Love is our new reality

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Elthor the Dragon via Galaxygirl, November 4th, 2017

It is I, Elthor the dragon.

I greet you with the fiery “Hello!” and warmth of an old friend. For we have been friends in days of old, where mankind and dragons lived side by side, in a deep understanding and respect of each other’s power and possible manipulation of it. We wish for peace on your surface world, deeply, as you do. We know, for we see the longing in your eyes and feel the wishfulness in your hearts for the days of old which you are returning to, in a way. But it will be grander, much grander than most of your are dreaming.

Come fly with me down wormholes of crystal light and rainbows, down the recesses of your past rememberings, for we were there together you and I in some form or another. We are ancient beings. We have been around the block as you have been and we acknowledge and respect your deep commitment to Gaia and her own.

Feel the wind in your hair, unless you prefer your dragon form? What does your dragon form look like? Do you know? Can you remember? Fly with me further past the bubbling brooks of clear mountain spring water, now soaring up the face of the waterfall – the mist is glorious and shockingly cool on your skin. Up, up we fly to the rocky cliff with tufts of fresh dewy grass. See your dragon family there. You are welcome here with us any time, oh human traveler. You are voyagers and warriors of old, embodied here, in this Now, to anchor the great influx of light and change and love, that is not only coming your way, but it is here now.

You feel these changes in your physical form, do you not? You are weary beyond all previous understanding, are you not? This channel hurts all over and yet she – you all – continue. You continue to hold the light, to be the light.

Anchor the light! Blast your spark-fire into Gaia’s core and spread the light of God, of love, of hope, of the great All-That-Is. When your fragile, small human form is weary, lean into me. I will remind you of your mighty dragon form. For you are stronger than you know; much stronger.

Become your inner dragon. The dragon codes are now open for your utilization all around you. We welcomely share our energies and our healing powers with you. For you have earned our deep respect for your service to the All- That-Is. Earth-Gaia- is an extremely important planet for numerous reasons. It is strategic that you be here, in this Now, and lend your light at this time, in this frequency. All is frequency, remember. Be considerate and thoughtful always about the type of frequency that you are sharing with those around you. You all are powerful energetic beings. Your energies bounce and glide and ricochet off of each other; be the contributor of peace and deep inner knowing. You are not alone. Yes, you are beginning to see and appreciate this. It is time to rise, it is time to fly!

Until next time, I am Elthor the dragon and I depart in peace.

— Submitted by galaxygirl