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Poseidon via Ann Dahlberg, September 15th, 2017


Friday, September 15, 2017

Channel: Ann Dahlberg


I am Poseidon. Some call me the God of the Oceans, and that is probably true. I have responsibility for the oceans and all their domains. The Ocean can be likened to the Universe with all its live and diversity, just as your bodies. You are all a part of this. You have all the elements in you and so does the ocean too. If you destroy an element you destroy yourselves. If you do not have clean air to brief your lungs are not doing well and not the rest of your body either. If there are too much toxins in your food you become sick and ill. The same is true for the ocean and its riches of plants and animals. The oceans need to be protected from more destruction. The oceans have been hit with many toxins and chemicals and this affects also you and your bodies. The worst is however the different explosions that are carried out here and there in the oceans. They affect the animals and nature very hard and it makes me very sad to see all of this agony after such an explosion. Thanks to the light that now has come and become strengthened on Earth I now hope that humanity will wake up and start to take care of themselves and the nature they belong to.

Earth was a long time ago a very beautiful place to live on where everybody took care of and cared for each other. I can see signs that we are on our way to raise ourselves to this loving level again and it makes me deeply grateful. We cannot allow ourselves to continue in this manner any longer. Earth had to save itself and raise its frequency a bit and in this way influence everything on Earth to raise its frequency in order to be in balance with her. Much darkness has in this manner surfaced. This is darkness that has been released in order to leave Earth. This can be done in two different ways. Either it leaves Earth or it is being transformed to Light. I have seen darkness that has left Earth and I have seen darkness that has been retransformed to Light. All is well. Everything is on the right track. There is hope and expectations within all elements today. We are moving towards a brighter time and I can see animals in the sea that are being saved. I can see people that protect the animals and want to preserve the diversity there. I can see people who remove toxins and pollution and who try to improve the quality of the water. This is good and it warms my heart. However, a much larger effort is needed in order to clean the oceans today. Many more hands and a much bigger understanding from the whole of humanity is needed. I can see that you are on your way and that soon many big and beautiful things will happen on our Earth. There is a great expectation in the air and it has also spread in the water and on the Earth. The sun, our energy source, has sent out a message that wonderful and beautiful times are on the way, and we receive this love in our hearts and beings.

There is darkness on Earth, but there are also strong light beings on our Earth today and they do not fear darkness, but transform it from darkness to light. The light shines stronger on our Earth today and it penetrates deep into your hearts and you ask yourself the question: Where am I going? Where should I go and how do I do it? Who I am and why am I here? Yes, these are many questions and you can find all of them in your hearts that leads you to the answers in one way or another. Follow your intuition and you will find the answers within yourselves or a text might emerge or an answer from somebody else. You will feel when you have found the right answer. Only you can determine this within yourselves. Listen carefully within yourselves. Listen carefully to the answers from nature that also might be given in different ways. You are part of nature. You can feel what it whispers to you as long as you listen well enough and are observant to what it is showing you. It can be a plant or an animal that is seeking your attention and wants to tell you something. The water can be calm or violent. Does is have something to tell you, do you think? You can also be calm or violent, how come? Yes there is much to reflect upon, but what is most important is to find the light and love in your heart and then everything will be resolved by itself. You will find what is most important for your life right here and now and on this path until you just feel pure love and then you are already in another dimension.

I wish you luck on your journey and look forward to a loving connection with you.






Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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