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Father Absolute – Lifelong Holiday, December 27th, 2022

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 27 December 2022 


Greetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to digress from our topic again and talk about the coming holidays.

Why in my recent messages did I ask you not to get involved into the New Year Eve’s fuss but to concentrate on the main things – reconsidering of your life?

The main reason is that general holiday rush does not facilitate at all the increase of your vibrations and even maintaining them at the former level.

Do not forget about the fact that any WELL-ESTABLISHED holiday is, first of all, a commercial action of globalists.

Moreover, official holidays on Earth do not feature any actual basis since all history dates and events were distorted long ago by religions and the world ruling top.

Almost all your holidays were created artificially for one single purpose – that of PROFIT and, besides, not only material profit but energy too.

What energies are emitted by people while anticipating a holiday and celebrating it?

As a rule, OVEREXCESSIVE ones.

But you already know that such energies – be it positive or negative ones – convey low vibrations because any overexcitement tells negatively on psychic and physical condition of a person.

As OVEREXCESSIVE can turn out holiday meals and drinking during the parties, which produces pernicious effect on your health.

And it is especially true about Christmas and New Year thus loved by many people that have already been made into a fetish all around the globe.

They make huge money on all the attributes connected with them, and the preparation for these holidays begins long before they start.

And people obediently rise to this commercial fly wasting money on unnecessary things and presents that mostly appear to be useless.

Why does this happen?

Generally, because of the fact that the human Soul strives for a holiday, joy, wonders, for each of you despite age is a child deep inside.

So, even this natural desire of people has been give total control over to the Dragon reptiles who literally gobble the energy of millions of people that simultaneously give themselves up to gluttony, hard drinking and raging of the lowest passions.

But your Soul strives for quite a different holiday.

A true enjoyment for it is QUIET JOY without any fuss or luxuries that is based on YOUR desires, not somebody else’s will that is imposed on you.

And such holidays can be celebrated by you and your children whenever you like – on any bright sunny day when everybody is in a good mood, when your close friends come around or during spontaneous meetings with interesting people who are congenial in spirit to you.

Improvising and creativity are the things that should make the basis of any holiday, not the stereotypes imposed on you and the must-have attributes suggested by somebody else.

It is especially important now when even century-old established traditions are being perverted and really satanic impulses and rites are being introduced that are sometimes disguised and invisible by you.

Take care of your Souls and especially those of your children.

Invent your own holidays and traditions featuring the spiritual principle: Love and Light, Joy and Happiness.

It will help you overcome the border line that separates the third dimension world from that of the fourth one and then go on – to the long-awaited Fifth dimension.

And I bless you for this!

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you