Love is our new reality

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Father God via Adele Arini, February 22nd, 2018

Welcome Home My Children ~ Father God, 22 February 2018.


My child,

It is with great joy in my heart that I see more and more of you are awakening each day; remembering Me and our eternal connection. Once upon a time, you had all expressed desires to play this game of separation; this game of living in illusion; this game that is filled with so many dramas and darkness. You have all been playing, and sleeping, for eons.

And now the human collective, all of my dear children, have decided to move on, evolve and stop engaging in games. You have collectively decided to live in a higher dimension; living with higher consciousness. You my loves, are heralding the arrival of the age of Love, Unity and Peace. You have chosen to call forth this Golden Age on Earth supraconsciously. And the time is NOW for you to manifest this into your physical reality with the help of your focus, thoughts, words, feelings and actions. For your vibrations create your reality.

Always act as if you have already arrived and are currently living in this utopia planet called Earth, and this reality will manifest even faster! For time does not exist. Time is a lower dimensional concept; it is illusion. In this eternal moment of NOW, Nova Earth already exists and all of you (who have chosen this) are already living in it with great joy and purpose. Decide to actively ‘tune in’ to Nova Earth every day and align your entire being to it. Follow your inner guidance & feelings as they are your navigational tools, your very own GPS.

Now I know that this is a tough challenge. I can already hear a lot of you asking this same question, ‘Father how can I pretend and act as if I’m living in a happy, loving, peaceful planet when the reality is the complete opposite? You only need to watch the news to see violence, tragedies and other dramas playing out. There’s so much suffering and not enough happiness. Chaos is everywhere and I sometimes feel as if the world is coming to an end’.

My answer is this: ‘My dearest child, the world as you currently know it is definitely coming to its end. What you see playing out in the news is the darkness’ last stand against the light. Those of the dark, who enjoy playing the game of separation, a game of ‘power over others’ are determined to fight until their last breaths. They know they are standing on the losing side and yet they are still fighting for dominance.

So let me tell you a secret, my love. Those souls playing the roles of the darks have already lost, they just don’t know it yet! I have sent legions of angels, billions of helpers, guides and your Galactic brothers/sisters of Light from highly evolved civilizations to assist each and every one of you in moving to the fifth dimension. Failure is impossible. The collective Ascension Event of humanity is inevitable. Change is in the air!

Please remember that your mainstream news media only reports news that lowers your vibrations. News that is intended to keep humanity living in fear, lack and separation consciousness. There is so much happening around the world, so many unreported positive changes that went unnoticed. You only need to set aside time to be ‘still’ and go ‘within’ yourself to discover this Higher Truth.

The majority of the people in this world are praying for and choosing Peace, Love and Unity. So be not distressed nor angry or afraid. This is not the time for despair. It is a time to celebrate! The chaos that you are currently seeing is actually the norm in a civilization such as yours, one that is undergoing a massive move from the lower to the upper dimension.

All aspects of human existence, from education, governments, energy, banking, commerce, monetary systems, religions and everything else, is undergoing massive positive changes that will improve your way of life into the spirit of Love, Unity and Abundance for all. You will begin to see more and more proof of this coming through in the near future.’

Let me now be the first to welcome you HOME. Welcome back my dearest, beloved children. Feel my warm embrace and the great depth of my love for you. You have now begun your individual journeys back Home to Me, and Home to your true Higher Selves. Call on me for help when things get tough as I, and numerous light beings in the Higher Dimensions, all are on standby – ready to provide assistance whenever you need it.

Feel our loving presence constantly surrounding you, empowering you and giving you the strength and guidance you need to create your own version of Nova Earth. Embrace the full strength of your powerful Creator abilities that you have always possessed and start living the peaceful, joyful, abundant and fulfilling fifth-dimensional life that is even better than the one living in your imaginations!

The time is NOW. The time is NOW. The time is NOW.

Loving you always beyond measure,

Father God.


Channeled by Adele Arini. Copyright 2018. If you re-post, please retain article in its entirety, and provide the link below. Much love & gratitude. httpss://