faith hope, the ability to cure oneself or others.


The heart wheel is related to the ability of the lover. When this chakra is blocked, it is unable to establish intimate relationship with people and enjoy the fun of sharing. It will protect himself with the unconscious manufacturing distance when interacting with people. The feeling of the chakra when the chakra is blocked is small, lonely, jealous, selfish, reciting, squeezing other people, arrogance, sadness. Abandonment, resentment, abuse or insulting others, being disliked or disliked by others. This chakra shows the popularity of interpersonal relationships and the wheel of interpersonal relations.


  1. The laryngeal wheel (healthy color is blue): leading expression, leadership and creativity.


The laryngeal wheel is related to the strength of the individual and whether it has the desire for expression. The imbalances may arise when the chakra is blocked, such as criticism, malice, betrayal, lie, fear of expression, noise, and autism.


6, three eye wheel / eyebrow chakra (healthy color: indigo blue): leading spirituality, imagination, reason, sensibility, intelligence, and seeing illusion.


When the three eye wheel is blocked, we feel the mind of self conceit, self and expansion, superiority, power desire, persistence (paranoia), capture, control, or use of the mental ability to enslave others in order to satisfy their own selfish desires. Symptoms, mental illusions, and mental disorders associated with mental stress. Lack of imagination, too rational or too emotional. Because the sixth chakra is the center of conscious power, the operation of this place enables people to have the ability to perceive. So the disorder may also show a psychic experience that is out of control, a marginal character, and a mental disorder (mental disorder), which makes it impossible to know what the reality is.


7, the top wheel (healthy color is purple): dominating energy downloads, downloading messages, and realizing the unity of man and nature (wisdom).


When the top wheel is blocked, there will be thoughts and clamour in the brain. The spirit is insufficient, the brain is heavy, the foot is light, like a floating feeling in the air without landing.


Three, after reaching the state of enlightenment consciousness, five new main chakras and secondary chakras of human beings are introduced:


1, Earth Star Chakra (color: interior black external white): at the bottom of your foot about fifteen centimeters, this chakra is connected to the bottom of the foot wheel, the knee wheel, the bottom wheel. The dominant stability (Tai Chi often refers to the instability of the site, that is, the energy of the earth’s root / connection.


2, gas wheel / turbine (color: transparent light yellow crystal): underneath the protruding skeleton of the stomach and lung interface, connect the heart wheel upward, and connect the sun’s nerve plexus. The dominant attraction, attraction and absorption are similar to the attractive effect of black holes. This is the new chakra system that you can directly attract / absorb energy.


3, advanced heart chakra (color: transparent light green crystal color): located in the thymus (heart wheel) above the two finger knuckle, on the throat wheel, cause and effect wheel, three eye wheel, the next heart wheel. This chakra contains the ability to know truth, awareness, and the ability to connect with the multidimensional consciousness of the universe, the storage of the first eight cell DNA sequences.


4, karma / dream wheel (color: dark purple, purple and black): located in the concave mouth of the back of the back of the brain, the chakra’s main spirit, vision, consciousness, dreams, phantom, and multidimensional consciousness (followed by detailed explanation). Next to the navel wheel, seabed wheel, three eye wheel.


5, the soul Star Chakra (color: Golden White): located about 15 centimeters above the top of the head. The main Stargate, the soul, and the unity of heaven and man. The top wheel, the three eye wheel and the cause and effect wheel are connected downward.

Through the use of consciousness, you can enter the Stargate of the soul Star Chakra and transcend the time / space illusion and explore other parts of the universe.


6, sub chakra: palms and chakra, shoulder chakra, elbow chakra, knee chakra, foot chakra, these are chakras that play the role of energy transmission.


The palm chakra of the hand or foot releases energy, the palm has a magnetic field, the palm chakra connects the elbow chakra to the shoulder chakra, the shoulder chakras connect the energy of the heart wheel, and the strength starts from the heart wheel.


The palmar chakra can help the soul to consciously heal and create, and the foot chakra can help the soul connect with the energy and consciousness of the planet.

The palmar chakra also stabilizes the ground and keeps the body stable.

Four, enlightenment and ascension of the main chakra function:


(editor’s note: the ascension of consciousness refers to the rise from the low dimension consciousness, the “garbage” DNA in the biologist’s mouth begins to activate, and the human body has a complete 12 set of DNA sequences (the ordinary people are activated only by the 2~3 group), becoming “new human”, with a new “creative ability of consciousness”).


1, the Earth Star Chakra is connected with the planetary consciousness / energy, the foot chakra, the knee chakra, and the submarine wheel.


The earth’s Star Chakra is rooted in the planet and the sense of planetary consciousness, which can connect the earth’s energy and live in harmony with the planet in one consciousness.

This chakra can connect the planetary consciousness through its own internal passages, and the acaci records formed by the birth of the planet and all experiences can be read.


  1. The bottom chakra follows the knee chakra, the foot chakra, the Earth Star Chakra, and connects the umbilical cord and the solar plexus.

Before the human ascension (the original 7 Chakra), the Kunda Rini spirit stored / slept in the bottom of the spine of the ship’s wheel, and the etheric body was also sleeping here.


When the chakras are unobstructed and with sufficient energy, the kundalini serpent rises up the spine in the seabed wheel, through the umbilical cord, the sun’s nerve plexus, the heart wheel, the throat wheel, the three eye wheel, and through the top wheel.


After hitting the top wheel, the energy is overflowing, people can achieve the state of enlightenment, and the other five main chakras are activated.


When the energy is filled again, the body completely rises to the body of the etheric body, and the body of the flesh is transformed into a light, light, silicon based life body, and the body begins to emit a light light.


  1. The umbilical wheel goes down to the bottom of the sea, and connects with the solar plexus and the heart chakra.


Astral travel: the starlight body is connected to the umbilicus with a silver cord similar to the umbilical cord. The starlight body is a body traveling in parallel worlds. Light is not bound by material and can fly. When the chakra is unobstructed, the masculine feminine energy is Yin and Yang, and good interpersonal relationship. Working together with the heart chakra inspires compassion and selflessness.


4, the solar plexus goes down to the umbilical wheel, the bottom wheel, the upward air wheel, the heart wheel, the high mental chakra, and the throat wheel.


The solar plexus + gas wheel + heart wheel + advanced heart + throat wheel makes up the main energy center, and then we call the other chakras of the body to operate, and only need to call the energy of this energy center by consciousness.


5, the air wheel / turbine goes down to the solar plexus, the upper center wheel, the high spirit chakra, and the throat wheel.


The chakra / turbine is activated after Enlightenment, and the energy center continues to absorb / attract energy with the gas wheel. No longer rely on food energy.


6, the heart wheel is the center point of all chakras. It is connected to the gas wheel, the sun nerve plexus, the navel wheel, the seabed wheel, the earth’s Star Chakra. It connects to the advanced heart chakra, the larynx wheel, the karma wheel / causality wheel, the three eye wheel, the top wheel, the soul Star Chakra.


The heart wheel has a special connection to each chakra, the unconditional love and the inner sacred spark that is produced by its co – operation with the navel wheel to connect all the chakras. Holy spark is a special flame connecting the source with the soul. The sacred spark settled in the heart wheel, and in the creation of the third world, the soul of the soul was pretending to lose its connection with the source. In fact, the darkness of the divine spark, no matter how much conscious programming, would not extinguish it.


The heart chakra carries the DNA of the eight cells recorded by soul Akasi, which is connected with the Akasi record of the soul experience.

Acaci record: records of all of your dimensions, realities, realities, and records of all the experiences, including the time illusion caused by the first (mineral) two plants, animals and human animals, three, and four dimensions in the physical dimension, the experience of all dimensions of the individual soul in the past, present, and the future. No illusions of time / space).


These eight cells record your multidimensional DNA on yourself so that the individual is activated during the experience, and the DNA code will share all the cells all over the body, which ensures that you can choose to remember or not remember that you are multidimensional (soul consciousness sleep or wake up). (Note: ascension is upward upward from a low dimension consciousness)


The connection between sacred spark and heart wheel is the connection between source and soul. The source conveys the divine love energy from the sacred spark to support the creation and expression of the soul.

The sacred spark is grown up in accordance with the experience of the soul in various realities / illusions, perceiving one’s own internal source, and absorbing the holy love energy of other creations, such as stars, of the source.


After ascension, your beliefs and beliefs determine anything you believe in, and consciously manifest energy as matter, move things away and fly.


7, the higher mental chakra is linked to the heart chakra, connected to the soul Star Chakra (soul consciousness) and the Earth Star Chakra (planet consciousness).


The energy source of the higher spiritual chakra: the energy center of the heart chakra.


The connection between the higher spiritual chakra and all source creation: the mutual sensing ability of the soul consciousness.


Perceive your soul consciousness from the spirit star chakra.


From the earth’s Star Chakra connection and perception of the planet’s consciousness, the perception depends on your current consciousness (such as the multidimensional body connected to itself, the multidimensional body of the planet, the multidimensional body of the galaxy, and so on).


8, the throat wheel is connected to the higher mind, the heart wheel, the umbilical wheel, and connects the karma wheel / causal wheel and the three eye wheel.


The pharynx chakra is linked to the higher mental chakra, the heart chakra and the umbilical wheel to express their views and multidimensional views.


The throat wheel works with the karma wheel and the three eye wheel to realize the creation of imagination, the creation of dreams and the creation of real reality.


9, the karma wheel / dream wheel connects the throat wheel, the heart wheel, the umbilical wheel and the bottom wheel, and connects the three eye wheels upward.


The karma connects dreams, illusions, consciousness, and multidimensional consciousness; this is where your consciousness resides. It connects your conscious mind (daily life consciousness) and the subconscious (consciousness after Enlightenment).


The consciousness of the dream wheel connects all the reincarnation (beyond space / time) experiences under the fifth dimension of the soul.


The consciousness and concentration ability of the dream wheel: your consciousness matches third eyes to observe the movement of the internal chakra.


The causal wheel says that every time the reincarnation of the soul corresponds to the law of source creation: creation (seed), unity (fruit). Each time the reincarnation experience bears fruit (seeds, sprouts, ripening, fruit picking).


Cause and effect: if you recognize your own problems, you can forgive and accept yourself within your own unconditional love, and you need to face your past, make a change, not escape.


Dream wheel: this chakra can connect your multidimensional consciousness to your parallel reality consciousness.


10, the three eye wheel goes down to the karma, the throat wheel, the higher mental chakra, the heart chakra, the Earth Star Chakra, and connects the top chakra and the spirit star chakra.


The three eye wheel is the leading spirit, imagination, reason, sensibility, intelligence, truth and illusion. When the three eye wheel is connected to each chakra, you can visualize / imagine / contemplate the multidimensional conscious reality of the chakra.


Explanation: the connection with the karma chakra is an observable experience of the past reincarnation, the Earth Star Chakra (the multidimensional reality of the planet), the Star Chakra of the soul (the multidimensional experience of the soul itself). When connecting with these chakras, we can think of the reality / reality corresponding to the chakra.


The three eye wheel can cooperate with the heart chakra, the higher mental chakra, the chakra and the karma chakra to complete the creation of consciousness.


11, the top wheel goes down to the three eye wheel, the dream chakra, and connects the soul Star Chakra upward.


The top wheel is connected with the three eye wheel and the dream chakra – the energy and information conveyed by the soul in which the top wheel downloads the soul star, falling to the picture of the three eye wheel being received and translated into the physical reality, and falling to the dream (multidimensional and parallel world realms).


12, the soul Star Chakra (where the soul is located) is connected to all the chakras, but mainly through the connection with the top wheel, a step by step of energy decline, translation, the soul of the Star Chakra descends into the earth’s Star Chakra, and is rooted in the planet’s consciousness.


The soul Star Chakra can connect multidimensional soul consciousness through its own inner channel, and the birth of the soul and the Akasi record of all experiences can be read.



【Note: in this article, after the connection between the heart wheel and the advanced heart chakra, the article directly receives the source message and records it with the archangel Mike, and we can tell whether the information is true according to his own first sense. 】


Summer sun: I have recalled my memories before reincarnation. I came from the direct separation of the source – an angel like helping souls experience ascension.

By separating one’s soul consciousness from one level to another, the illusion or reality falls into the third dimension. By providing knowledge about how to ascend, we can provide conditions for activating events.

I am a part of the great transformation, and many of our angel brothers and sisters are sent directly from the source. We enter the earth through the decline of consciousness and let the earth restore harmony and consciousness rise.


To promote the divine plan: the healing of the earth’s mother’s consciousness, the harmony of the Milky way, the harmony of the universe (the earth has a deep link with all planets, stars, and galaxies, if she does not change, restores the truth of its own, and has an impact on the creation of the creator).


As part of the great transformation, we are taking time to regress our strength and return to our real existence. You have your Divine free will, you can choose to continue to hide yourself, pretend nothing has happened – or get up the courage, stand up bravely, stand out, and do what you can do at the moment.


Divine plan:


By helping each other to wake up, the first light workers help the earth to expose the truth, transmit the knowledge of ascension, conduct the real situation outside the illusion of the third dimension, wake the masses and wake up the interstellar seeds.


When we do our work completely. The source will direct to every awakened son of light / angel, and initiate the ascension of all humans of the earth, the Galactic flare / big event.


This phenomenon will cause panic among the masses, so the Lightworkers need to spread the truth and do their job well before you drop your real mission.


Be brave enough to face everything in front of you and let yourself have peace – a peaceful mind, so that more people can be prepared mentally. There will be a new world after that. We no longer need money.


The integration of spirituality and new technology, cooperation and efforts to lead mankind to the establishment of New Atlantis civilization.


I have been brave enough to stand up. Do you want to come along? We can walk together, hand in hand (laughs). Through our collective, the 144000 interstellar seed, and the joint efforts of more awaken and angelic beings, light will prevail.