Conversation with the Soul of Vincent Van Gogh via Li in China, May 5th, 2018

Dear readers, it is nice to meet you here. Before reading this message it is best for you to be informed of some matters which needs attention. When you read the text it is likely that some symptoms or feelings will appear, such as dizziness, headache, bowl movements, sweating or rash; You may suddenly have an impulse to sing, dance or paint, or be able to speak a special kind of language different from your own one; You may begin to have dreams about wars, deities and lights, or some faint memories of previous existences and universe may begin to arise in your mind. All these magical experiences come from the energy of your soul, which is driven by the internal power of words and produces high-frequency resonances.This implies the awakening of your soul and the emergence of your subconscious, owing to the great energy of love within words. If you read and understand the text repeatedly, you will feel it even stronger; and if you link or forward the text, strong energy of love is transmitted indeed.


Conversation with soul of Vincent Van Gogh

Li: Nice to meet you, Van Gogh. I am a spiritualist on earth. Could you tell me where you are now? We humans on earth respect you very much. Your paintings illustrated humanity’s thinking about art and humans admire you more than the love of your work. Please tell me and us humans more about yourself and the universe! Thank you very much!

Nice to connect with you! I am not supposed to be called by humans on earth. Humans don’t think of me much and they just like some of my paintings I left. You asked where I am. I am on earth right now in a spiritual form without physical body, working for the universe.

My mission is to help humans to wake up using my profile energy to deliver energy from universe to earth, making humans and material profile energy stronger and smoother. I am from profile system of physicality in low level spaces. Van Gogh was my physical work body on earth, whose mission was to represent energy in form of material profile and increase some color energy to the world. My duty was very clear and my physical body was designated as a painter who could work directly.

You may be unclear of what the profile system is. It is one kind of diverse energies of the universe also existing in higher spaces. However it’s in different forms from the way it manifested in low level material spaces. Beings in higher spaces don’t have certain kinds of material form. They are in form of energy of light, which can shine into various spaces naturally. The reflected profile energy of light can be represented or transformed by other spaces in material form. The more abstract the energy form is, the higher resource it is from.

Our energy system is like a processor in the universe. But it is related to higher spaces, hard to understand. Let me talk about how it works in the material world. Physicality exists in most low level spaces, where everything has its material shapes, such as galaxies, stars, life beings are all in their certain shape and form. Shape and form indicate inner energy.

For example, stars are formed in round or elliptical shape, which is a rule that is best for storing and receiving energy. The spinning of a star is proper for maintaining growth of beings on it. Round shape is set by profile energy and spinning movement is capable of receiving higher energy of universe. The direction and frequency of spinning depends on its energy storage which supplies all beings on the planet.

On the low level space of earth, every material being has its own form and shape that exhibits its energy. The classic one is mountains. Mountain energy can be recognized by its height, shapes of peaks and geographical location, which is like earth that is generated by nature and the profile energy is natural. Another classic example is pyramids, which were created by profile energy instead of by nature. Pyramids are established according to science of universe. They were the most powerful shape of receptor and storage of energy, created by integrating the small space data and earth data.

Living creatures represent their energies as well. For example, human bodies are designed using scientific ratio that their outline shape according with senior beings figure line. Only when body and soul are fused together, Can it be a whole life being. For beings, just possessing the energy of profile is inadequate. The movements of human body are also a kind of energy floating exhibition, which is depend on the strength of its profile energy based on its whole energy. Higher energy helps to represent more profile energy in human.

My physical body used to be a tool representing senior energy of universe on earth. Gods and Buddhas worked here exhibiting themselves using energy delivered by profile system. As the same, average people can represent their figures and movements in higher energy after practicing, training and blessing from higher beings and universe.

Li: Thank you for illustration of the profile energy for us! It turns out to be science of universe of an action or movement of human.  Paintings of you as Van Gogh are all profile energy representation. But It belongs to art field. What are your blessings in human energy? I don’t quite understand this. Thank you for your answers!

Van Gogh: Van Gogh’ duty was clear that was to exhibit energy using profile. You humans saying of art doesn’t exist in my view. Actually it is the result of energy working. Please think it over why people call it art. Is it because art is higher than common life – this is why humans admired it so much? It is energy that calls them and touches them. Humans find difference in artwork, though they don’t sense energy in our spiritual way, they can be blessed by higher energy. That’s why humans love all things higher than themselves and common life.

Next I want to talk about the representing form of painting. Painting is a very direct way to show profile energy. Using material beings to exhibit energy in the physical world is a simple and efficient method to show profile energy. Not only paintings, but characters are also this kind of exhibition. Painting is a more proper transmission mode for colors, joy and other things. It is a comprehensive exhibition of profile energy using colous, lines, content and backstories, which are also factors consisting profile energy in low level space.

In fact, there is no simple thing without its existing theory or unrelated to other spaces. They are here for reasons. But humans don’t think about it. They consider things are naturally generated. But what’s the essence of “Naturally” and what’s the foundation of nature? Humans are incapable of knowing this, limited by their intelligence. They stop thinking and instead they find answers in the way of demonstration of reality, which is a way that will never get rid of their limitations and open the door to higher knowledge.

Van Gogh’s paintings were special that related to my energy features and the time I lived in as well. Art needs to be renovation. I think diverse ways can be used to exhibit profile energy. So Van Gogh paintings are bold, rugged, intense and impacting. His painting methods combined with energy floating created a particular type of artwork. These paintings exhibit profile energy and receive and deliver the universe energy and trigger human’s love of profile energy. That’s my mission. Thank for the trust of universe! (worship)

Li:  You lived a short life on Earth and you were regarded as an abnormal person at that time. You suffered mental sickness and killed yourself to end your life. Could you tell us the reason of it? Humans don’t understand why many artists usually fall in this kind of illness. Would you like to indicate us the spiritual theory behind this?

Van Gogh: Creating requires that body and soul fuse together and requires the physical body to analyze the whole world energy accurately. Only in this way can works keeping up with time and filled with energy. It needs a lot of efforts and strict requirements of the physical body. It is called aspiration in human society, which is a high spiritual energy. When a physical body is concentrating on his spirit, he is easily isolated from the world around. Humans are ignorant of this condition. This isolation is an elevation actually. But in low thought it is considered as an illness and this connection to out spaces need to be cured.

Another reason is my physical body was intruded by negative energy all the time, which is the biggest difficulty for workers from universe. Evil energy follow opposite rules against universe. But evil energy is the main energy on earth. All higher beings working here are hurt by this enemy. Devouring and invading from evil of physical bodies can be fatal.  Among our workers there are winners and losers in the battles. The winning is not estimated by death or living of physical body but by the extent the mission was accomplished. The duration of a lifetime depends on the strength of evil energy interference and the type of work. As to Van Gogh, he ended his life on earth properly.

Li: Thank you for introducing so much unknown to humans! This is precious knowledge!  Thank you, Mr. Van Gogh!



Translation from Chinese to English: Da Shuai

Editing of English: Per Staffan


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