Love is our new reality

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Maria Magdalena via Ann Dahlberg, January 6, 2023


Maria Magdalena via Ann Dahlberg
January 6, 2023

Channel Ann Dahlberg

I am Mary Magdalene and now I have come with a blessing to you, dear people on Earth. You carry the blessing in your hands, you have all come down to lead the Earth and humanity towards higher heights of love, the unconditional love, that just gives without demanding anything in return. What you give out you will get back tenfold, maybe not here and now, but you have a collection of treasures waiting to enter your life.

Dear brothers and sisters, there is much that lies behind the next door that you open, your development is now taking great steps forward and the veils are blowing away one by one. Now be firmly anchored in Mother Earth and expect nothing while you can expect everything.
Yes, dear children, you do not need to look for anything, but everything will be revealed to you, when it is time to act in one way or another. It can be a personal change, it can also be a work change that leads to better conditions for
yourself or your employees. It can also be on the spiritual plane, where great changes will occur that will help people reach a higher awareness of unconditional love.

You may think that there is a lot of talk about this and you would prefer to see a bigger change right away, but it usually doesn’t work that way, higher energies have reached the Earth that influence you to gain greater insights about yourselves, what opportunities and gifts which is already there within you.

However, they need to be assimilated and integrated at the rate that you yourselves are mature for and can adopt. It’s different for everyone and it doesn’t happen automatically. They depend on your will and your intentions to work with them, so that they become part of your everyday life.
There will be an evolution of consciousness towards a higher level of love and light but the pace is determined by you and it is also affected by the maturation process you are in. Experiences, understanding and compassion play a certain role here and someone may need to go through an experience , to get the picture ready for himself before a new step can be taken.

Some may take great leaps in part due to the collective field of consciousness, while other more highly developed individuals may take small steps, because they are developing something that does not yet exist to such a large extent in this field. They are pioneers and provide humanity with opportunities for greater levels of development by themselves working for a higher awareness of love and light. Now more people are waking up strengthening the energy of love and this in turn leads to a higher level of consciousness for all of humanity.

It is this work that is now being forced on Earth and that is the reason why what I have talked about is now a recurring theme in all channelings. It is important to be anchored and in your heart to be able to walk as straight a path as possible without too many lateral leaps. Don’t worry that you may go a little wrong sometimes, or that you don’t live up to your own goals, as you thought or understood that you should. Instead, be grateful for the understanding and insights you have already made.

You will get what you desire deep down, the only thing that may be needed is for you to let go of control and everything will come by itself, when you least expect it. You just need to be in the heart and trust that everything is already perfect as it is and that you already have everything you need and more.

You are already perfect, dear brothers and sisters, you already have everything within you. Let go of your thoughts and stay in the space of your heart for a while and experience the stillness, the peace and the love that is there, and you feel that you are already living a full life. It is what many now understand and experience and it is there that you see and understand the new reality that is now being established on Earth.

A reality that is and has been within you all along, but has been hidden by veils where the light now shines through and is strengthened by your own light.

I see the light of love surrounding you all and I love you so much.

Mary Magdalene