Aita Channeling Her Higher Self, December 15th, 2020

It is mid December 2020, and things are coming to a head on planet earth.  We, our dear Brethren, are in the middle of a war.  We are in the middle of the great awakening, of the great revelation of the perception deception that is the human condition.

This is a serious war for humanity and planet earth.  Some believe it is a fight between the democrats and the republicans.  Others believe it is a fight between antifa, black lives matter and conservative, America, or that it is a war between China and America, or Russia and America.

Many believe that it is a war against a hidden virus, a deadly disease that is to be greatly feared.  It is advertised as being all of these things, for the devil, the evil ones wish to confuse us, confine us and divide us.

They wish to make us into subservient automatons, compliant, obsequious mortals, short-lived, and even in that short life to have no voice and no joy in our lives.  They wish to take away our connection to our Soul, they wish to take away our immortality and make us their obedient Slaves.

The war we are in is, in fact, the most important one we have ever had on planet earth.  It is the fight of good against evil, of Lucifer against God for planet earth and all its inhabitants.

Yet do not be concerned, all is as it should be for the war has already been won.  As has been long predicted for this great awakening time,  the light, God – love, has won.

All that is happening now is the clean up of the tentacles of the shadow government, that extend deep down into our societal structures and the revelation of the depth of their infamy.

There has been on planet earth a governing body of 13 draco reptilian families.  They are not human, although they appear to be so.  They have no heart.  They are the embodiment of the devil, of evil in this world today. They are the Satan that does its best to tempt, to corrupt mankind.

They have no heart.  The fear that their actions engender in humanity, feeds them.  While humanity feeds off love and its benevolent, calm and peaceful high frequency energy, they feed off our fear.  And so, of course, since our fear gives them their version of joy, they do all that they can to engender that fear.

These thirteen families have controlled the earth for eons.  They have what you might call servants, representatives, paid minions. These extend down from the wealthy, lofty perch, of the governing families, down to the lowest judicial court, police station, financial institution and educational class.

Each year they meet to decide on their program for the coming year.  Then they give instructions to their bought and paid for minions, religious leaders, royalty, politicians, bureaucrats and governments.

They control the finances of the world, they steal our taxes, take funds from charities, returns from illegal drugs, from the stock market, from insurance companies, from usury.  They control the greater percentage of the wealth of the world.

This money they use, not only for an absurdly luxurious lifestyle for themselves, but also for the controlling of the narrative on planet earth.  They pay their minions to put their policies in place.  A million dollars, a billion dollars is nothing to them, for they have the wealth of the world at their finger tips.

It is hard indeed to resist this temptation.  When the financial incentive alone is not enough for compliance, they blackmail and threaten, torture and murder to achieve their objective.

And, over centuries, over millennia, they have achieved their objective.  And this is as it should be.  This is what was designed for planet earth.

These illuminati families and their servants are playing the part of the devil, the part of the great tempter, satan in this tragedy comedy stage play that is the planet earth experience.

Planet earth is a hologram, a computer matrix, a training simulator for us wonderful, great, Holy Souls, ensconced in human body temples to learn greater love by experiencing fear.

This fear is generated by the shadow government, by the governing families and their manipulations and maneuverings of events on this planet.

All the wars, all the pandemics, all the religions with their divisive and denigrating teachings, the educational system that takes away critical thinking, the financial and medical systems, governments and all the institutions under which mankind lives, are controlled by them.

All these institutions have their paid minions as leaders, policy makers  to carry out their agenda.  And yet, miracle of miracles, nothing wrong ever happened.  For we, great Souls that we are, were instrumental in the setting up of this system.

We chose this challenging earthly life, this experience of living as human beings on what amounts to prison planet earth, we chose this experience for ourselves.

For we knew that by experiencing fear, and all its painful, negative, attributes, we would grow ourselves into a greater understanding of the love that we truly are.

We knew that by experiencing the opposite of love, we would come to know and appreciate our loving, heavenly, angelic Spirit reality more deeply.  We would grow ourselves in love and light, wisdom and discernment, compassion kindness and caring.

This human existence is just a blip in our eternal, immortal reality.  Yet it is an important moment for it grows us greatly.  Having lived the opposite of love, having experienced extreme psychological and physical torment we so much more deeply appreciate the love the we truly are.  We so much more love the communion and camaraderie, telepathy, unity and oneness that is our true inheritance.

And now, the chaos and confusion of this great war, of our great awakening is coming to a head.  It is wonderful indeed to be able to watch the planet earth stage play from a high, neutral vantage point.  It is wonderful to be in this body but to no longer be in the painful, fear filled frequency of the third dimensional world.

You have conquered the world our Dear ones.  You are now in this world but no longer of this world.  While your low vibrating third dimensional brethren are still caught in their indoctrinated  understanding, you see the big picture.

You are above the forest, you are looking down on the forest, you are looking down on the world and watching the battle, the interplay of the light and dark forces.  While those of your brethren still immersed in their earthly journey are fearful of the trees, fearful of each happening, each detail that is broadcast to them.

So they fear the proclaimed virus, they fear proximity to their brethren, they fear poverty, illness and rejection.  They find that all that occurs around them is cause for fear.  And most of all they fear death.

For they are fed a fear filled narrative that they are unworthy and death is the end of them, and this they believe with all their hearts.  This is the great deception perception that has been the planet earth experience.

Yet, there is no reason for concern, for the light has won.  What is happening on planet earth today is that the great game has to play itself out.  The stage is set for the great awakening, the great revelation and the play must continue until its natural end.

Its natural end is the ascension of mankind.  Its natural end is the great revelation of how mankind has been deceived and how that deception has served him to learn greater love.

The governing body, the thirteen families have already been taken down.  This is why the ascension is inevitable.  The head of the octopus has been removed.Now it is a matter of taking down its tentacles, its paid minions.  It is time for the evil ones to be removed.

And they cannot be removed until their perfidy, their lies, their devious deeds, and cruel and vicious actions are seen.  How do we identify the evil ones if we do not see who they are.  This is the great revelation, the great awakening to the truth of human enslavement.  This is how the truth sets us free

The light alliance, those who are goodly and Godly, are allowing the evil ones to play out their game.  For as they desperately continue with their assigned agenda, as they carry out their instructions to subvert and deceive humanity, they are becoming visible.

And mostly now, dear brethren, you are calm and peaceful and in a high joy vibration for you have reached a frequency where you can incorporate the love that is being poured onto the earth into your beingness.

Yet, you still have issues that need to be cleared.  Just as collective humanity is living through the revelation, so are you.  You have been indoctrinated and entrained into negative beliefs and you have lived through the negative filter of these beliefs.

Now it is time for you to release the last of your entrainment, it is the time for you to see the last of your negative ideas and to release them.  You have come far, and you have felt much pain, for it is painful to feel the fearful emotions that arise when a false thought pattern is seen.

Do not feel guilty, do not call yourself a sinner.  You are not so.  You are a great and grand, wonderful, holy Soul who has experienced the challenge of the planet earth life and its negative and positive polarity, and are coming out of it superbly.

You are a guiltless holy Soul.  Yes, in your now human moment, you still fall back into fear, as your false ideas, your negative entrainments are shown to you, you still have challenging times.  That is natural for you have lived a polarized life.

You have had love and evil, God and satan fighting for your Soul.  But now the fight is over and it is time for you to move on and up into the fifth dimension of love.

Be authentic.  Laugh when you feel like laughing, cry when you feel like crying.   Be easy on yourselves.  Be in joy, do what you love, concentrate on what entertains you.

To fun and frolic is your task now.  And as you concentrate on the good and the loving, you will find the old and painful dropping away.  We points of awareness in God consciousness.  Where you put your attention determines the frequency in which you will dwell.

You are doing wonderfully dear brethren.  You are exactly where you need to be.  The best is yet to come, indeed, the best is yet to come.  And that is your inevitable, long predicted, long heralded ascension out of the fear filled, low vibrating, planet earth third dimensional paradigm, back into unity, oneness and the bliss, the glorious love of your Divine Inheritance.

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self.  We Are Blessed Beings Indeed.