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A crystalline meditation with Madjo via Carina Davidsson, May 1st, 2018

A crystalline meditation with Madjo

Tuesday, May 1st, 2018

Channel: Carina Davidsson


Dear Humans,

I wish to spend a moment with your heart. I wish to share the crystalline energy’s expression for upgrade of your consciousness to a higher frequency of light.

Place yourself in a time of light and love by opening up your heart and receiving your guidance in the company of the new energies on Earth. I ask you to breathe deeply and calmly. Feel how you relax. Close your eyes and visualize a light and happy figure that happily waves to you. It is me – Madjo – and I am so happy you want to be with me. Breathe calmly. Relax.

I ask you to open up your heart to your own God-energy. Let the light that exists within you grow and become larger. See how your own light within you, God’s source of light within you, slowly is spreading in your body. Your own God light travels through every muscle, fiber, organ and nerve path. Every cell in your body fills with your light of God. Your thoughts are impregnated by God’s light within you. Your feelings bath in your light of God and you have a strong feeing of amazement that you can see everything so clearly. You experience that you can see everything that is happening in your body, in your organs and in your human brain. YOU can see how the light has the effect that you let go of all that has been, of all connections with the traditional scientific belief that a body is what it always has been. You can see how the body, your thoughts and feelings change your structure and like a boat leaves the port where it always has been and sails freely out into the ocean of your own God-light.

Give yourself a grand portion of acceptance and love for all that you have created up till now. See how everything has been anchored in a larger reality and a context that you have not previously understood. See how what you have gone through now makes it possible to experience that which is larger and lighter with a changed perspective. See how your perspective of yourself, your life and the world make you happy just because it is you. Let your earlier experiences be transformed in your consciousness in a way that you did not believe was possible. Let your perspective grow to a higher plane of energy and you will understand clearly that it is you who have chosen to be exactly the one you are and you will be grateful – Grateful towards yourself and grateful towards those that are near to you. Whatever you have gone through your new perspective will explain why you are here in this transformation of time and space. Give yourself acceptance. Give yourself love. You are a fantastic being of energy that now has chosen to ascend in a human body. YOU are who you ARE and YOU are HERE and NOW.

Let your own God light wash over your body, your thoughts, your feelings and the energy sphere of light, which is your aura. Let us conclude this meditative moment by thanking your own Self for the fantastic journey it has chosen for your sake and that of Gaia’s. Ask your own Self that you may live in harmony with yourself, with those that you have around you, the Universe and with Mother Earth.

I thank you for allowing me to be with you.




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan



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