Love is our new reality

Poetry by Ana Daksina; Extraterrestrial Shout Out, April 7th, 2018

Extraterrestrial Shout Out (Reprise)

Hey, clan of mine — are you around?
When do I get to see your face?
When will we talk and laugh about
Glitches in time and space?

Agree on the unusual,
Swap stories of the weird
Timely manifestations
Which have to us appeared?

Discuss techniques enhanced
Onboard communications of,
Helpful symbolic languages
Connect with those above

Comparing and contrasting
Our equal geniuses
Or, wait — would that be genii?
Let’s ask what our Ship says!

Without the insecurities
Ego, jealousy and spite
Which plague primitive hominids
We’d focus on delight

On happy making smiles and
Friendly outreach every day —
I’m keeping my eyes out for you
As I go on my way