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Judas Iscariot via Ann Dahlberg, April 7th, 2018

Judas Iscariot

Saturday, April 7th, 2018

Channel: Ann Dahlberg

I am Judas Iscariot and I have some news for you today. The times that are to come are here now, as you surely have heard many times. What you do not know is that time has now stopped in order to enter into a new dimension of “no” time. This can feel a bit confusing as sometimes time goes very fast and you do not know where it went, other times it goes slow and you have more time than you need in order to complete what you are doing. You notice the largest difference when you are in your “now”. There you do not experience any time and become surprised when you notice that already a couple of hours have passed. For you it might have felt that it was only a matter of a couple of minutes.

You all find yourselves in your “now” now and then and you have all discovered this previously. The difference is that time appears to go faster now and this can be a result of the fact that you yourself are in your “now” moments during a longer time. The energy that exists on Earth today helps you to be in your heart and to experience the “now” that is. This is wonderful my friends as you during these longer moments you have time to manifest quite a lot on Earth. You do this with your focus on the “now” – That, which catches your heart and also catches your soul it is altogether “one”. It is in your “now” moments that you are in touch with your divine source. It is the Source that has inexhaustible gifts of love and wisdom. Think of what you are changing now dear children on Earth. You change all to love. The love shines out from your bodies and you also push down much love into Earth wherever you walk.

The winds of change have been blowing for a while now and changes have also taken place in your world. The light forces a wave of positive change and this is happening at many different planes now. It is happening both within and outside of you. You are the seeds that have blossomed to its full potential. More and more flowers are now blossoming on Earth. They all have different colors and abilities. They all shine out from their own light. It is a wonderful sight to behold and I am so happy for your sake, dear Earthlings. If you could see what I now see your hearts would take great jumps of joy. It is with trepidation in my heart that I observe all efforts that now are being made in order for Earth to be in peace and a loving place for all to live on. It is with joy that I feel and experience how all your efforts to be light in the darkness that you came down to be start to yield the results that you long for. It is with great love and gratitude that I give to you from all my power, energy and love in order for you to continue to be the light that you are.

You are much loved, dear children on Earth, and you are now surrounded by love. Everybody wants to give of all that they have towards the great wonder that you now are on your way to accomplish. The times of miracles and wonders is not over yet – they are going on full speed on Earth and you are yourselves the greatest miracle. It is an honor for me and many others to have the opportunity to guide you out into the light – where you belong and where so many are waiting for you. You have had a rough time on Earth, but the times that are approaching will give you the reward that you so well deserve. The light is now shining powerfully on Earth and nothing can stop it any longer. You have given the light the power it needs in order to light up your whole world. The light is anchored on Earth and it has also started to take firmer hold of your hearts. People are in the process of transforming to warm, loving beings and they soon will fill up the greater part of the surface of the Earth.

Sunshine in your hearts and mind – more and more people are in the process of being filled up with sunshine in theirs hearts and minds. J

It is wonderful time and we laugh and rejoice with you.

I love you so much.





Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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