Love is our new reality

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The Ascended Masters via Jahn J Kassl, May 7th, 2018


Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
English edition by crystalflow translations

photo credit: Andrea Percht


Justice will come to those who are experiencing injustice; and what has been obscured before the eyes of humanity will now come to light.


Day by day, the opportunities to keep up the lies become fewer and deceptions lose their magic. Veil after veil is lifted, and the actual causes of thousands of years of slavery on this planet are revealed to humanity.

It is the time of truth and truthfulness, which means that the truth is coming out on all levels and that only those who lead a truthful life will design this mankind’s future.

The end of lies heralds a New Age and mankind is getting ready for a new way of living together.

For the individual it is essential to do their homework and fulfill what needs to be fulfilled self-responsibly by every human being.

Every individual is now empowered to train their consciousness until fears – which cloud the view of one’s true nature – are extinguished or released.

Please consider this: In past decades lies were omnipresent. On all levels of human coexistence there was deception and twisting or denial of truth.

Consequently, only very few people were able to establish a true relationship with themselves. Self-awareness was blocked and truthfulness could hardly exist. Serving the truth in a world full of lies was something only very few amongst you were capable of, and so the flame of truthfulness died in the hearts of most.


Today this flame is revived again, and human hearts are captured by a new spirit. It is the spirit of renewal, and so the human longing for inner purification is getting stronger and stronger. More and more people want to leave the prison they have been in because of their fears – and they take the steps necessary for gaining awareness.

The veils of not knowing are lifted now, and humans pluck up their courage and look in the mirror to recognize their Self. Fewer people shy away from their unresolved issues, and more and more people try to adapt to the new conditions.


The age of the end of lies truly has begun. So we invite all human beings who follow this message to invigorate their efforts to bring light into their lives and hearts.

Dig deep, until you can be certain to have brought everything to light, until you have achieved clarity about what the Old World was, about who you are and where you are going now.

The Old World was made of fears. The New World is rooted in fearlessness and based on love. A fully conscious human race is in the making.

A shift in paradigms that couldn’t be greater; and so it happens that these days everything needs to adapt to this shift – or it will perish never to return to this earth.

Know that the energetic preconditions for this big transformation are now fulfilled, and realize that this time of grace makes everything possible.

Based on this fact, proceed rapidly from realization to realization, until the light can dissolve the last bit of fog.

This time builds bridges to enlightenment for all people. Blessed who crosses it and who can receive the gift of freedom.