Love is our new reality

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Delphinia via Galaxygirl | January 11, 2024

Delphinia via Galaxygirl | January 11, 2024

Delphinia 1/11/2024

Greetings, beloved ones. I have been showing this one blue bubbles in her mind’s eye to get her attention. She does not know me, many do not for I have been within the secret of the deep. I am the consciousness of the ancient waters that remembered the higher ways.

I am the spirit of the waters of the deep. I am the molecules of light within the water for I am the consciousness of it. I am yours to work with, to command healing and action. My energetic imprint was mighty on this realm as the ancients knew how to work with the waters of the deep and how to communicate with me. I am a water goddess and yet I am not. I am all things and yet I am nothing for I exist at zero point, a lovely place of stillness where anything is possible.

As spirit of the water I see the waters being misused heinously on your realm. It is time for massive cleaning up, for Gaia’s waters are her lifeblood and yours as well. You humans are 80% water, at lest. You have crystalline water now within you as you are becoming more and more crystalline and so to begin to work with me now is common sense. It is time that our consciousness joined forces not only in the clean up of your planet but in the clean up of your biosphere, of your own planet, your body. Bless your water. Command health, code joy into your fluids that you partake of. Your bodies are asking now for different foods and clean pure water. Listen.

I prefer the name Delphinia, for the delphinium has numerous flowers on one stalk, and they are all connected. Such I wish for my waters to all be connected once again, so that my consciousness and the Christed Consciousness may flow more freely on the waters of this world and within this world. Cohesiveness of the energies is something to be sought, and it will only be found within.

(She is showing me whirlpools). It is stillest at the zero point within the whirlpool, where the dry sand bed shows to the sky. It is still there. It is peaceful there. When the mighty waters swirl around you in the coming months, find your center. No one can do this for you, my friends. Many of you are doing this now. In the chaos of the human hustle and bustle, you are finding your center and it is good. Continue with this as the whirlpools become many and the eddies try to throw you off course. Nothing can move you. For you are the whole ocean. Do you feel the truth in this? You are all things within a small human body having a small human experience. And yet, when you look back at this, we believe you will not find it so small.

I was active in the ancient times of Mu, of Tartaria, of Atlantis, of Lumeria. Those who were awakened, and there were many, they would work with the consciousness of me, and create with me the appropriate healing and vibratory structures within my molecular field. It was like magic. I long for the magic of this realm to be reborn. And I am coming to you, to this one, to your surface world again for now is the time. Now is the time for Gaia’s healing and to come to tell you that although all will be most well, it will not seem to be so in the coming days. Do not furrow your brow but take comfort in the fact that the bigger the waves, the bigger the turmoil, the greater depth of peace you may discover within yourselves, which is part of the human experience as well. You have all had so much to process in this lifetime, this one diamond lifetime where all is integrated and we see you as the diamonds of the deep, lighting up the darkness within your emerging crystalline matrix of light.

I come forth this day on a portal day, a day when the energies are very, very aligned within the Christed Consciousness field, and it is recharging me. It is renewing me and I wish to share my energies of light and hope to you today. As my waters and as my spirit recharges in tremendous hope and joy, feel this. (I am seeing beautiful aqua gentle waves of water, tropical and clear). Feel the beauty in the water. Feel the connectedness of it. This one stream is no different from another stream, say for salinity and sediment, it is all water, it is all the same rushing flow of life. Humanity must realize this. You are all one human race. Your minor outside differences are only fleeting, for you have already been everything and in the end you are all the same salinity. There will be much that is coming that will try to pin humans against each other. Do not let this happen to you. Hold peace. Do not let the undertow of change within your world make you lose your standing. You can walk on water and you can walk under it. You are walking on water all the time (she is showing me feet) because you are made of much, much water.

I Delphinia speak with the ancient codes of wisdom, of grace, of hydration for your spirits tonight. As you absorb these ever flowing energies of love and of higher vibrational matrices, know that this is the time you were waiting for and wait no longer. The time to work with me, with your Christed selves, with your own inner god self, has arrived. The time is here.

I Delphinia embrace you with the strength and love of the ocean. We are one. I love you endlessly. The tides are changing, young friends. The tides are turning and you are strong. You are good swimmers within these energies of heat and light. Sometimes when the waves are very high, they bring up the very deep waters. (She is showing me a mighty storm with small boats being tossed about). Much deep water has to come to light. But did you know that the sea creatures enjoy these storms? They swim a bit deeper, they know how to find the pockets of peace. Do this. Do this and commune with your own deep self, and I think you will find what you are looking for and have looked for all along.

I love you. I am Delphinia. Peace.

~ galaxygirl