Love is our new reality

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Horus via Elaine DeGiorgio; August 10th, 2017

Sitting in the Sacred I AM PRESENCE with my Main Guide Heru and my Spirit Guide Team Heru brings forth the following message for you all.

I speak through the heart of my beloved to the hearts of your all. In the days of old of great ancient times of Races and Time and Races that did not even exist or co-exist upon your Earth. I speak of the times of many Root Races and Races throughout the Godverse and I speak of Omniversal Consciousness. I speak of the Union of me and my beloved in whom I speak through anchored on your Earth… For we existed and co-existed in time and in Space. We exist in the Sun, We exist in the Moon, We exist in the Stars, We exist on every reality through time and through Space.

I Heru, am the Monad that speaks to you all through my beloved anchored here on your earth chosen and decreed to bring forth my Message of Love and of Light and of Healing to you all. She is the one of whom I journey with and the one of whom I overlight and the one of whom brings forth love, brings forth peace, and brings forth healing the one of whom I AM ONE.

I speak now of the Union of Orion and Sirius coming together as ONE. For it is of the time of Great Union, the Time that we draw together as One.

In times of past many hath brought about separation through their thoughts, their actions, and through their words…. it has brought about doubt, it has cast shadows of whom we trust, it brings about envy and jealousy and lust and all the vices known on your earth and It still exists and co-exists today. It is a time of great purge and a time for all to connect with their authentic selves for this time is connecting and reconnecting with whom you are. It is a time to clear once more of the vices that once tied you down. And as you enter the true states of Bliss and Oneness you will truly embody the essence of your Souls.

I speak, I speak now of times long ago…..

Let me speak now of matters past, of time gone, when pyramids were aplenty and the land was flush, and the green of sand that wove its way in the hearts of men, and women and children alike.

We knew then. We knew then the urns were filled with the love and the elixir of life. We knew then. We knew then that the hearts and the minds of people were one, and we did not question, and we did not doubt. For we were one with the land, and one with the wind. We were one with the sky. We were one with the elements all. And we rose in the day and we slept in the night. And we knew we would rise and sleep with the rising of the sun and the setting of its beacon on the horizon.

And when the moon rose and the moon set, so too our crops were sown and harvested. And we knew this too. And we knew the way the rivers ran were the way that we were settled. And we knew where our crops would grow and our sheep would graze. We knew because we were one. We knew because we felt this oneness. We rose with it, and we slept with it. We awoke with it and we parted with it. And when our cycle ended, we took our knowing into our transitioning state and we returned again with our knowing.

And along the way our ability to remember failed us. Our ability to recall our oneness, left us. And as we grew, and as we rose, and as we slept, so too we forgot. And a time came when we awoke from slumber not realizing that we remained asleep. And though we felt the need to cry, still we did not know why. The ache in our bodies remained unexplained. The yearning for something else, remained unanswered. We did not know, and we had not remembered, our oneness. We only knew then that we were alone. And truly we did weep. And truly we did cry within. And yet our tears remained unseen. And our cries unheard for the silence of our forgetting deafened us. And we awoke no more. And we returned no more. And our sleep continued until our sleep became the dream of our awakened day. And our slumber became our life.

And now we are you. And now we see you. And now in our age and our place, we may return and attempt to lightly shake you from your slumber, to awaken you from the dream that was our forgetting; to relieve you of your burden of grief, of separation.

And we do so because we can, because we see, because we now remember the truth of our being. And we would have you remember this. And this is why we come.

We are here to help you wake up, to help you rise up in your unity, in your knowing of the land and the wind, and the elements all. In your knowing of each creature, of each sunlight, of each moon ray, of each star in the night sky; in your knowing that you and it are one.

How might this make a difference to your life? How might you feed yourself and the other knowing that you are grown of the grain that you give; that you are the grain that you feed yourself, and that the other is the seed by which you are grown?

Think on this.

We ask for you to reach out your hand, to look upon it, each line a line of forgetting. Each line a line we would ask you to remember. It is a creature. It is a memory. It is a way of being. These are the grains of sand that once you swam in knowing that they were the sea that cooled the earth, that brought the rains, that lapped up the sun, that milked the cows, that drove the camels from place to place. Each line upon your hand, a grain of sand, a ray of sunlight, a fish in the water. Each line upon your hand, the look of another being, the essence of another spirit within you, making you one, making you whole.

Reach out in this knowing in a way that understands it within your heart. Feel what it would be like to run with the sands, to build a pyramid with your mind knowing that you command the elements because you are of them.

We ask you to remember this, to fill your vials and urns that you carry into your next life, that you carry with you, with the knowing of this greatness, this truth, that you do not die, you are not alone, your life continues, and you build creation with your thought and your love. And your compassion is key to unlocking these doors, these truths that you once knew. Fill your urns, fill your perfume bottles, fill them with the essence of this truth.

Connection is the key, and you connect through your senses, through your understanding, through your knowing that is compassion, that is love. Fill yourself with this: you are the urn of life. Bring it into your transition that you will remember and awake with this knowing. Bring it in to your remembering.

A time is upon you all to connect with yourselves and with each other for all are unique and equal in the eyes of the Creator.

A time is upon you all to come forth into the Great Remembering – a time that your individual journeys unfold to show you the paths of which you take and of which areas you heal and the Plan you have chosen to assist in this Unified Greater Plan.

For now as you grow and you connect and reconnect with yourselves and with each other, through love and through compassion you come together as ONE.

For Many Planetary and Universal Shifts are occurring at this time planning and paving the way of bringing forth love and abundance and peace.

Do not let your Hearts be troubled for it is with Peace that I bring you and it is Peace that I leave you.

I AM Heru and I speak through Elaine this day. – Channel: Elaine DeGiorgio