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Father Absolute – Two Realities (Reptiloid Expansion), February 28th, 2024


dve-realnosti-reptiloidnaya-ekspansiyaHello, my dear children!

In my follow-up to my previous message about energy processes associated with the activation of human DNA.

But first I will tell you how, when and why pure human souls were deprived of their divine subtle senses.

It happened a few thousand years ago when Dracoreptilia arrived on your planet to seize power on Earth and turn its inhabitants into their slaves.

But, to their great amazement, the creatures inhabiting the Earth at that time were so superior to them spiritually that it was impossible for them to suppress their will and subdue their consciousness.

Then they called for help from other civilizations with genome editing technologies.

They convinced them to conduct a unique experiment, deactivating some of the DNA strands of the inhabitants of the Earth, so that they could dive deeper into the material world and gain a new experience of living in it.

Such an experiment was also interesting to representatives of highly developed civilizations, who went to it, unaware of its serious consequences for people.

Thus, as a result of genetic transformations of the human genome, people with DNA truncated to two strands have appeared on Earth after several generations.

You already know about what happened next: gradually the Dracoreptils, living on the subtle plane of the Earth, created another race – reptiloids, whose consciousness they controlled and which became their “hands” on Earth.

It was reptilians who soon took leading positions in the political, economic, financial, military and religious fields on your planet.

In addition, they managed to “cross” with the human race: as a result of marriages with earthly women, they began to incarnate in a natural way, in whole or in part – in the neighborhood with the human Soul – inhabiting the bodies of people.

Thus, a huge army of reptilians appeared on Earth, completely devoid of the Divine Soul, and half-reptilians, whose joint energy has kept your planet in low vibrations for millennia.

That’s what we’ll stop there today.

The Father Absolute who loves you immeasurably spoke to you