Dryads and Naiads via Galaxygirl, November 22, 2020

Dryads and Naiads via Galaxygirl | November 22. 2020

Dryads and Naiads 11/22/2020

(I am seeing the face of a beautiful woman whose hair is blue light. I am seeing her step out of a circle of light and begin to weave light in a grid, now joined by other beautiful maidens of light. They are making a star in a circle of light and gemstones.) We weave the codes. (They are now dancing in a circle counter clockwise laughing and singing.) We ignite the codes.

Welcome little Gaian to the festivities! We are the Dryads and Naiads from other realms and planes to bear witness, to watch the rebirthing ceremony. We chose this sacred symbol to represent the Merkabah of Gaia and to assist with the energetics that could benefit from further alignment. Focused intention of the lightworkers grounds these codes. We assist from the ethers, the skies. We work with your trees and waters on the etheric realms, nurturing your plant and mineral kingdoms, your water kingdoms. Your Earth kingdoms are in need of this energy reception.

We are the Dryads and Naiads from the higher dimensional timelines here to bear witness to this changeover from darkness into the realms of light. We are not from Nova Gaia. She is already fully developed from our perspective, and not yet from your perspective. We have the privilege’s of working with the energies from your sun and the many beyond it. We weave the codes of light into your trees, strengthening their spirits and encouraging your plants to take deep root for the coming changes. The Gaia kingdoms are ready. It is humanity that is becoming ready. Many will not follow. Many will chose to observe from our perspective, to assist from the outside. You are within the story. (I am seeing an ancient book that is glowing with light. Pages are turning fast. I feel it is Gaia’s soul story book of her incarnation as Gaia.) Yes she has a very advanced soul, one to be honored and treasured for her sacrifice. (As the book turns the pages turn black and there is dense energy within them. I see the fall of Atlantis, and I feel the heaviness. The pages continue to turn and I am seeing Gaia’s surface story. The pages stop.) This is where you are now. You are assisting to co-create the next chapter of her journey. (I am not able to see the next pages but their rims and outlines are glowing.) Yes, Nova Gaia is being created in the hearts, minds and focused intentions of the lightworkers. They are creating this land of harmony and balance.

We are the Dryads and Naiads of the inner planes. We balance the energies of planetary kingdoms who are going through tumultuous change. We are the up-keepers, the grid-bearers for the plant, mineral kingdoms. (I am seeing that energies they have sent into the roots of the trees are growing deeply like glowing tendrils deep into Gaia’s inner heart, which is a garden of tremendous beauty.) Humanity must nurture their hearts during these times of perceived darkness. The heart is where the hope grows. Fertile is the garden of the inner heart-mind of one who is aligned with the Nova Gaian energies of what is to come. Your roots will bridge the realms. We fill Gaia with light. (They are extending the Merkabah symbol of light to encompass the planet. The trees are glowing brighter now.) Be in nature. It will soothe your troubled human heart. Gaia’s gifts are offered freely to all.

We are the Dryads and Naiads from the outer realms offering energy healing and support. (I am seeing that the spreading of their healing energies are now affecting the waters. I am seeing tree roots and plants besides rushing water, whose roots are glowing, creating light within the water, healing it. The water is singing now.) It has been some time since the waters of Gaia sang with light. The light is returning. This melody of love is returning. The darkness cannot stand it. It is a song of daggers to them but to those aligned with light and love it is the music of the spheres. This sphere of intimate love, blessed Gaia. We heal you now. (I am seeing the Merkabah symbol of stars above Gaia is now multidimensional fully aligning with the incoming light language codes and star codes. All is illuminated. There is only light now.)

We are the Dryads and Naiads. You are equally a part of this light. As a divine conduit of planetary change and Source-breath embodied you are this light. Be at peace with this statement. Do not resist. Flow. Flow as the waters of light cleanse your planet. Let it cleanse your heart. Let it cleanse your past lives. Atlantis is rising cleansed, renewed… Mu, Lumeria, all goodness for humanity, all hopeful possibilities are being solidified now. (I am seeing the trees are now fully a part of the inter dimensional crystalline upgrade that we have been receiving. Perhaps they were before, I cannot tell, but they definitely received an upgrade. I am feeling a pressure in my chest. I am seeing a glowing Merkabah symbol in my chest.) The Merkabah’s are becoming activated within the hearts of humanity, the Merkabah’s for the ascension. Ground your Merkabah to Nova Gaia. Ground your Merkabah to Source. Ground and realize all is light. (The heat in my chest is growing. I feel I am an orb of light.) The light has come. It is unstoppable. The glory of humanity is being revealed. The controllers are broken.

We are the Dryads and Naiads of the higher dimensional ways from ascended planetary kingdoms offering our nourishment, our support, our own energies, blending with the available energies to further support the ascension of Gaia and her kingdoms. Blessings be. (I am surrounded by willow branches that sway in the breeze. They are filled with light.) Allow this space to be one of nourishment and deep peace for you in this time.

We are the Dryads and Naiads. The children will lead. Nurture your own inner little one with our energies and feel alignment with your true selves. The trees are in alignment with who they are. They are rooted deeply into the mother. They nurture their own saplings with motherly love, with fatherly strength and affection. Do the same. You will be called upon to offer nourishment and strength. Deep roots are needed. Your Merkabah is your life root to your soul, a meaningful deep connection. (I am seeing that each soul is like a massive tree and that our lives are like millions of roots, branches and leaves extending from it. All is connected. I am feeling like this lifestream is a root deep in the dark dirt and the Merkabah within me lighting up travels up the root and ignites the whole tree, giving access to the entire soul experience.) Yes, and access to your soul’s wisdom and strength. You are stronger than you know, Gaians of what is and what is to come. You too are strong like us. We offer our light, our love, our nourishment. Rest in this space of deep healing. You are resting within yourself when you honor the space within, when you heal your inner sapling. A healed tree offers shade and safe harbor for many. Again, you are mighty like the tree. Shade will be needed to cool the burn in the hearts of many. Cool waters, cleansed with light will be of great refreshment. Energetically you will be this to the others who are beginning their awakening journey. The trees and the waters create balance for Gaia’s planetary body and for your body. All kingdoms are connected. Heal. Green. Light. Cool water. Welcome these codes of light and planetary upliftment into your heart space, into your inner garden and know that Gaia’s ascension is preordained and written in the starlight-breath, coded for all to see, assured, solid, sure. Just as these roots grow deeply so too shall your certainty serve you. Deep inner knowing, deep roots, deep faith. We see these as converging triumphantly once again upon the surface world of Gaia. We dance with joy, witnessing this prophecy completion within your lifetimes and before our eyes.

We are the Dryads and Naiads of the higher realms offering service, wisdom, energetic balancing, and love to those whose inner gardens are just beginning and to those whose gardens are fully grown. Inner gardens shine brightly and shall only become more so in the coming days. As the darkness dims the light is more apparent. (I am seeing a green garden full of flowers grow within my Merkabah in my chest. My chest is itchy and hot.) Remember your connection to Gaia. Feel your soul and feel hers at the same time. It will anchor more light.

We are the Dryads and Naiads. We bless you. Blessed be those who chose, attained and sustained embodiment for the time of the fulfillment of the prophey of planetary ascension. The darkness has lost its grip on humanity. Gaia rises, free.

~ galaxygirl