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FoxTel: Banks, Appointments, & Post-RV by FXStrategist

FoxTel: Banks, Appointments, & Post-RV by FXStrategist

FoxTel: Banks, Appointments, & Post-RV
Thursday, December 1, 2016
By FXStrategist/Kre8change
(Image: Graphic of mainland America with a pull up of New York State and the New York City Area)

ABOUT: The Banks, Our Appointments, and Post-RV

(summary from private call last night with Tank & FXStrategist)

Ramifications of HSBC Replacement as Lead Bank for Privately Negotiated Zim Redemptions

Location, location, location: Important in valuing real estate. NOT important for your appointments or after. HSBC is primarily located in urban areas where their original retail banking clientele, Chinese depositors, are/were located. Most of our community is in the middle part of the country and the south where there are virtually no branches. THIS IS NOT A WORRY.

Preoccupation with bank branch location is unnecessary, and always has been even since WF was the lead bank. We already know that there will be a redemption center or a storefront of some kind for every holder within 80 miles of where they live. That fact remains.

If the center or storefront was WF or Abbot Downing and you walk into that location, Tank wants to make sure you know that the exchanger, deposit institution, and contract holder on the other side of our redemption was going to be HSBC and not WF. There are ramifications for this change, but not to you personally in your exchange. All the American banks are changing and many if not most will have Chinese ownership up the channel.

If you hold Zim, when you make your call you will be directed to a location that handles ZIM Privately Negotiated Exchanges and that will be an HSBC. HSBC is the only bank offering Privately Negotiated Rates (PNRs). You do not need to choose a bank for your appointment therefore. If you don’t hold Zim or are not interested in negotiated rates, you may choose which bank you want to go to when you make your appointment. Just state it on your appointment call. Other banks will exchange Zim, just not at PNRs.

Bank safety is equally not a concern. Whatever research you do on the derivatives or management or balance sheets of the banks available now online is outdated and will change dramatically after the RV/GCR/NESARA. You will not need to avoid institutions and you may not need to diversify after. Independent consultants from independent family offices can assist us on the advisability of and proposed strategies for diversifying our funds after our exchanges.

Appointments & Notification

Once we’ve exchanged, there will be a large amount of funds in the personal, non-SP portion that we can apportion to different banks of our choice. I recommend looking into private banks since they are accustomed to serving ultra-high-net-worth (UHNW) clients and can provide a kind of “charm school for rich people.” You’ll be fussing about doing something or figuring something out and they’ll just take it off your hands and do it for you. Easy peasy!

Remember, your “wealth management” will have little to nothing to do with “investment” in markets, or the usual focus on tax avoidance and inheritance schemes. A whole new focus and mindset will be required and will take time to arrive at and foster among your advisers.

You will not have to “figure out” anything post-RV except getting the best people around you. There are already people who know how to do everything we want to do, from building new institutions to buying existing companies to managing projects to research to donating to setting up legal entities, &c. You name it. Learn from people who have expertise. Then our job is to retool desired outcomes toward humanity’s betterment and not profit or budgeting or graft or controlling people’s behaviors.

Notifications: We will get notified. That’s all we need to know. We do not need to figure out HOW we will get notified. PsyOps is not only for nefarious purposes. It is also psychologically preparatory. If we get an 800# through an intel provider, directions to go to a bank website, an email from the bank, an email from a provider, word of mouth — we’ve heard it all. So whatever it comes to be, we’ll have worked through our response. We’re prepared. Same with the previous guidance on appointments, SPs, &c. Nothing changes there. Whatever happens, we will have heard it and thought it through over these many months of waiting and preparing.

At the appointment, we will still concentrate on getting exchanged. Fear of the NDAs has been fanned to where they can only be a sheer delight in their simplicity and lack of restriction and penalty. Wouldn’t you think? Assume the best, and ask questions. Don’t look at this event as adversarial. The personal funds alone take care of you for the rest of time, including your projects. The income thrown off from the SP assures you will never run out of funds, to the nth degree. Psychologically you will feel UNLIMITED, and *that* is the point. Not the actual number of zeros or whether or not you can actually “spend” this money.

As before, be prepared to request:

  1. An initial transfer to your retail bank so you can operate as you were financially (auto-pay, checks, ATMs, &c.)
  2. One or two wires to people on your emergency list (not many more than that, though)
  3. Personal or cashier’s checks if you don’t have wiring instructions (they both have to “clear” so one is not necessarily quicker than the other; wires are fastest)
  4. A financial statement so you can make your real estate bids
  5. The bank will anticipate any other needs you/we haven’t thought of. They are here to serve.

You’ll have follow-up appointments with the WM side of things afterward at which time you’ll have plenty of time to evaluate and make changes afterward, too.


BANK locations: Again, it is immaterial whether or not there are branches near you, or if HSBC opens any new branches nationwide. No wealthy person goes to a retail bank branch ever. They come to you. Your wealth manager takes over your bill paying, manages your travel, insurance, payroll, sends money to people you want to fund. You call them. They check in with you. You’re Garth Brooks or Oprah with an entourage and “people.”

Remember, EVERYTHING you are worried about will be handled for you. Figuring it out before you exchange/redeem is not necessary. The red carpet of advice and execution will be rolled at your feet.

Accountants and legal advice will come initially from the institutions who are involved in the RV who will have knowledge of NESARA tax and legal changes.

Take your time post exchange to get yourselves settled. We can stay connected through phone, email, and post-RV-oriented sites. Except for the many individuals and emergency situations we’ve all been CHAMPING AT THE BIT to get going, relax and give yourselves time to breathe, recover, acclimate to your new lives.

We are all new at this, and that includes the specialists we will hire. Our roles are to direct them to new missions and goals which are different from anytime heretofore in human history.

Who Will We Be as UHNW Individuals?

We will not be singly rich people who need to hide and sequester ourselves. Everyone in our community also will have plenty as soon as we can make that happen. Why be jealous of or distant from or intimated by someone when you have everything you want or need? We are all equals and all friends.

The isolation and anonymity model comes from the oddball person who gets sudden wealth (not earned wealth over time — that barely works, does it?) from a windfall (e.g., IPO) or lottery or fame (sports, entertainment). There are thousands and thousands of us. And everyone around us will be healthy, financially stable, and have things they want or need for happy lives. No separation. No “us-and-them.” Just we.

We can fuel and hydrate initiatives in concert with the leaders of the communities we hope to help. They will stand between us the funders, the funds, and the community or project initiatives. We can give through our foundations that we “work with,” so we’re involved but the recipients won’t be beholden to us as any more than introducers or connectors. There are ways to do this without complete anonymity but also without the distorted relationships that have characterized past wealth-poverty relationships. We can heal that, too. Be yourself.

If you want to operate at arm’s length with your projects and blow in the wind around the world, do it! Others who are equipped and committed to organizing and running things will open the flaps to their tents and include you. Let it all unfold. We are connected and we are community.

The only isolation we’ll experience is what comes from our fear. Take it slow, but don’t disappear or hide. Spread and share! Collaborate with, endow, enable, impact, and empower others. Teach and direct them as to our new way. Remove their poverty thinking about budgets and lack.

We will have each other to share our unique perspectives with, a private plane ride away from gathering in person in ones or twos or sixes or dozens for evenings or weekends or getaways. Fun!

We are an AWESOME community down to the last individual. Look forward to that.

Like different birds that can sit in the same tree, each species only nests and mates with their own. We can be a bit of both. But thank goodness we are all amazing, beautiful birds that can celebrate our individual beaks, plumage, habitats, and song in peace and harmony.

See you on the other side!