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Father Absolute – Window On New World (Admitting One Has Third Dimension Programmes Instilled) March 26th, 2022


window-on-new-world-admitting-one-has-third-dimension-programmes-instilledGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Now we will move on to a more detailed consideration of each of the items enumerated in my previous message.  

And the first of them says about admitting you have the third dimension world programmes instilled.

What should you start with?

Try doing the following.

Every time you say a phrase or commit some actions ask yourselves: “What am I being driven by at this moment? Is my Soul guiding me or am I acting and thinking by inertia and, consequently, according to a certain programme?”

It is especially easy to monitor now when passions on Ukraine are running high and you unintentionally find yourselves got involved into this information whirlpool.

As a matter of fact, the things now in progress on Earth are a “litmus test” for everyone that enables their Soul to show and declare itself known.

This is also “an indicator” of whether one has certain programmes instilled since it is on the basis of them that most people take all the recent events on Earth.

These programmes have been implanted into the human subconsciousness for centuries and this is the reason why they have now worked so well to the Dragon reptiles and their henchmen’s delight.

If you are able to look at the things that have taken place over two last years in an uninvolved manner – from the height of your new consciousness, you will see the efficient mode that favourite methods of human consciousness manipulation for the part of reptiloids and all the state establishment under their control worked.

They acted in accordance with a certain scheme – with a programme developed in advance that they even did not conceal from people but, unfortunately, not few were willing to get to know it.

This is what they relied on: the inertia of the human mentality enslaved by the third dimension world programmes.

So, first, all the humanity was intimidated by a “horrible” disease by means of the programme of fear for one’s life.

Then people were granted with an “escape” in the form of the so-called “vaccines”, with another third dimension programme being applied: mass psychosis to save oneself.

For this purpose people agreed to anything even to absolutely useless masking that ruins psyche and health.

Yet, all these programmes are subordinate to the main one: that of submission to one’s superiors and, consequently, obeying all the orders of the officials who know better what people need.

And if you tell these people they were acting not out of their free will but in compliance with alien and third dimension programmes baneful to them, do you think they will agree?

The overwhelming majority will look at you as if you are insane.

And only few people have managed to see these things that seem so apparent.

And they are the only ones who can rightfully say they have got rid of the herd mentality allowing themselves to “go against the tide”.

The same scheme operated in terms of the second point of globalists’ programme too: to play off the whole world against Russia that dared to ruin their “testing area” – centre of their criminal activity which Ukraine has been for them for years.

Resorting to the same human consciousness manipulation they triggered a whole series of third dimension programmes that, despite all their absurdity and implementation crudeness, still worked out well with respect to the average citizens who are not used to thinking independently.

Well, they would never admit, anyway, that it is alien programmes instilled into their consciousness and subconsciousness from without that are to blame.

And again only a small segment of your planet’s population has managed to revive from the dormancy of the third dimensionality and see the military operation in Ukraine in its true colours having completely realized its inevitability for the sake of humanity.

Of course, I have made examples of most apparent and common programmes of the third dimension world that a lot of you have already succeeded to eradicate.

So now you just have to catch and admit minor and less evident programmes that, nevertheless, produce considerable effect on your subtle material structure and retard your spiritual progress.

And I bless you for this!

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you