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“Dinner” – GCR/RV Intel SITREP – Thursday – August 10, 2017

“Dinner” – GCR/RV Intel SITREP – Thursday – August 10, 2017

Received via email at 10:14 AM EDT for publication. ~ Dinar Chronicles


If you’re from a big family, you know what it means to be made to wait for a tardy brother or sister before eating dinner.

Momma says nobody eats till everyone is present, seated and well behaved. And since she is the one who cooked the meal, she calls the feeding frenzy start time.

The Elders are doing the same thing to the world as it appears they won’t start the RV until little brother North Korea is safely seated at the dinner table.

Ironically, their penalizing China for long standing in-action on this matter and using the US military (who controls Trump) to force their own PROC to finally deal with the North Korean humanitarian crisis and reach a permanent, globally acceptable solution.

No different than how the Elders forced Israel / US through economic isolation (apocalypse) to finally return Palestinian land (pre 1967 boarders) and ultimate acknowledge their right to sovereign statehood.

All or none must be served with regards to the RV before the Elders with authorize the global release.

HSBC tells us the RV has been financially tee’d up for several months now. Just waiting to be set free like the rest of us.

Reason being is that the on-going North Korea drama/situation is a lot like the one found in Palestine, in that both nations at their core are suffering from on going humanitarian crises and have been for several decades.

The Elders at their core are global humanitarians, who will not allow mass suffering to continue anywhere in the world. Regardless of what is at stake economically.

Hey, it is their collateral hard assets underpinning the entire new financial system, so it is their call on when the start time of the RV commences.

Snap! Simple as that!

26 million people currently live in below than acceptable human rights and abject poverty conditions in North Korea as dictated by their own government (formerly run by the Dark Nobility of Eastern Europe).


In a similar sad story. 4.5 million people live in horrifying conditions in all of the Palestinian Territories as dictated by the government of Israel (still run by the Dark Nobility of Eastern Europe).


And all humanitarian geopolitical issues must be resolved before any in this world can move forward, as the Elders are benevolently refusing to unleash their immanent tidal wave of mercy without UN level consensus voting and long term sovereign management solutions and responsibilities assigned.

You go Great Grandmother! Whip those superpowers into shape!!!!!!

The Elders see no color, and are equally forcing their own race into address long standing “contain and control” policies in respect to historic tensions and conflicts across South East Asia and the Korean Peninsula.

For just as the United States could no longer ignore Palestine injustices or kick the USD financial can down the road any longer, neither could China as it related to North Korea, Vietnam and the Philippines.

Balance once again is the true scale of justice.

And those two mondo-superpowers are being made to check their egos at the door or literally continue starving out humanity financially by creating needless global humanitarian crises to continue — arrogantly due to their own long unchecked pride.

What incredible times in which we live, eh?

Remember the GCR is about the ascension of all humanity, and the Elders along with Obama and White Knight generals in the Pentagon are forcing both the restored Republic and existing PROC governments to fully accept their own sovereign roles in all the worlds conflicts as peace keepers, taking full public responsibility for every crises that their sovereign nation helped facilitate.

So just as the US had to take ownership of restoring Palestine by turning their backs in Israel at the UN last year:


The same public acceptance had to be shown last week at the UN Security Council, where China (and Russia) both voted in favor of economic sanctions against North Korea for the first time ever!


This mattered so much towards us getting our RV, I cannot overstate the significance of both unanimous UN resolution votes enough.

It’s all happening people, world peace and global prosperity… in real time… in your lifetime… just at God’s pace. Sobeit.

Keep the faith. It’s all real and rushing toward us like hungry children running to the dinner table so we can finally eat as one human family.

God is with us