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Father Absolute – Window on new world (behind the veil of mystery), January 4th, 2023

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 4 January 2023 


Greetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to explain to you why the valid information about aliens is being so thoroughly concealed from you.

And though a lot of films have been made about them, they have not become closer or easier to understand for you because, as a rule, they are presented to you as somebody alien, aggressive and technocratic.

Indeed, their cutting-edge technologies are incomparable to yours as they are based on quite distinct principles of operation that have been unknown on Earth so far.

But, meanwhile, their consciousness is as highly developed.

Of course, now at issue are the civilizations of the Fifth dimension and higher, not the Greys who have been cooperating with the deep state’s representatives since long ago, with their goals being far from harmless in terms of humanity.

As a matter of fact, the leading countries of the world’s heads are well-informed about human-friendly highly developed civilizations.

Yet, they do not hurry to share this information with their nations for a number of reasons.

Firstly, they think that people are not ready to take in the information thus shocking – for too long aliens from other planets have been presented in an unflattering guise.

Yet, the main reason is that they are afraid of losing their power.

As you know, there are globalists’ henchmen at the helm of the most countries of the world at present.

Almost all state heads that were opposing the shadow government were either physically neutralized or are controlled by means of bribery, blackmail and threat.

As a result, the population of Earth has found themselves hostages to a group of criminals who are pursuing their own mercenary goals.

And everything that does not comply with the humanity enslavement programme and its implementation is hidden from the population of Earth with diligence.

Therefore, they realize perfectly well how dangerous the Disclosure of the very fact of your Galaxy brothers and sisters’ existence for them is.

It can turn the tide of people’s mentality and lead the development of the society in quite a different direction – opposite the one that was set by the shadow government for it.

They are especially afraid of direct contacts of earthlings with the representatives of highly developed civilizations since in this case people will start getting information from the primary source, not from the mainstream news channels bought by globalists and entertainment channels that dutifully make every wish of their masters come true.

But, as you see, my dear, times are changing, and more and more people can get in touch with their Galaxy brothers both in terms of energy and in a telepathic way.

You have got an opportunity to learn about the fact of their existence and the assistance they provide you with by means of the messages they channel through channelers in different countries.

But here you can be awaited by danger too since the people whose vibrations are not high enough so far often pass the desired for reality putting down the things that are dictated by the upper and sometimes lower astral beings.

That is why, please, each time you read this or that message from extraterrestrial civilizations check for vibrations both the text and the contactee that channeled the message.

Use your intuition, chakra scale, logical thinking – the things that are available to you at this moment not to be deceived.

And remember: true messages arriving from the Forces of Light and higher worlds inhabitants always communicate information briefly and clearly to you, without floridity or high-flown words, which is typical of the upper astral beings that love to stand conspicuously before people.

And one more tip: if you are unable to keep in touch with your Galaxy brothers in a telepathic way, do not push the things but try to feel their energies and simply invoke them at your meditations.

This way, little by little, you will make the path to closer interaction with them.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you