Love is our new reality

The Creators via Daniel Scranton, May 6th, 2018

Higher Frequency Information ∞The Creators

“We have given you the necessary information to live lives that you want to live. You don’t need to know anything else besides what you have been given. However, it is to your benefit to allow yourselves to be exposed to this type of information as much as you possibly can, you see. Because you are still also being told that you are not connected, that you are not powerful, that you are not sovereign, that you must obey. Those messages are more common to this reality that you find yourselves in.

So the more that you expose yourselves to higher frequency information that tells you your true nature, the better off you will be. There is a frequency to everything that you experience and what you are wanting to do at this point is to choose more carefully what frequencies you engage with, what frequencies you activate within yourselves, what frequencies you decide you want to emanate. So, in a sense, you are straddling two worlds at this moment. There is the old and the new.

Sometimes you find yourselves reverting back to the old, and sometimes you find yourselves firmly planted in the new. And one is not right and one is not wrong. They are just different. So please do not berate yourselves for dipping your toe back into the third dimensional constructs that are so familiar to you. Remember, this is all for the experience.

You did not have to incarnate. You did not have to lower your vibration to have an experience of self that is different from what you normally experience. But you did. You did so willingly and purposefully. You are not being punished, and you are not here because you are bad or wrong or silly or stupid. You are doing what you are doing out of service, and the sooner you acknowledge that where you are in your life is serving yourself and others, the sooner you can move along to a different experience.

So let yourselves be where you are and know that you can choose the higher frequency, that you will choose the higher frequency, because that is where you ultimately want to go.”