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Father Absolute – Window To the New World (Low-Vibration Energy Substances), January 26th, 2024


okno-v-novyj-mir-nizkovibraczionnye-energeticheskie-substancziiHello, my dear children!

Today I want to return to the conversation about the Energy of the Transformation of Physical Matter into Light.

Now that you already have an idea of how it interacts with people of different levels of vibrations, as mentioned in my previous messages, we will look at how it affects various situations on your planet.

In fact, physical matter means not only densely material objects, but also low-vibration energy substances, which we will talk about in more detail now.

What does any situation consist of?

From the energies, like everything else, or rather, from the energies that people or any other living beings feed her with.

As a result, each situation also has its own level of vibrations, consisting of a set of vibrations of those who created it.

Therefore, in order to solve any negative situation, first of all it is necessary to transform negative energies into positive ones or, in other words, to raise the vibrations of this situation.

And now this has become possible not only thanks to your direct efforts, but also through participation in this process of the Energy of Transformation of Physical Matter into Light.

And each of you can test it in practice, starting with yourself and your environment.

Once you learn to change the reality around you, you will be able to use your skill on a global scale, affecting more effectively the world processes currently taking place on your planet.

Thus, in addition to the visualization that many of you have already mastered well, you will be able to use this energy to change the vibrational background of certain events towards the Light.

Let’s look at such an example.

Let’s say there is too heavy an atmosphere in your work team – one that is said to be literally in the air.

And what is tension?

In fact, it is almost a material substance that is formed from different types of negative energies of such a strong concentration that, accumulating in a tight energy space, due to its density, it really seems tangible almost physically.

And where did the expression “to discharge the atmosphere” come from?

After all, it has a deep meaning, and it is energetic.

This air-hanging voltage can only be discharged by another type of energy, which carries high vibrations, and therefore is thin.

And in this case, the Energy of Transformation of Physical Matter into Light is the best way.

And if you, having called her, anchor her in this room, and even complement her action with your high-vibration thoughts and emotions, the situation will change quickly.

Of course, the people who created it will not instantly turn into “angels”, but they will unconsciously stop generating negative energies that simply cannot withstand the Light of such a high concentration.

Thus, the processes taking place on the subtle plane will create a completely different situation, since the low-vibration energy substance formed from aggregate energies, almost physically felt by people, will be transformed into high-vibration energy.

And the more people with high vibrations are in such a room, the sooner the oppressive atmosphere will be thin.

Therefore, my relatives, from now on you can call on the Energy of the Transformation of Physical Matter into Light every time you feel the need to change the “heavy” energy background in any closed space.

Start with this, because this practice will allow you to see quick results, and therefore rather believe in yourself.

And I bless you for that!

The Father Absolute who loves you immeasurably spoke to you