Love is our new reality

Father Absolute via Marta, April 21st, 2021


life-on-new-earth-energy-spring-cleaningGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I will tell you about one more kind of work that the Light Forces carry out at present on Earth.

And it is in cleansing your planet from all the energy “dirt” accumulated here for thousands of years as negative emotions generated by her inhabitants.

The thing is that, even going “en route” to those who provoked these human low vibration energies – Archon and his “servants” – some of these energies, nevertheless, got accumulated at the astral level of Earth.

It happened because astral beings also need some infeed, otherwise, they would be unable to work for their “masters” at full capacity.

It can be compared to the fact that most income from a large corporation goes to its owner, a small portion of money goes to his deputies, while the “crumbs which fell from the rich man’s table” – to clerks of all levels.

The same way Archon shares his spoils with Demons and the astral beings working for him.

And for thousands of years of reptiloids’ living on Earth negative energies have literally covered your planet with dirty “film” that the Light Forces are now trying to dissolve with their high vibration energies.

And this “film” is so dense that disembodied creatures’ work who live in higher dimensions is sometimes not sufficient.

Therefore, it was joined in by the representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations possessing specific technologies facilitating physical removal of this energy dirt.

This is a “spring cleaning” of your planet indeed.

Since the duster was not enough to remove the “dust of the centuries”, a powerful “vacuum cleaner” had to be turned to.

And in this case the interaction of the disembodied Light Forces with the high vibration creatures embodied as humans brings wonderful results.

As you already know from the Galaxy Light Federation messages, their work comes to more than cleansing of the near-earth space.

They started to work at the physical level long ago, too eliminating the negative effects of explosions at nuclear power plants, purifying water resources of your planet and, which is more, neutralizing the effect of chemtrailers that the cornered reptiloids started to actively resort to.

And this gives good results since the technologies applied by them allow to dissolve the nanoparticles the dispersed substances contain.

And even the Light Forces’ work on collective human conscience can be ranked among the “spring cleaning” because it is people with their unrestrained negative emotions who have polluted the planet, which then shows in all the aspects of human life.

Well, what exactly do the Light Forces do with human conscience?

First of all, they fill it with high vibration “intelligent” energies that in their turn do “pointwise” work with each particular person.

And in case if they see that someone’s vibrations and personal qualities allow to open their channel of communication with higher aspects and sometimes with the Light Forces, they will help them do so.

What they cannot do is to keep this channel pure all the time since one has the right for the Free Will and one oneself disposes of one’s abilities and one’s life.

And as you already know, not everybody manages to preserve this precious gift and see through the subterfuge of the Dark Forces who are up and doing at present, too.

Yet, with every single day there are more and more reviving people on Earth who start interacting with the Light Forces, which manifold speeds up the process of the Transition of Earth and her inhabitants into a new high vibration space.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you