Love is our new reality

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El Morya via Sharon Stewart, July 5th, 2021

July 5, 2021

Gratitude is Humility

I am El Morya, father of many souls upon planet Earth, Chohan of the Blue Ray, divine citizen of Darjeeling.

As an ascended master, I learned all the lessons that were to be learned on planet earth. I incarnated many lifetimes as powerful men and as disempowered women, in order that I could learn both sides of the story, the story of God’s power on earth – how it was used and how it was abused.

Step one in your search for God within yourself is the practise of gratitude. Why? Because in being grateful for all that you experience, you are saying to God, “I thank you for all you have to teach me, and I am humbly your servant upon earth.” Without learning the lessons of God you will be entrusted with fewer opportunities to make a difference. And I sense that is what many of you desire to do.

When you are grateful for the lessons that cause you pain, you understand that you will now, with God’s power and God’s help, be able to change them to a more beneficial stance.

When you are grateful for the lessons that cause you unhappiness, you circumvent the ego, which tends to feel sorry for itself when it is not satisfied. It feels sorry for itself when it must learn something and because it refuses to, it can stay in a perpetual state of self pity.

In standing in your pain, your anxiety, your unhappiness, your sadness, you trust in God that these things are transitory and they will pass unless you desire to hang on to them, and then that is the ego that does this. The ego enjoys feeling sorry for itself. It enjoys suffering.

By being grateful you keep your relationship with God open and allow Him to work with you in your life and the lives of others.

By taking opportunity to help others even though the ego says that you should not, you are in effect passing on the help of God to others upon the planet. This is truly doing service.

Many states can be faked – you can appear to be kind, you can appear to be compassionate, you can appear to be charitable and you can fool others in these ways, but you cannot fool God. He knows who He can work with.

What does it take to re-label your problems as opportunities to open your connection to God and your higher helpers even wider? A few words of gratitude.

A feeling of thankfulness as you see the sun rise in the east. You know it is going to be a beautiful day. Do you take this for granted? The ego does. It does not even notice.

A feeling of thankfulness for beautiful flowers, a wonderful sunset, the take off of beautiful water fowl from the water…. these are God’s gifts to you. To appreciate them is to connect the circuit back to Him. It is to acknowledge His love for you.

Those of the Blue Ray are here to walk with the power of God and so gratitude is especially important for them. Problems are not problems; they are opportunities to continue your walk with God. They are only insurmountable if you leave them to the ego to fix them. Then you will be stalled.

Life is easier when you walk with God. God is omnipotent, the All Powerful One, and you are part of that One. Stay connected to Him every day through gratitude.

Sharon is studying how to work with her anxiety and how to decrease its effects upon her life. She realizes that as her anxiety weakens, her God connection will grow. It is inevitable because fear is the only thing standing in the way of love.

Would it hurt you today to thank God for the scrape on your bumper, even if your ego does not understand, you must understand this is an opportunity to forgive someone, even the person who turned into a ghost and drove away.

Would it hurt you today to thank God for the pain your boss caused you, because wisdom will tell you that this could be your opportunity to understand your job is not working for you, or it is an opportunity to work in understanding your boss or creating a new understanding with your boss? Or do you just fret?

Would it hurt you today to be patient where you were not patient before? To stretch yourself somewhat? If you know you cannot be patient, then do you do whatever it takes to avoid an egoistic reaction, such as Sharon did when she shut the door and drew the curtains upon seeing the third census taker in as many weeks.

Me: I’ve already told them. I don’t know why they won’t get the message. Fine me. I’ll go to court. They just keep sending people around.

El Morya: This is because they will not fine you.

Me: Okay, so I’ll be grateful for that. LOL And just keep shutting the door.

El Morya: When you do not allow the ego to interfere, you will see the wisdom of God working in all that you are. You must simply look for it, though, and this means to go beyond what you have been taught. Because what you have been taught is misleading.

Feelings and emotions are messengers. They tell you how to improve your life. When they are negative, often they are telling you that your life needs to change. It is that simple. There is such wisdom in your emotional body yet you tend to ignore it. When you ignore wisdom, what path do you then choose?

Sometimes life is painful. With the passing of a loved one, or of a pet, you are saddened. This is part of life. And unavoidable. There is much pain, however, that is avoidable when you take the correct steps.

When you have a problem and you don’t know what to do, then what do you do? You admit you need help and ask to be shown. You are not here by yourself, not by any stretch of the imagination. You are guided always.

Keep your divine connection open through gratitude. If there is nothing else to be grateful for and you do not feel grateful for being alive, then find a small thing to start with and allow it to grow. You have a TV set which entertains, you have a radio that plays the music you enjoy, you can eat from plates and bowls, your refrigerator keeps your food cool. Start with these basics and work your way up.

Eventually you will learn to be grateful for your problems because you understand you are not working through them alone, and you understand they can connect you to God.

I am here always for you,

El Morya