Love is our new reality

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Divine Mother via James McConnell, July 31st

“Divine Mother”

I am “Divine Mother” here to share with you this day, this glorious day. Today is a celebration at all levels and for all beings. There are so many in this room who came to share this with you. Can you feel them?

Each of you has done your part in building this energy as we have contributed to this. The building of this golden white light pillar in this room. You will have this each week to build cherish and to build even more upon. But this has been an installation. An installation of light for this group. It will shine brightly and attract more and more as well.

This has been an exciting week. There have come many, many things that are revealed to you in your physical 3D world. We have said that there will be more things coming in the coming week. These will be reported on by “Sananda” and more  on next week’s “Hollow Earth” call.

We know that these times are very exciting for all because you are seeing the good. You are calling forth the good. You are calling forth the light and the love in each situation. We basically wanted to give you a thumbs’ up today. This was an awesome experience for each person who participated. And for those who will be listening to this recording will be very excited to hear it as well.

We know that as the year 2016 moves along each day, each week, each month, you think, is it over? Now it is. You will continue to see things evolve. You will continue to see the Light seek its way through all channels and through all life on the planet. You will see that your life has changed and the world has changed.

Have a wonderful week. We are looking forward to visiting again next week. Thank you.