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“Dream” – GCR/RV Intel SITREP – Saturday – September 16, 2017

“Dream” – GCR/RV Intel SITREP – Saturday – September 16, 2017

Received via email at 4:52 PM EDT for publication. ~ Dinar Chronicles

Here’s some advanced Intel you might find interesting…

8,000 Quints were paid out via SKRs on boxes of HB’s starting yesterday in HK.

That’s 21 zeros if you’re keeping score at home.

No loose bonds were satiates yet as of Saturday morning, but they are finally clearing off that old 26,000 SKR slate right now.

For example pledged Human Angel loose historical bonds have been waiting to be satisfied via an SKR since 2013.

FYI: Loose bonds by definition were historical bonds that were pulled out of original delivery boxes in small numbers and then sold for personal gain by individual sovereign family members.

That’s a big no-no in Elder keeper world.

Many Dragons of many colors were individually reprimanded the world over for engaging in this less than honorable practice.

And by reprimanded I mean jailed or handed a hari-kari sword. Their choice.

Remember, everybody in this sovereign world is chalked. Including ole Yo-Yo.

So if you’re thinking of doing something stupid here at the end… like buy desperate people’s currency for next to nothing and flip it… don’t.

Trust me, your activities are being monitored pre-RV and you’ll stand out like a priest in a whore house post-RV on the new quantum system.

Also, there is no 80/20 split if you take the screen rate in the ZIM. Unless you want a sovereign rate and thus create your own split.

The humanitarian split comes into play only if you ask for more than the screen value of all currencies as they are all going to rise not fall over time.

The reason is simple arbitrage.

The Elders will be issuing RV currencies at a lower amounts than their true audited value, in essence buying low to sell high back to the world banking community over several decades–hence they will actually be earning off all the 100 million global redemptions regardless of the face values on each of the redeeming currencies… at any in-take amount.

Swish that one around in the old noggin. But wait… there’s more!

All currencies redeeming at both higher and lower redemption values given new rates, will all be exchangeable in physical gold should you know to ask.

For just as the Elders are paying for crude oil in gold now, so to must they pay for all currencies in gold.

Thus all transactions worldwide must be settled in gold at the end of every business day–how’s that for a transition of financial consciousness?

The caveat to such transactions is that one must receive said gold in Shanghai, as gold once entered into Chinese territory may never leave the borders of China.

It just shifts title and ownership.

On a poetic note… isn’t the RV like living a magnificent dream?

Life once a horrible nightmare, now blossoms into a prophetic and surreal experience of heavenly grace manifested?

Saddle up and sign up Human Angels… ( our time to fly is now, as only together can we heal the soul of the world. Sobeit.

Join us tonight on CHIRCH BANK
(httpss:// with Brother Moshe, Christ’s Banking Minister (CBM)… as we explore the very timely topic of “No More Excuses!”

God is with us.