Love is our new reality

Father God via Inger Noren, January 24th, 2022

These are challenging times with strong energies that must be allowed to take part in things that are to be purified but also renewed in both body and soul.

My beautiful and amazing children on this beautiful planet have had many difficult and challenging lives that have affected everyone both good and evil. Now, on the other hand, my children are having a difficult and painful time. There are fantastic years ahead of you and it starts with this year 2022.

Many miracles will occur in the coming years that overshadow all the darkness that is happening on Earth right now. Everything will change in people’s lives with completely different possibilities for a life in harmony, welfare and love.

Starting with a confidence that it can only move towards a better world for everyone on the planet is a good start and with all these strong love energies being sent to Earth incessantly to elevate humanity to a higher vibration and with it a higher spirituality.

To stand still and see everything from the bright side, the difficulties are not so prominent. It is best to be an observer than a participant in everything that is happening right now in your life. All this that is happening now was predetermined since the beginning of time and everything is going as planned. All people have their own journey in their lives and many have finally woken up and understood that everything that is happening now has a purpose.

Many are the ones who want to go to a higher dimension and those who have a strong intention with this will go to the ascent to the fifth dimension while others have chosen to come when they are ready for a higher consciousness.

My children, everything is just as it should be and no one has the right to question someone’s choice because it is something that the soul has decided regarding the development of the individual. The soul consists only of love and it is of love that the journey of life is determined for the development of all to a higher spirituality. Everyone will still meet when the time is right.

My love is so great for my children that they are all an essence of me.

Your Father God