Love is our new reality

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The Andromedans via Lumina, May 2nd, 2018

Greetings, Dear Ones,
As we look down upon the wondrous beings on the blue planet of Gaia, we are astounded and amazed. As humans, you hold such great promise and potential to change and enlighten your beloved Gaia and all her inhabitants. The strength, fortitude and tenacity that you have all exhibited during these intense trials and tribulations that you have and are experiencing in your ascension from 3rd to 5th dimension have filled us with wonder and delight. Your journey has been long and arduous  and there will continue to be bumps in the road.  But through it all, your blazing light has shown all of us in the galactic realm what is meant by the phrase Lightworkers.  Even as the Dark Ones continue to throw obstacles at you from their bag of tricks to confuse and control you, you reach into the depths of your heart center, where the Truth lies, and get in touch with your purest of energies, love, which travels forever through time and space.
Feel the love and blessings that are being bestowed upon you by all the light beings in all the universes.  We are with you during this journey. We offer strength, support and encouragement as you push on undaunted toward the goal of your reunion with the Divine Source, the Limitless Light.  Just call and we will be there, sending you our luminous dusty rose spiral energy . And always remember, we walk among you.

Until we meet again,

The Andromedans