Love is our new reality

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Dragon People of Maldek via Aslög Bergman, October 12th, 2017

171012 A Message from Maldek


Dear Brave Earthlings,

The Sun is rising, Morning has come

Shake your bodies free from all stiffness and fatigue,

and start dancing

Prepare for your Feast, Dear Ones

Be Joyful, because it is in your Joy that you create Your Future of more Joy

Now is Party-time. Stay in that Joy. Every Day

Whatever you do, there is place for Joy

Because this is what you were created for – to be Joyful

How many times do we have to tell you this?

You are NO SHEEP!

You are Powerful Beings!

Open your chakras, from Base to Crown, for God’s sake, do it NOW!

And join your Higher Selves, finally and forever

Your world is full of Rainbows,

If you just could LOOK UP and see them

Rainbows bring Joy, don´t they – think of that

What do you feel when you see a Rainbow?

Joy! Exactly. You see?

Look up, don´t look down at your stumbling stones and hardships.

Feel the Joy and create in the Joy that surrounds you, every day.

I am Zegulse, Your Dragon Soul from Maldek

and soon we will meet. In Joy.

via Aslög Bergman