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Father Absolute – It is Not As It Seems, June 25th, 2024


vsyo-ne-tak-kak-kazhetsyaHello, my dear beloved children!

Today I want to draw your attention to a very relevant topic for many people.

And we will talk about the situation that has developed now in many European countries in connection with the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.

The way it is submitted by the official media has already exceeded all imaginable and unthinkable boundaries of the reasonable.

The behavior of politicians of these countries and leading news channels can no longer be called a theater of absurdity.

Nevertheless, a significant part of the population of these countries still believes them.

Why is this happening?

There are several reasons for this.

And the main one is that all technologies for managing people’s consciousness are now launched at full power.

We have repeatedly said that the media have long become the main tool of globalists, whose victims are billions of people around the world.

Therefore, the only way to avoid the consequences of their destructive influence is to completely remove them from them.

I know that most of those who are reading this message now have long refused to watch official news channels.

But your relatives, loved ones, colleagues who are still involved in this hellish circle, in one way or another influence you by sharing with you what you have seen and heard.

As a result, they involuntarily draw you into the “funnel” of official submission of information.

And in order not to allow them to drag themselves into unnecessary discussions and disputes, it is necessary to develop certain tactics of behavior.

But first of all, try to avoid any conversations on political topics in every possible way, as they do not make any sense.

What is happening now behind the scenes of world politics is very different from the picture shown to people by official news channels.

But if someone still asks for your opinion, find an acceptable formula in order to gently avoid the answer, referring to the fact that “everything is not as it seems”, so you do not want to make guesses and assumptions.

Do not let your environment use your energy, time and mental strength for empty conversations, but rather once again make a meditation on the speedy victory of the Light Forces on Earth for the highest good of all, which will really affect the course of world events in the most positive way.

Learn, my dear ones, to save your strength – spiritual and physical, using them for good, because every reasonable person with high vibrations is now worth its weight in gold.

And the more often you do such meditations, the sooner world events will begin to change for the better, bringing the long-awaited Transition closer.

The Father-Absolute, who loved you immeasurably, spoke to you