Juliana (Granddaughter to Jesus) via Ann Dahlberg, May 1, 2018

Juliana (Granddaughter to Jesus)

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Channel: Ann Dahlberg

I am Juliana, Sarah’s daughter, who is greeting you today. You do not know me, but I know you dear friends on Earth. I have incarnated here many times. I never met my grandfather Jesus, when I lived during those days, but my mother told me much about him. On the other side of the veil and in the light dimension he is a grand, holy and wise “man”. We are not so divided into women and men in the higher dimensions of light, but mostly we show ourselves in the gestalt you know and can relate to. Everything will be explained eventually.

The Earth is now shining as gold in the sun and one can see rays of joy shine out from her. We shine together with her and there is a harmony around our Earth that has not been there before. At least it has been a long time since we saw these rays of joy shine around her the way they do now. It is with gratitude that we can help our dear Earth up and into the light again. There are many who have waited and longed for this moment in the Universe. You are cherished, embraced and loved dear hearts. You who have found the way to your heart can feel the love there. It flows in and out for each breath that you take.

Dear children on Earth it is up to all of you now to find your light and let it shine out in the world – to stand solid in your truth and see with love on life. Life can sometimes be as a roller coaster, but still has so much to give. If you let go of the gray veil you can feel the joy that is bouncing inside you, you can feel hope and enthusiasm, you can feel your force and energy. You are filled with a strong desire to that which you for a long time have wanted to do, but did not dare to put your trust in. The time is now good friends – to do that which you have long wish to do. It is time to take the first step towards your dream. The heart shows you the way. It knows exactly which step that is best for you to take in order to reach your dream.

I followed my dreams when I had a chance to do so and it gave me the strength I needed when I was living on Earth as Sarah’s daughter, Juliana. My mother and I had a good relationship and we kept to our dreams as well we could, given the circumstances we lived in. Never let go of your dream. Always try to get it manifested in your life, as this is surely one of your goals here on Earth.

The light is now shining very strongly and its light particles is lifting the energy on Earth, which in turn gives you greater opportunities to fulfill your dreams. Opportunities arise from nothing and are waiting for you to grab hold of them. This is the time of opportunities and miracles. Just enjoy the energy and listen to your heart and you will have it all in your hand. You can then manifest all that you wish.

Trust and love, trust and love, that is all that is required. It can also be spiked with some bravery. You often say “you have to dare to win” and this is a bit of what is the first step. It is willpower, courage, trust and love. Then it will run by itself – as a magician that opens up his hand and a bird flies off. “Free as a bird” is another expression that you use. You are now meant to feel free and create what you wish to have. You are creators and can recreate your world so that it becomes the way you dream it to be. All the beautiful and good that you now can create in the higher energy goes to your new world. In love and trust you can manifest what you want. It is beautiful and true energy that simply manifests in an equally beautiful and true energy. In the good you create the good.

The good and the light are now on the way back to Earth. You now have the opportunity to create all that is fine and beautiful that you wish to have on your Earth.

Thank you for allowing me to speak to you today!

I love you.




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan

Source: www.sananda.website

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