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Divine Mother via Linda Dillon, April 11, 2020

Divine Mother Speaks on Gentleness & Kindness

April 11, 2020

…gentleness and kindness are two of the most powerful strengths in my Omniverse, for it is an energy that is never wasted; it is an energy that continues to fuel long after the action, the smile, the touch is long gone. It fills and refills the wellspring of the heart and the wellspring of the soul.

A gorgeous channelled gem shared lovingly by Berber from her personal reading with Linda Dillon.

Divine Mother Speaks on Gentleness And Kindness

Greetings, I am Mary, I am Mare, Universal Mother, Divine Mother, Mother of Hope, Mother of Change, Mother of Constancy and Mother of you. …

You have known for a long time that gentleness and kindness are two of the most powerful strengths in my Omniverse, for it is an energy that is never wasted. It is an energy that continues to fuel long after the action, the smile, the touch is long gone. It fills and refills the wellspring of the heart and the wellspring of the soul.

As you well know, my beloved one, the greatest challenge of the human race has been and is… although we are at breakthrough and that is why this is so important… the question is, whether it is expressed or not, whether they have the courage to even formulate it or not: “Am I worthy? Am I loved?”

And when you extend the basic, highest, lowest and everything in between, when you extend your heart in kindness, in gentleness, whether it is by a word or a glance or a full presence, what you are saying – and I mean you in this, and I mean you also in the collective meaning of any being who comes to such an action of kindness or gentleness with the totality of their heart intelligence – when this is done, what you are truly doing is saying, “Yes, you are worthy, you are loved, you are genuine, you are authentic, you are the Mother’s.”

Too often upon this planet, acts of supposed kindness have ulterior motives. And you know this as well, that the facade of the individual, the person offering kindness or gentleness – it is done through a sense of obligation, or that it will make them look better, or that they cannot truly reveal themselves, or act in abhorrent ways. And that is a good thing, but it is not the truth; it is not the transmission of true kindness, of true gentleness.

Now, is it better than beating others up? Yes! But it does not accomplish what is truly needed. And you, sweet one, do these acts of kindness, of gentleness, of nurturing, of caring… the letting somebody know that they are seen and valued and worthy, in your eyes and in mine! So for this, I thank you. I thank you, sweet beloved angel, daughter of my heart. I thank you!

Oh, you do many things in our name and you have [done so] your entire life, but that does not mean that those other actions were not important; of course they were, and they are. But too often upon your beautiful planet, sweet Gaia, who teaches this every moment of every day of every eon: your planet has become too busy, too focused on ‘doing’.

Now that is not to suggest that we do not understand the demands of society, of work, of family, etc, but what it is doing is overriding, in your realm and in mine, the fluidity of time and of timing. And what I mean by this is that Gaia teaches perfect timing, and the enjoyment of time within the spectrum of the human experience and, of course, of planetary experience.

So there are seasons – and even where seasons are all summer or mostly winter, there are seasons – and there is a planting of a seed, and the sprouting of a seed, and the growing of a flower, a bush, a tree. And there are many examples of the variation of timing, because the growth of a tree is different than [that of] an annual flower; the growth of a mountain, or the running down/the wearing down of a mountain, is different from a tree. And it is all perfect and beautiful.

And that is my invitation, and it is Gaia’s invitation, to enjoy what is being offered. Yes, and some of those invitations are very limited: a butterfly emerges from the cocoon and lives only for weeks, and some even for days. Now, they do not emerge saying: “Oh, I am brand new and I have to learn” or “I am old and I am going to die shortly.” They simply enjoy the air beneath their wings, the scent of the flower, the taste of the nectar. They live!

So in the busyness of human affairs, what is happening is there is not enough joy and self-kindness, self-gentleness, so there is an adjustment as you anchor Nova Being and Nova Earth.

One of the reasons why I am saying this to you is that you have learned, and you are learning, you are expanding how to utilise your SWAC [stranger, watcher within, admirer and critic] team. You are giving and you are entering into a deeper, broader relationship not only with me, Yeshua, the archangels and your circle; you are also entering into a helping, loving relationship with every part of your being.

And what that does is it alters/adjusts the focus – and in that, what you may think of as a slight adjustment of focus is in fact that you are expanding time, opening time, allowing time to be co-creative with you rather than pushing you against a cement wall.

So this is a very important example that you are giving to the human race. That does not mean that you ignore family, that you steal time from family [chuckling], or a task that you love; quite the contrary. What it means is, as you engage in those things, you are far more conscious not only of the time but of the gifts, of the precious gifts you are sharing with those you love and, yes, sometimes – often! – with perfect strangers. That is what sending the healing energy is all about.

Channeled by Linda Dillon
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